Best Beam Torque Wrenches in 2022: Beam & Split Beam Reviews

Whether you’re a DIYer, an automobile enthusiast, or a maintenance technician, a beam torque wrench is a must-have tool for you. It is a powerful device mainly designed to help you exert the perfect amount of pressure onto a fastener.

This tool makes maintenance a breeze as it gives you all the power you need to tighten any bolts and nuts. Other types of wrenches might be costly, but this device will get the job done without you breaking the bank.

Mostly In automobiles, loose bolts or nuts may jeopardize your safety while over-fastened nuts can destroy the thread mechanism. You need one of the best beam torque wrenches to exert the appropriate amount of torque recommended by manufacturers.

However, for an ideal precision, you need to make the right selection from the available wrenches in the market. This article and the buyer’s guide will make the buying process much easier for you.

11 Best Beam Torque Wrenches Review 

After an extensive review of different wrenches in the market, we’ve handpicked the top-notch options for you. Without wasting time, let’s see what they have to offer!

1. Neiko 03727A Beam Style Torque Wrench

Neiko 03727A Beam Style Torque Wrench

If you're looking for a versatile beam torque wrench, this is the right product for you. It is a high-quality device from one of the best brands in the industry. Neiko is a reputable and reliable company that manufactures high-performance wrenches.

For premium durability, the unit comes with superior construction that stands the test of time. Are you tired of using conversion charts? The product offers more convenience when using it since it features both standard and metric reading.

Most people might think that beam torque wrenches are erroneous, but there are still some models with high precision on the market. And yes, 03727A is one of those models that offer high accuracy within +/-4%. With this, you will never under tighten or overtighten a bit or bolt.

We loved that 03727A has a versatile design that is perfect for a wide range of fastening applications. It can be used with your boat, car, bike, or motorcycle. Its high versatility makes it an ideal addition to any homeowner’s toolbox.

Another interesting feature of this premium beam torque wrench is its ambidexterity. This feature offers you more convenience in your operation because you can use it either counterclockwise or clockwise.

What more? It had a ball end handle that allows you to hold the handle for smooth turning operation effortlessly. Furthermore, the wrench is easy to read, even from afar, thanks to its high and large contrast size marking.

We also loved that its chamfered ends and ball detent grip socket firmly without falling off during operation, for efficient work. As a matter of fact, Neiko 03727A is the best beam style torque wrench on our list.

Highlighted Features

  • Large scale
  • User-friendly
  • High-accuracy
  • Duo measurement systems
  • Versatile
  • Metric and standard reading
  • 0-80 in/lb. in 1 in/lb. increment


  • Easy to read from afar
  • Very easy to use
  • Perfect for bikes, boats, motorcycles and so on
  • Accuracy calibration
  • Ambidextrous use
  • Ergonomic grip


  • The alignment of the needle might be needed sometimes.

2. Craftsman 9-32999 0-75 ft-lb Beam Torque Wrench

Craftsman 9-32999 0-75 ft-lb Beam Torque Wrench

Here, we’ve the 9-32999 torque wrench by Craftsman. For a long time, this enterprise has been one of the most popular and trusted brands.

Known for producing high-quality hand tools designed to stand the test of time and meet the needs of customers, Craftsman’s 9-32999 model is one of the best when it comes to beam torque wrenches!

You can always rely on Craftsman hand tools when it comes to durability. It is not news that many manufacturers exaggerate the durability of their products, but it’s a different story with this hand tool, thanks to its premium body construction that guarantees years of service.

When using a beam torque wrench, you cannot avoid making slight mistakes. Errors like inaccurate reading due to the viewing angle can lead to over fastening and under fastening of bolts.

The good news is that this unit has a graduated indicator tip that eradicates all parallax errors to offer accurate reading regardless of your viewing position.

9-32999 has a calibration that works both anti-clockwise and clockwise from 0-75 ft-lb. With this type of calibration, this tool will be convenient and easy to operate by a first-timer. This device is ideal for small to medium tightening needs.

The only downside is that the unit comes with a small scale, which is not perfect for large projects. Apart from that, this hand tool is a must-have if you need something that will serve you for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • Small scale
  • Graduated indicator tip
  • Premium body construction
  • User-friendly
  • Nice design
  • 0-75 ft-lb.


  • The scale is easy to read
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • Looks simple and classy
  • Offers accurate reading regardless of your viewing positions
  • Easy to calibrate


  • Small scale, not suitable for large projects

3. Precision Instruments PREC3FR250F Drive Split Beam Torque Wrench 

Precision Instruments PREC3FR250F Drive Split Beam Torque Wrench

Precision Instruments are well known for their classy hand tools with ergonomic designs. The PREC3FR250F is an elegantly-furnished model with a unique design that eliminates the need for you to turndown the tool when not in use.  

