10 Best Car Tweeters in 2022 for Enhanced Audio Quality

Music can really spice up long-distance travel on the road or at the sea.  You may own the best subwoofers and mid-range speakers, but you might be missing the sweet details of your favorite jam. 

To appreciate music more, try upgrading your vehicle's sound system by adding tweeters. These high-frequency speakers can make your audio sound clear and crisp to the ear thus, making the experience more enjoyable.

As you read along the sections of this article, you will learn more about the best car tweeters. Undeniably, there are a lot of high-quality products in the market, and it can be quite confusing and overwhelming, especially for a first-time buyer.

This is why we have come up with this review to provide you with essential information regarding the accessory and assist you in your decision-making.

10 Best Car Tweeters Review

Here, we have provided you the current leading products in the industry. We will discuss the capabilities, benefits, and drawbacks of each, so make sure to read each carefully. We suggest that you should make your list of favorites from this article to readily determine which one is most ideal for your personal use.

1. Infinity REF-6522EX Car Speakers

Infinity REF-6522EX Car Speakers

You won’t ever get bored while driving because the Infinity REF-6522EX will keep you hyped up while conquering the road. These two-way car speakers are all you need to level up your current audio system!

Get to experience smoother and sharper frequencies with this textile dome tweeter. Compared to other similar-sized speakers, this unit is notably larger even at first glance. This is because of its one-of-a-kind plus one+ woofer cone that functions to enhance low-frequency performances.

It is made with sturdy and durable polypropylene and hi-roll rubber surround, so be assured that your tweeter can last for an extended time, even if exposed to the harshest conditions.

To unleash the maximum potential of this unit, you can choose to power it with an external amplifier, or you can also match it perfectly with an aftermarket or a factory stereo.

What is more amazing about this brand is that it came up with the most efficient product possible. These 3-ohm tweeters are connected with your car's speaker wire so the vehicle can experience actual impedance of 4 ohms.

When it comes to installation, you don't have anything to worry about because it mounts easily without much hassle.

Also, the package includes universal mounting brackets for your convenience. This specific unit measures at 6 1/2 inches, but the product also comes with a variety of sizes. With its compact design, it can surely fit just any type of vehicle.

It can handle up to 55 watts RMS (Root Mean Square), and 165 watts is its peak power. The sensitivity of this tweeter reaches up to 93 dB (decibels) with a frequency response of 57 to 21 kHz (Kilohertz).

Some users had issues regarding the length of their wiring connectors. It is quite short for their liking, although this is not a significant setback that can degrade the product's overall quality and performance.

No more boring days, say goodbye to messy and distorted sounds because the Infinity REF-6522EX has got you covered!


  • Has great value for money
  • Easy installation process
  • Made with durable materials
  • Produces excellent quality of sound that is crisp and clear
  • Includes universal mounting brackets


  • The wiring connector is too short

2. DS18 PRO-TW120B Super Tweeter

DS18 PRO-TW120B Super Tweeter

Turn up the volume and get ready to take your vehicle’s audio system to the next level with DS18 Pro-TW120B super tweeter, a professional-grade product that ensures quality and functionality!

This product provides exceptional power at 200 watts RMS and also delivers 300 watts maximum at 4 ohms of nominal impedance. The sensitivity of this speaker reaches up to 103 dB with a frequency response of 2 kHz to 20 kHz, which is incredibly high and sought after by many customers.

Additionally, it comes with a built-in capacitor filter that functions by removing undesired frequencies. The unit weighs at 2.5 pounds, has a cutout diameter of 2.83 inches, and 1.65 inches of mounting depth. You no longer have to undergo any complicated set-ups because it can be installed easily.

Do you want your high tones to sound loud, bright, and crisp? Then, this is the ideal tweeter for you. It is able to produce such premium-quality audio due to its high-grade aluminum, frame, and diaphragm, a material known for its lightness and sturdiness.

Be assured that this will last you for a prolonged period because its construction is made with durable materials. It has a bullet dust cover that is specially designed to protect the voice coil.

