11 Best Bucket Dolly Reviews for Heavy Duty Work in 2022

You want to give your car a wash but whenever you think of it, you can’t stop thinking about those heavy buckets you need to lift. Such a drag, isn’t it? Well, you can make things easier for you with bucket dollies.

Just keep the buckets in the dollies and you can move those hard-to-lift buckets using the wheels.

Now what? Want to get your hands on the best bucket dollies?

You’re in the right place. We’re reviewing the top 10.

Benefits of Using Bucket Dolly

No product comes with zero benefits if you know how to make it useful. But the benefits of some products are so rhetorical that you can see it all just by looking at them. Bucket dollies are one of them. Yet let me clarify in case you have any confusion about that.

Easing Up the Car Washing

Most of the buckets are basically used for washing cars or other stuff. So, the prime benefit you’re going to get there is with your car washing. Rather than carrying an entire bucket all by your hand, you can just put it in the dolly and drag. That’s going to save both your energy and time.

Bucket Dollies

Shifting Barrels

There’re certain models of dollies that are made to shift drums and barrels. In case you need to reshuffle your store, these dollies can be highly useful. As they’re perfectly maneuverable, they can also save you from putting in the extra effort.

Working Under the Car

Those who are related to the vehicle maintenance industry know that at times they need to go under the car to fix things up. For them, some of those dollies with a cushion attachment system can be really helpful. They won’t even have to get their clothes dirty for it anymore. 

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10 Best Bucket Dollies 

Bucket dollies are meant to get you to ease. But what if ease comes with too many options? That’s where you need to make a choice. So, to make that choice easier for you, we’ve come up with the top options. Let’s see which one suits you the best.

1. Chemical Guys ACC_100.1

Chemical Guys ACC_100.1

How much effort and force does it require when you pick up something as heavy as a 3-5 gallon bucket? A lot, I guess. But what if you can get the bucket where you want it to be just by using less than 1/10 of your strength? It might sound too amazing, but that’s what Chemical Guys ACC_100.1 can do for you.

This highly durable bucket belly is made of heavy-duty molded plastic with 16.3 x 17.5 x 6.5 perfect dimension. Even you’re 12” round bucket won’t have any problem while sitting on it. So, if you were looking for space and sturdiness in a bucket belly, this one’s going to get you nothing less than you expected!

In case you’re worried about spilling water, the three locating screws won’t be letting that happen for sure. You’re days of bending over to pick buckets up, and sloshing water on your shoes are over now.

As capacity is considered to be a prime fact in bucket belly, Chemical Guys have taken care of that as well. Easing up your overall hassles, it comes with 3.5-7 gallons in capacity. Sounds perfect as your next one, right?

Maneuverability has always been a crucial fact in a bucket dolly indeed. To let you have the proper smoothness, this one comes with 2-inch polyurethane wheels. So, if you’ll be moving around any fixed objects, then the ride is going to be smoother for sure.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Smooth maneuverability
  • Good weight carrying capacity


  • Quality of wheels has scope for improvement

2. Liquid X Bucket Dolly

Liquid X Bucket Dolly

Those who are dissatisfied with their bucket dollies often throw them off based on 3 reasons. They are — poor material, unsmooth maneuverability, and low weight carrying capacity. But Liquid X Bucket Dolly is made to deal with all of them.

Let’s focus on the first part; I mean the material quality. This bucket dolly is made of heavy-duty molded plastic that is capable of sustaining for a long time. So, if you’re more of a durability-lover, then you’re going to adore this one.

To put the maneuverability on the pot of ease, it has been given the feature of 360° turning. It doesn’t matter from which edge you’re pulling it; it’ll move that way effortlessly.

If you often need to use different sized buckets, then there’s good news for you. It can fit most of the 3.5, 4,5, and 6 gallons in. So, you can simply pick it up without worrying about your bucket size. Its total weight carrying capacity will leave you awestruck as well, as it has a limit of 250 pounds on that.

 One of the good things about its weatherproof caster wheels is they’ve got larger diameters. So, if you’re going to glide over wires or cracks, it’s going to be easy is as pie. Moreover, it won’t be a problem for you to keep it steady on inclined surfaces with the locks on two casters.


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Good weight carrying capacity
  • Fits a good number of buckets
  • Weatherproof casters


  • Comparatively pricy

3. TCD Parts Inc. Bucket Dolly

TCD Parts Inc. Bucket Dolly

Not everyone is a fan of bulkiness in a bucket dolly. If you’re on that team, too, then you’re going to love this one from TCD Parts Inc. After all, who doesn’t love something that can keep it all simple and efficient at the same time?