If you are searching for a beam torque wrench that can withstand abusive working conditions, this is the best option for you. It features durable construction that will serve you well.

Thanks to its rust-free nickel body construction, it will not rust even with everyday-outdoor applications.

This outstanding feature makes the device the most durable beam torque wrench on our list. The ½-inch unit also possesses an automated locking system that is ideal for repetitive use.

Furthermore, PREC3FR250F offers a convenient loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts since it features a clearer and wider display at the handle area for easy reading.

Also, its distinctive accurate reading ensures that you will never under tighten or over tighten any bolts.

We loved that the tool is sufficiently long that helps you reach those hard-to-reach places to tighten nuts and bolts. There's also an adjustment knob that helps eliminate spring tension and quickly set the torque on adjustable wrenched.

Concerning its portability, the device features a non-hefty design that makes it easy to move around. Besides, this unit only weighs 4.5 lbs, which gives it a lightweight design to reduce fatigue. With the rugged construction, it only works in a clockwise direction.

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 4.5 lbs
  • Adjustable knob
  • Lightweight designs
  • Durable body construction
  • Wider display
  • Rust-free
  • Ergonomic design


  • Offers a wider and clearer display
  • Reasonable price for top quality
  • Portable
  • Comes with sturdy nickel construction
  • Doesn’t need recalibration after use
  • Comfortable grip with ergonomic design
  • Ideal for many applications


  • Works only in a clockwise direction

4. ARES 70214 3/8-inch Drive Beam Torque Wrench 

ARES 70214 3/8-inch Drive Beam Torque Wrench

Now, let’s take a look at the high-quality 70214 drive beam torque wrench by ARES. This company may not be as popular as some other brands in the hand tools industry, but it has been proven to be reliable and consistent in producing high-quality hand tools.

70214 features both metric and standard markings, just like the Neiko 03727A, to eliminate the stress of conversions during operations.

The body construction of the device is rust-free, rugged, and sturdy for extended service life. It will not bend, wear, or lose shape to ensure high accuracy for a long time.

ARES beam torque wrench is designed to deliver high accuracy to within +/- 4%. It has high-precision, thanks to its accurate measurement from a 0-80in/lb scale at the increment intervals of 2.5 in/lb.

What’s more, the device is widely applicable; it'll be a great addition to your toolkits. The torque wrench is ideal for both commercial and home uses.

It can be used in cars, boats, bikes, motorcycles, and all other automotive machines, which makes this torque wrench one of the most versatile hand tools out there, and a great value for money.

Another interesting benefit of this tool is its visible scale. The tool features highly large and transparent readings. Also, there’s a high-contrast scale that eliminates the straining of operation in poorly lit areas.

The only thing to pinpoint is that the unit is not suitable for heavy-duty applications. Apart from that, 70214 is a great hand tool that every automobile enthusiast should have in their toolbox.

Highlighted Features

  • High-contrast scale
  • Rugged construction
  • High-precision within +/- 4%  
  • 0-80in/lb scale at the increment intervals of 2.5 in/lb.
  • Metric and standard markings
  • Stylish design
  • Rust-free


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • The visible scale ensures easy to read display
  • Does not catch rust
  • Looks simple and elegant
  • Ideal for the majority of light-duty applications


  • Suitable only for light tasks

5. Powerbuilt 944050 ½-inch Beam Torque Wrench 

Powerbuilt 944050 ½-inch Beam Torque Wrench

Powerbuilt is a popular and trusted brand with over 40 years of experience. They offer best in class equipment and hand tools that deliver durability, innovation, ergonomic design, and quality to automotive enthusiasts.

Their products are tested to meet the standards of ASME and ANSI. Also, in terms of affordability, Powerbuilt tools are cheaper than any other brand.

The 944050 model is easy to read and long enough to get heavy-duty chores done without any hassle. It provides accurate readings in a highly visible and easy-to-read scale.

To ensure total convenience to the users, the device comes with two-scale measurement units, including ft-lb and kg-cm.  

Apart from that, the ruggedly-constructed tool has a sturdy steel construction making it highly durable. With this type of construction, you are assured that the unit will withstand vigorous daily use without losing its precision. Besides, the steel material used was heat-treated for improved sturdiness.

The comfort of your hand is very important when handling light or heavy-duty tasks. That’s why this unit comes with a humanized design to ensure you never lose grip of the handle during operation.

Also, the tool features an ergonomic design that improves longer-hour use and minimizes hand fatigue.