Moreover, it is responsible for ensuring that high tones can cut through amidst the big loud bass and the road noise. Upon using this product, you will not be surprised to learn that it sounds as good as it looks.

However, one downside is that some users cannot fit it perfectly to where it should be installed. Despite this, it is still an exceptional and highly functional speaker worth to try. 

Experience these benefits at such an affordable price makes this unit considerably the best car tweeter for the money. Enjoy driving with DS18 Pro-TW120B, a decent product that can guarantee your satisfaction!


  • Generates a premium-quality sound; loud, clear, and crisp
  • Durable in construction
  • Affordable
  • Installs easily
  • Excellent for the money


  • Doesn’t fit perfectly as desired

3. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S Tweeter Kit

Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S Tweeter Kit

Listen to music with enjoyment using the Rockford Fosgate prime R1T-S tweeters! It promises to provide you with a much smoother audio response. With this, you’re sure to improve the overall quality of your car's sound production.

It features a Mylar balanced dome construction. This material disperses sound more fully and generates it more precisely. You can now enjoy hearing more vibrant and definite high tones while on the road.

There's more to love about this product. Because of the lightweight characteristic of Mylar, the tweeters do not require much power to operate effectively. So, if you currently have a stereo system with a low-power requirement, this unit is the perfect match for you.

This is a one-inch tweeter kit, which means that they can most likely fit anywhere in your vehicle. Not only that, but you can also mount it in three varying ways no matter where you want it to be installed, very convenient, right?

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You can either choose among these mounting applications: surface, flush, or angled mount. Also, you won't have to bother about the installation process because it is simple to perform.

This unit features a built-in crossover that enhances the accuracy of the audio. What it mainly does is divide music into parts corresponding to its component frequencies and deliver these partitions to their particular speakers. This results in a higher quality and distortion-free audio.

As for the product's frequency response, it ranges from 2.5 kHz to 22 kHz and has a speaker sensitivity of 72.5 dB. It provides an adequate amount of power at 40 watts RMS and 80 watts at maximum.

There are some setbacks regarding this tweeter. First, it has a low level of sensitivity, which is what we refer to as the speaker's loudness. This simply means that it is not as powerful as the other products. Also, some users observed that music no longer stays sharp and crisp if played at higher volumes.

Overall, it is a reliable speaker that can make your on-the-road journeys more memorable. Everything you'll ever need for an elevated audio system is with the Rockford Fosgate R1T-S kit as it includes one of the best 1-inch car tweeters in the market.


  • Installation process is easy
  • Very lightweight
  • Features a built-in crossover
  • Customizable mounting (flush, angle, and surface-mount)
  • Ideal for a low-powered sound system


  • Low level of speaker sensitivity
  • Not that crisp when played at high volumes

4. Polk Audio DB1001 Dome Tweeters

Polk Audio DB-1001

Are you a boat owner? Here's a high-frequency speaker suitable for your type of transport. Savor the journey with Polk Audio DB1001, an ideal tweeter for both the road and the sea.

This dome-shaped product is made with silk and polymer. It comes with a built-in crossover for the production of precise and high frequencies. Also, this product features an attractive design, making it a great addition to your sound system. 

Whenever you experience voltage overload, you don't have to worry about your tweeter being damaged because it is integrated with circuitry protection to ensure that your unit lasts longer. Since it is made with durable materials, be assured that it can serve you for an extended period.

As it was previously mentioned, this specific tweeter is also ideal for boats, making it extremely versatile. The brand specially designed these speakers with marine certification, meaning it can perfectly suit all types of floating vehicles.

It is not only versatile when it comes to compatibility but also mounting as well. The package comes with stainless steel hardware that allows surface and flush configurations. With this, you can easily install the product as it grants two separate methods. 

When it comes to performance, you will definitely not be disappointed. It produces detailed and distinct high tones thanks to its neodymium magnet, which is known for its accuracy in the reproduction of sound.

With its high sensitivity rating at 92 dB, it is ideal for stock systems with low power. Yet, it can also be added to external amplifiers and high-powered aftermarket systems because the tweeter can reach high levels of power up to 180 watts.