Reinforced polypropylene has been used to make this bucket belly to give put it ahead on the race of durability. Using this material has literally made this piece impact-resistant. So, if you’re in the mood for not grabbing a new bucket belly any sooner, then you better bring this one in.

Though like some of the high-end products, it doesn’t have a humongous weight carrying capacity, still, it’ll do just fine. 75 lb capacity is not too low for you, I guess. Along with that, the internal diameter also comes with a satisfying number.

The internal 11” diameter can easily occupy up to 5-gallon buckets. If you were pissed off with your last one just because it used to spill a lot, then this one won’t be repeating that for sure. At least, the 6 casters aren’t going to let that happen.

As it’s free of bulkiness, unlike a lot of other bucket dollies, you can take it anywhere you want. To be honest, the lightweight design can do much more than your expectations. That’s also the same feature that has made it super easy to store.


  • Sturdy material
  • Easy to transport
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy to store
  • Smooth maneuverability


  • Low weight carrying capacity

4. Red Hound Auto Drum Dolly

Red Hound Auto Drum Dolly

When it comes to sturdiness, metal has always defeated plastic brutally. If you agree with me on that one, then the next one on my list is probably for you. Yes, I’m talking about the Red Hound Auto Drum Dolly.

It’s one of the finest drum dollies with an amazing capacity of a 55-gallon drum. Put any of the standard drum barrels on; it simply can hold most of them. Thanks to its 28.5” external diameter, that made keeping 23-5/” drums in like keeping a toy in your cabinet. Simple and easy.

Now let’s focus on the material part; isn’t it what makes the dolly a stronger one? The one to blame for its superior strength is the powder-coated heavy-duty steel construction. Once you look at it, you’ll get the idea of what it can pull off!

Doesn’t matter how good the material is; a drum dolly is of no use if the casters can’t keep up with it. Keeping that in mind, this bad boy comes with polycarbonate-surface wheel casters. So, now the last thing you need to worry about whether they’ll be able to carry on or not.

I haven’t told you about its weight capacity yet? Well, it’s 1,000 lbs! Shocked with the number or surprised? Both, I guess. But what if the barrel tips over when you’re pulling it around? Leave that one the anti-tip wings. They’ll take care of that.

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  • Solid and sturdy design
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Superb weight carrying capacity
  • Smooth maneuverability
  • Perfect ground clearance


  • Anti-tip wing design has scope for improvement

5. Grit Guard Bucket Dolly

Grit Guard Bucket Dolly

When someone misses having a bucket dolly the most? I don’t know about you, but in my case, that would be when I’ll be washing my car. After all, I know what kind of mess can it become around when you’re trying to give your ride a bath. To keep it all in one place, Grit Guard Bucket Dolly is nothing but a perfect option.

This heavy-duty molded plastic made dolly has pushed it to be one of the longest-running bucket dollies you can ask for. Unlike any low-quality product, Grit Guard has made sure it can carry almost any weight you put on it. To keep that bar high, they’ve given it 250 lbs weight carrying capacity.

To save you from any issues with bucket incompatibility, it comes with an internal diameter of 11.5”. So, doesn’t matter if you’re putting a 3.5, 4, 5, or 6-gallon bucket in it, it can easily hold it on.

If you’re bored with all those heavy weighted bucket bellies, then you’re going to compare this one with a feather. That’s because the weight of this piece is only 4.6 lbs, which has made it one of the lightest bucket dollies on the market.

For keeping it steady, even in incline surfaces, Grit Guard gave it 2 locking casters. Along with that, the 5 wheels keep the maneuverability smooth like a piece of butter.


  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Sturdy design
  • Smooth maneuverability
  • Good weight carrying capacity
  • Lightweight


  • Can’t occupy buckets with a rectangular shape

6. Workshop Solutions Bucket Dolly

Workshop Solutions Bucket Dolly

Aren’t you happy with your single bucket dolly? Looking for something heavy-duty but can hold on to two of your buckets at the same time? Then Workshop Solutions Bucket Dolly is probably what you’re looking for.

Usually, most of the bucket dollies come with the feature of holding one bucket at a time. But with a view to double the productivity, Workshop Solutions has designed it with a capacity to hold two buckets at once. So, you won’t have to go for refilling the bucket again and again if you’re washing any bigger vehicle.

The internal dimension in it is also impressively wide. So, you can keep bucket with about 10.33”. Another interesting feature that Workshop Solutions have added to this product is trays to hold spray bottles with cleaning supply cans. So, days of carrying those extra bags to keep them all together are over.

