15 Best Bungee Cord Reviews in 2022 for Maxium Security

A bungee cord is also known as a shock cord. The outside is made of woven cotton or a polypropylene sheath, which provides lightweight suspension for aircraft undercarriage.

The best bungee cords hold objects without tying knots and to absorb shock. They secure a heavy load on transit trucks to keep things safe along the way. Additionally, they are used to secure tents or canopies.

Several brands sell these cords on the market, and you’ll find multiple sizes and some with color codes. Due to a wide variation, it may not be easy picking a suitable product for your needs. Herein, our review provides a comprehensive and useful insight as you do your shopping.

Best Bungee Cords Review

Due to the overwhelming choices, we’ve taken time to whittle down the 15 best bungee cords with a buying guide to make your selection easy. Keep reading.

1. Cartman Bungee Cords

Cartman Bungee Cords

Carrying a load on your pickup truck or any other carrier without securing them may lead to breakage or loss on the way.

This requires a bungee cord to secure them firmly and save you from losses and deterioration of your goods before reaching the point of destination.

Cartman bungees are some of the best heavy duty bungee cords. They consist of UV resistant multi-strand premium rubber cord that can withstand all weather as you transport your goods or engage in outdoor or camping activities.

These bungee cords also feature 3.5mm of steel metal and plastic-coated hooks to prevent scratching of goods.

An interesting fact about these bungees is that they are versatile and super sturdy. You can use them at home and in an automobile to hold household items or carry camping gear or stuff on top of motorcycles.

For camping purposes, the manufacturer also offers a wide range of accessories such as tie-downs, straps clips, and more to enhance your camping experience.

For industrial use, you'll get stuff like ratchets to secure heavy cargo on transit.


  • A versatile product suitable for a variety of use
  • Strong for holding heavy cargo
  • Good quality and durable
  • Quite stable
  • The package includes a lot of accessories


  • The package doesn't include heavy-duty bungee cords

2. Kotap Bungee Cords 

Kotap Bungee Cords

When looking for a bungee cord to hold your cargo, you'll need a high-quality product with adjustable tension while maintaining stableness and strength.

Such a cord shouldn't leave scratch marks or abrasions on your cargo, which may lead to deterioration of quality. We highly recommend Kotap bungee cords for their sturdiness and premium quality.

The first thing to note about these bungee cords is that they’re adjustable and comes with a customized tension. Additionally, you can adjust the length depending on the use or application.

The straps measurement is 32 inches in length and comes with a hook for attaching to the cargo.

In the package, you'll find ten pieces that are highly adjustable as far as tension and length is concerned.

Being made of durable material that can withstand cracking, rotting and scratching, you’ll get more value with this package. The Kotap are the best quality bungee cords and high performers that will get the job done.


  • Made of high-quality materials for durability
  • The cords are reasonably priced
  • Strong and hold the cargo sturdily
  • Adjustable depending on your cargo needs
  • Very stable


  • All ten pieces are of the same size. It would have been better to pack an assortment of different sizes

3. KEEPER Bungee Cord

KEEPER Bungee Cord

When searching for a bungee for minor and simple jobs in your home, you need not go for heavy-duty bungee straps that may be expensive and end up being underutilized.

KEEPER bungee cords are reasonably priced and available for those small jobs. Even in workshops and camping, these cords would be sufficient and satisfy your demands.

They're made of premium grade durable rubber with steel hooks, which are strong enough to support your load.

The material used in outer construction is UV-resistant and durable, which adds value to your purchase.

Keeper cords have a measurement of ten inches in length, and the package includes eight mini cords. They are designed explicitly for workshop needs and home to hold small consignments from one point to another.

Despite being tiny and thin, these are high-quality bungees which can withstand repeated use. You can be assured that these cords are up to the task.

Mini bungee cords are also ideal for putting up a small camping tent or holding any consignment in place.


