11 Best Box Cutters and Utility Knife for EDC in 2022

A knife cutter is a commonplace tool on our desk. It’s not just a superb cutting utensil; it’s the adze that curves monuments out of paper. It’s the keys that unleash the confetti of joy held inside a surprise box.

To keep up with our many needs, the ordinary utility cutter has evolved a lot. In this article, I’ve done some research to list some of the best box cutters and utility knife you can get at a stationery shop. So, the next time you’re there for a utility cutter, you’ll know exactly which one you’re going for!

11 Best Box Cutters and Utility Knife Reviews

Utility knives have come a long way. Now they have features that respond well to our needs as well as budget. I have chosen 11 of the best utility knives on the market and talked about their exciting attributes. So, dive right in.

1. REXBETI 12-Pack Utility Knife

REXBETI 12-Pack Utility Knife

A utility knife is a perfect desk companion. For a storehouse, you need a knife that can cut swiftly and continuously. Well, this one’s perfect for both the office and storehouses.

The name says it all. With each package, you get 12 knives. In offices, things get displaced frequently and thrown here and there. Even if you lost one Rexbeti utility knife, there’s plenty more where that came from!

The carbon steel blade is hard and razor-sharp. Having an 18 mm cutting edge really takes the game to the next level. You can press the blade deeper and get a smoother cut. Usually, carbon steel is rust-resistant and malleable. Breaking it will take a whole lot of effort.

Something that makes the blade even more convenient is the locking mechanism in the handle. The safety lock design utilizes grooves to grip the knife firmly. It’s already sharp enough, but a locking system means the blade won’t move at all. Just sink the blade and pull, and get a smooth finish!

The blades are long, and each blade is made of 8 snap blades that make it sharper and more durable. They’ll stay slick for many months to come. Its handle has an innovative design that stabilizes the blade and gives more control to the user. You don’t have to hold the blade like a katana to get an even slit!


  • Sharp and durable blade design
  • Advance blade handle design for better control
  • Lock mechanism provides support to the blade
  • Long blade and wide cutting edge


  • Difficulty drawing the blade out

2. FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

A lot of people have recommended me this solid, stylish knife. It’s a solid, sturdy one that cuts like a champion.

This knife has a chic design that uses anodized aluminum. Aluminum is the thing that kitchen utensils and airplane parts are made out of because it’s way lighter than steel. It’s engineered for perfection. The blade can be folded in the holster, and when it does, it loses half an inch, so you can carry it easily!

The folded knife is kept in the handle with a locking mechanism. Carry it around in your pocket without any fear. If you’re still not sure, you can carry it on your belt with a holster that comes in the package. You can draw out the blade from the press of a button pretty easily. Feeling like a ‘Gangsta’ yet?

As you draw out the blade, the same lock keeps it from moving. You can hold it like a scalpel. Just press and drag it to get a smooth cut!

Besides, you can fold the blade single-handedly simply by pushing the safety button. Its convenient design makes it easy to grip. The handle, on the other hand, also adds weight that aids while cutting.

As for durability, the blade has been forged using unique carbon steel. Slice cardboard, ropes, plastic, carpets effortlessly. If the blades get dull, just remove it and use the other end! The package also contains five extra blades!


  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Ergonomic handle design for better control
  • Locking mechanism ensures safe cutting
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum design


  • Pointy tail end causes discomfort

3. Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters (12-Pack Bulk, 18mm Wide Blade Cutter)

Tape King Utility Knife Box Cutters

Next up we have a budget cutter that’ll blow you away! It’s called ‘tape-king’ for nothing!

Let’s start with the blade. It’s industrial-grade stainless steel that possesses great strength. The thickness of the blade further strengthens it. This heavy-duty metal blade can cut cardboard, balsa wood, matboard, foam board, cards, etc. Having an 18mm long sharp edge really helps to get a deep cut.

The blade remains sharp for a long time. But if it goes blunt, you can snap the tip and go back to slitting cardboards!

Retractable blades require a locking mechanism strong enough to support and prevent the blade from slipping. The king has a safety lock tab that holds it firm. This thick blade sinks deep and slashes the object as the lock keeps it stable. You won’t need brute strength for cutting thick surfaces.

The knife handle is made of plastic. So, it’s easy to grab on and handle. It’s lightweight, and the plastic adds only a moderate amount. In total, it weighs only 3 ounces!

Often accidents happen when the blade jumps up while pulling the handle. The lock and the fantastic grip offer great stability. This is a simple and safe knife. Its ease of use and many magnificent features make it suitable for office work, science projects, and DIYers.