944050 is the perfect option for you if you’re looking for a torque wrench with portable design. It weighs only 2.95 pounds, which makes it easy to move around the job site in its premium-grade case.

This lightweight design also helps reduce hand fatigue from longer usage. We didn’t find it commendable that the pointer of the unit is not as durable as its other parts.

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Highlighted Features

  • Two scale measurement units with ft-lb and kg-cm
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Weighs only 2.95 pounds
  • User-friendly design
  • Heat-treated steel material
  • Premium-grade case
  • Pin needle


  • Very easy to calibrate
  • Comes a premium-grade case
  • It is well-built
  • Highly durable, built to last long.
  • Portable design allows for easy maneuverability.
  • A comfortable grip
  • Designed by a reliable manufacturer


  • The pointer quality is weak

6. Presa ¼ -inch CP31006 Beam Torque Wrench 

Presa ¼ -inch CP31006 Beam Torque Wrench

Here is another beam torque wrench by Presa. The brand might sound new to you but have been making waves in the industry by designing affordable, high-quality hand tools.

So, if you’re looking for a beam torque wrench to accurately tighten and loosen bolts in your car, truck, garden tractor, and bicycle, this is the best option for you.

One unique benefit of CP31006 is its ability to offer high and accurate precision in any application where exactitude is important.  For maximum convenience, this 1/4-inch torque wrench features a counterclockwise and clockwise calibrated scale of 0-80 inches.  

Concerning its durability, it features a sturdy steel construction with mirror-chrome finish, improving the aesthetic value of the tool. Besides, the rust-free coating also offers protection to the tool.

We found it awesome that the CP31006 comes with a specially-designed round shape textured black handle which offers a non-slip grip for accurate optimum operations.

Furthermore, this unit comes with a pointed indicator tip that helps to prevent the reading error from any angle. With this feature, you are assured of the appropriate amount of torque.

We noticed two downsides; the unit is a bit heavier than other models on our list. Also, its measurements aren’t the most precise.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Mirror-chrome finish
  • Rust-free
  • Rounded shape handle
  • Textured black handle
  • Pointed indicator tip
  • Counterclockwise and clockwise calibrated scale
  • Weighs 8.8 ounce


  • The scale is very easy to read
  • Rugged construction is corrosion resistant
  • Highly durable, built to last long
  • The mirror-chrome finish offers aesthetic values
  • Delivers an accurate reading
  • The handle offers a comfortable grip


  • Slightly heavy

7. Titan 23140 1/4-inches Beam Torque Wrench 

Titan 23140 1/4-inches Beam Torque Wrench

Titan is one of the big fishes in the hand tools industry. Since 2001, they’ve endeavored to bring new products with unique design, wrapped in innovative, dynamic packaging.

23140 is one of the latest products from Titan designed to meet the needs of automotive professionals. It comes with 0-80 in/lbs. measurements on both counterclockwise and clockwise directions.

This type of calibration makes it ideal for light and medium jobs around the home. Besides, the tool has a durable construction that will stand the test of time.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a beam torque wrench is its readability to minimize errors. Hence, this unit was designed with a high-contrast scale that delivered wider and clearer visibility, even in poor lighting conditions.

We loved that the tool has a versatile scaling; you will be able to measure the appropriate amount of torque on fasteners in n/m and in/lb.

This feature offers better convenience when loosening or tightening bolts and nuts in your cars, boats, bikes, and trucks. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, this tool should be a good option for you.

Another outstanding benefit of this tool is that it won’t wear or lose shape over a long period. 23140 model will maintain its high precision and accuracy if maintained well. Besides, it is one of the most affordable torque wrenches of the same quality.

The only thing we pinpoint was the quality of the beam. In some rare circumstances, the beam might be slightly bent.

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Highlighted Features

  • ¼ inches drive beam torque wrench
  • 0-80 in/lbs. calibrated scale
  • Counterclockwise and clockwise measurement
  • Durable construction
  • High-contrast scale
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight


  • Easy-to-read scale
  • Versatile scaling
  • Affordable option
  • Ideal for most applications
  • Comes with a stylish casing
  • High precision


  • The beam sometimes comes with a slight bend

8. GearWrench 2957D Beam Torque Wrench 

GearWrench 2957D Beam Torque Wrench

If you are looking for a tool that you can rely on for heavy-duty applications such as harmonic balancers or even driveline bearings, this torque wrench should be ideal.

GearWrench surpassed all expectations with this beam torque wrench. The model is long-lasting and reliable; it will serve you for a very long time. It is the best beam type torque wrench on our list.

