11 Best Colloidal Silver Generators 2022 Reviewed | The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever looked at the price tags on commercial silver colloids and wondered- how can I save money and get the health benefits from this at the same time? Well, we’ve got an answer for you- make your own!

As antibiotics have led to the demise of its use, finding your desired colloidal supplement might just be a wild goose chase. And given the expenses, a silver generator might be your best bet at saving.

Making your own supplement can be tricky and sometimes even dangerous. That’s exactly why you should be getting the best colloidal silver generators out there. To make matters easier, we’ve compiled this list of eleven machines after carefully considering their pros and cons.

So, let’s find out what you’ll need to whip up your own silver.

11 Best Colloidal Silver Generators Review

While you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make these yourself, all the TDS meters, distilled water proportions, and volt counts could potentially make your head spin. So, our plain and simply written reviews are here to save the day.

1. Compact Combo-2 Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator Package by LifeForce Devices

Compact Combo-2 Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator

For the best value for money, this product from LifeForce Devices should be perfect. It's a combo package that comes with two 6-inch wires which are made of pure silver.

The price point is a total bullseye since with this you can make a variety of particle sizes using it. Given its simplicity of use, it's no surprise that the company has sold thousands of these generators since its launch.

You can charge this using rechargeable batteries or power it by plugging it up to any 120-volt AC outlet. It'll make colloids either way. So, if you have no intention of getting batteries and want to use your machine right away, you can do so no problem.

They've included a thoroughly tested time chart which means you won't have to worry about laser pointers or complicated meters either.

Besides, all you have to do to get it running is place the battery case on top of a distilled water container. As the wires stay dipped into the water, the machine stays on, and withdrawing them automatically turns it off.

With this, it's possible to make silver water particles as tiny as 5 ppm or as big as 40 ppm accurately. In 32 minutes, you can make 5 ppm of colloidal particles since the unit is 27 volts.


  • Includes a well-tested accurate time chart
  • You can make particles of 5 ppm to 40 ppm size with it
  • This can work with or without batteries
  • It’s a 27-volt unit meaning it’s powerful
  • Well manufactured with good parts


  • You might need a particle counter for accurate ppm count
  • The instructions might seem unclear

2. Colloidal Silver Generator Economy Kit

Colloidal Silver Generator Economy Kit

If you’re on a tight budget, there’s no reason to be disheartened. Because this next product is one that’s efficient and easy to use while being light on the pockets. This economy kit from the brand Knowair has a portable generator for silver that can help you make them anywhere with ease.

In about four hours, this machine can whip up a quarter of 10 ppm particles. As the silver wire used in this has been tested and found to be 99.99% pure, you can bet it'll give you some good results. These wires are 12 gauge silver wires and 6 inches in length with alligator clips attached to their ends.

To help you make smaller doses, there's a resistor in line with the positive wire which limits current to allow the production of the smallest particles easily. Although there’s no time chart, you’ll get a nice TDS meter.

In order to make some supplements with this gear, all you need is a jar and some distilled water of your own. It runs on 3 batteries, all of which should be 9 volts and you’ll have to buy separately. You can get creative and use a transformer for laptops instead of batteries to run this device as well.


  • It’s affordable and easy to use
  • Portable since small and wires come with clips
  • Comes with proper and easily put instructions
  • The current limiting feature makes it easy to generate smaller particles
  • A TDS meter is included


  • You’ll have to buy batteries separately
  • Doesn’t come with a time chart

3. One Quart Nano Particle Colloidal Silver Generator 110-120V (Black)

One Quart Nano Particle Colloidal Silver Generator

It's a widely accepted opinion that nano particles are more effective compared to larger ones. And given the surface area of larger particles, this option seems only logical. So, if you want maximum effectiveness and don't mind the wait, this product might be up your alley.

As this unit has been designed to make more ppm, it can take a while. For getting 10 ppm ready you'll need at least 30 minutes to let the device sit. By prolonging this time period, you can increase the ppm to 17 or more. The rods used in this kit 99.99% pure solid silver.

 You can use this for minting coins and also consumption under proper circumstances.

The only con in this would be the fact that there's no timer included. But since it’s at a very reasonable price point, you can make extra effective nanoparticles at almost half the price of other generators.

Each of the components in this device has been hand-built in the USA which makes it equally reliable as it is useful. In fact, the bubble stirring feature utilizes the technology of aeration which makes distilled water get saturated with oxygen gas.


  • Aeration technology used which generates particles at submicroscopic diameter
  • Produces nanoparticles that are more effective
  • The price is pocket-friendly
  • It’s easy to use with simple instructions
  • Reliable built since handmade and no fragile components


  • No timer is included
  • Might take more time to produce particles of more than 10 ppm

4. Compact EZ-2 Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator Package by LifeForce Devices

Compact EZ-2 Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator

Fourth in line is yet another product from LifeForce Devices. While at first it comes off as almost identical to the compact combo version, it's really not. There are certain features that entail its own set of pros and cons.

