10 Best 2 Person Dining Tables for Small Space [Ultimate Roundup 2022]

Finding the perfect furniture for your home could be a time-consuming thing to do. Even just choosing what dining table to buy already sounds like a lot of work. You would need to consider many factors before purchasing to make sure that you have the perfect unit for the whole family.

This could become even more crucial, especially if you have minimal space back in your home. If this is your current dilemma, we just have the perfect solution for you.

In this article, we give you ten best 2-person dining tables for small spaces. Each product is carefully reviewed and weighed-down for your convenience. Just read on to know more!

10 Best 2 Person Dining Tables for Small Space Reviews

With so many options on sale, it can be daunting to find the right dining table, just perfect for a limited space. But in this review, we want to make things easier for you. Each of these products is sure to provide you with top-notch features. Let's delve further!

1. Target Marketing Systems 3 Piece Tiffany Country Cottage Dining Set

Target Marketing Systems 3 Piece Tiffany Country Cottage Dining Set

If you're fond of decorating your homes with rustic-inspired furniture and amenities, this Tiffany Country Cottage dining set from Target Marketing Systems could be perfect.

Since it is made for areas with limited space, this 3-piece convertible kitchen appliance has a unique design you will surely love. This product is not just pleasing to the eye, but to your pockets as well.

In purchasing a single package, you will get 2 wooden chairs and 1 table. For sure, it would only take you very minimal effort in assembling the whole set. The chair's measurements are 18 x 16 x 36 inches, and the drop-leaf designed table measures 30 x 30 x 29 inches.

It has a unique style for the table since it can be adjusted to your liking if you need a more extended space to occupy. From 30 inches wide, the table could be adjusted to 44 inches; indeed, this is a versatile product.

Much more, the tables and chairs are constructed with a two-toned high-quality wood with white frames and legs. Without a doubt, this is such a classic design for a dining amenity and certainly very easy to maintain.

Having this piece of furniture in your homes would surely give you a country feel and ambiance. This can be perfectly used in small, romantic settings like dates or a candlelit dinner. However, you can decorate the table with a stylish lantern to make the environment more romantic. Your spouse will surely love it!

Innovatively created by a leading company in manufacturing household furniture since 1985, its durability is surely a guarantee. Given all these features at hand, you can never go wrong when you opt for this product.


  • It has a country-inspired design
  • Convertible table-space
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Minimal assembly time
  • Made with high-quality natural wood


  • Chairs might not be able to support heavyweights fully

2. Modern 3-Piece Counter Dining Table Set with 2 Bar Stools

Modern 3-Piece Counter Dining Table Set

Given all of these features in a product, it's worth every penny that you incur!

In case you're looking for minimal dining set with a modern taste, we certainly have the best option. This dining set is definitely the right choice if you only have a small space in your kitchen area.

Its stylish contemporary design is suitable for urban establishments such as small condominiums or studio apartments. The whole unit is very fashionable with a simple design.

Much more, it comes with marble-like top and classic golden steel tubes, portraying a modern craft style. Its layout can be perfectly combined with other home decorations and an ideal spot to hang out with family and friends.

If you purchase a single quantity of this product, you will get a table, 2 chairs, and 1 user's manual. The table size is 42 x 24 x 36 inches while the bar stool measures 12 x 12 x 24 inches. More amazingly, it comes with easy to follow instructions and can be installed very quickly.

The top part of the table is made from a high-density board, which is really practical and satisfying to the eye. Its smooth texture makes cleaning it just easy for you. The edges of all the corners have been evenly polished in order to avoid bodily injuries.

Perhaps, what buyers usually love about this dining set is its 3 shelves installed underneath the tabletop. For sure, this can be used as a storage area of your dry kitchen goods or even utensils. Having this is such a huge space saver for small areas.

Since its materials are constructed with durable iron, it is expected to be stable and long-lasting. The top desk could carry as much as 132 pounds while the chair could take as much as 300 pounds, leaving you with many years to enjoy this dining set.


  • It has a stylish and modern design
  • Very easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • It has an addition of 3 shelves installed
  • Durable


  • You may need to use some hardware during installation

3. 3 Piece Kitchen Nook Dining Set

 Kitchen Nook Dining Set

If you're looking for wooden furniture that can be ideally placed in nooks or corners of your kitchen space, we have the perfect set for you. This 3 piece nook dining set by East West Furniture can guarantee you satisfaction with its fine crafting.