The significant issue regarding the product is that it may not be suitable for some audio systems due to its low-frequency limit, 4 kHz. Also, it may be quite expensive for some people.

But if you are willing to spend more on premium-quality tweeters, don't hesitate to add Polk Audio DB1001 to your list of favorites. With its capabilities and features, every dollar you pay will be worth it.


  • Has a maximum input power of 180 watts
  • Attractive and durable design
  • Very versatile when it comes to mounting
  • Produces detailed and clear highs
  • Works exceptionally well with high-powered systems and OEM


  • More on the expensive range
  • May not be ideal to some audio systems due to low-frequency limit

5. Infinity REF 3022 CFX 3.5”

 Infinity REF 3022 CFX 3.5

Here, we have a product that’s the perfect balance between quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Infinity REF3022CFX will definitely give you pleasure in listening to your car stereo. 

This speaker is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also installs pretty easily. Although, it may require a few modifications to make this unit fit perfectly in your vehicle.

It is a 1/2-inch balanced textile dome tweeter that is 3.5 inches in size. The brand guarantees that it will give you a warmer and more refined sound every use. Textile, the material use, is well-known for generating smooth audio even in high levels of volume.

Don't be afraid to dive into the moment with these high-frequency speakers from Infinity. When it comes to sound quality and dispersion, it will definitely not disappoint you because it thoroughly distributes music around your vehicle for a more exciting experience.

This unit assures you with clean and well-balanced audio at all times. With this, you don't have to deal with noise, distortion, or any other nuisance.

It can provide you transcendent power with 25 watts RMS and 57 watts as its maximum at 4-ohm impedance. With a frequency range of 8.5 kHz to 21 kHz and speaker sensitivity of 91 dB, you can sound trip on the road at high volume levels.

Not to mention, the product features a plus one polypropylene woofer cone, which is a lot bigger compared to the standard speaker size in this range.  This results in an increase in the range output of low frequencies.

Now, let us point out some of the setbacks of this unit. First, for those of you who currently own stereo systems that are low in power, unfortunately, you cannot enjoy this product to its maximum potential.

Apparently, it needs an additional amplifier to unleash its best capabilities. Also, it might be quite sensitive to physical shocks. Despite this, we cannot deny that Infinity REF3022CFX is a great product that deserves to be everyone's on-the-go partner!


  • Provides excellent quality of sound
  • Minimum amount of distortion
  • Clean and well-balanced audio
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Comes with bass blockers


  • Requires an amp to maximize its potential
  • It is quite sensitive to shocks

6. Pioneer TS-T110 Hard-Dome Tweeter

Pioneer TS-T110

Hit those high notes with accuracy using Pioneer TS-T110, a product manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in the market. Prepare to be impressed with its premium features and capabilities!

This fluid-cooled PPTA hard-dome tweeter is not only compact, but it also gives a powerful performance. Although it may not be the most powerful one, it still produces exceptional high-frequency sounds.

Even when you're on an open road, with a lot of noise and nuisances, you can hear the minutest details from your favorite tunes. These little touch-ups, such as the instrumentals, claps, and riffs, are often neglected due to the lack of superior-quality tweeters in the audio system.

But don't be bothered because, with this product from Pioneer, you are guaranteed with crisp and sharp highs.

Both speakers come with built-in 7 kHz high-pass-in-line crossovers and non-removable metal mesh grilles that contribute to the overall performance of the unit. It is 7/8 inches in size that can easily fit in most types of vehicles. Also, for your convenience, the package includes surface and flush-mount hardware. 

With this, you can choose to mount it in any position, in any location inside your vehicle. Take note that when it comes to installation, you need to acquire a pair of the brand's universal backstraps to connect it in the factory locations.

This tweeter is capable of handling 40 watts RMS and offers a maximum of 120 watts at 4 ohms of impedance. Its speaker sensitivity can reach to 90 dB, while its frequency response is at 2.5 to 30 kHz.

