14 Best Door Hinges Reviews with Buying Guide

When it comes to decorating a house, what kind of door hinges to use will probably be an afterthought to most homeowners.

Because this is such a minor decision to make, people may be hasty and careless about which door hinges they invest in.

However, this component is something that is used every day. Hence, the best door hinges are the ones that go completely unnoticed on the day-to-day. Of course, it is always a plus if the door hinges also look good while being quiet.

The following article will discuss the features, pros, and cons of the 14 of the top door hinges on the market right now so that you can buy ones that suit you and your home.

14 Best Door Hinges Reviews

There are tonnes of options to choose from when it comes to door hinges, which can be intimidating. Below are 14 of the most prominent and popular ones.

1. AmazonBasics Rounded Door Hinges

AmazonBasics Rounded Door Hinges

These simple door hinges from AmazonBasics are available in 5 colors/materials. Namely, antique brass, matte black, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin nickel. We will be looking at the matte black option in this section, given its popularity.

The hinges measure 3.5” x 3.5” and have rounded corners. As mentioned, they have a matte black finish and are made of durable steel.

This is a convenient option given that you can buy them in a pack of 18 for a pretty low price. Mounting hardware for installing the hinges is included in this pack, along with detailed instructions on how to install them.

And these specific door hinges are only meant for interior use. Though they are matte black, they are still light enough to match bronze or brass doorknobs.


  • Comes in an even number of 18 in one affordable pack
  • Installation hardware is provided in the pack
  • The standard matte black finish goes well with most interiors
  • Detailed instructions make it easy to install even for amateurs


  • Can only be used with rounded edge hinge compartments
  • May be difficult and laborious to install

2. Design House 181438 Door Hinges

Design House 181438 Door Hinges

Available in packs of 3 and 10, these door hinges from Design House come in four variations of colors and materials (oil-rubbed bronze, satin brass, satin nickel, and a golden 2020 edition).

Of these four, the oil-rubbed bronze seems to be the crowd favorite, given its somber color that suits most indoor spaces. These hinges are 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches and have 6 holes for screws (included in the packs). They also have rounded corners of radius ⅝”.

Needless to say, hinges with rounded corners automatically amp up the modernity of living space, while the burnished dark bronze-tone adds to the look of the door without being distracting.

That said, these door hinges are truly ideal for inside the home and are definitely not meant for external use (such as on shed or barn gates).


  • Comes in a solid collection of colors and materials
  • An ideal door hinge option for the most contemporary of homes
  • Screws for mounting are included in the pack, making installation easier
  • Convenient amount of hinges in available pack sizes


  • Not structured the best, only good for use on residential doors

3. Ilyapa Interior Door Hinges

Ilyapa Interior Door Hinges

These door hinges from Ilyapa may look simple, but they are also sturdy and durable. They can be bought in packs of 6 hinges and 18 hinges, and the most popular color and the material option is the flat black satin nickel.

When it comes to shape, these hinges have ⅝” rounded corners. Each hinge comes with six 0.75” screws (for the 6 holes) and a single 1.5” screw for greater stability.

It should be noted that these are meant to be used on interior doors and may become more prone to wear if installed on exterior doors.


  • Ridiculously easy and quick to install using just a driver
  • Sleek and simple design makes it suitable for virtually any home or office
  • Last a long time without wear or tear compared to similar hinges
  • Longer screw provides more stability to the door


  • Slightly more expensive than alternatives from other brands
  • Only ideal for indoor use

4. Dynasty Hardware Spring Hinges

Dynasty Hardware Spring Hinges

Just as the brand name, these golden satin brass door hinges from Dynasty are also quite luxurious and elegant.

These 4 inches by 4 inches hinges come in a pack of 2 and have ⅝” radius corners. However, do not let their sleek looks fool you. These hinges are not only self-closing (thanks to the mortise spring) but will also settle securely into the door.

They are a great option for front doors and a lifesaver for folks who often forget to close their doors. The tension on the doors is also adjustable.

All that said, one downside is that these perks add to the cost of these hinges significantly. Strong and stable as they are, you may not find it feasible to install them on every door of your property.