Since it's made from genuine Asian hardwood, this kitchen set is sure to provide you with top-notch features. The manufacturer assures that no medium-density fiberboard, veneer, or laminate was used during its production. This is to give all its consumers assurance of the quality and worth of the product.

Best Detail Sanders

Purchasing a whole package will give you a convertible round table and 2 chairs. Since the chairs are designed with a slatted back, you are given optimum comfort when sitting on it. Much more, the wood used therein has a warm oak finish for a more shiny output.

The table measuring 42 x 42 x 29 inches and the chairs having 20 x 17 x 37 inches makes it perfect for a smaller space. Also, it's effortless to assemble, which means that there are no complicated steps in doing so.

Furthermore, this model has a 9-inch drop leaves on both sides. With this adjustable design, you could secure extra space in your dining area in case you won't need it, such a perfect amenity for small kitchens.


  • Made with genuine Asian wood
  • Convertible round table
  • Comes with a warm oak finish
  • Easy to install
  • No low-quality materials were used in production


  • Product is quite expensive

4. Giantex 3 Piece Dining Set

Giantex 3 Piece Dining Set

If you're looking for a dining set that is not only a space saver but can be moved easily around your homes, this might be the product you are looking for. Giantex 3 dining set comes with an elegant yet simple design. This kind of style could surely fit in with your other home decorations.

The furnishing is not only ideal for kitchen usage, but this kind of sophistication can also be used in your poolside, balconies, living room, gardens, or any other outdoor location you have in mind. It truly is a multi-purpose type of dining equipment.

Much more, it is made with a robust iron pipe frame, causing the chair and table to be more durable and safe to use. Two horizontal metal bars are also installed between the table legs for stability (read here the best metal table legs). Its steady frame and metal bars can surely carry heavy loads and weights.

Aside from its spacious tabletop, another shelf is added under the table. With this, it's sure that you can have an additional space to keep your fruits, snacks, magazines, or newspapers. Perhaps, this is the best thing users like about this area-saver fitting.

Also, it comes with very clear and easy to understand illustrations and instructions. You won't be having a hard time assembling it since each screw and part are well coded.

The compact sizing of this dining set is specifically made for areas with small spaces like tiny apartments or dining area with limited room. That's why it is designed with extra storage space. And if you're not using it, the 2 chairs can be kept under the table, providing you with more clearance.


  • Clear illustrations and instructions for installing
  • Additional shelf installed under the table
  • Multi-purpose, can be used anywhere inside your house
  • Made with tough iron-pipe frame
  • Has an elegant yet simple design


  • The chairs are way too small for a fully grown adult

5. Tamiami 3 Piece Bistro Dining Set

Tamiami 3 Piece Bistro Dining Set

If you're finding a piece of kitchen furniture with a more casual style and could fit just anywhere in the corner, this Tamiami 3 piece bistro dining set might be the perfect product for you.

Well, it is stylish in its own way. It comes with honey and black color coordinates, just perfect for homes with earth-colored tones. And with its small sizing, this kitchen set can be ideally installed in areas with limited spacing.

This item is manufactured by Coaster Home Furnishing, a leading company in making quality home fittings in the market. So you can already expect quality and very responsive customer service.

The materials used for this one are a combination of genuine Asian hardwood and tropical wood for the tabletop and seat. On the other hand, the stand of both table and chairs used metal.

Moreover, the type of medium used for this kitchen set ensures you a total performance that could last for a long time. The table and chairs can carry as much as 300 pounds.

When you buy one quantity, you will get a table and 2 chairs. There won't be any hassle for you regarding installing since there is no assembly required for this product. You just take it off from its packaging and place it anywhere around your home.

This type of material is also very easy to clean or maintain since its tabletop was installed with a plastic glide. For sure, it permits much easier access in removing dirt. At the same time, damp cloth won't damage the wood surface even after a long time.


  • Casual bistro design
  • Made with genuine asian wood and tropical wood
  • Durable
  • No assembly needed
  • Tabletop installed with a plastic glide
  • Ensures longevity


  • Chair design could be a little wobbly

6. Giantex 3 Pcs Dining Table and Chairs Set with Faux Marble Tabletop

Giantex 3 Pcs Dining Table and Chairs Set

If you're fond of marble-like designs for your home counters or tabletops, we just have the perfect set for your kitchen area. Designed for areas with small spaces, Giantex dining table with tabletop adds a more contemporary feel to your homes.

