10 Best Chainsaw Chaps Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide

It would be a huge mistake to take safety lightly when operating heavy machinery-especially when you’re working with a gas-guzzling, sharp-toothed monstrosity. One miss-step, and you just might find yourself filling in the disability forms; cases like such exist, and there’s no need to create another.

A 3rd of chainsaw accidents involve users getting cuts on their legs; this is a massive issue in the woodworking industry. For those who have any work that includes chainsaws, they must purchase the best chainsaw chaps available.

For your safety, we decided to come forward with the top 10, best chainsaw safety chaps you can currently purchase. This review will be giving you the names of some of the best apron chaps with pockets and the best chainsaw pants available in the market. And there’s also a short buying guide at the end of the review to help you find a pair that fits you best.

Are Chainsaw Chaps Necessary?

A more important question would be, are your legs necessary? Chainsaws are not a joke, and those who handle them should be extremely careful while using them. Just like your chainsaw gloves, these safety chaps may not provide the best fashion statement; however, they make sure you don’t have to limp for the rest of your life.

Why Should You Have Them?

An average chainsaw includes blades with around 56-60 teeth. Plus, depending on the job, these teeth could be made of alloy steel or tungsten carbide, sharp enough to hack through trees like butter.

Best Chainsaw Chaps

Add those sharp teeth with the fact that these machines are running at a speed of 55-60mph. If you do the math, you’ll figure out that at any given point of the chainsaw, 600 teeth are passing/sec. With these speeds, the chainsaw can do some real damage to your legs before you even get the chance to shut them off.

Cause of Injury?

Most injuries take place to the left leg; this is due to the recoil/kickback that chainsaws have. Those who aren’t well equipped to handle the brut force will face this more intensely. These cause the user to completely lose control of the machine, shooting it right back towards your legs.

10 Best Chainsaw Chaps Reviews

With the number of brands available in the market and the number of companies making false, it’s not easy to trust anyone.

Since people’s lives are stake, we conducted thorough research to find only the best available in the market. Have a look and pick out safety chaps that meet your specifications.

1. Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

The Forester is an excellent set of chainsaw safety chaps for those who work with gas/petrol operated chainsaws. The safety chaps come in an apron style, so they’re simple to wear and remove. At the same time, the three size availability should allow you to cover up the front portion of your legs completely.

Before you buy any set of chaps, it’s necessary to know if they meet safety regulations, and the Forester chainsaw apron chaps have all that sorted out. The chaps have cleared tests by multiple regulatory boards, ASTM, OSHA, and UL, so you know they’re legit.

The chaps are comfortable to wear and come with adjustable belts to ensure that you get a tight and secure fitting. Plus, they’re water and oil resistant, so don’t worry about getting them dirty while at work. To wash the safety-chaps, use your hands and cold water, and they should shine like new in no time.

These chainsaw chaps are designed using Kevlar material; this makes the chaps extremely rugged. Powerful enough to shut down even the quickest of gas/petrol-based chainsaw. Additionally, their affordable pricing and the humungous range of colors and prints the apron comes in adds that cheery on top.


  • Kevlar Chain saw chaps
  • Water and oil-resistant
  • Quality standards certified
  • Secure fitting adjustable straps
  • A broad range of colors and sizes


  • Does not work with electric chainsaws
  • Only include a single pocket

2. Husqvarna Chain Saw Chaps

Husqvarna Chain Saw Chaps

This Swedish company knows what it’s doing when it comes to creating high-quality chainsaw safety gear. Plus, they’re backed up with more than 70 years of experience in this industry, producing some of the most innovative and revolutionary products. Factors that are still portrayed quite boldly, even in their safety equipment industries.

The chaps use five-layer protection technology to help keep the user safe. These layers include 600 Denier Nylon polyester, PVC coating, and Tek Wrapping.

If any unforeseen situation should arise, the fabric gets snagged up with the chain. This fabric will then rip apart, clogging up the chainsaws motor and killing off the machine.

For a tight and secure fitting, the chaps include Acetyl Delran buckles, these high-grade buckles are adjustable, and ensure the chaps stay on. Plus, the chaps also feature a pocket, a convenient addition allowing you to hold onto essential items, and saving unnecessary trips.

The chaps are available in quite a few sizes and colors, giving you the ability to choose ones that match your size and color choice.

Additionally, since they’re washable, you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty. The price for these chaps is a bit higher; however, since safety is a concern here, only the best should be purchased.