For starters, this is a 24-volt unit that runs when plugged in. While it's still compact and portable for ease of carrying, you can't use batteries on this.

The components provided in the set include 99.99% silver wires of 14 gauge, a case assembly for power, scrubber, spoon, thermometer, a timer, and a clear carrying case made of vinyl. Instructions are super simple and the photographs in it make it easier for newbies.

Since thicker gauge wires give larger surface areas, you can speed things up with 10-gauge silver rods with this if you want. The time period is what actually decides how your silver will look- be it clear, slightly yellow, full yellow, or reddish in color.

From the looks of it, the only downside we could spot was that a TDS meter will not work with it according to instructions. But hey, who needs one when you’ve got a timer that’s just as accurate in the kit itself?

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  • The timer included is accurate
  • You’ll need only a 24-volt outlet to run this.Accessories are included
  • The instructions come with photos and are simple
  • You can make 32 oz of 5 ppm silver in half an hour easily


  • TDS meter will not work with this
  • Batteries not supported

5. SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator (12th Year!) Professional Class Device

SilverLungs Colloidal Silver Generator

Looking for the fastest silver generator on the market? Well, search no more–the SilverLungs company has it down pretty well as they’ve been known to provide some of the best products to customers for over ten years. So, if you’re willing to spend a bit for the sake of high quality, then we recommend checking this out.

The primary reason you buy one of these machines is to save money and naturally, durability is a priority on every buyer's list. But most of the kits only last six or so months- at most seven. That's why this product is such a customer favorite- it's durable and is going to last you over two-three years no problem.

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It practically comes with everything except the distilled water. This kit includes a chemistry flask of 1-liter capacity with a rubber stopper, electrodes, copper polisher, a manual, and a cleaning brush. There's also a magnetic stirring bar in the kit.

The silver electrodes here are 99.99% silver which means they are safe and pure. And the most unique thing is the reducing agent included which helps prevent long-term impacts of accidental over-consumption of the colloids.


  • It’s long-lasting
  • The components of the device are all of high quality
  • This is one of the fastest colloid generators in stores now
  • A reducing agent for safety and extra health measures is included
  • Comes with a flask


  • Runs on 42 Volts i.e. requires a high power source
  • This is slightly pricey

6. The Silver Lining Colloidal Silver Generator with Magnetic Stirrer - Polarity Swap - Limiting Current - 32oz Flask

The Silver Lining Colloidal Silver Generator

If you want something that uniquely caters to your needs while staying on the fast lane, opt for getting this product from Silver Lining. Since the unit comes with thick 8-gauge electrodes, you won't have to worry about time either. This is a quality device meant to make quality silver particles.

There's a TDS meter for counting the parts per million of particles in your distilled water too.

One of the biggest pros of having this silver sol would be its DC adapters of 9V which can be amped up to 35V if required. The kit includes a glass conical flask of 1000 ml capacity. There's also a rubber stopper and a magnetic stirrer that continually stirs the silver mineral water on its own.

For making sure the 2-8-inch electrodes stay in place, they've made predrilled holes on the flask's body.

This is the perfect little device for all the lazy bodies out there. Due to the polarity swap feature allowing the change of polarity of electrodes frequently, cleaning isn't required as often when using this. In fact, when you make the usually recommended 10-15 ppm amount, you won't have to clean your gears at all.

The polarity swap feature also helps the wires to wear out evenly making sure you get the most use out of them as a pair.


  • Doesn’t require frequent cleaning due to polarity swap
  • Works fast on the 9V-35V range
  • Includes a TDS meter
  • A flask of 1000ml capacity is included
  • Uses current limiting technology which makes better quality particles


  • Instructions are hard to read
  • Since 10-15 ppm is recommended it might not be the best for smaller (3-5 ppm) particles

7. Compact International Colloidal Silver Generator Package by LifeForce Devices

Compact International Colloidal Silver Generator

Cool features and amazing performance are awesome and all, but know what else is? Added accessories to let you get started without making any additional purchase at all. If you're the type who considers the more to be merrier then this silver hydrosol kit will definitely suffice.

It comes with everything from a thermometer, vinyl case, adapter to even a scrubber. This is a 24-volt unit that lets you make 32 ounces of colloids in 32 minutes. That's right- no more waiting for 4 hours just to get the same amount with a 9V slowpoke generator.

The 12-gauge wires of 99.99% silver allow good surface area for faster production. They're enough to make a hundred gallons of silver particles as large as 15 ppm. Another neat factor about this kit is that it works both plugged in and with batteries.