  • Sharp heavy-duty blade
  • A retractable blade that’s safe to use
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can cut different materials easily


  • Handle feels shaky and flimsy

4. Utility Knife, Bibury Portable Folding Utility Art Knife with Extra 10pcs SK5 Stainless Steel Blades

Utility Knife, Bibury Portable Folding Utility Art Knife

Look at the cool design. Almost makes you want to buy it right away!

I can slash cardboard boxes with it all day long! I’m going to start with the handle with this one because this is where the art is.

The handle is made from a combination of aluminum and ABS. Aluminum makes it light and portable. How impressed are you with the curves? Takes the coolness even higher up the scale! It also has a belt clip to carry around in your pocket or belt.

But the designisn’t only for show. The handle adds extra weight for cutting easily and smoothly. It has rubber on both sides for a better grip. With such a sharp blade, you can’t be too sure.

Its razor is so keen, they even added a plastic protector for it. You can also fold the blade in with the lock release with just one hand. The SK5 blades are made from a superior carbon-steel. So they have magnificent hardness, rust, and wear-resistant. They won’t break without a fight!

Since trapezoidal blades have multiple cutting edges so if one side turns blunt, you can turn it over. Not only that, but the 5 extra blades are easy to add and remove with the safety button. The blades are sharp enough to cut plastic, leather, hardboard, cartons, etc.


  • Super sharp heavy-duty blades
  • Stylish easy to control handle
  • Durable aluminum ABS fusion construction materials
  • Plastic blade protector for extra safety.


  • Handle can’t house multiple blades

5. Internet’s Best Classic Utility Knife

Internet’s Best Classic Utility Knife

While folding knives are getting more and more fashionable, why should the straight ones stay behind? This is one of the most voguish yet affordable knives on the market.

The debate goes on and on about which is better, foldable or straight knives. Foldable knives are fun to hold and carry around. But they have a con: only a small length can be drawn out, or if you draw out more length, they wobble. However, this one is strong, and the blades remain stable even for long blades.

Not only that, but the heavy-duty razors are also strong and can cut through cardboard like butter. You can draw out 3 different lengths of the blade and cut deep if you want to, or retract the length to only the tip.

Its full body is made from steel, which ensures cool touch every time. The metal case is durable and has greater longevity. Unique shape offers better grip and handling. As the refill pack contains five extra blades, you can replace the razors quickly by pressing the red button.

Heavy-duty steel is corrosion and wear-resistant. When the whole body is made from it, you get greater strength and longevity. The blades are resilient, and it has a wide range of material that it can effortlessly cut like straps, plastic carpet with ease and comfort. It’s a handy tool for office, home, and the warehouse.


  • Full metal body with great strength
  • Retractable razor can be adjusted easily
  • Greater longevity and wear resistance
  • Stable and safe handling


  • Some reported faulty thumb switches

6. TWINRUN Retractable Utility Knife Box Cutter with Durable Metal Handle Smooth Multi-Position Blade Locking Saddle

TWINRUN Retractable Utility Knife Box Cutter

Tired of stylish utility knives coming in one color? Why not get these exciting multi-color retractable?

The flashy handles are not its only attractive features. They come in 3 exciting colors: red, yellow, and black. Die casting metal handle has a smooth and slick finish. Did you notice the streamline shape of the handle? This is for the ease of grabbing the knife. Slashing leathers has never been more satisfying.

Die casting metal body does add extra weight. This knife handle weighs 7 ounces. But this works in your favor. You only need to sink the tip and drag, and the blade does the rest — no extra force needed.

Moreover, the locking switch ensures that the blade won’t slip while slashing. It can lock the blade in three positions: 1, ¾, and ¼ inches. So, you can get cuts in three different depths. The handle reaches out and supports the spine of the blade so you can get even cuts.

Cut hose pipes, plastics, leather, etc. with ease. Since it’s made of corrosion resistance materials completely, you can rely on it to withstand wear and torture and not give in to rust.

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  • Heavy-duty steel handle
  • Strong and sturdy knife
  • Streamline shaped body for better handling
  • You can cut many materials effortlessly
  • A variety of colors to choose from


  • Some complained that it didn’t last long

7. Kobalt Utility Knife & 11 Blades, Foldable Speed Release Quick Change Box Cutter

Slice 10515 Mini Box Cutter

Moving away from the retractable knives, this one’s a classic foldable one from Kobalt.

Kobalt is pretty confident with their design. Well, this one's an absolute showman! Many were impressed with the attractive blue color of the handle. What’s more impressive is how light the knife is. It’s made from aviation-grade aluminum.