2957D comes with a rugged body construction. It was crafted from a high-quality steel material that delivers outstanding sturdiness and durability needed for heavy-duty tasks.

Besides, there’s a durable coating that helps to cover the steel construction to eliminate corrosion and add aesthetic values to the unit.

Furthermore, this USA-made tool comes with a high-contrast calibrated scale that offers high and clearer visibility, even in areas with poor lit conditions. We loved that the unit is affordable compared to other models of the same quality on our list.

This wrench's calibrated scale features a sturdy satin finish that makes it easy to read the markings at a glance. With this improved visibility, you will be able to save time on the task since the reading is done at a glance.

What’s more? The handle of this model is specially designed to fit into any palm perfectly for a firm grip.

The non-slip design makes the tool easy to maneuver since it ensures hand comfort. This feature helps you perform your task effectively in less time.

Highlighted Features

  • Satin finish scale
  • Non-slip handle design
  • High-contrast calibrated scale
  • Rugged body construction
  • High-quality steel material
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Palm-fit handle


  • Durable enough for daily use
  • High precision
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip design
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Fair price for top quality
  • Easy-to-read scale, gauge needle is easy to see too


  • Does not come with a storage case

9. Precision Instruments C2FR50F Beam Torque Wrench 

Precision Instruments C2FR50F Beam Torque Wrench

In the history of torque wrenches, Precision Instruments are a leading manufacturer with over 82 years of experience. The company was established in 1938, and are dedicated to accuracy, reliability, and durability of their products.

Here’s another beam torque wrench designed by the Precision Instruments. The tool features sturdy metal construction for sturdiness and exceptional strength. This unique body delivers better torque than most of the wrenches in the market.

We loved that the tool is easy to assemble since it comes with a few components. Also, the unit's important parts are welded together to avoid losing parts during the course of its service life.

Another unique benefit of this unit is its ability to automatically adjust itself to zero marks after use. You won’t need to worry about readjusting the wrench to the lowest torque.

What’s more? The unit has its scale just above the handle. The easy to read scale delivers high precision that maintains accuracy for a long time.

The 3/8 inches drive size is ideal for most automotive repairs, but make sure your tasks don't require torque larger than 100 ft/lbs, which is the maximum it can achieve. The only downside is that the unit has a clockwise scale calibration.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable metal construction
  • 3/8 inches drive size
  • 100 ft/lbs maximum torque
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Convenient
  • Clockwise measurement


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Ergonomic design offers convenience
  • Improved scale
  • Affordable option
  • A compact-size design
  • Easy to adjust to desired settings


  • Comes with only clockwise scale calibration

10. Tohnichi SF12N Beam Torque Wrench  

Tohnichi SF12N Beam Torque Wrench

Tohnichi is one of the promising companies in the hand tool industry. They are popular for designing hand tools that are at the forefront of technology.  

The company is dedicated to offering products with high productivity, reliability, efficiency, and quality. Tohnichi SF12N is a good beam torque wrench that every automotive enthusiast should have in their toolbox.

If you’re looking for a tool that combines precision, quality, durability, convenience design to give you the best automotive repair experience, then Tohnichi SF12N is the best choice for you.

It comes with durable construction with a premium coating that is rust-free for extended service life.

The device was completely made of industrial-grade materials that keeps the beam unbent if it falls accidentally. It won’t lose shape or accuracy over the course of its service life. The unit will maintain its precision for a very long time.

We loved that the tool boasts exceptional handle geometry. The handle features a ball-end design to deliver a firm grip to all the users. Also, the shape reduces hand fatigue, enabling you to work for longer periods.

You need to apply the appropriate amount of torque when dealing with delicate nuts and bolts to prevent them from damage. All you need with this unit is a high-precision scale. It features an accuracy rating of within +/-3%-the best you can see on the market.

We found it unfavorable that the unit is fairly expensive to some other models on our list. But apart from that, the unit has the very highest precision that you could ever come across on the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Humanized design
  • High-precision, +/-3% accuracy rating
  • Ball-end design
  • Exceptional handle design
  • Rust-free premium coating
  • Durable


  • Well-built
  • Unmatched precision
  • Industrial-grade designed
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue


  • Quite expensive

11. Tooluxe 03703L Beam Torque Wrench

Tooluxe 03703L Beam Torque Wrench

The last on our list is the 03703L beam torque wrench by Tooluxe. It is another leading manufacturer with admirable tradition. This China-made tool features a rugged steel alloy construction and a beautiful rust-free mirror chrome finish for added durability and aesthetic values.

For easy readability under poor light conditions, the unit comes with a high-contrast marking scale. You will never be disappointed if you need the wrench for medium to light jobs since its calibrations run from 0-150 ft/lb and 0-20 m/kg.

