11 Best Cyclone Dust Collectors For 2022 | Tested by Experts

Specks of dust are the cleaner's worst enemy, and extreme exposure can also cause unwanted respiratory problems that should be avoided. Whether it is for your home or woodworking area, the best cyclone dust collectors are a perfect addition to your cleaning equipment!

Say goodbye to the microparticles that affect your décor! To have a healthier living and to prolong your furniture’s lifespan, buying the right one is necessary. To guide you, this article provides the top candidates and the guided features that you should look out for!

11 Best Cyclone Dust Collectors Review

In finding the best-suited variety, you should first consider the benefits each may bring and whether it coincides with your needs. Here is the list that can be worth choosing for—

1. Jet JCDC-1.5 1.5 hp Cyclone Dust Collector

Jet JCDC-1.5 1.5 hp Cyclone Dust Collector

If you are struggling with the dirt accumulation in your area, here is the solution! The Jet cyclone dust collector is backed up by its years of experience as a manufacturer. This ensures a piece of durable and effective equipment for your cleaning ways.

The unit offers a two-stage separation! With this, the product provides more CFM than the usual single-stage units, which results in removing dust accumulation faster than ever. Specifically, it has 763 CFM with a pre-installed filter, which collects the particles effectively.

The equipment also has a 20-gallon drum capacity! It is ideal for a home or a small workplace. Also, it is equipped with independent casters with release levers that make the emptying situation easier.

It provides constant dust cleaning! The specks of dust are collected to the gallon before the unit reaches the filter, preventing clogs and allowing continuous dust cleaning. Moreover, the caster wheels make it easy to move around.


  • Two-stage separation system provides more CFM for faster cleaning
  • 20-gallon capacity ideal for small spaces or home
  • Independent casters and release levers
  • Dust is collected to drum before reaching the filter making it continuous
  • Has embedded caster wheels for easy transportation from one area to another


  • Can be quite complicated to assemble
  • The gallon bin is not enough for heavy-duty dust workplace

2. Jet JCDC-3 3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector Kit

Jet JCDC-3 3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector Kit

Are you considering an upgrade for your large space? Or perhaps looking for one that can handle extreme dust accumulation? Look no more! Another product from Jet, here comes a three HP dust collector that can surely do its job for you!

Like the previous one, its features also include two-stage separation, giving you more speed and efficiency than the usual single staged one even with the same horsepower.

Moreover, constant suction is observed, collecting the dust to the drum before it reaches the filter, preventing clogs or inefficiencies that may occur.

The product uses an up to par filter! It has a double paddle manual cleaning system, and the pleated material in it can catch the smallest dust up to 1 micron.

The 66-gallon drum can collect thrice the amount of the previous model and be more powerful with its 3.0 hp engine. With this, the product is more directed towards heavy dust cleaning, perfect for your woodworking needs [BTW, If you need a full face respirator to protect yourself from wood dust, get help from this article].

The radiofrequency of the remote can be used up to 50 feet in the distance! Moreover, it has different timer settings depending on your needed functionality, making it efficient. The swivel casters and quick release levers are designed for easy dust emptying as well as portability.


  • Two-stage separation for faster cleaning
  • Double paddle manual cleaning system and pleated filter catch up to 1 micron
  • 66-gallon drum ideal for a large area or heavy dust cleaning
  • Radiofrequency reaches up to 50-feet
  • Swivel casters and quick release lever for easy dust emptying and portability


  • The remote control can be entirely unresponsive on first few uses
  • The paint can be chipped if not properly maintained

3. Grizzly Industrial G0637-7-1/2 HP 3-Phase Cyclone Dust Collector

Grizzly Industrial G0637-7-1/2 HP 3-Phase Cyclone Dust Collector

Specks of dust in your workplace can be burdensome, especially as it can disrupt productivity alongside being a health hazard. To address it, here is a product from Grizzly that is worth the buy! 

The dust collector can handle many machines at the same time for its 7.5-HP motor! The powerful engine alongside 3468 CM of airflow capacity guarantees that it does its job neatly and efficiently. Moreover, the dual pleated filter can capture debris from 0.2 to 2 micron, allowing it to handle the task at ease.

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Want less noise while working? The kit comes with an air exhaust muffler that lessens any sound produced by the dust collector, specifically within 84 to 88 db. Aside from this, it also comes with remote control and magnetic switch, making the operation within the machine easier.

The two 55-gallon drums coincide with its high dust capacity! The drums are made of steel material, making it durable and can last a long time. It also has embedded casters for easy dust removal. With this, the product is user-friendly and can easily be operated.