This may not be the most powerful one in the market, but still, it produces pleasant and well-balanced high-frequency tones.

There are some of the downsides of this product, according to some customers. Its highs are not as clear and sharp as desired, and it requires a special adapter. Despite this, it still deserves to be a part of this list.

Mount the attractive Pioneer TS-T110 to your vehicle. With its functionality and efficiency, you'll get to appreciate music more!


  • Features a durable hard-dome design
  • It has built-in crossovers
  • Many mounting options for convenience
  • Produces excellent sound quality
  • Great value for money


  • It needs a special adapter
  • Highs are not that clear and sharp

7. Alpine SPS-110TW Type-S Tweeter Set

Alpine SPS-110TW

This one assures crisp and bright highs that will never sound harsh or shrill to your ear. With its notable features, for sure, you will add this product to your favorites list.

This unit is a one-inch silk dome tweeter that is also as impressive as the rest of the speakers in this review. It was specially designed to disperse volume broadly and effectively, allowing you to enjoy a new level of sound tripping.

When it comes to power handling, it can deliver you more than just average. The product can handle 100 watts RMS, which is considerably high in spite of its size. Not only this, but the unit can also take up a maximum power of 300 watts, very impressive, right?

Unlike some tweeters, this reliable unit can stand alone without needing any external amplifiers to get better high tones because it is highly sensitive at 88 dB. However, if you already installed one, no worries! It can work exceptionally well with it and also with high-powered audio systems.

Say goodbye to unfocused and dull music because this speaker can transform it into brighter and more precise audio. With its efficient silk diaphragm, it can create crisp, smooth, and clear sounds for you to enjoy.

Now, let us talk about the product's drawbacks. Some users are quite disappointed because if the speaker is turned up to extremely high levels of volume, it has the tendency to roll-off. Also, in comparison with metal tweeters, it may not give the same level of performance in playing high tones.

Still, Alpine SPS-110 TW is a great option especially if you want to have more airy highs when listening to music. So, what are you waiting for? Keep your eye on this efficient and effective tweeter, for it will undoubtedly not fail you!


  • Able to turn unfocused and dull sounds to more precise and brighter audio
  • Frequency response is remarkable
  • Power handling capability is considerably high
  • A supplementary speaker system is no longer needed
  • Mounting hardware is included for convenience


  • Doesn't play highs as good as metal tweeters
  • Tends to roll-off at extremely high volume levels

8. 1” Car Audio Speaker Tweeter

Car Audio Speaker Tweeter

Play your favorite tracks in maximum volume because Pyle's car audio speaker tweeter can absolutely handle anything with ease.

This product exudes durability because of the robust materials used for its construction. It is mainly composed of titanium with a die-cast aluminum frame. These materials are known for providing very sharp and high tones that cut through road noise effectively.

It has 50 ounces of a heavy-duty magnet as part of its structure. Also, the crossover network, which is responsible for accurate distribution of frequencies, is made with Myla.

Moreover, it has a diamond chrome cutting finish for its whole housing. This provides a sturdy foundation, which contributes to the ease of installation.

Are you worried that it won't fit in your vehicle? Well, don't be. It is 3.125-inch in diameter and has a 2-inch mounting depth. The brand made sure to follow the standard sizing of most audio systems to ensure that it fits perfectly without hassle.

Now, let us talk about the product's performance. It can handle a power of 150 watts RMS and can also bring it up to 300 watts for maximum potential, not to mention that it can further reach up to 104 dB. With this, you can turn up the volume as loud as you want without even a hint of hesitation.

This speaker is enhanced with Ferrofluid and has a frequency response of 2 kHz to 20 kHz. Its impedance rating is at 4 to 8 ohms that offset commonly found short wires. With these features, be assured that you will find pleasure in listening to clean and crisp sounds because of reduced distortions.

Though most users noticed that the audio could sound too sharp especially when played in higher volume levels, it is still a dependable on-the-go option. Complete your current sound system with Pyle's car tweeter, for it guarantees you excellent performance and long-term satisfaction!