So, if your apartment lacks a suitable outlet or there's a power lacking, you can still make your supplements in time. The universal adapter included here is designed to work with nearly 150 countries and you won't even need a voltage reducer.

This kit has a great power supply switching feature that allows it to run on both 50-60 Hz or 100-240 volts of AC current.

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  • It has a universal adapter that’s extremely compatible
  • Works fast to make 32 ounces in 32 minutes
  • Good quality 12-gauge wires, which are durable
  • Includes everything you need to start making your silver in the kit
  • Can be powered by batteries as well


  • A charger (9 V) might be required
  • The spoon and scrubber are made of plastic

8. IONX | Colloidal Silver Generator

Colloidal Silver Generator

In the age, with iPhones and Androids, manually timing your particle producer is too old-school. That's why for the tech-savvy health geeks we've included this product from Ionexx in our list of favorites. It's the first-ever generator for making silver at home that produces silver nanoparticles with the help of ultrasound.

Not only is this fast in its job, but it's also high-tech and high quality making it the best rated colloidal silver generator out there. With this, you'll be able to prepare 10-nanometer size (recommended) particles in a matter of 20 minutes.

Moreover, the particles will have several unique characters that make them of higher quality when it comes to making your own colloidal silver.

These traits include- better thermal conduction, more stability and density, ideal size, and great reactivity in solution. And since there's a timer application designed for this device to be synced with your smartphone, you can know exactly when you've reached the recommended particle size.

The instructions are easy to understand and they also include information on maintenance. One downside is that you'll have to purchase the silver rods separately. But given the quality and sturdiness of the generator, it's still very much worth its price.

There aren’t any pesky wires or multiple batteries involved which makes this small and portable enough for travel.


  • Application for timing the device can be synced with smartphone devices
  • Capable of producing colloidal silver of 10-nanometer 
  • Particles are of higher quality with better features
  • Small and portable for carrying
  • Works really fast and sturdily built


  • Does not run on batteries so needs plugging to a power source
  • Silver rods/wires aren’t included

9. Compact EZ-1 Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator Package by LifeForce Devices

Compact EZ-1 Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator

This is a more portable spin to the old-school EZ-2 generator from the same company. It's not a plug-in device but rather runs on 27 V worth of power via batteries. Although it might make this device a bit more expensive, it does allow mobility in a way that plug-in devices just don't permit.

If you’re someone who uses nebulizers with silver and might need particles on the go anywhere, this is a great investment.

By no means does this EZ-1 work slow, and to back up the claim for speed, they've included a timing chart as well. It's reliable and accurate to let you make particles ranging from 5-40 ppm size precisely. Besides, you won't have to carry any meters or laser pointers either.

For newbies, it is particularly easy to use the tool as immersing the silver wires makes it run and it turns off automatically when the wires are removed. Of course, you'll need to wrap the four screws in the process too. When the two rods are in the proper place, it works as a constant voltage device.

You're going to have to make sure the electrodes are cleaned up after each production use.


  • Easy to carry since it runs on batteries
  • Meant to make small particles to large ones like 5-40 ppm
  • Effortless to use for beginners
  • A reliable and accurate time chart is included for accuracy
  • 14-gauge pure silver wires allow the large surface area to discharge


  • Needs cleaning of electrodes after each use
  • It’s expensive

10. Make Colloidal Silver Generator Machine Economy Combo Kit Includes .9999 Percent Pure 12-Gauge Wire

Make Colloidal Silver Generator Machine

When looking for something good but in a low budget, the struggles are very real. This product is thus a breath of fresh air as its both cheap and great in performance. The Wombat Survival colloidal generator is something perfect for anyone looking to make ionic silver whether they're a newbie or not.

It's not a plug-in device but rather runs on batteries making it even more accessible to the people in general.

So, what will you need to operate this baby? Either one or three 9V batteries will suffice to get this running in no time. And that's right, it even runs with a single battery if you've got no other way of getting more. The wires included here are purer in comparison since they're .9999% silver and not your typical .999%.

More surface area is always a welcome since it allows more discharge in a shorter time. That's another pro of this kit; the wires are 10 gauge with 26% more surface area.

Besides, having this will allow you to make your particles literally anywhere (even overseas) as carrying it through airport security will be of no hassle-given you've taken out the batteries. After all, you don’t want to get stuck in a security checking dilemma.