  • The cords are strong and very sturdy
  • They are made of high-quality material to enhance durability
  • Keeper cards are more affordable than most options
  • They can be put into versatile use


  • Not strong for heavy load
  • They come in only one size in the package

4. RHINO Bungee Cords 

RHINO Bungee Cords

Different type of loads may require different size of bungee cords, and hence, buying a one size cord may not be a good idea. On the same note, you may end up spending a lot if you buy many packets of different sizes that become underutilized.

For this reason, we highly recommend Rhino Bungee Cords, which come in an assortment of different sizes to cater for all your needs.

In the package, you'll get sizes such as 40", 32", 24 and 18". Additionally, you'll find heavy-duty bungee cords, which you can use for multiple applications.

Also included in the package are tarp clips that tightly and strongly support your tarps without causing any tear or scratch. There are also four canopy tiers and six mini ties, which make the package a versatile option, especially for camping purposes.

These bungees are of high quality and firmly secure your cargo thanks to the sturdy hooks that promise a stable performance.

Indeed, they don't break easily and can accommodate a weight of up to 185 pounds, thereby guaranteeing maximum support.

Finally, you'll get a 100% money-back guarantee upon purchase, and this boosts your confidence.


  • They are Strong
  • Wide range use
  • Heavy-duty hooks
  • Durable material


  • Stretch limit is not available
  • Costly

5. Reese 9841300 Bungee Cords 

Reese 9841300 Bungee Cords

Some items require a flat strap and not the normal rounded type bungees. Most often, flat-sided bungees may leave marks or scratches, which take time to clear. At this juncture, you'll need a flat strap cord such as Reese flat Strap bungees.

For starters, these straps cords are adjustable from 10 to 48 inches in and measure 0.75inches in width. Therefore, this boosts their versatility depending on your cargo or load requirements.

Another point to add is that the straps are durable and made from high-quality materials. Hence, they'll offer maximum support and securely hold your load without leaving marks or digging into the load.

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Also notable is a wide hook opening and strong steel coated hooks, which are more durable than conventional hooks.

The flat design of this bungee prevents sliding of the cargo and guarantees its safety.

 Finally, the Reese brand is world-renowned and is a leader in the provision of heavy-duty automobile and recreational products. Also, it's known for its quality and safety in securing transit cargo, and this gives you more reason to consider the bungee cords.


  • Strong and durable
  • Wide range use
  • Stretchable and adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Bungees may suddenly release the grip

6. EFFICERE Bungee Cord 

EFFICERE Bungee Cord

A variety of color-coded bungee cords will save you a lot of time sifting through a heap to select the convenient size that suits your needs.

Thankfully, EFFICERE bungee cords are packed in assortment, which contains various types and sizes. Even better, these come in different colors so that you can pick your favorite much easily.

In the package, you'll find 18, 24, 32, and 40 inches mini cords to suit particular use or application. Also, in the kit, there are four pieces of ball ties for use on a canopy and tarp.

One of the main reasons we settled on these cords is that they are made from durable natural latex. With this kind of quality, you're guaranteed better tension and flexibility.

A closer look reveals a polyester material that covers the hook to prevent them from scratching your cargo. Additionally, the material is UV resistant and can withstand strong sun rays.

Another thing to add is that with these cords, you can secure cargo on all automobiles, including trucks and haulers, roof racks, motorcycles, and bikes.

To sum it all, they are suitable for tent anchoring, tarps, and canopies.


  • Wide variety use
  • Comes in an assortment of colors
  • Strong and durable
  • Stretchable
  • Sturdy


  • Expensive

7. FORTEM Bungee Cords 

FORTEM Bungee Cords

Some cargo may require heavy-duty bungee cords to secure it and also prevent it from tipping off the carrier. You may also need a net to ensure small items are held in place and reach your destination intact without some of them falling off on the way.

Fortem Bungee cords are packed with a bonus net to ensure even the small items packed together in the loan are bound together for safety.