Creating no hassle to the maneuverability, the 6 caster wheels will take it anywhere you want. As they are wide enough, it won’t generate any mild shaking when they’re going over any crack. One of the wheels has a brake assist feature as well.

Though the design might make you feel like it’s too heavy to have for your regular use, it weighs only  10 lbs., so you can get rid of the tag of being ‘heavy’ from this one.

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  • Durable
  • Double productivity
  • Trays for cleaning accessories
  • Smooth maneuverability
  • Resistant corrosion


  • Don’t have cross straps

7. MYCHANIC Bucket Dolly

MYCHANIC Bucket Dolly

Maybe the bucket dolly you’ve picked up earlier has amazing build quality, better material, and super weight capacity. However, it can’t be called an ideal one until it’s getting you the required smoothness on maneuverability. But fortunately, MYCHANIC Bucket Dolly has all of it together.

It comes with an integrated bucket with a capacity of  5-gallon. So, if you were confused about the capacity part, then here is your answer. You won’t even need to bring in your own bucket. This dolly has got that covered.

Now let’s check into the weight carrying capacity. Don’t fall for the look because it can amazingly hold up to 350 lbs. Thanks to its coated steel frame, what is rendering this superior strength level. Its stool, cup holder, and storage tray have given it all the appeal that a user might not even expect from a bucket dolly.

One of the most interesting parts of this piece is, you can use the stool as a kneeling pad. So, when you’re more into a detailed cleaning, it’ll back you up there. If you’re a car wash enthusiast, you’re literally going to adore this one.

But what has given it a unique edge is its 3” premium casters with all 5 wheels. This means even if you’re rolling over cracks or cord, it won’t lose its stability. If you ask about the smoothness of maneuverability, then it’s perfect as ever.


  • Good weight carrying capacity
  • Higher stability
  • Strong steeled frame
  • Comfortable seating arrangement
  • Storage system for accessories


  • Can’t accommodate cylinder sized buckets

8. Half-Barrel Keg Dolly

Half-Barrel Keg Dolly

How would you feel if you could’ve moved hundreds of pounds with just a finger? Closer to Superman, I guess. If you’ve liked that concept, then you’re going to love the Half-Barrel Keg Dolly as well.

Moving any barrel up to 160 pounds is easier than ever if you have one of these. So, if you’re really in the mood for relocating all those barrels in your store, then Half-Barrel Keg Dolly is what you need right now.

It’s made of reinforced durable plastic, which has given it the capacity to deal with 2 kegs at a time. Now all you need is 50% time in comparison to the regular keg dollies that can move only one at once.

As maneuverability is the key to a dolly being a perfect one, this one has 5 casters to make it all super smooth. The design was done with an interesting adjustment on the wheels. Its 5 wheels have made the weight balance so perfect that you won’t have to worry about any of the barrel tipping over.

Using non-marking polyurethane as the wheel’s material is another impressive move by the manufacturers. Unlike the rubber wheels, these won’t wear down any sooner, for sure. To stop it from rolling over on its own, one of the casters has a brake on it. Uneven floors are not going to cause any trouble this time, at least.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Variety of sizes
  • Sturdy wheel materials
  • Perfect maneuverability
  • Double barrel carrying facility


  • Weight carrying capacity could’ve been better

9. Blackfire Bucket Dolly

Blackfire Bucket Dolly

A bucket dolly being the perfect one depends on a lot of aspects. That includes material, capacity, and of course, the wheels. But what if one could get you something extra along with perfecting these aspects? You might not expect that from the common bucket dollies, but Blackfire Bucket Dolly has already done it.

For getting you the complete convenience over your car wash, it comes with an impressive accommodation facility. You can have a 3.5-gallon bucket in it, and so is a 7-gallon. So doesn’t matter which one you’re using from 3.5-7-gallon; it can go on with all of them.

The weight carrying capacity is also good enough in comparison to a lot of those regular bucket dollies. Even if you need to put something as heavy as 250 pounds on it, it won’t be a problem for this piece from Blackfire. This 3-piece dolly also includes a round cushion for extra ease and a grit guard.

Say goodbye to your worries about smooth maneuverability, as its 4 heavy-duty caster wheels won’t let you down there. The Two locking casters will keep it completely steady even on uneven surfaces. Its three thumb screws have been proved really effective in putting more stability to the bucket that you’ll put it.


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Good weight carrying capacity
  • Fits a good number of buckets
  • Easy to install and use.


