10 Best Drill Guides for Fast and Accurate Drilling in 2022

Whether you are a professional or DIY project worker, the most essential tool during your work is a drill. It plays a prominent role when you have to bore holes or drive screws.

If you have been using this tool for a long time, you know how challenging it becomes to get perfectly positioned holes. For every problem, there is a solution and with a drill guide in your arsenal, you have nothing to worry about.

It works efficiently since it positions the drill according to your desired spot. Today, we are here with 11 best drill guides, and all of them perform marvelously in getting your job done. Let’s dive right into it.      

11 Best Drill Guides Review

Out of all the tools, we have picked the top 11 for you. The information is very beneficial, so keep reading.

1. V-Drill Guide Standard Hole Sizes 1/8-1/2 Inches

V-Drill Guide Standard Hole Sizes

A beautiful tool, along with some eye-catching features, is a win-win situation for anyone who purchases it. Luckily, this product comes with this complete package.

It is made in the USA so you can get an idea of how good it will be. Since the size is quite small, you can easily put it in your pocket without any hassle. Portability will never be an issue from now on, thanks to the stunning design of the manufacturer.

One common problem that people face during drilling is that the drill bit starts to wander in the starting or middle of the project. This situation is quite challenging to reverse. But using this one, the trouble can be prevented because the product is constructed very carefully.  

This tool has round stock-hole alignment marks on one of the sides to easily line it up when you have to make center marks.

The V-shaped groove located on the base helps you to position it perpendicularly with any drill sizes. It allows you to center the holes on things like pipes, dowels, and even outside corners.      

You won’t face any stability issues as the bottom surface is designed with full precision to ensure that. If you are concerned about durability, don’t worry. The material is made from special nickel alloyed steel that is heat-treated. As a result, it can withstand any external pressure in any situation.

Yes, it won’t rust when it comes in contact with any external stuff. To make sure no rust forms, the non-plated material is coated with light oil.


  • Durable
  • Pocket-sized
  • Rust resistant
  • Presence of alignment marks
  • Easy to use


  • Pricy
  • Need to be very careful to get precise holes

2. Milescraft 1318 Drillmate Drill Guide with chuck

Milescraft 1318 Drillmate Drill Guide with chuck

It is suitable for DIY project workers and other professionals who prefer to add that extra accuracy to their holes.

The overall body is made up of metal, and it is very well constructed so that you don't experience any unsteady movement during drilling. You can easily do the straight or angled drilling, and surprisingly, you will be able to do the same thing on the boards' edge or round stock.

There will be no difficulty when you have to attach it with the power drill. If you have a 3/8″ or ½″ drill, you are good to go. On top of that, there is a keyed output chunk that you can use with the 3/8” drill accessories.  

Another impressive feature is its adjustable angle setting option. You can fully utilize it to set the angle within 45 to 90 degrees during the drilling process. The base is rigid with three V-grooves, which work as centering channels. Using this, you can smoothly drill any round stock up to a diameter of 3″.      

To prevent the tool from hitting your workpiece, there is a built-in spring and bearing system to help you out. Furthermore, the adjustable depth-stop feature allows you to drill in any depth of your preference constantly.    

For your safety, the rubber feet prevent slipping, and thank god; there will be no accident. No matter what speed your drill is operating at, you can mount the large handle in a fixed position and have full control over it.   


  • Metal body
  • Can do straight or angled drilling
  • Adjustable angle setting option
  • Won’t slip
  • Spring works smoothly


  • Not applicable to use with impact drivers or hammer drills
  • Eyeballing is mandatory when drilling

3. Kanzawa drill guide support K-801

Kanzawa drill guide support K-801

In the list of the good quality drill guide, this one gives a fierce competition to others. Along with providing stunning performance, it is very efficient in drilling on wood or metal. You can also have your desired angled holes for your upcoming project if it goes with your planning.

The materials for the top portion and base are entirely aluminum alloy. For the glide bars, steels are used to give that extra durability. The overall body is coated in a way that prevents rust. If you scratch it unintentionally, it won’t be affected as well.