  • The 7.5-HP powerful motor increases efficiency
  • 3468 CM sucking power in airflow capacity
  • The dual pleated filter can capture from 0.2-2 micron
  • Air exhaust muffler can lessen any noise made within 84 to 88 dB
  • Two 55-gallon drums in the kit coincide with high dust capacity


  • May go beyond your budget price point
  • Can be too large if used in small working space

4. Grizzly Industrial G0441-3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

Grizzly Industrial G0441-3 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

Some consumers prefer a light dust collector that fits the budget, and if you want something similar to the last product but do not need a heavy-duty one with multiple machines, then this is the unit for you! The Grizzly dust collector is a budget-friendly device that has outstanding features for you to use!

Compared to the previous product, this dust collector has a 3 HP motor with 1654 CFM, which may be lesser but still does its job perfectly. The sucking power and time of usage can be considered superior within the price range and the device also lasts a long time.

In terms of durability, the 11-gauge steel blower and 14-gauge steel cyclone body give it a sturdy frame that adds to its strength. Also, it stores your debris into a 55-gallon drum, making it ideal for small workplace usage. The casters embedded on the drum allows portability and easy emptying.

The device also ensures efficient airflow in dust collection! Its pleated cartridge filter provides 113 square feet, with an additional plastic bag to clear the dust from the filter, preventing any clogs that may potentially occur.

Moreover, the vertical motor has reduced vibration and a noise muffler that keeps the sound within 83 to 85 db. It allows you to have a quiet but competent device that fits your area!


  • 3 HP with 1654 CFM has an up to par sucking power within its variety
  • 11-gauge steel blower and 14-gauge steel cyclone body gives it durability
  • 55-gallon drum capacity
  • Pleated cartridge filter provides 113 square feet
  • Vertical motor reduces vibration and has a noise muffler


  • Noise piece may rarely be forgotten but can be sent when informed
  • The paint coat may wear off after a long time of usage

5. Clear Vue Cyclones CV1800LH 18" diameter

Clear Vue Cyclones CV1800LH 18" diameter

Do you have a small area allotted for your dust collector? Worry no more! From Clear Vue Cyclones manufacturer comes a product compact enough to fit a small space but ensures an active dust cleaning job. Ideal for small woodworking spaces, or those that support single tool at a time.

The clear design allows you to see its suction in action! With 1442 CFM, the siphoning power is enough to support your dusting removal. Its 6 inches inlet diameter is also compatible with the debris, such as woodchips, dust, and particles, to pass through efficiently.

Additionally, the unit Supports nano filtering! In dust collection, the filter can capture up to 0.5 microns, to ensure that your workplace is dust-free, increasing your productivity. Its 5HP Leeson single-phase motor is enough for your dust cleaning needs.

The product is made from polycarbonate material for durability! Despite the size, it can last you a long time with proper maintenance needed. The tool needs 96 inches installation height but can be modified for your small area.

Since it emphasizes its size with up to par performance, the collection bin is not included but can be bought separately from the manufacturer if preferred.


  • Ideal for small working spaces or one tool support
  • Transparent design makes you see its actual suction process
  • 1442cfm is enough suction power for your area
  • The filter can capture up to 0.5 micron
  • Made of polycarbonate material for durability


  • Not designed for multiple usages of machinery
  • Bracket, collection bin, and remote are sold separately

6. Baileigh DC-2100C Cyclone Style Dust Collector

Baileigh DC-2100C Cyclone Style Dust Collector

Since the cleanliness of your workplace contributes to productivity and being safe, this product is ideal for those that handle various types of machinery. The Baileigh manufacturer offers excellent dust collectors, and can remove the debris that hinders your work!

The unit can connect up to 3 machines! It allows faster cleaning within your equipment, with an additional 2111 CFM feature for quick suction and cleans the dust particles all at once. As one of the quiet machines from this variety, this product does not bother any work that needs to be done.

The dust collector can collect with 63-gallon drum capacity; and with quick release, emptying it is easy and user-friendly. The kit also comes with remote control for a more accessible usage of features, and a plastic waste bag for dirt and dust collection.

It only weighs 385 pounds, and so portability is not an issue! Casters also make moving around not a problem. Best suited for those who want to filter dust from up to 3 machines, making productivity worth the time!


  • It can accommodate up to 3 input machines
  • 2111 CFM has quick suction power
  • One of the quiet dust collectors from this variety
  • Comes with 63-gallon drum capacity, remote control, and plastic waste bag
  • Weighs 385 pounds with caster wheels for portability


  • The drum capacity may be small for three inputs

7. Baileigh DC-1450C Cyclone Style Dust Collector

Baileigh DC-1450C Cyclone Style Dust Collector

From the same manufacturer, this dust collector can execute the same high-quality experience at a more compatible and tight space with its features coinciding with your needs. It is ideal for small workspace, with at most two machines which the product can accommodate.