  • Cushion’s coat could’ve better

10. Detail King Double Bucket Dolly

Detail King Double Bucket Dolly

Bigger isn’t always better; true. But I  can’t say that when you need something more elaborate as a double bucket dolly. Fortunately, I have something that’s going to be just perfect for that genre of bucket dollies. It’s none other than the Detail King Double Bucket Dolly.

Like the name, its performance is also a king-sized one. Similar to any of the finest bucket dollies, it can accommodate a good variety of buckets. It starts with 3.5-gallon and ends at 7. So, no matter what size of bucket you’re putting in, this bad boy can hold all of them.

Its design has given this paired bucket dolly a unique edge, unlike the other paired one you see around. Actually, they’re tagged to each other with an attachment similar to couplings, just the way you see in the train coaches.

You never know when you might have to work on an inclined surface. But if you need these dollies there, they will be there, and you won’t have to be worrying about them slipping away. After all, what the pair of those anti-slip mechanisms are there on casters for?

To maximize productivity, you can use one of these buckets for soapy water and the other one for rinsing. It sounds like you’re going to save a ton of time this way. Anyway, don’t forget about the three thumb screws. They won’t let the buckets move until you make them move.


  • Double productivity
  • Anti-slip mechanism
  • Variable usage
  • Good weight carrying capacity
  • Comparatively stable


  • Metal casters coats could’ve been better

How to Choose the Best Bucket Dolly?

How you’re going to know if the piece you’re grabbing is the right one in the first place? If you don’t, then I’m here for you. While you’re up for getting your next bucket dolly, let your eyes search for certain things. If you see them all in a bucket dolly, that’s where you should put your money. Let’s check them out then?


How long the product is going to sustain depends to a huge extent on its material. If you’re thinking of something light but durable, then you better pick one with heavy-duty molded plastic. But when you’re up to having one with higher durability and performance, then metal/steeled ones are perfect.

Bucket Dollies

Weight Carrying capacity

It’s not that everyone who’s looking for a bucket dolly needs it just to wash the car. Some are going to use it for something heavier, like drums or barrels. So, doesn’t matter which one you’re picking up; make sure it can hold the amount of weight you want it to.


Check out if the one you’ve chosen is smoothly maneuverable or not. By the way, make sure the wheels have locks on them too. Otherwise, it might not be able to hold the stability of inclined surfaces.

Internal Diameter

This is where you’re going to keep the bucket. So, it must be wide enough to hold your one. It’s not made of rubber, so that it won’t be adjusting itself for sure. In any bucket dolly specification, you’ll see that what type of bucket they can hold on to. Some can do that up to 5-gallon and some to the 6/7. Pick your one accordingly.

Storing Facility

Are you planning on keeping it right in a corner of your garage with your topside creeper, jack stand or thinking of putting it in any cabinet? If you’re an occasional user, then you better get one that can be stored easily, without much of a hassle. Leaving anything in an open place influences its durability, no matter what it is made of.

Impact Resistance

The tasks of a bucket dolly are nothing that can be defined as easy and simple. As they go through tons of hazards, being resistant to impacts is highly essential for them. So, if you’re really on to grabbing a new one for yourself, make sure it can deal with all those bumps that are waiting ahead.

Bucket Dollies

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can the thumb screws create an imbalance in the bucket’s position?

Not always, but it depends on the positioning of the screws. This has been seen in one or two bucket dollies that tightening the screws doesn’t keep the bucket in the middle of the dolly. It might not look like a big problem; initially, it can cause an imbalance under certain circumstances.

2. Is rubber wheels better than polyurethane wheels?

No, they’re not. Initially, many users consider that rubber wheels are good for ensuring stability. Maybe they are, but they’re also more prone to wear. But on the contrary, polyurethane wheels are capable of lasting for a long time.

3. How poor quality casters can ruin a bucket dolly? 

Casters are what connecting the wheels and the dolly. So, it’s considered to be the most crucial connecting point in the whole mechanism. If it comes with poor quality, it might not be able to keep up with the weight and get broken.

4. What if none of the casters come with a lock or brake?

Brakes or locks are important to keep the dolly steady. But if one doesn’t have that, then you better not purchase it. In case you’ve bought one already, then don’t take it to any uneven surface.

5. What is the common drawback of most of the bucket dollies?

Every bucket dolly comes with a certain weight carrying capacity. Overweight can lead to its collapse. So, that’s the only drawback you’ll see in almost every bucket dollies.

Final Words

So, that was pretty much it on the best bucket dollies. I hope you won’t have a hard time to give your car an effective wash from now on. And since these dollies will be there to make your job easy, you won’t be much of a lazy lad, will you?

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