It is carefully manufactured with a fancy design and black legs. When buying its whole set, you will get a table and 2 stools. Both are styled with modern design so that it can be perfectly added as a home decoration.

The top used a medium-density fibreboard, and it's covered with marble-style PVC, giving extra shine and gloss therein. Not only that, but this also gives you much easy access, so cleaning or wiping it can be done without damaging it.

While for the chairs, it is very comfortable to sit in with its sponge-filled cushion. The cover is made with artificial leather, adding more coziness to whoever sits on it. Furthermore, the stool isn't just fashionable but very sturdy as well. With its legs made with iron, it surely is strong enough to support anyone.

Since this dining set is purposely made just for 2 persons, it is a perfect amenity for condominium or apartments. And what users like most about this is its space-saving layout, for the stools can be neatly stored under the table when not in use, thus lessens the occupied area.

Much more, this type of furniture is really versatile. It is not only made for usage inside the homes, but you can take these outdoors as well. With its lightweight form, it's very easy for you to move it anywhere around the house like gardens or balconies.

And good news for entrepreneurs, this budget-friendly dining set can also be used commercially. This type of design is certainly ideal for restaurants, pubs, or any business establishments.

Also, the manufacturer guarantees you no hassle in installing. With its easy to understand user's manual, you just have to follow the steps indicated, and surely you can finish assembling in a few minutes.


  • Modern design
  • Versatile dining set
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Can be used commercially


  • The stools can't hold up very heavyweight

7. Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Dining Room Round Table and Chairs Set

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Dining Room Round Table

In case you have a small kitchen space at home and currently looking for the perfect dining set for your area, we just have the best option for you. This dining set from Best Choice comes with a very functional yet modest design.

If you need just a simple set for your homes, then this is the product for you. Both the table and seats are made with high-quality wood that is carefully engineered to ensure durability. The whole set also has sturdy iron frames, so you can expect it to last for a year.

When you purchase this unit, you will get a wooden table and 2 chairs. Measuring 31 x 20.75 x 29.5 inches, it can surely carry as much as 110 pounds. With sizing like this, there's no doubt why it is ideal for dormitories and small apartments.

Anyhow, the chairs are designed with a curved backrest. This type of style could give you a healthy, at the same time, comfortable posture while dining. Each chair can carry as much as 330 pounds of weight.

An additional storage area is also included under the tabletop, giving you more area to store dry kitchen ingredients, magazines, or even wine. Given all of these features at hand, it's definitely the right amenity for an intimate or even just a fast meal, especially if you are a busy person.


  • It has a simple yet functional design
  • Curved backrest for the chairs
  • Made with high-quality wood
  • Sturdy iron frames
  • Lightweight


  • Chairs could get a little wobbly through time

8. Flash Furniture Sutton 3 Piece Space-Saver Bistro Set

Flash Furniture Sutton 3 Piece Space-Saver Bistro Set

Whenever you're planning to purchase space-saver dining set with retro styling, then you can never go wrong this bistro set from Flash Furniture. This product is sure to give you top-notch features, making it the perfect option for you.

With its unique and flashy design, it can bring you back to the yesteryears. Do you know what makes it unique? Well, it features an elegant black glass top that matches the chair's seat. The addition of silver-coated frame finish just created more beauty in the furniture.

Undeniable, this space-saving set is perfect for small kitchens. It does not only have a sturdy fitting, but it is friendly to your pockets as well. Buying this bistro set could surely complete your dining room amenity.

The decorative design added on the bottom of the panel perhaps highlights this table. While the chairs have a rounded seat as style, black vinyl upholstery with fire retardant foam is used in constructing the stools. Also, it has an open back design, leaving you with more comfortable dining moments.

Furthermore, its oval-shaped tabletop is ornamented with black tempered glass on the surface. Surely, cleaning or maintaining it won't cause you any hassle.

Measuring 35.5 x 19.75 x 29.5 inches for the table and 15 x 15 x 17.25 inches for the chair, you're sure that they are not only space-savers. They can also carry heavyweights as well as guarantee durability.


  • Black tempered glass is used on the tabletop
  • Comes with a retro design
  • Ensures durability
  • Cleaning and maintaining the set is easy
  • Enhances comfort when sitting


  • There might be some stitching problems

9. Coaster Home Furnishings 3-piece Dining Set

Coaster Home Furnishings 3-piece Dining Set

If you just can't go a day without coffee, this dining set from Coaster might be your ideal option. Well, it is flawlessly fabricated for kitchens with limited spaces.