  • Meet all safety regulations and certifications
  • Tight-fitting Acetyl Delran buckles
  • Few sizes and colors available
  • Hand-Washable
  • Five-layer protection


  • Weigh more than Kevlar
  • A bit more expensive

3. Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps

Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps

These are the more affordable range of chaps you can purchase. Still, their affordability does not mean they compromise on quality. The chaps are graded as your heavy-duty safety chaps,  with certification from multiple regulatory boards.  Including certificates from ASTM, OSHA, and UL, confirming that the chaps will save your life.

Being made out of a 1200 Denier Oxford as an outer shell, with safety material spread within 12-layers, makes these chaps impenetrable. Plus, the oxford material also makes the chaps water and oil resistant. So, even if the apron gets all scuffed up during work, a short rinse under cold water should do the trick.

The chaps include a 6x6 pocket on the front end, giving you a place to keep your essentials in. This pocket allows you to keep all the necessary items that you may need while using the machine. Additionally, the apron is available in two waist sizes, that is a 37” and a 40”, for you to choose one that matches your requirements.

One issue with these chaps would be they won’t be able to provide the most optimum performance if you’re using an electric chainsaw. This issue comes about due to the high-torque delivery motors.

However, they perform amazingly, with gas/petrol powered chainsaws, something for you to consider, if that’s the machine you’re using.


  • Certified by regulatory boards
  • 12 layers of 1200 Denier Oxford material
  • Water and Oil Resistant
  • Comes with a large 6x6 pocket
  • Protects from high powered gas running chainsaws


  • Not up to mark performance with electric chainsaws
  • A small number of size variants available

4. Redneck Convent Safety Chainsaw Chaps

Redneck Convent

If you’re wearing high boots, then long aprons can come in the way, which is why short ones are a great option to go for. And Redneck makes some of the best safety equipment, covering the essential areas that are most likely to get affected during a chainsaw accident.

Apart from being shorter, they’re also extremely comfortable to wear, giving the user the ability to maneuver him/herself very easily. Additionally, with adjustable waist straps, the apron can cover waist sizes ranging from 30” to 42”. Plus, a tight adjustment makes sure they keep on whenever in use.

Made using 1200 Denier Oxford material makes the safety chaps extraordinarily safe and durable. They’re great when you’re using a gas/petrol operated chainsaw; however, the high rev of electric saws is something they can’t cover.

A plus side to using Denier Oxford is that it makes them lightweight, not adding any extra pressure on you.

If you’re still worried about safety, don’t worry. The chaps have been tested and checked vigorously by multiple safety boards from different nations, so there’s nothing to worry about. Pricewise, the chaps fall in that perfect affordable range, so buying this set shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Water and Oil resistant material
  • Adjustable waist straps fitting different sizes
  • Meet various safety standards from separate nations
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear


  • Do not support electric chainsaws
  • Use cheap plastic buckles

5. LABONVILLE Premium Chainsaw Chaps


In these chainsaw chaps review, all the products chosen perform magnificently. However, this one from the USA goes above and beyond, providing the ultimate level of protection you can ask from chainsaw safety gear. A name that they’ve proven and checked out by quite a few safety regulatory boards.

The secret to their extreme strength comes from the chaps 5-ply material blend, making them extremely rugged but also lightweight.

These chaps feature top-grade materials such as Kevlar, Polyester, 1000 Denier Nylon, Cordura, and an extra high-density urethane coating. Making sure that they minimize the slightest chances of danger the chainsaw users might be in.

Additionally, these materials also allow the product to be water, Oil, and fire-resistant. Thus, they’re washable, plus they won’t burn your legs if your chainsaw was ever to catch on fire.

They also feature a 2” heavy-weight polyester belt; this adjustable belt can expand up to 48”s, giving all users a snug and tight-fitting. To further improve on the fit, the apron also features high-grade leg and waist buckles. Pricewise, they’re a bit expensive; however, as the saying goes, there’s no price for safety.


  • Use a 5-ply material blend for ultimate safety
  • Tight and comfortable fitting
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Water, Oil and Fire resistant
  • Apron Style with reversible usage ability


  • Prices are higher
  • Few Color choices

6. Woodland Pro Chainsaw Safety Chaps


Another fantastic and quite widely known company in the forestry industry is woodlands — producing some of the best quality products in the industry, known for its durability and reliability.  And in this case, their wood cutting chaps provide no less except the best.

What gives the chaps these features is the material the company has included in them. Made using multiple layers of DuPont KEVLAR, two layers of polyester felt and a 400 Denier Ultra Nylon covering make this amazingly strong. These protective layers will be able to cut off/slow down the chainsaw during accidents.

Moreover, these chaps have been approved and certified by quite a few safety regulatory bodies such as the UL, ASTM, BNQ, OSHA, and ANSI. So, be sure that when the need arises, these chaps are sure to function. Plus, the materials used also ensure water and oil protection, so even if they get dirty, they’ll be washable.