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  • The installation process can be done easily
  • Construction is exceptionally durable
  • Provides great sound quality
  • Features die-cast aluminum frames as part of its design
  • Impressive power handling capability


  • May sound too sharp at higher volume levels

9. Power Acoustik NB-2 3-Way Tweeters

Power Acoustik NB-2 3-Way Tweeters

These 3-way tweeters from Power Acoustik are another set of well-made products that will surely upgrade the audio of your favorite tracks to another level.

The brand made sure to use the best materials for the parts responsible for sound reproduction. Like, in generating the crisp and clear highs, niobium magnets were used. Also, the diaphragms are made with polypropylene.

This pair may look small and compact, but it is capable of handling a large amount of power with 100 watts RMS and 200 watts at its peak. If you're the type of person who loves to listen to music at very high volumes, then this product is for you.

It has a speaker sensitivity of 97 dB and a frequency response of 5 kHz to 25 kHz. With this, you can get into the zone more as you listen to your favorite tunes because it can disperse the sound pretty well.

The product features a built-in crossover, which functions to restrict low frequencies from causing any possible distortions. If it's your first time installing tweeters into your audio system, you've got nothing to worry about because it connects with ease.

Also, for your convenience, the manufacturer has given you three options to easily mount it to your vehicle: surface, flush, and angle methods. You can just simply choose the position that is best to maximize the experience.

According to some users, the tweeter tends to produce hissing or buzzing sounds whenever in use. Also, in comparison with other speakers in the market, it is not that accurate in sound reproduction. Nevertheless, these are excellent products that are worth your time, effort, and money. 


  • Installs easily
  • Excellent sound quality even in high volumes
  • Relatively higher maximum power handling, considering its size
  • Features a built-in crossover
  • Frequency response is remarkable


  • Often produces hissing or buzzing sounds
  • Not that precise in the reproduction of sound

10. Kicker 43CST204

Kicker 43CST204

Now, to conclude the list of the 10 best tweeters for car audio, we have yet another exceptional product created by one of the leading manufacturers of vehicle radio and audio accessories. Kicker 43CST204 will give you a top-notch performance when it comes to sound definition.

This pair works well even if they're quite small at 4 ohms. It comes with a very lightweight construction that is just a little over 12 ounces. Do not be deceived by its size because it can operate ideally with mid-range speakers and woofers.

However, you should take note that the unit can handle a maximum power of 50 watts only. This means that it may not be adequate enough to run a high-powered audio system.

Since it has relatively high sensitivity at 92 dB, you can surely enjoy if you're into loud music jamming while on the road. Also, its frequency response ranges from 4.5 kHz and 21 kHz, delivering you decent sound reproduction.

Much more, the product features titanium speaker domes and a built-in 6 dB high pass crossover to fully deliver sounds with excellent crisp and sharpness.

It can be mounted in three various ways, depending on your preference. This device is also equipped with corresponding hardware, specifically made for your convenience.

However, there are a few disappointments regarding the installation process of this particular unit. Unfortunately, it is not easy for some vehicles because the mounting hardware is not correctly suited for all.

Overall, Kicker 43CST204 is a tweeter that will certainly not fail when it comes to functionality and effectiveness.


  • Has two speaker domes made with titanium
  • Offers three mounting configurations
  • Features an in-line crossover, 6 dB
  • Lightweight construction
  • Mounting hardware is included


  • May not install easily to some cars
  • Hardware for mounting is not suitable for all vehicles

What to Look for Before Buying?

With all those high-quality products presented, surely there is at least one that appealed to your interest. But before you proceed and purchase a unit, make sure to read this part first. 

Because in this section, we will discuss how shape, material, power handling, and impedance are vital considerations to be aware of, for it can definitely influence your final decision.

Kind of Shape

Not all car tweeters have the same form; each has a distinct characteristic that differentiates it from the rest. This feature can hugely affect the distribution of high frequencies throughout your vehicle. Some of the most common shapes of tweeters are listed and explained below.

  • Cone

Tweeters with this kind of shape are often mass-produced and are also more affordable. However, the setback is they don't tend to disperse sound as broad as the others.