  • Wires have 26% more surface area than typical ones
  • Easy to carry
  • This runs on either just one or three batteries (9V each)
  • It’s super inexpensive
  • No power outlets are required


  • It’s not as well built as high-end generators
  • Metal rods/wires are quite bendable if handled roughly

11. Compact EZ-1 Barebones Colloidal Silver Generator Package w/14 Gauge Wires by LifeForce Devices

Compact EZ-1 Barebones Colloidal Silver Generator

Last but not least we'll discuss this product which is an EZ-1 barebones particle silver producer. It's quite similar to its sibling products of the same line having the portability we're familiar with and a battery-powered running feature.

For this, you'll need just three 9 V batteries. And as long as the total power supplied is 26V, you'll be getting to make 32 ounces of particles sized 5ppm in just 32 minutes.

With this, the company has provided options for wires/electrodes for you to choose from. You can either go for the 14, 12 or 10-gauge electrodes depending on how fast you want the particles to discharge.

They've included a timing chart to let the user know exactly how long it takes for which amount or size. This also means you won't have a meter to carry.

The instruction manual with this set shows a step by step guideline on how to use it. Since the price is so affordable, you might be wondering about its durability. In fact, this is a tried and tested the highly durable kit with electrode rods to last you quite a while.


  • The electrodes/wires available for this are of different thicknesses
  • There’s a time chart included instead of a bulky meter
  • It’s easy to carry
  • As it runs on batteries, plugging it in isn’t necessary
  • This is a 27-26V unit so it makes particles well


  • It’s a bit slow compared to high-end or mid-range products
  • Package lacks in accessories like a spoon, scrubber, or jar

Things to Consider before Buying

Suppose you've been prescribed with some antibiotics or dietary supplements, then you come home, get suited and try to make them yourself. While it sounds absurd, it's not a very far off idea considering silver colloidal particles are used as supplements by many DIYers.

And so, you can imagine the number of precautions, research, and mindfulness that should go into making them with a generator by the electrically charged flakes of pure silver.

That's why before you jump in and grab one of your own, here is the stuff you need to know to find out what is the best colloidal silver generator for you according to our current scientific understanding.

Precise Measurement

Usually, the silver concentration in supplementary products is tested in the lab by professionals. This is because there's a very specific limit as to how much of this substance (mixed in demineralized water) one can intake in a day. This is to ensure the dosage is completely safe.

On top of all this, the TDS meters included with most generator kits are not accurate enough nor made for silver measurement specifically. This is why it's absolutely obligatory that you check for a time chart and consult a doctor if need be. Be very careful of how much you consume or produce as meters do lie.

Also, make sure the unit that you get is free of particle clumping. All the units that we have reviewed are devoid of this issue.

Power Source

Is the device a plug-in or battery-run gear? Does it come with adapters? Do you have the required power supply outlet to charge or run the machine as a whole?

Power Source

Ask yourself these questions before making the purchase. We're sure you'll reach the right conclusion.


Although it might sound like a joke, it really isn't funny when your little silver particles producing box gets you nearly arrested at airport check-in. If you're the type to frequently travel and take supplements along with you, go for something that's designed to be "customs-proof".

The fewer wires and batteries, the better. Dual charging features are what you need to prioritize in this case.

Instructions and Price

If you're new to the world of colloidal supplements or minting, then it's a good idea to start with a cheap or mid-range kit just to get a feel of the product first. And then, your body has positive results from the substance, you can consider upgrading your electrodes or even the entire set.

As for quality, you'll be surprised how many awesome kits are available at totally affordable price points. Look out for a good warranty as it'll help you in case any of the components break or get damaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What voltage works best for making colloidal silver?

30 Volts or anything close to it works best for making these particles. You can use a voltage detector to measure the voltage accurately.

  • How many particles of silver can you take in a day?

According to WHO, an average person (adult) of 70 kg weight can only take 350 micrograms of it in a day. Any concentration above 50 ppm might be dangerous for the body.

  • Can you drink colloidal silver?

Yes, you can drink quality colloidal silver. It's usually administered either orally or via the skin through injection.

  • Are silver colloids antiviral?

Studies have shown that silver nanoparticles do have some antiviral properties against some strands of HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes, and respiratory viruses.

  • How easy is it to operate a cs generator?

It’s quite simple and easy to operate one of these generators. As long as one knows how to read a clock, set the alarm and measure the water properly it’ll be easy.

  • Can you use plastic jars to make colloidal silver particles?

Glass is a superior storage medium and is thus recommended for both storage and production of chemicals/particles of silver. Using plastic can risk compromising with the purity of the substance as it’s produced.

  • How does silver colloids work in our body?

Researches show that these colloids enter the body and destroy the cell membrane of intruder cells. Then by damaging the intruder’s DNA, they cause its death.

Final Words

While the fact of silver being the ultimate ‘Panacea’ that needs a comeback is a debatable topic, more and more people are testifying to its effectiveness every day. So, if you’re willing to cook up some yourself, our list of the best colloidal silver generators is right at your service.

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