You know, the thing that's used on airplanes to make it lighter? It’s not only lighter but also well resistant to wear. Aluminum is tougher and more resistant to corrosion; therefore, it’ll be your trusty weapon of choice against shipment boxes for many years.

The blade is strong and extra sharp. So, you need to be careful not to press it against your finger! But don’t worry, the knife can be folded easily and kept like that for as long as you want with the lock switch. The same lock switch will hold it in its place while slashing the containers.

Once you need to change it, you have 10 more blades in the package! Running out of blades in the middle of an assignment can be quite problematic, but not anymore. Now you have 10 blades at your disposal.

Another problem we face is changing the blade. If they don’t come off easily that can be a bloody ride! Fortunately, just by pushing a button, the blade comes off! Changing the blade has never been easier.


  • Easy removal of blades
  • Extra blade for replacement
  • Aviation grade aluminum body
  • Strong heavy-duty blade


  • Lock switch remains stiff at first

8. Slice 10515 Mini Box Cutter, Ceramic Blade Locks Into

Slice 10515 Mini Box Cutter

Some really good things came in a small package with this one.

If you’re curious about the ceramic blade, let me explain. Ceramic is well above steel in the Moh’s hardness scale it’s only second to diamond! And this has a miraculous benefit. It never rusts, breaks, and can last a lifetime!

Yet, the steel blades are still dominating the market because of how sharp they are. Compared to them, ceramic blades are not as sharp and requires extra force to cut. Evolution giveth and evolution taketh away. But they’re safer to touch.

This also makes changing blades a breeze! You’re getting two long-lasting blades for a cheap price, that’s got to be a steal. The blade protrudes out of the handle about ¼ inches. And it stays like that. It’s convenient when you have a lot of packages to open non-stop.

The knife can easily fit your palm! You can even hang it on the fridge with the magnet. It may not be as precious as your son’s painting, but you won’t lose it easily. Use it as a key chain with the keyring hole!

Where the lefties at?! Slice came up with an ambidextrous design for the 10515. You can just switch the blade slot and voila! A knife for lefties. Cut paper, vinyl, and styrofoam with ease with Slice 10515.

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  • Ergonomic design can easily fit in the palm
  • Ceramic blades last longer and harder
  • Ambidextrous design for the left-handed
  • A magnet for the convenience of storage


  • Knife length can’t be adjusted
  • Not suitable for continuous use

9. Tarvol Box Cutter Utility Knife (3 Pack) - Premium Grade Strength - Retractable Snap-Off Blades

Tarvol Box Cutter Utility Knife

Moving away from all the extravagant, let’s focus our attention on a gem from Tarvol. This one’s more affordable than others on the list, but the performance hasn’t withered one bit. Don’t believe us? Just look at the reviews!

It’s so sharp you need to be extra careful with this one. But each cut will be worth it. The cuts are swift and serious. A unique blade lock switch keeps the blade in place and holds it firm so you'll have to waste no energy pressing it down. You’ll save a lot of time as well.

Since it's retractable, you have the control. You can draw out as much of the blade you like. When in not use, retract the blade in the handle. The lock will keep it in like a watchful guardian. This ensures that the razor will be perfectly functional for a long time.

The engineers trust ABS polymer for making the handle because it’s strong, sturdy, and cut resistant. You can be sure that it won’t break down when the pressure comes down on it. It’s casing also has an ergonomic design so it’s easy to grab on and use.

When the blades go dull, you don’t have to stop the working rhythm. Just snap off the dull portion and it’s as good as new!


  • Convenient retractable sharp razor
  • Ergonomic design ensures maximum control
  • Easy snap-off blade
  • Inexpensive and can fit your budget easily


  • Button mechanism is unsatisfactory

10. BONSWAGOO Folding Utility Knife Heavy Duty Quick Change Blade Easy Release Button Safe Lock-Back Design Pocket Storage

BONSWAGOO Folding Utility Knife

The last one on the list is a foldable knife and a really cool one too!

Being an industrial grade cutter, this one almost too sharp. So, keep your focus on it at all times. But having a sharp knife helps because a sharp razor will do the job for you easily and swiftly. You’d want to use it again and again!

The knife design provides support along the back, so there’s no slipping when you’re using it. No extra force needed too to hold down the blade. It has a lock switch that totally immobilizes it while it’s out. You can press that switch and fold it in without any hassle.

The handle design fits your palm perfectly and gives you superior handling. There’re stubbles on the handle that offer a better grip and traction so you can control the knife exactly how you want it. It’s a razor-sharp knife, so they made it safe to handle as well.

