10 Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt – Reviews 2022

Have you been constantly drilling holes but are not able to get it just right? Do you damage your material while trying to create a hole in it? The answer to your problems is a good drill bit.

Now you have to understand that you can’t go around using the same drill bit you use on wood as you would use on metal. Your item has to be strong and sharp enough to penetrate the extremely hard surface of the metal body.

Not to fear as we are here to help you pick out the best drill bit for hardened steel bolts.

So, without any further delay, let’s get you started.

Top 10 Drill Bits for Hardened Steel Bolt

Choosing the perfect drill bit can get a little difficult because of its mass production by various companies. For that reason, we have gathered 10 of the finest drill bits you can find in a store. Let’s get acquainted with them.

1. Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Drilling Bits

Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Drilling Bits

The company Hymnorq is a well-known company for manufacturing A-grade drills at an affordable price. And, their new work, the Metric M35, has also been fashioned after the same concept, which makes it an attractive product for all types of users.

When purchased, 50 pieces of drill bits will be provided. Each of these is made from a durable and strong material called M35 Cobalt and, of different dimensions. So, you’re given a large variety of drilling options.

The item is not made from 100 percent cobalt. Instead, they are made from steel which has a little amount of cobalt along with molybdenum mixed in it. Being made from this alloy gives it the edge when working with hard materials such as stainless steel.

Another notable feature is the 135 quick-cut point that makes the drilling much easier and quicker. This is because the design of the tip allows all the pressure to be exerted at a single point. And, the quick-cut design also makes it very stable allowing you to create a steady and straight cut.

Due to so many useful features, the product is very famous in the market and is a good contender for being the best drill bit for hardened steel bolts.

Highlighted Features

  • Very strong and highly durable due to being made from M35 Cobalt
  • Capable of drilling hard metals such as stainless steel
  • 50 pieces of drill bits provide a wide range of drilling actions
  • 135-degree quick-cut tip allows added stability and fast drilling

2. DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set


If durability is your top priority, then the Dewalt’s DW1361 titanium drill bit will have you hooked to it forever. Each of the drill bits was created with titanium which is one of the strongest metals on earth. This allows the drill bits to be extra strong allowing them to drill most hard surfaces.

Furthermore, the strength of the bits makes it highly resistant to damage. This fact makes it more reliable while working on tough surfaces.

Each Titanium drill bits has another titanium coating on it. The coating increases the strength and durability of the bits further and, in turn, makes this a great long-lasting investment.

The newly added tapered web-like design provides extra support to the bits and, hence, makes it even more durable. Also, being made from titanium, along with its new design allows it to be used on almost any type of material such as wood.

No spin shanks allow you to easily change drill bits during work, making your work more efficient.

This product comes with 21 gold-colored drill bits. Every drill bit has all the properties mentioned above, making them equally durable. Also, each bit is of different diameter and length which enables you to have a variety of drilling functions.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from titanium which gives it high durability and strength
  • It is easy to change between bits due to the none-rotating shank
  • 21 different types of drill bits are provided for different types of work

3. Hymnorq Migiwata Metric Drill Bits

Hymnorq Migiwata Metric Drill Bits

Many users prefer a cheap product that is manufactured from top quality raw materials. Hymnorq’s new product, Migiwata Metric Drill Bits, was specially made for these customers. So, if you are one of them, then this product will quickly become your favorite.

Firstly, the product is made from high-grade M35 cobalt. The M35 Cobalt is actually an alloy of steel with a little amount of Cobalt. Due to this mixture, the product has high strength and great durability.

Unlike most conventional 118 slit tip bits, the product has a 135 quick-cut tip. This tip allows all the pressure to be applied at a single point. Due to this, the drills can easily and quickly drill through a material.

Each drill bit provided in the box is of a different size. The wide variety of drill bits provide a big range of drilling options and will surely enable you to do all kinds of cuts on any material.