The scale of this wrench is calibrated both counterclockwise and clockwise directions to deliver smooth working operation. If you are looking for a torque wrench for commercial projects, then this tool is a must-have for you. It has high precision that prevents any reading errors.

One of the exceptional features of this unit is its dual drive versatility. It comes with 3/8 inches and ½ inches anvil, making it more versatile than most of the available wrenches. These two sizes help to handle a wide range of different tasks without having to purchase multiple wrenches.

That’s not all, the handle of this wrench features an ergonomic design that offers a comfortable and non-slip grip. It is also lightweight, making it ideal for prolonged use without having hand fatigue.

We loved that the tool has a shaft with an extended length of 17 inches, making it easy to reach all the nooks and crannies to tighten nuts and bolts.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight design
  • Dual drive versatility, 3/8 inches, and ½ drive sizes
  • Intuitive scaling
  • 17 inches shaft length
  • Steel alloy construction
  • Beautiful mirror chrome finish
  • Rust-free
  • 0-150 pounds, 0-20 meter-kilograms


  • Highly accurate
  • Affordable yet top quality
  • Intuitive scaling
  • Durable body construction
  • Easy-to-read scale
  • Versatile


  • The markings on the scale are not large enough.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are different brands and companies of torque wrenches. Certainly, you would come across vague product descriptions, and these brands might use tricky performance measurements to mislead you.

So, to make the right purchase, you will need to consider some important factors. Here’s a guide to the important things to factor in for choosing the right beam torque wrench for you.


The first thing you should do when purchasing a beam torque wrench is to figure out how precise it is. Accuracies are unique in different beam torque wrenches.

Beam Torque Wrenches

You need to look out for the ones with standards less than 5 percent. It is advisable to look out for wrenches with a certificate of calibration affirming accuracy.

Build Quality

The body construction of the wrench is another important thing to look out for when shopping for one. Check out for the wrenches built with durable metal parts with little or no plastic ones.

Most of the torque wrenches on our list are built with sturdy metal construction for high durability and long-lasting function.  Also, you should choose the ones with fine finishes for corrosion resistance and rust-free properties. Investing in a durable beam torque wrench will serve you for a very long time.

Ratcheting Head

You should look for a torque wrench that comes with a bi-directional marketing head for extra convenience. Furthermore, choose the ones that come with additional heads and can be calibrated in both counterclockwise and clockwise directions. 

Ergonomic and Comfortable Grip

Units with this kind of grips are good for you as they will not slip off your hand even when working in an oily condition or areas with poor lighting. Also, handles with lightweight designs will help reduce fatigue during prolonged usage.

Consider the Size

Lastly, the next thing you want to do when buying a torque wrench is to check whether its length is sufficient enough. Certainly, some wrenches are longer than others. Long wrenches are good as they help to reach most places.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Beam torque wrenches are the exceptional tools that help to apply the right amount of torque needed to tighten or loosen bolts or nuts in cars, trucks, bicycles, trucks, and other automobiles.

However, most automotive professionals have urgent questions concerning these tools or aren’t aware of them. We need to provide some answers to the most frequently asked questions about these hand tools.

1. How often should I calibrate my beam torque wrench?

Calibration of torque wrench helps to maintain its high precision for a long time. You should calibrate your wrench after 12 months of occasional use or after 5000 cycles if you use it regularly.

2. How can I store a torque wrench?

Your torque wrench should never be stored in places with low or high temperatures. Try to turn the device down after use and store it in the lowest setting.

3. Are digital torque wrenches more accurate?

Honestly, most digital torque wrenches are accurate, but there are some with inaccurate precision, just like beam torque wrenches, where they are more accurate than others.

4. Should I lubricate my torque wrench?

Yes, you need to lubricate the tool to maintain consistent accuracy. You should periodically check for defective parts and wear.

Furthermore, the handle of the wrench should be firm and should be corrosion resistant. The tool might lose its accuracy with time if you do not lubricate, inspect, adjust, and restore worn-out parts.

5. Do torque wrenches always come with calibration certificates?

It solely depends on the brand. However, the ones with the calibration certificates are trusted and reliable to use.

6. Are visual indicators really necessary?

In a crowded and noisy working environment, auditory signals might be difficult to hear. In these types of situations, visual indicators will be very useful.

Final Words

Our list offers comprehensive information about the best beam torque wrenches in the market. All of our picks are top-notch and deliver accurate readings. So, make sure you go through our review before settling for your preferred model.

The review and buying guide will help you make the right decision for the torque wrench that suit your needs.

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