The chaps come in quite a few sizes, and the adjustable waistband helps ensure you’re getting a tight and secure fit. Other buckles have been added to the legs, these provide a good fit, making sure the chaps don’t fall off while you’re hard at work.

They may be a bit more pricey, but for what they’re offering, the money seems worth it.


  • Lightweight and Rugged
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Quick Strapening Buckles
  • Certified in standards of both USA and Canada
  • Multiple layers of Kevlar, Polyester, and Derain


  • Expensive
  • No color choices

7. STIHL Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps

STIHL 0000 886 3202

These chaps come from STHIL’s performance product categories. It’s not a tag that you need at all times for safety products until the point comes where you need that tag, and we can assure you STHIL lives up to this tag. Providing a form of reliability, that’ll give you confidence while using your chainsaw.

Apart from being extremely safe, the chaps are very comfortable to wear as well. The chaps come in an apron style vest, so it doesn’t get boiling while you’re wearing them. Adjustable straps allow you to fit them onto your waist according to size, plus they range from 30” to 42” gives you enough wiggle room.

The ruggedness of the apron comes from the Entex cut-retardent material that is used on them. Plus, it not that they use a single layer of this; the apron is made out of 9 protective layers of this material — making sure no chainsaw can penetrate through the fabric and harm you.

Moreover, this material used also makes the product water and oil resistant. Considering the conditions you might be working, and the debris that comes from the wood you’re cutting. These chaps are likely to get very dirty, and all you need to clean them is cold water and scrub using your hands.


  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Nine layers Entex cut-retardent material
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Lightweight


  • Comes in only one color
  • Includes only one pocket

8. Notch Armorflex Chainsaw Protective Pants


If you’re looking for a product that can give full protection, then you’ll have to say goodbye to the aprons. The Pant style protective chaps are an ultimate form of protection, with Notch making some of the best chainsaw pants. This ultimate protection isn’t only because you’re using a full covering its also due to the material that goes in.

These chaps use a mixture of some of the strongest yet lightweight materials available in the market. Included in the pant are 5-layers of Avertic Engtex high-performance fabrics that feature additional layers of  DuPont Kevlar fibers. Thus, giving the pants their extremely robust and highly reliable build-up.

If you’re looking for a guarantee on their quality, you won’t be needing to do a ton of research. Since, the chaps have approval from multiple safety regulatory organizations, such as UL, ASTM, ANSI, and CAN. Plus, since they meet safety regulatory boards of various countries, you don’t have to worry about biases.

The pants have been not only made to protect, but they’ve also been designed for comfort. Its fabrics 4-way stretching ability, and the lightweight of the material, ensures both maneuverability and flexibility — making them a perfect pair of pants to wear on the job, for those who can afford them.


  • Heavy-duty all-round protection
  • 5-layer Engtex high-performance fabric
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Available in quite a few sizes
  • Flexible and Stretchable fabric


  • Extremely Expensive
  • Can get very hot

9. Oregon Chaps Protective Chainsaw


A trusted brand with over 70 years of experience in the heavy machinery industry, so is sure that the company knows what they’re doing. They’ve been a leading brand, delivering both innovative and high-quality products to their customers, and this one’s no different.

This technical apron supplied by the company is made using only the best material available since your safety is in consideration. With eight layers of wrap knit protection material put into the apron, be sure that they’ll cut off any chainsaw. Plus, the exterior of the apron features a solid 600 Denier Oxford shelling.

What the shell is essential for is it makes the chaps both water and oil resistant. This resistance is excellent for users that have to wear these aprons and work in dirty/muddy conditions. Plus, since they’re machine washable, all you need to do is put them in the washer, and you’ll be good to go.

This pair of chaps is somewhat well known for the comfort they have to offer. The fibers that it uses are breathable; this means they don’t make working in the heat unbearable. Additionally, the adjustable waist straps allow you to effortlessly adjust the straps, which go up to 46” for optimum support.


  • Use 8 layers of high-grade wrap knit protection
  • Resistant to water and Oil
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Breathable fabric to keep things cool


  • Only available in a single color
  • Buckles are not of the best quality

10. Jonsered Protective Apron Chaps


An extremely well-known name in the forestry equipment industry is that of Jonsered. It uses a team of exceptionally well trained Swedish workers to build some of the best gardening equipment currently available in the market.

And their protective chaps are designed in accordance to tackle their amazingly well-made blades.

On the inside, the aprons use a blend of material, with quite a few layers to obtain the most optimal strength. The layers include one part of Rope-Mali and the other four layers of Tekwrap, the last one, however, features 600 Denier.