In the package, you'll find 40, 32, 24, and 18 inches cord of different colors. There are also canopy ties, tarp clips, and bonus nets. Therefore, you have everything ready to kick off your trip.

Furthermore, these bungee cords feature a UV-resistant hook with a plastic coating to ensure that your cargo stays intact with no scratching. Also, the cords have a rubber.

The quality of these cords is top-notch and heavy-duty, and hence it's desirable where you have heavy cargo.

You'll love the sturdy carrying case that ensures the cords and other accessories are safely secured after every use. Besides, this package is compact and easy to store in your vehicle for future use or carrying around.

Lastly, the purchase is accompanied by a year warranty to return if the quality is not satisfactory.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Wide range use
  • Color-coded
  • Durable
  • Stretchable
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

8. TYR Bungee Cord Strap Kit 

TYR Bungee Cord Strap Kit

When in a swimming pool, you must ensure that your eyes are properly shielded, and there are no chances of water finding its way into your eyes. If your swimming goggles are not firmly fitted and the water gets into your eyes, it results in poor visibility affecting your swimming.

Luckily, TYR bungee goggle straps will solve your problem. With this goggle straps, you can adjust the right fitting to give you maximum comfort.

The straps are made of the highest quality material and fit in any goggles with replaceable straps. Best of all, the outer cover features a woven material, while the inside is elastic.

These straps come in an overall measurement of two inches for height and three inches for the width.

In addition, the cords are easy to use, and there's a lock feature that ensures they are firmly secured to prevent further stretching.

These straps are available in a wide variety of fun colors to ensure you stand out recognized as you dive in the water.

Lastly, they are versatile, and whether you're a diver or a professional swimmer, they are the best deal, and the good news is that you can use them for professional swimming.

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  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Versatile use
  • Adjustable


  • May not fit well if you have a narrow face

9. Dajia Bungee Cords 

Dajia Bungee Cords

If you'd like to transport huge loads, you need heavy duty cords to keep your cargo on the track firmly. It can be difficult finding the right cord that can withstand tension and pressure. You can consider the Dajia cord, which comes at an unbelievably low price while guaranteeing maximum performance.

The first thing that strikes you is the design, which incorporates a sleek and sturdy look. Indeed, it's one of the sturdy cords for holding large cargo on vehicles for transportation.

The cords are made of high-quality materials, which will give you value without the need to replace them. The cord also has a zinc-plated hook and consists of latex material to enhance durability. Even better is the two-layer webbing, which is heavily built to make the cord stronger and sturdier.

They are versatile, and you can also use them for other applications such as industrial operations to hold heavy loads. Also, you can install it in zip line kits.


  • Sturdy bungee cords that will withstand tension
  • Versatile use in various sectors
  • Durable and hence will give you value for money
  • Good value
  • Reasonably priced


  • The hooks are scaring and can easily cause injury if it rebounds
  • May not be suitable for using at home or light operations

10. Shock Cord 

Shock Cord

When choosing a bungee cord, you may want to consider one with a polyester cover rather than nylon. The reason being polyester’s ability to repel water and avoid abrasion. Shock cords are excellent products made of high quality durable materials that cater to all your needs.

These marine-grade cords feature industrial level strength. They're strong, stretchable, and long-lasting.

They are the best choice for all your needs and are 100% stretchable. Thus, they can hold elasticity and tension much longer than other cords and ropes on the market. They are loaded with latex rubber, which ensures consistency as they stretch.

Due to their versatility, you can choose your favorite cord since they come in different colors such as black, orange, green, and more. For this reason, you’ll have an easy time when selecting the cord for use.

Additionally, it comes in different sizes for the length, and these range from 10ft, 25ft, 30ft, 100ft, and 600ft with diameter thickness of different choices.

Lastly, the brand SGT KNOTS is popular with a large following of loyal customers due to their high-quality cords.