And the blades will stay acute too. They’re corrosion-resistant and also have a plastic coating that prevents exposure to moisture. So, you can be sure that the razor will last long!


  • Sharp and durable razor
  • Sturdy handle design offers better grip
  • Locking mechanism for extra safety
  • Easy folding and drawing out


  • No extra blades in the package

11. CLEAR STYLE Utility Knife Heavy Duty Box Cutter

Clear Style Utility Knife Heavy Duty Box Cutter

No doubt box cutters can be slick but they have to be safe and easy as well. We wouldn’t want an absent-minded employee to nick an artery with this one, would we?!

CLEAR STYLE made sure that accidents don’t happen out of the blue. The thermoplastic rubber handle and its ergonomic design offer a superior grip; stable handling makes cutting easy and pleasing! Its handle is made with a unique ABS polymer that’s strong and cut resistance.

The stainless-steel blade has a magnificent hardness that protects it from devastating wear, dent, and rust. Stainless steel normally has excellent rust resistance. But to keep you in the safe zone, the blade also has a black protective coating. This knife determined to last long.

These heavy-duty stainless-steel blades are sharper than 60% of knives on the market. And the heavy-duty steel gives it longevity. The blades can last about 5 times longer than most blades on the market.

Since the blade is retractable, the knife is perfectly safe to have around. Each knife comes with three blades, so if somehow, you manage to damage one, you can remove it and use the next one lying beneath. You can cut cardboard, leather, drywall, and Kevlar with it, you know the thing bullet-proof vests are made out of!

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  • Superior material combination on the handle
  • Blades are strong and sharp
  • Elegant and efficient design
  • Versatile knife for multiple purposes


  • Doesn’t have a locking mechanism

Things to Consider Before Buying

A simple box cutter may not look like it, but a lot of research goes into each of the knives. You need to know what you’re getting otherwise, you’ll have to rush to the mall again for another one. Here are a few things you need to know before buying your next box cutter.


The comfort while cutting with a sharp knife can boost up the warehouse efficiency. Utility knives nowadays are pretty sharp-edged, and they have safety measures so that you don’t get hurt. If you have many experiences with a knife, then safety doesn’t matter; you can use it with your eyes closed!

But if you have little kids running around, then it’s probably not safe to carry them. Consider less sharp options like ceramic blades, they may not be sharp like the stainless steel ones, but they’ll be safer in the hands of your nephews.

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The Material It’s Made Of

The knife is the key component’s the blade. If it’s made with strong heavy-duty steel, then it can handle the wear and resist corrosion. You need a knife that’ll last. If the material’s not strong enough, you can’t even use it continuously, which is often disappointing.

The Handle

The blade is as good as the master, but the handle sure helps a lot. If the handle is not easy to grip, then a simple knife slip can take you to the ER. Extra weight on the handle is always good as it brings stability and comfort to the knife.

Locking Mechanism

Some knives use only grip to steady the razor, but you can’t be too sure with a share utensil like this. A good locking system will restrict any movement of the razor while it’s being used, leading to cleaner and safer cuts. Both retractable and foldable knives have these.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some common questions regarding utility knives. See if you can find yours.

  • Are ceramic blades worth a buy?

Ceramic blades are not as sharp as stainless steel. But they’re easily as efficient as the latter, with the added benefit of safety for you and your employees.

  • How long will my knife last?

If the knives are made of stainless steel, they’ll resist rust formation and will last for years. The ABS steel handles are also strong. But you have to protect them from a sharp impact, otherwise, they can break apart.

  • My knife razor broke, shall I buy a new one?

Check if you have spare blades or not. You should buy a knife that can easily release the old blade. Even if you don’t have spare razors, retractable knife blades are usually long. So, you can snap off the damaged part and use it again.

  • Foldable knives or Retractable knives?

They’re actually safety mechanisms for sharp blades. However, the foldable knives are superior to the retractable when it comes to safety and portability.

  • My sharp knife is not cutting, what’s wrong with it?

Start by pushing the peak of the blade and pull it, maintaining a 45-degree angle to get the best cut. If it still doesn’t work, maybe you have a blunt blade. So change it.

Final words

A utility knife is a handy tool to have in your desk drawer of the toolbox. You never know when they might be useful. Therefore, you should have the best box cutters and utility knife at your disposal. Picking the perfect knife is crucial because it’ll save you from the hassles and discomfort that’s to come.

And let’s face it, none wants to discard a knife two days after purchase for poor performance. I believe this article will help you choose the best tool for you.

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