If there was an award for the best drill bit for hardened steel bolt, our vote would have gone for this product. So now you know how amazing the product is and why do we highly recommend it so confidently.

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Highlighted Features

  • Strong and durable Cobalt M35 was used in its making
  • The M35 Cobalt allows it to drill hard materials such as hardened steel
  • Straight Shanks ensure that the bits are firmly locked on your machine
  • 135 quick-cut point ensure an easy and efficient drilling experience
  • 13 different drill bits are provided for a wide range of drilling actions

4. Efficere Drill Bits

Efficere Drill Bits

The Efficere Drill Bit set is for those who are searching for something that is comparatively cheap yet very durable. If you are one of them then stop scrolling for a while and check this product out.

A-grade Cobalt, a very strong metal, was used in the making of these bad boys. This means that they are strong and durable, making them perfect for drilling deep holes in almost any material.

The bits are finished with pure gold Titanium and black Nitride coating. It is this layer that holds the lubricant for effortless drilling experience. Also, the coating makes the bits almost rust and corrosion-proof, making certain that it remains everlasting and durable.

Manufacturers have added a new twist to the design. A 135-degree split point design gives it an edge in drilling speed and prevents any unwanted motion. So, you can drill smoothly and efficiently without any worry.

The locking system of the bits is absolutely amazing. Half an inch shank that has a 3 flatten lock on the end, which firmly latches onto a 3-jaw power chuck secures the bits in place more firmly. So, there is no need to stress over whether or not the bits will stay on the drill during a high-speed drill.

And, finally, the bits come in an aluminum case. Inside the case, there are 8 bits with different diameters and all of them are 6 inches long. So, this way the product gives you many drilling options and ensures that each time you drill you make a deep hole.

All of these great qualities, along with the fact that it is inexpensive, makes it a must-have for any novice or pro.

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Highlighted Features

  • Strong and durable drill bits made from cobalt
  • High-class titanium and nitride coating allow smooth drilling
  • The coating also ensures that bits are resistant to corrosion and rust
  • The slit point design makes drilling smoother and faster
  • Has a half-inch shank with a good lock mechanism

5. Dewalt’s DWA 1240 Cobalt Drilling Bits

Dewalt’s DWA 1240 Cobalt Drilling Bits

When we imagine drill bits that are efficient, durable, and sharp, Delwalt’s DWA1240 pops in our minds almost instantly. The new revolutionary design of the product has a slit point and pilot point design.

This slit point design makes it extremely fast and capable of drilling even the hardest materials such as stainless steel.

And, the pilot point design gives it an added control which prevents any wobbling action during your work. So, in short, the pilot point will ensure an effortless drilling experience.

There are 14 different sets of drilling bits that give you several drilling options, and each of the bits contains all the properties discussed previously. So, all of the bits are capable enough to work on any sort of surface including the hardest metals.

Each bit is made from cobalt. This material is one of the strongest metals in the world which makes the bits stronger, resistant to any type of damage. The best thing about this metal is that it has rustproof properties. This makes the item rustproof as well.

Along with the fact that it is durable, reliable and smooth, the product is also very cheap. Numerous impressive features at an affordable rate allow it to stand out from its rivals and make it a must-have for you.

Highlighted Features

  • A pilot point design which allows a wobble-free drill
  • Fast drilling can be done due to the slit point design of the product
  • 14 drill bits are provided during the purchase
  • Cobalt was used in its making allowing it to drill the hardest materials

6. Neiko 11402A Stubby Drill Bit

Neiko 11402A Stubby Drill Bit

Do you desire pro-grade quality drill bits but are pulled back by the hefty price of those renowned drill bits? If this is the case, Neiko 11402A is the one for you. The product will put a tick on all of your requirements at an unbelievably affordable price.

The stubby design of the drill bit makes it ideal for working on all kinds of metals including the fragile things like thin sheets of metals. Also, the razor-edges of the bits allow perfectly drilled holes.