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  • Sturdy and durable
  • Good value
  • Stretchable
  • Scratch-free
  • Come in a wide color range
  • Reasonably priced


  • Doesn't come with accessories

11. Classic Biker BungeeCords

Classic Biker BungeeCords

Some packages of bungee cords come with very tiny cords that end up being useless as they can't even tie the lightest load like a small camping tent. Also, they may be of poor quality, which will cost you more on replacements.

It's not the case with Classic Biker cords since the package includes an assortment of different sizes of cords. Plus, these are neatly packed in a heavy storage case for easy carrying and storage.

The cords come in convenient sizes and colors for convenience during the selection process. Inside the package, you'll find orange, green, blue, and black cords. You'll also find canopy ties and trap clips.

When going for camping these cords are excellent choices as they can hold the tent firmly especially in strong windy conditions.

Something else to note about the CBG cords is that they’re made of top-grade materials, including rubber and latex, responsible for strength, endurance, and elasticity.

Additionally, the hooks are covered with UV-resistant plastic, which makes them durable, scratch-free, and able to withstand all weather.

The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Color-coded
  • Stretchable
  • Thick material
  • Good value for money


  • More expensive than most brands

12. Optimal-Ball Cords

 Optimal-Ball Cords

Without a doubt, camping is fun, especially with the right gear. However, strong winds can dampen your adventure as they can blow off your home-away-from-home tent.

When camping, consider carrying optimal ball cords to secure the tent to hold it against strong winds.

You'll quickly discover that these ball cords secure your tent and prove to be incredibly useful in other applications.

These ball bungees are meant to secure the tent, but you can put them into many uses. For instance, you can use them to secure a canopy, tying extension cords together, securing tarps, sleeping bags, security items at home, and many other uses.

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Optimal bungees are designed and made of top-grade UV-resistant plastic that can withstand harsh conditions and boost their durability.

We need to mention that the set-up is easy, as you only need to feed the loop via the tarp grommet.

Lastly, you get more value with this package since it includes over thirty pieces of bungees of ten different lengths and colors. It makes the identification process easy, besides saving on time and money.


  • Versatile use
  • Sturdy and strong
  • High-quality materials
  • Good value for money
  • Color-coded


  • A customer complained they lose their elasticity quickly

13. SDTC Tech Bungee Cords 

SDTC Tech Bungee Cords

When shopping for a bungee cord, you may encounter many types with different features and designs. However, the most important thing to look out for is the value you get from each purchase.

First and foremost, the bungee construction should be premium, and in particular, the hooks. Whereas some cords have ordinary hooks, it's common to find carabiner hooks on each cord's end.

If you're looking for a hooked carabiner cord, you may consider the SDTC Tech cords. These are high-quality cords that will secure your rack sack properly without chances of loosening or rebounding.

They are stronger than ordinary flat bungees and hence suitable for securing cargo on pickup trucks, haulers, roof racks, hand carts, boats, caravans, camping, and tarp tie-downs. They can also be put into use when securing other heavy loads.

A carabiner hook securely locks onto the anchor point and does not break or bend. It is strong, safe, and durable as the superior latex cord is always shielded from harmful UV rays.

SDTC bungees are original products with no imitation, as no other seller is designed to sell SDTC Tech.


  • They can be put into versatile use
  • Sturdy and strong
  • High quality and durable
  • Reasonably priced Good value for money


  • They are available in one size hence limitation of use

14. Highland Bungee Cord 

Highland Bungee Cord

Quite too often, cargo may get lost on the way, especially when not properly secured. Worst yet, items may knock and scratch the body panel of your vehicle. It may cost you a lot of money and get you into trouble with your clients. In the end, your business may suffer and may not survive in the long-term.

The good news is that you can avoid such a scenario by opting to buy Highland bungee cords. These will secure your load without causing damages. Your items will also arrive at the destination intact without the risk of flying off an open truck during transit.

These cords are 18 inches in length packed in pairs and are made from multi-strand top-quality rubber to ensure maximum strength.

The hooks are steel made with extra-large hook openings to fit in easily and improved performance.

Highland cords measure 18 inches and have a blue color code that helps in identification and selection.