  • Extremely secure, thanks to the mortise spring
  • Can easily support heavier doors such as front doors
  • They have a simple yet luxurious look
  • Tension on the hinges can be customized to the user's needs and likings


  • One of the more expensive door hinges on the market
  • Can only be bought in a pack of two

5. eBuilderDirect Hinge3nc-5-8 Rounded Hinges

eBuilderDirect Hinge3nc-5-8 Rounded Hinges

We must mention these satin nickel door hinges from eBuilderDirect if we are talking about hinges which are affordable and get the job done.

There is nothing fancy about them, but these hinges are also not plain or boring. They have a nice satin finish and rounded corners.

Available in packs of 3 and 18 hinges, each hinge is accompanied by six 1” long screws, which means that the hinge will be more safely attached to the door than most regular door hinges.

These door hinges also have a thickness of 0.2 inches, which is quite good for hinges meant for indoor use.

If you are looking for stable hinges for the interior of your house, which will be low maintenance, cost less, and look nice, then you should definitely go for the pack of 18 hinges.


  • Each hinge comes with 6 lengthy 1” screws, providing more security
  • Very easy to install, even for amateurs
  • An overall reliable option in terms of price, quantity, size, and quality
  • Heavy-duty while also providing a great value for your money


  • The finish may be slightly grainy and not entirely satin

6. Kesler 3” to ½” Rounded Hinges 

Kesler 3” to ½” Rounded Hinges

Although not very unique at first glance, there are some things that set these Kesler satin nickel hinges apart from their competitors. These do have the standard square shape measuring 3.5 inches all around and with rounded corners of radius ⅝”. They are plain bearing door hinges that come with installation screws.

However, these hinges easily beat their alternatives in terms of the options in which they are available. The door hinges are available in packs of 3, 12, 18, 24, 30, 40, and 50, with the price of each pack being relatively lower than that of the one before it.

For instance, it is much more feasible to buy the pack of 30 hinges than it is to buy the pack of 12. Even if you do not end up using all 30 of them, you always have extras in case one of the hinges wears down.


  • Nice satin nickel finish makes it suitable for most indoor settings
  • Standard sizing means it will fit most doors
  • A perfectly neutral option for all light and medium doors
  • Amazing value for money, especially if you need hinges for several doors


  • The accompanying screws may need to be switched out for longer, more stable ones

7. Ferrari 170 Degree Kitchen Door Hinge

Ferrari 170 Degree Kitchen Door Hinge

The hint for why these Ferrari hinges are different from others on this list is in its name. These are 170 degrees hinges meant specifically for kitchen doors.

They open to 170° and are highly suitable for heavier doors. These only come as single hinges and can be quite pricey.

However, the price does make sense given their unique shape and purpose, and the fact that they ensure maximum stability for heavy doors. Its hinge plate is quite durable, and it can withstand being opened and closed frequently throughout the day.

This hinge also has a full overlay, which protects it from corrosion due to external conditions, which is an excellent feature considering it is meant for use in kitchens that have hot and humid conditions.


  • The perfect hinge for heavy doors
  • Highly resistant to repeated use and external weather conditions
  • Durable and does not need much maintenance after installation
  • 170° opening capacity is suitable for busy areas


  • A single hinge can be quite an investment to make due to its high price

8. Shed Windows and More Square Barn Hinge 

Shed Windows and More Square Barn Hinge

Another product that stands out from this list is this barn hinge from the brand Shed Windows and More. These can be purchased in packs of 6 for quite a reasonable price.

Firstly, it has quite a unique shape, with one side being rectangular and the other being a wide square (with rounded corners). This hinge has a total of 9 holes for screws and is meant to be used on heavier doors, such as in barns.

The hinge is made of steel and has a black powder-coated finish, giving it a minimal but sophisticated look. And the powder coating also protects these hinges from wearing down easily.

While the square side of the hinge measures about 3” by 3”, the rectangular side is 4” to 7/16” on the long side and has 90° corners. When installed, the hinge opens to up to 180°. This means that it is great for doors through which heavy equipment is passed or for areas that are regularly crowded.


  • Ideal for heavy doors
  • Opens wide up to 180°
  • Very reasonably priced, considering how heavy-duty they are
  • Powder coating protects it from rust


  • You may need to buy several packs if you have a couple of heavy doors

9. Tempo Satin Nickel Door Hinges

Tempo Satin Nickel Door Hinges

These satin nickel door hinges from Tempo are not very different from many others on this list and have some very reliable qualities. They are available in a variety of quantities (from packs of 12 to 100 hinges), but the pack of 30 is a standard and highly affordable option for interior doors.