Provided with 5 differently sized bits which give you a wide range of drilling options, each drill bit has a length of 1.9 to 2.31 inches along with a 135-degree drill bit point.

The design of the bits allows it to create holes in all materials with ease. Since it is small in length, any tight and hard to reach spots can be reached easily.

Each drill has been made with a high-quality material called the Molybdenum M2 Steel. This material makes it very sturdy especially at high speeds. So, drill those hard metal surfaces with ease without worry.

Also, the quarter-inch shank of the dit with a one-fourth hex shank allows you to quickly and easily change the chucks. Making the product even more efficient.

Stop surfing and click purchase to enjoy all these amazing attributes of the product.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from strong material which makes it sturdy and long-lasting
  • Small size allows it to reach almost all the tight spots
  • A sharp 135 degrees bit point makes it easy to drill any surface easily
  • The quarter-inch shank of bits allows quick and easy changes to the chuck
  • Comes in a simple case which holds all the drill bits in place
  • The sturdy design makes it perfect to drill all materials

7. Drill America’s KFD29J-PC Heavy Duty Drill Bits

Drill America’s KFD29J-PC Heavy Duty Drill Bits

If you are looking for a drill bit that lets you work with a wide range of options, then the Drill America’s KFD29J-PC is going to have you attached to it after the first use. Let’s see why!

The product comes in a cool cylindrical casing, which you can hang on the buckle of your belt. So, you can easily access your belt and take any drill bit that you require. Due to the cylindrical structure of the casing, the drill bits can also be carried or stored anywhere you want.

Each Drill is made with high-quality M2 high-speed steel. This means that during drilling the bits become extra sturdy. So, the bits are resistant to erosion. Being made from steel also means that the drill is also rustproof, so you can work with steel water tanks or anything that involves water.

Also, all the drills are made with a 135-degree split point tip, which allows you to easily drill through any material at a fast rate. The tip design also prevents any sort of unwanted motion by reducing the required thrust and, hence, ensures a smooth and steady drilling experience.

All these amazing properties are found in each and every one of the 29 drill bits. So along with a big variety of drilling options, the product is long-lasting and reliable in every situation. We can confidently say that this item is worth your investment.

Highlighted Features

  • 29 differently sized bits ensure a wide variety of drilling experience
  • M2 steel was used in its making
  • The cylindrical plastic casing lets you place or carry the 29 bits anywhere
  • 135-degree slit tip allows you to easily drill any surface

8. Irwin Industrial Tool 63221 Drill Bit

Irwin Industrial Tool 63221 Drill Bit

The new model-63221 of the Irwin Industrial Tools has a new and more advanced design. Their new design allows them to help the machine to cut holes into anything and is a must-have if you are a pro or planning to make a career of working in a workshop.

Unlike conventional 118-degree drill bits, the product has a 135-degree split point tip. Due to this, the feedback pressure felt during the drilling process is reduced exponentially. As a result, less resistance is felt while drilling.

Manufacturers have also found a way to reduce the torque while working with sturdier materials. They have done this by simply introducing smaller cutting lips, which lets you drill the surface more smoothly.

Each bit is made from M-42 metal, which has 5 percent of Cobalt. This alloy increases the sturdiness during drilling. So, no damage will come to the item while you work.

Also being made from Cobalt allows the bits to resist rust and, ultimately, gives them an edge in durability and as well as reliability.

All the 21 drill bits come in a metal case, which ensures complete safety. So, you don’t have to worry about the bits when they are not being used.

So many attributes justify the expensive price tag of this product. After all, quality should always win over price.