It supports two inlets! This allows you to connect the two machines simultaneously, filtering the dust easier and faster. Also, the 1450 CFM can handle all the dust with its suction power. The filter can also efficiently capture the dust and debris particles, making the overall product worthwhile.

The unit comes with a remote for easy usage! It runs on a 240 single-phase that ensures all dust particles are collected from the machine. Moreover, the capability to be quiet makes it ideal in a workplace environment, eliminating unwanted noise, which may disrupt the ambience of productivity.

This dust collector has a 28-gallon drum for dust collection! The steel material contributes to its strength and makes it durable, which guarantees extended usage with proper maintenance.

Moreover, the window design makes it plausible to check if the drum is full, making the trip to empty the dust bin worth the time.

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  • Supports up to 2 inlet machines
  • 1450 CFM can handle the dust with its suction power
  • Filter captures the debris effectively
  • Comes with a remote for smooth operation and is quiet while at work
  • 28-gallon drum with window design for dust collection


  • The gallon capacity can be too small for two inputs
  • Inlets should be more extensive for more coherence

8. Jet JCDC-2 2 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

Jet JCDC-2 2 HP Cyclone Dust Collector

From a trusted manufacturer, Jet produced a two HP cyclone dust collector that can fit your workplace well. The product has a powerful suction coinciding with its built that can last you long and keeps your equipment safe and clean! Like a dust extractor, this unit is very well at collecting large amounts of dust in a short time.

Like the first two Jet products, this variety also comes with a two-stage separation from the usual one. It provides more CFM and suction ability than others, even if you’re using the same horsepower with single-stage products.

Moreover, the direct mounted filter prevents any inadequacy that may occur, keeping your machine running smoothly.

It can capture down to 1 micron and below! The pleated material of the filter captures the debris and dust particles that it collects up to its ability. It assures that almost all accumulated dirt is cleaned, and therefore maintaining your machinery.

It has a 30-gallon drum for dust storage! With quick-release lever and casters, the emptying of the product is easy and efficient. The remote also allows you to operate this device without the need to approach it. This tool is perfect for preventing dust in your workplace while being user-friendly at the same time!


  • Two-stage separation for more suction ability
  • Direct mounted filter
  • Filter pleated material can capture from 1 micron and below
  • It has 30-gallon drum dust storage and quick release lever and casters
  • Radiofrequency remote for distance operation


  • Can be hard to assemble due to complicated connection
  • Small caster wheels hinder movement when they encounter obstruction in the path

9. Megaton UB-3100VECK 3HP 208V Cyclone Dust Collector

Megaton UB-3100VECK 3HP 208V Cyclone Dust Collector

From a lesser known manufacturer rose a product that has high-quality material and features that can eliminate any airborne dust which you may encounter in the area. The Megaton cyclone dust collector is known for its large premium machine that is durable and is portable anywhere within your shop.

The product provides 2200 CFM of airflow, an abundant suction power to eliminate any dust accumulation across your device. It can support multiple machines, maintaining its functionality along the way.

Apart from that, the motorized automatic filter makes it user-friendly and ensures that the canister filter is ready for usage.

The filter can support down to 1-micron efficiency in collecting debris! It allows you to maintain the cleanliness of your area and prevent any dust from escaping its hold. The remote control allows distant operation, as you can manipulate its function from afar.

It has a 63-gallon drum! This allows you to store the dust long before emptying it, and the size is large enough for your needs. The steel material also contributes to its durability, which can withstand any environmental pressure. Moreover, it has casters for easy emptying and moving.


  • 2200 CFM airflow suction power
  • Supports multiple types of machinery depending on your needs
  • Motorized automatic filter allows it to be ready for every usage
  • Can collect down to 1-micron dust particle and with remote
  • 63-gallon drum for debris storage and casters


  • The filter can occasionally leave dust

10. Festool 204083 CT Cyclone Dust Separator

Festool 204083 CT Cyclone Dust Separator

If you prefer a budget-friendly product that matches your small dust extraction needs, then this one is designed for you! The Festool cyclone dust separator eliminates dust to provide a cleaner workshop where you can do your job productively.

It maintains a consistent suction power, preventing any dust from escaping in your workplace and keeps your equipment clean. The easy to use design also makes it user-friendly, without the need of complications that may potentially occur.

Portability is top-notch! The stackable design of the container allows you to transport the product wherever you need it. With a close-packed dimension and durable design, the dust collector is easy to store.

The product has a built in the 5.3-gallon drum for light usage, which is why the dust storage collector is quite smaller than others, but it is good to have one than not having it at all.