As with most interior door hinges, these are 3.5” x 3.5” with ⅝” radius corners. They have plain bearings that allow them to operate smoothly and are accompanied by wood screws.

Each door hinge has six holes that need to be screwed into the door and door frame. The pins between the hinge plates are removable. These hinges are also rust and corrosion resistant to quite an extent.


  • Easy to install
  • Neutral color and finish will look good with most decor
  • Plain bearings make them operate smoothly and without noise
  • Wide range of quantities to choose from, each reasonably priced


  • Quality may not be consistent throughout every hinge in a pack

10. Dependable Direct Residential Door Hinges

Dependable Direct Residential Door Hinges

The Residential door hinges from Dependable Direct can be bought as a pack of 10 stain chrome finish hinges.

They measure 3.5” by 3.5” and have rounded corners of ⅝ of an inch. These hinges have a thickness of 2.16 mm, which is perfect for indoor use. This pack of 10 comes with matching screws, with each hinge requiring 6 screws of the same length. The hinges are made entirely of steel, including the pin.

A distinguishable quality of these hinges is that they are reversible. This means that they can be used with both left-handed and right-handed doors.

If you do not have much experience with home improvement, these hinges will still be super easy for you to install, given that the mounting screws are provided in the pack, and you will only need some type of driver to screw the hinges in.


  • Can be used in commercial spaces as well as in homes
  • Known for being resistant to wear and tear
  • Suitable for use with both left-hand and right-hand doors
  • The finish adds to the overall durability of the steel hinges


  • Quite pricey compared to similar options
  • Accompanying screws may not be long enough to securely hold the hinges

11. Berlin Modisch Self-Closing Spring Door Hinges

Berlin Modisch Self-Closing Spring Door Hinges

These hinges from Berlin Modisch may seem like most others at first glance, but they do have some features which set them apart from regular door hinges.

The hinges come in packs of 2 and 4. Each hinge measures 4” by 4”, has ⅝” rounded corners, and is 2.7 mm thick. These hinges are ideal for doors, which are 1” to 1.75” thick.

Something that these self-closing hinges have which stand out is that they come with a few extra bits and bobs, which make them easier to install and use.

For one, they come with a rubber door stopper. You can also adjust the tension on these hinges using the provided adjusting wrench tool. Not to mention the matching screws, which also come in the pack, making the hinges that much easier to install.

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  • You can customize the spring’s tension to your preference
  • The hinges allow doors to close automatically
  • Comes with several useful tools such as a door stopper and adjusting wrench
  • Larger and thicker than similar door hinges


  • Installation may be tricky for amateurs
  • Screws may loosen every so often and require tightening
  • May not provide that good value for your money

12. Hager Matte Black Rounded Door Hinges

Hager Matte Black Rounded Door Hinges

The pack of 12 matte black door hinges by Hager can add class to any space while being barely noticeable. Each hinge is 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches and has smooth ⅝” radius corners. Needless to say, the pack comes with matching black installation screws, with 6 screws for each hinge.

These are full mortise door hinges, meaning that they fit snugly and securely into the door and door frame. The plain bearing ensures that the hinges operate smoothly, in terms of sound and friction.

As with other similar items on this list, these hinges are best suited to interior doors. However, they are still very resistant to external weather conditions and do not rust easily.


  • Great for use with lightweight and medium-heavy doors
  • Full mortise means they become one with the door and door frame
  • Matte black finish makes it discreet
  • Any screws needed for installation are provided in the pack


  • Not meant for commercial use
  • There are cheaper options available of similar quality

13. Global Door Controls Rounded Steel Hinges 

Global Door Controls Rounded Steel Hinges

These steel full-mortise hinges by Global Door Controls are the perfect package. They have all the features of trusty standard indoor hinges.

Available in smaller-sized single pieces, as well as in packs of 2, 3, and 4 larger hinges, these come with six wood screws and have a sleek brushed chrome finish. Their plain bearings also ensure good support for light to medium weight doors.