Highlighted Features

  • 135 Degree tip which reduces resistance for a smoother and easier drill
  • Made from High-quality material which ensures durability
  • Spiral Flute design allows you to easily change bits during your work
  • Shortcutting lips of the bits reduces the torque for easier drilling on hard surfaces
  • Metal box ensures the safety of the bits when not in use

9. Amolo Twist Drill Bit Set

Amolo Twist Drill Bit Set

Amolo Twist drill’s well-planned design allows it to be used by all types of machines. So, novice or pro, the product ensures easy functionality for all and a wide variety of usage surely makes the drilling much easier for you.

Firstly, the product is very cheap. So, it should already make you more interested in knowing the other attributes.

Now, let’s start with quality. This product was made from M35 Cobalt. The material used in its making is very strong and durable. Hence, the drills are strong enough to be used on most surfaces and its resistance towards erosion makes it highly durable.

The Drill bits have a very cool design. It has a grounded spiral groove design which quickly removes particles when being used. Due to this, there is less resistance and the drill can penetrate with more ease.

And, the unique 135-degree slit tip increases the penetration. The slit point reduces the feedback force produced during drilling and, in turn, increases the ease of penetration. Also, due to the reduced feedback force, the stability of the drill is increased. So, there is a lesser chance of wobbling during your work.

It has 13 differently sized drilling bits which result in a massive range of drilling options.

You’ll be missing out if you don’t get this product.

Highlighted Features

  • Fully grounded groove design which aids the penetration of the drills
  • The 135 slit tip increases the stability
  • Cobalt M35 was used in making the drills
  • Constructed to drill hard materials as well as the softer or thinner ones
  • The differently sized drill bits allow a wide range of drilling choices

10. Bosch CO2135 Drill Bits

Bosch CO2135 Drill Bits

Our suggestion to someone who desires an all in one product at a low price is the CO2135 Drill Bits. The product has everything, including high functionality, endurance, etc. The bits are quickly going to become your favorite.

The product is made with a material that allows it to endure high heat. When you’re drilling, due to the friction, things tend to heat up for the drills. The high-temperature resistance of the product prevents the bits to be damaged in such conditions.

Also, the material of the product allows it to be very durable and strong. Due to it being so durable the product can easily last for years without rust or corrosion of any kind. Along with durability, the fact that it is strong allows it to be used on almost all kinds of materials.

It comes with various sizes and types. When working with a normal surface, the black oxide drill bit is used. If you’re working with something tougher, the titanium drill bit is used, and for an even sturdier surface, the cobalt drill bit is recommended.

So, the product provides you with numerous options and is guaranteed to have your back in all types of situations.

Highlighted Features

  • Can withstand high pressure and temperature making it damage resistant
  • Sturdy, web-like design increases its stability exponentially
  • Capable of penetrating almost all sort of surfaces
  • Numerous sized and types of drills are provided
  • Full shank and jobber lengths are also available

Things to Consider Before Buying Drill bit for Hardened Steel Bolt

There are certain things you have to take a glance at to ensure that you are buying the best drill bit for hardened steel bolts. Let’s get to know them.

Material Type

The overall performance and efficiency of a bit are mostly depended on the material used to manufacture it. Steel is a very tough metal, and to penetrate that you would require something that is composed of a harder metal.

Hardened steel is rather unlikely to tear and wear easily because of its durability, which is why the metals mentioned below are the ideal choice to construct drill bits with.

Cobalt– Extremely tough and can even create a hole in a stainless steel body.

High-Speed Steels– Budget-friendly and can work well with lightweight metals.

Carbide – The hardest and the most brittle of all, can carry out the heavy-duty tasks easily.

Coating for Durability

A good type of coating is essential if you want your product to be durable. This is because in metals corrosion and rust forms quite easily and frequently. What you have to make sure is that a strong material coating is done to your item.

Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) and black oxide coating are the very best at keeping the rust at bay. We can assure you that the drill bit will remain durable along with its excellent performance if the coatings are applied.


It is quite certain that you would need to attach the bits to a machine to make a hole. Drill bits cannot be used alone to create a space in your material. While most of the bits can quite easily fit into the drill, there are a few that are too large or small to be attached to the machine’s chuck.