With its minimal sizing, you can just place it anywhere inside your homes. The table and chairs are made from Asian tropical wood and hardwood.

Its cushions are made with 100 percent polyester, giving you comfort when using it. Also, the fabric color used therein is tan. On the other hand, the hardwood comes with deep, rich cappuccino finish. This color coordination just gives you cool feels like you're with nature.

The round and wooden table also has a versatile functionality that users typically like. Leaf drops are added with a measurement of 7 inches on each side, giving more convenience.

Perhaps, this additional feature can really be advantageous for kitchens with limited area, allowing you to fold it if it's not necessary. You can always open it whenever you need to use it, especially if you require more space.

When buying this product, you will acquire a table and a pair of chairs. The table can carry as much as 120 pounds, and the chair can take as much as 300 pounds each. Certainly, you won't have a hard time installing this product; it's very easy.


  • Cappuccino colored finish
  • Made with genuine Asian hardwood
  • Easy to install
  • Drop leaf design for added convenience
  • Durable


  • The seat size may not be comfortable for a large person

10. Dorel Living Montgomery 3-Piece Dining Set

Dorel Living Montgomery 3-Piece Dining Set

Here's a dining amenity that can optimize your small kitchen. This dining set from Dorel is the absolute solution for you.

Well, the combination of wood and metal makes the set appealing. It features an X-base design on its table, while the chairs have an added footrest to provide you comfort.

This product is quite unique from all the dining sets on this list. Why so? The table and stools are designed with greater height, providing you with a better view of the outside world.

Much more, the base is made with heavy-duty black metal, while its top is finished with genuine dark mahogany, giving you bistro-inspired furniture for your homes.

With its compact design, this dining set is purposely ideal for areas with small spaces.


  • Compact and unique design
  • Ensures durability Perfect coffee table
  • Enhances comfort when using it
  • Comes with greater height than other products in this list


  • Heavy dining set

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you just moved into a small-spaced apartment, dormitory or condominium, well, you really have to figure out which dining set to adorn your area. So, if you're having this kind of dilemma, we just have the essential factors for you to consider before buying.


A dining set must not only be pleasing to the eye; this must be worth every penny you spent for it as well. Before purchasing, you could have a quick background check of the product you're about to buy.

Try to know what kind of materials are used in manufacturing the product-whether they're using genuine quality or high-standard medium. By checking other consumers' feedback online, you can make sure this product could last you a long time.


For people with a tight budget, this is a really sensitive issue to discuss. Now you wouldn't want to spend a small amount to low-quality furniture that won't last that long, right? It's going to be just a waste of money, after all.

So before you buy anything, make sure that the product is well suited for its price. If the materials used or the design is worth every penny and could last you a couple of years, why not? Much better if you could find a set that is not only cheap but has outstanding performance as well.


It is said that every single thing you buy for your homes or yourself has a direct reflection on yourself. This statement is true.

Since there are lots of available designs in the market, it is necessary for you to find the ideal amenities that would fit your homes' area and fit your personality and taste as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I buy extra stools?

Some of the products we reviewed offer stools that could be purchased individually, but others do not. So if you have plans, you must ask the manufacturer first about this information.

  • What kind of dining set can be used outdoors?

We have reviewed a lot of products that have this kind of feature in this article. So if you really want a versatile dining set and could be easily transferred outside your homes, you could check if the product is lightweight before purchasing. These types of furniture are very easy to carry and also durable.

  • Which is more durable, wood, or steel?

Study shows that wood has always been stronger than steel. Because unlike steel, wood is more resilient. With this type of feature, the wood could absorb shock from heavy load much better. However, it shows that wood-based furniture costs much higher than steel.

  • Can I add table clothes in these tables?

Yes, you can use tablecloths as long as it fits your style. You can add whatever design you might want with it.

  • Are the seat-cushions durable?

Some of our products feature a seat cushion, and others do not. While cushions would provide you more sitting comfort than wood, it might be less durable than the non-cushioned chairs and stools. The material used in constructing it does degrade after a long period.

Final Words

I hope you found the perfect dining set for you with all the products we presented for you today. You might want to use it in your homes, dormitories or commercial establishments, I'm sure we got it all.

So in wrapping this up, just bear in mind the factors you would need to consider to avoid regrets after all. Certainly, you can get the best 2 person dining tables for small space in this article.

And for welders, we have also reviewed the best welding tables in this post. If you are interested, you may check it out. 

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