They measure 3.5” by 3.5” and have rounded corners of (you guessed it) ⅝ inches. While the small single hinge is quite inexpensive, the packs of 2, 3, and 4 hinges do come at a much higher cost.

However, that will likely be worth it, given the security of their full-mortise feature and their other standard qualities, which means that these hinges will be suitable in most indoor environments.


  • These are long-lasting and very resistant to corrosion
  • Installation is a breeze, even if you are an inexperienced handyman
  • Once installed, there is little need for further maintenance
  • Full mortise means that it will stay secure on the door


  • Not strong enough for anything besides indoor use
  • The larger hinges can be expensive in terms of the quantity you get

14. T&B Light Duty T-strap Door Hinges 

T&B Light Duty T-strap Door Hinges

We saved the unique hinges of this line-up for the last. These T-shaped strap door hinges from T&B are light duty and can be used on more than just doors.

They are great for reclaiming cabinet doors and as door hinges for barns and sheds. These come in three sizes of 4”, 6”, and 8” and can be bought in packs of 6.

The hinges are suitable for both left and right-hand applications, thanks to the tight pin component. Given how light-duty they are, these hinges are also very reasonably priced.

On a 15 kg door, you will have to install 3 of the 4” strap hinges for the door to be stable. Although these hinges are not the most conventional nor heavy-duty, there is still a need for them in most homes and workplaces.


  • A perfect option for smaller or lightweight doors
  • Does not wear and tear easily, and is very resistant to corrosion
  • Have a unique and minimal look
  • An ideal component for reclaiming cabinet doors


  • Might not be strong enough for some bigger and heavier doors
  • The pack does not come with mounting hardware

What to Look for before Buying Door Hinges

Because of how unnoticeable yet essential door hinges are, you may want to put some thought into buying ones that not only look good but also have some other useful qualities.

Direction or Orientation

For one, you need to evaluate the type of door on which the hinges will be installed. Which way does the door swing open to left or right, or both? While there are many hinges which swing in two directions, most will swing either left or right.

If you end up buying hinges which swing in the opposite direction to what your door frame allows, then you will have to face the hassle of returning the door hinges.

That sort of thing can be a real hindrance, especially if you are busy planning other parts of your home or office as well.

The Right Screws

A lot of door hinges will come with screws that can be used to install them. While that is very convenient, it may be that those accompanying screws are not the best type of screws to use.

Door hinges must be installed securely to minimize the possibility of them loosening up, thus affecting the security of your home.

Door Hinges

The accompanying screws are good for use on interior doors. But for exterior doors, you need to use longer screws. This will increase the door’s stability and make it difficult for intruders to break in quickly.


This may seem obvious, yet a lot of people overlook this element of shopping for door hinges.

Before even browsing for hinges, you should first measure the height and thickness of your door, as well as inspect whether it has a hollow core or not. And if you need to measure door angles, you can use a digital angle finder to get accurate results. The results of these inspections will help you narrow down your choices of door hinges significantly.

It will take you far less time to evaluate the properties of your door and door frame than to buy the wrong set of hinges and have to return them.

Door Hinge Lubricant Buying Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we know the details about some of the most prominent door hinges, there might be some common questions you may have regarding door hinges in general.

1. How many hinges does a door usually need?

The rule of thumb is to install two hinges on a hollow door while using three hinges on a solid door will provide greater stability.

2. Is there a standard size for door hinges?

Most interior door hinges measure 3.5” by 3.5”, while exterior doors will use hinges which measure at least 4” by 4”.

3. How much space should be kept between each hinge on a door?

Whether you use two or more hinges, the top hinge should be no more than 5” from the top of the door, while the lowest hinge needs to be 10” above the floor/bottom of the door. When using 3 or more hinges, the spaces between each of the hinges must be equal.

4. How many hinges should I use on a fire door?

The more hinges there are on a door, the more stable it is. Hence, fire doors and other security-related doors must have at least 3 hinges.

5. Do all door hinges swing both left and right?

It can either be just left or just right, sometimes both. You will need to conduct some research before buying the perfectly oriented door hinge for your doors.

Final Words

Door hinges may be a minor detail in homes, but when done wrong, they can definitely affect your life negatively.

This is why carefully choosing the best door hinges you possibly can is a real investment in the long run, be it for your home or workplace.

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