Always be sure to take a look at the specifications of your tool before picking up the bits for it. Check the diameter and thickness of the drill bit properly. If it’s not compatible, you won’t be able to use the product.

Design of the Flute

In the market, you would find two different kinds of flute design. The first flute design is a 30-degree angle. And, the other has a parabolic design. Since we are talking about hardened steel, you would want to grab the 30 degrees angled flute design as it deals with stronger materials better.

The parabolic design is right for soft and lighter materials such as wood.

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How to Use a Drill Bit for Hardened Steel?

Making a perfect hole in a steel body isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your hands need to be very steady and precise to do it neatly. Here is a step by step procedure you can follow to complete the task like a professional.

  • Step 1: The Setup

You first need to unwind the chuck of the machine which acts as a claw to grasp onto a bit. Remove the present bit and pick out your desirable bit size and type. In this case, you would need a sharp bit. Carefully, position it in the chuck and give it a jerk in your direction.

Press the trigger for a small amount of time while you still have your hand slightly keeping the bit in position. This should tighten it into place.

Spritz oil and water on the bit to lubricate it.

  • Step 2: Managing the Steel

Your drill and bit are ready for action now. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles before starting the task.

C-clamps made out of metal has to be used to hold the steel in place. Put signs and marks on the places you would want to make a hole with the drill. A pencil is enough to leave a mark on the metal body. If that doesn’t show, a permanent marker must be used. Also, you can do this marking with a center punch tool.

  • Step 3: Creating the Perfect Hole

Position your drill over the mark you have made. Make sure the bit is 90 degrees to the metal surface. This ensures a cleaner cut and prevents damage to the material.

First, start off very slowly at a low speed. The pressure you put into it must be unyielding towards the mark. After a few moments, halt the procedure for a while and let the metal surface cool down. You should, meanwhile, lubricate the spot being drilled.

Once you have started again, increase the speed to medium. When you know that you are almost on the verge of completing the process, reduce the pressure. Press the trigger multiple times for a few moments and keep doing this until the bit has touched the other end.

  • Step 4: The Second Drilling

Now, after doing this wait for a bit so that your drill loses the heat before taking it out.

On the hole, you have just created, pick out a bigger bit, and repeat the whole process with it. This should give you the actual size of the hole you want.

  • Step 5: Cleanup

A brush or a cloth is enough to remove the oil on the bit. You should also remove any remaining debris from the bit to avoid damage.

As for the newly made hole, a rasp made up of metal has to be utilized to smoothen up the hole and to remove any jagged edges.

Make sure to always use a glove while carrying out the entire process, you might end up getting a cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is more brittle a Cobalt or a Titanium Drill Bit?

The brittleness of the cobalt drill bit is slightly more than that of the drill bits made up of titanium.

2. Can you create holes in a wall made up of ceramic with this type of drill bit?

In most cases, you won’t be able to drill a proper hole in ceramic walls as a different type of bit is required for a different type of material. Here, a masonry bit is ideal to get the job done. However, there are special bits that can be used on many materials.

3. What is the reason behind the snapping of the drill made up of stainless steel?

There is a high possibility that you are not handling it properly. All you have to do is to align the bit and machine perpendicular to the metal body. Avoid putting excessive pressure.  The machine is enough to do the job precisely.

4. What is the best material choice for a bit when it comes to drilling hardened steel?

Undoubtedly, a cobalt drill wins here. This is because of its hardness.

5. How does one clean drill bits to remove debris?

You could simply dab a wet or dry cloth over the bits to remove any debris.

Final Words

We all should know by now how imperative and confusing it is to choose the absolute perfect bits for penetrating through a metal body. But with the help of this article, you have the best drill bit for hardened steel bolts right up your ally.

We are excited to know which one you ended up liking the most. Let us know. Also, read our article on the best floor drill press for the money!

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