These materials, not only to make the chaps reliable, but they also make them extremely lightweight.

Added these chaps also feature an adjustable waistband that can go up to 46,” allowing people to tighten the chaps according to their size. Plus, the legs straps also ensure a tight-fitting, making sure the chaps stay in place as you work.

The tight-fitting also improve maneuverability, so you can quickly move around while chopping wood.

Since the chaps have already checked off multiple safety standard checks from well-known organizations, such as UL ANSI, ASTM, and OSHA, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Plus, don’t worry about getting them dirty as the Denier outer shell makes the chaps hand-washable.


  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Multiple layers of high-grade materials
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Tight and accurate fitting
  • Meet multiple safety standards


  • Only available in one color
  • Length sizes are limited

Chainsaw Chaps Buying Guide for Newbies

If you’re out buying a new pair of chaps, you ought to be careful of the purchase you make. Maybe this one purchase ends up being a life and death decision, so better be safe than sorry. If you’re a complete newbie, go through these factors, to have an idea about what you’re getting into.


The first thing you have to know is if the chaps you’re buying are compatible with your chainsaw. There are two types of chainsaws available in the market, an electric one and one that runs on gas.

Gas-powered chainsaws create a pulsating torque; this is a factor that forms due to their engine cycles. Whereas, electric chainsaws using an electric motor create a smooth flow, without any pulsations. The more continuous flow makes the electric-powered saws much faster, and more likely to not clog using regular chaps.

So, when you’re buying a set of chaps, make sure they’re compatible with the chainsaw that you’re using. Not all, chaps usable with gas chainsaws are compatible with electric ones. However, all chaps that are compatible with electric chainsaws can also be used with gas.

For which we recommend, you go for the latter one. As even though the chaps will be expensive, at least you won’t have to buy a new pair when you upgrade your machine.


When looking into the material that goes into your chaps, there are two things that you must keep in mind. One is the type of materials used, and two, the number of layers that go with it.

To confirm that your chaps can be relied on, look for one made using multiple layers of fabric materials. The best materials to use include materials such as Kevlar, Nylon, and PVC. These materials help provide the necessary strength required to jam up even the fastest rotating chainsaws.

However, you must also consider the 2nd factor; the number of layers applied to a chap is equally essential. When buying your safety chaps, follow this simple rule — higher the number of layers of material more excellent the safety.


Make sure to try out the chaps once before purchasing them; you must do this as it’ll allow you to understand how they fit. Most chaps have an adjustable waist buckle system that will enable you to tighten the strap around your waist according to your size.

See that the buckles used are made of good quality PVC and that the straps are tight and made of durable nylon material. These features will ensure you get a close fit around your waist, taking away the chances of the apron sliding off your waistline.

You must also check if the length of the chaps matches the length of your legs, shorter chaps won’t do you much good. If a part of your leg is still open, you’ll always have the chance of injuring yourself severely; we recommend that you do not take that chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are chainsaw chaps made of?

Chainsaw chaps made using a mixture of materials are regarded as ballistic fibers. The materials are set up in a few layers, giving the chaps their strength and durability. Some of the best materials that can be used together to form this ballistic fiber layer include Kevlar, PVC, Nylon. 

2. What size chainsaw chaps do I need?

To understand your size requirements when buying chaps, you need someone to help you measure it out. Ask this person to measure from your waistline to your instep, then use this measurement to find yourself a set of chaps. Make sure you try out the chaps and confirm they’re an accurate fitting.

3. What is the difference between Type A and Type C chainsaw trousers?

Type A chainsaw trousers or what we commonly call aprons are chaps that protect only the front part of your legs. They require a set of straps and buckles to wear over your usual work pants. Type C chaps are pants; these provide complete protection to your legs and can be worn instead of your work pants.

4. How do chainsaws chaps work?

The chaps, as we discussed before, are made using a combination of different ballistic fibers. When hit by a chainsaw, the fibers break apart; they get caught onto the chain of the machine, which then directly flows into the gears. Over here, the ballistic fibers clog up the gears, potentially wholly shutting down the engine.

5. Will chainsaw chaps provide complete protection?

No, even though chainsaw chaps will try and give the user more time to react, they make no promise to protect users completely. Users must responsibly use chainsaws, with the appropriate gear trying to lower the risk.

Final Words

Chainsaws are hazardous machines, not to be used without having worn the proper equipment. And it’s not that you can just wear any equipment, make sure you’re wearing the best of the best. In this case, the best chainsaw chaps to ensure your complete safety!

If you are a pro, do check out our reviews on professional chainsaws! Also, consider the top chainsaw sharpeners we reviewed, if your machine needs some sharpening.

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