The rubber material of these cords is UV-resistant to withstand harmful sunrays while helping the cords maintain their durability.

Lastly, the brand is renowned for maintaining high standards, and hence you'll have a guarantee of your load while on transit.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • High quality and durable
  • Versatile use
  • Reasonably priced


  • A pack of only two cords may not be sufficient to secure a big load

15. STRAP Bungee Cords 

 STRAP Bungee Cords

Different needs require different sizes of bungee cords. When you buy a pack with an assortment of different sizes, you’ll have a wide range selection for the right size of the cord to suit your job at hand.

STRAP bungee cords are what you need to secure your cargo while on transit. In the package, you'll find a set of ball bungees, one drawstring, an organizer bag, and twenty pieces bungee cords of various lengths. There are mini bungee cords of multiple color codes to help you in the identification process.

The hooks are made of steel core, which is specially coated with durable plastic. Thus, they are long-lasting and don't even scratch your load. Also, they secure the cargo firmly in your track.

You'll find the bag organizer quite useful as you can store your cards there for transport or future use for a quick selection.

The cords are made of durable rubber and latex for maximum strength and durability. Additionally, this material is UV-resistant to withstand all weather, especially when transiting cargo in hot weather.


  • Versatile use
  • Sturdy and strong
  • High quality and durable
  • Good value
  • Come in various color codes for easy selection


  • Expensive

Factors to Consider when Buying Bungee Cords 

When searching for the best bungee cords, there are key features to consider. Some are regular while others are unique. Keep reading as we analyze these factors.


The construction of a bungee cord consists of natural or synthetic rubber, which is surrounded by a sheath of woven thermoplastic polymer. This material enables the cord to stretch. It may also be made of the braided polyester sheath, which is much tougher than thermoplastic polymer or polypropylene.

This material is more suitable due to its UV resistance and good for outdoor applications. First, consider where you intend to use your bungee and pick the appropriate one.

Some bungee cords may have hooks or carabiner, and the material used should be durable and strong enough.


You can gauge the strength of any bungee cord by its width. From a simple look at a cord, the one with a larger diameter is ideal compared to thin cords. Be sure that the cord you pick is strong enough; bearing in mind a thicker cord is better than a thin one.


Bungee cords are designed with different lengths. When choosing a cord, the purpose should determine its length. Also, take note that most bungee cords have a 100% elongation, which means that it can double the length once stretched.

For safety, consider a bungee that doesn’t have 100% elongation to allow some extra length to accommodate any adjustments and make it safer.


Bungee cords are made of a variety of colors and patterns sometimes to assist in easy identification and cord length. At times, the color and pattern may be for aligning with a particular theme.

Inside a package, you might find cords with different sizes and different colors. This is an added advantage since you can classify and easily pick the desired cord for that a specific application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best bungee cords?

This is a common question when shopping for bungee cords. The best bungee cord is the one that’s made of good quality material and capable of meeting all your demands.

Consider material, style, length, diameter, and intended purpose before you select the one that will serve you satisfactorily.  Additionally, it should be made of high quality material to secure your load during transit.

  • How long can you safely use a bungee cord?

Any item put to use can wear and tear and bungee cords are not an exception. The original shape of the bungee cord gets distorted when the cord reaches the elastic limit. When at this point, it means the cord has outlived its usefulness and requires replacement to avoid instances of breaking.

  • Is a bungee cord likely to break?

A bungee cord can deteriorate on quality once exposed to high temperatures or left in the rain, wind, or sun for a lengthy period of time. This may cause some weakness, which can lead it to break.

Any bungee cord should not stretch more than double its resting length as it can cause some weaknesses in its structure and compromise its safety.


It is easy to get overwhelmed by so many brands in the market. Hence, it’s advisable to consider the different features before picking your best choice. Most importantly, the best bungee cord will meet your needs and give value. Hopefully, you can now pick the best cord effortlessly for a hassle-free shopping.

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