Additionally, the tool-free design allows you to use it wherever, even without the CT cyclone pre-separator. You do not need to spend more to get this dust separator that you need!


  • Consistent suction power
  • The design is user-friendly
  • Portable with stackable container design and compact dimension
  • 5.3-gallon drum
  • Tool-free design lets you use it efficiently and wherever you need it


  • The collection drum is too small that it can only be used with light dust filtration needs
  • Not ideal for extensive or industrial use with heavy dust accumulation

11. Laguna Tools MDC0680 3 HP Cyclone Auto Clean

Laguna Tools MDC0680 3 HP Cyclone Auto Clean

Do you have many types of machinery that need cleaning? Or you have an ample space that needs massive dust extraction? Look no more! With Laguna Tools manufacturer, their siphoning system is worth every penny.

The product offers an 8-inch inlet with a three 4-inch splitter! This allows for it to be connected to 4 equipment at once. The 3-HP motor with 2200 CFM allows suction capacity to handle multiple devices accordingly, without the need to compromise its features.

It can filter down to 1 micron! The pleated cartridge can accommodate any dust or debris particles that come in its way. Cyclone design also separates the device from the air before going towards the filter, preventing any clogs that may potentially occur.

What’s more, the remote control is included, which allows you to operate the device even if you are a few miles away, making it user efficient.

60-gallon drum capacity! The storage is ideal in size and is made of a steel frame that holds the bag, preventing it from being sucked up while empty. The caster wheels and quick release lever allows easy emptying of the bin, contributing to its portability.


  • Can accommodate up to 4 inlet pipes at once
  • 3-HP motor with 2200 CFM has decent suction capacity for multiple devices
  • Filters down to 1-micron dust particles
  • 60-gallon drum capacity for debris storage with steel frame
  • Caster wheels and quick release levers for easy removal and emptying


  • Loud in usage, you may need ear protection
  • More holes in impeller housing would allow the intake port to modify direction depending on your needs

What to Look for Before Buying?

Having a dust collector is essential to have a clean workspace and ensure safety. Before buying, here is a startup guide for the features that you need to consider—

Dust Bin

The capacity of the dust drum depends on how light or heavy is the dust extractor that will be used. For medium to broad usage, a bigger size would be preferable for convenience, so that you do not need to take the trip in emptying it often.

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a light, single machine usage, a smaller size would do, as it is compact.


It needs to work, or in other words, capture the dust and woodchip effectively. Most have different varieties depending on the product and specifies the micro size it can accommodate. If the filter can separate the dust from the air with leaving almost no traces of debris, then you are good to go.

Motor and Airflow Rate

1-HP motors can be used for small usage, for the medium to large-scale utilization, 2-HP or better is suitable. Since CFM measures the air flow rate, the higher the value, the better its suction power.

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Most models have caster wheels for moving, and quick release levers to empty the bin efficiently. Most are large, especially those that are meant for heavy dust usage, the way to release the bin quickly is a benefit.

Frame Material

The sturdy frame contributes to the product’s durability and allows it to function for years. Some have steel makeup to prevent any environmental pressure that may occur, or polycarbonate material, avoiding any rust accumulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much CFM do I need?

For small machines, 1000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the starting point for excellent performance, and higher is preferable.

2. How many microns are dust particles?

If you are in woodworking or sites that produce dust, wood dust is milliliters in measurement, with the smallest one being 1 micron. You can search each dust's particulate matter of the material you come across to know more.

3. Why does particle size matter?

Knowing the sizes are better for selecting the right product since most filters indicate the micron measurement that they can capture.

4. Is not getting rid of dust safe?

No, it can trigger health problems such as allergies or asthma. Moreover, unclean environment can also contain chemicals that are harmful when inhaled.

5. What is industrial dust?

Industrial dust is particles produced when cutting, grinding, or sawing different materials. It can provide potential health risks, which is why dust collectors are essential.

6. What is the difference between single and two-stage collectors?

Between the two, two-stage is better, but it depends if you need the upgrade. In two-stage, it consists of a first stage cyclone, then the blower, and the second stage filter. The stage separation helps the blower last longer since it will only encounter small particles, unlike the one stage.

7. Is the dust burnable?

It depends on what the dust or debris is made of. If the material is prone to combustion, then it should not be in contact with fire. It can pose a risk in the workplace, or worse, explosion.

Final Words

In searching for the best cyclone dust collectors, finding the right one for you depends on the functionality that you need. It is better to assess if you are more towards heavy or light usage and look according to that variety.

Now that you know the list and features that you need, time to take a trip to your trusted store or website and choose one now!

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