  • Semi-Dome

The materials used for these are frequently less rigid and much softer. It features a shallow cone with a small dome inside of its construction. Just like the previous shape, this is also a budget-friendly option.

The downside of this is they are not used as separate tweeters, but as coaxial speakers instead.

  • Dome

This is the more improved version of a semi-dome tweeter since it features an enhanced dispersion of sound. Also, its high-frequency waves are more precise and directional. Yet, it requires more power to operate to maximize its optimum function.

  • Focal

A focal tweeter looks like a dome turned upside down, not protruding from the vocal coil. This shape gives high control levels and also develops the radiation patterns of sound.

Type of Material

Another essential aspect to take into account is the type of material used for the tweeter's construction, for it has a significant influence on the overall durability of the product and its sound quality.


Most manufacturers utilize silk, a tweeter with this material as part of its construction often creates a refined and warm sound. They are usually strengthened with synthetic elements to enhance damping and also, to add stiffness.


With this, you can increase the volume without compromising the smoothness of the audio. This specific material is also commonly used by a lot of home speakers.

Synthetic Films

Synthetic films are ideal for low-powered speakers and systems because it doesn't need a lot of electricity to operate effectively. Tweeters made with this material are lightweight and have excellent resistance against humidity. Some examples are Polyimide, Mylar, and PET.

However, they have poor damping qualities and are less stiff, meaning the reproduction of sound may not be as well-defined.


These tweeters are known for producing bright and loud high notes. One of the most popular options is aluminum. Due to its sturdiness and lightness, it can generate precise and bright sounds at higher frequencies.

Another well-known choice is titanium. It produces tones with absolute accuracy because it is much lighter and less resonant. Metal tweeters are ideal if you always put your windows down while driving on the highway or if you're dealing with a lot of road noise.

Power Handling and Impedance

Most tweeters are within the range of 25W and 50W RMS. If you want to purchase a more powerful one, ensure first that it matches with your car.

Impedance will tell you the amount of current flowing through the speaker at a particular voltage. Before you buy a product, make sure to line it with your amplifier to reduce the chances of overheating. A 4-ohm rated stereo should have an equivalent tweeter that measures up evenly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are tweeters?

Car tweeters are speakers that can produce high-frequency sounds, ranging from 2,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz. These are specially designed to complement other speakers such as woofers, which can't generate high-pitched tones. They are often much smaller in size and construction to allow the diaphragm to vibrate faster.

2. Why do tweeters need crossovers?

A crossover is a device responsible for dividing the input signal of the various frequency ranges into many outputs. Its principal function is to make sure that woofers and tweeters accept the frequencies they were primarily intended to produce, blocking the ones beyond their range.

Basically, it ensures that your music is accurately played and that every part of the system is fulfilling its purpose.

3. Where can I install my car tweeters?

Here are some of the ideal areas of your vehicle in which you can place your unit. You can choose to install it on your dashboard, which is ideal for those who have two tweeters. Just simply install one facing the middle portion of the passenger seat, and the other facing center of the driver's seat.

You can also opt to set your high-frequency speaker on the triangular corner of your car. But if you're unable to do so, you can install them on the A-pillars instead.

4. Which tweeter size should I choose?

The frequency of a tweeter is directly dependent on its size. Its diameter can vary from 1/4-inch up to several inches, while frequencies can range from 2 kHz to 20 kHz. We can conclude that the smaller the size, the higher the frequency it produces.

5. What could happen if I run too much power through a tweeter?

Just know that tweeters are known to last for a long time. However, if you run them with too much power, they will eventually deteriorate. The excessive flow of current can cause it to go open circuit.

Final Words

We all know how much difference a tweeter can make in the overall stereo system of our vehicles. And choosing the most suitable one for you among the best car tweeters in this review is indeed a very challenging decision to make.

Now that we have reached the end, you can hopefully select the perfect product for your personal use with confidence and assurance.

Also, we covered an article on the best speaker stands in the market. If you are interested to read, this post is for you.

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