To get holes with zero error, the base provides proper stability. Still, you can take the help of a C clamp in case you prefer to have topmost support. At any time you feel the urge to mount the guide, the manufacturer included four screw holes to satisfy your requirement.

V-groove is designed marvelously onto the base, and due to that, you won’t be facing any issue when you have to bore holes for rounded stocks. Moreover, it has a 3/8″ chuck, and the size of the hole at the bottom of the guide is 2.5″. This means you can easily drill big holes.

The pads at the bottom will resist friction, and fortunately, the tool won’t slip when you are working on the project. Some of your tasks will require you to drill in different angles, and all credit goes to the adjustable support rods, which can make it happen for you.   

Additionally, you can adjust the plunge depth and get your job done successfully.


  • Good quality tool
  • Stable base
  • Rust or scratch-resistant
  • Drilling big holes are possible
  • Can create angled holes


  • Quite pricy
  • Careful observation needed when drilling

4. Big Gator Tools BGT V-4 Pack V-Drill Guide 

Big Gator Tools BGT V-4 Pack V-Drill Guide SAE + Number Hole Sizes 4pc Kit

If you need a guide that can give you accurate holes in your workpiece, then you should consider having this product. The package comes with four guides that have holes of different sizes. This feature lets you drill to any size of your choice without taking the help of other tools.

The four units are made from special nickel alloyed steel that is heat-treated to give it the utmost durability. Plus, it is fully coated with light oil to prevent rust from occurring. You can have full confidence when you purchase it because it won’t let you down for sure.

Centering the holes on pipes, dowels, and outside corners will be effortless. There are also alignment marks on both sides so that you can line up in the center.

When you work on the flat surface, you can drill at a 90-degree angle with stability since the bottom surface of the product is precision ground. Simply clamp it, and everything will go smoothly. The drill will directly touch the surface without wandering.

On each of the products’ bottom side, V-groove is present to make your drilling on rods, and other rounds surface easy and flexible. Carrying it won’t be hectic as the size is quite small. Just put it in your pocket, and you are ready to move.

To be on the safer side, avoid using it nearer to electrical circuits.


  • Consist of four guides with different holes sizes
  • Won’t get damaged due to external forces
  • Both sides have alignment marks
  • Perpendicular drilling possible
  • Prevents drill bit wandering


  • Packaging is done with a plastic storage case
  • Not applicable with hammer drills

5. Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP V-Drill Guide

Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP V-Drill Guide

Are you interested in buying a product that comes with lots of drill sizes? Then, this one will be the right fit for your requirement.

This product offers 17 drill sizes that range from 1/8″ to 3/8″ in 1/64″ interval. Since the increment interval is minimal, you can utilize it in all of your drilling work.

Putting the product on different surfaces can be a bit difficult for some people. But with this one, you can easily use it on flat surfaces, round parts, and even corners. Moreover, you can take it wherever you go as the size is not that big.

A project involving drilling is very important because you have to maintain that accuracy, and the situation levels up even more when you have to target the right spot. To make it flexible and beneficial for you, there are alignment marks on the guide when you have to line up in the center. 

The main concern for any product is its longevity. It is made of special nickel alloyed steel that is heat-treated, which made it very durable. If you use this one, it can last for around a decade or more than that. Just make sure you are maintaining it properly to make it long-lasting.

Thankfully, you won't experience any rusting issues. Light oil is precisely used to coat the non-plated material. So, no weather conditions or moistures will have the power to affect it. 


  • Lots of drill sizes
  • Will last for a couple of decades
  • No problem in carrying
  • Rustproof
  • Can use easily on a flat surface, round parts, and corners


  • Number markings are difficult to read
  • Sometimes difficult to keep it fixed at the workpiece

6. Gaosi Tools Woodworking Tool Drill Guide Vertical Drilling Fixture

Gaosi Tools Woodworking Tool Drill Guide Vertical Drilling Fixture

Woodworking is undoubtedly a tough job, and without having a proper tool, the challenge increases more than usual. If you ignore this fact, you can be working for lots of hours, unfortunately. One of the smartest approaches you can take is using a drill guide. 

The designs look pretty simple. Suppose you have never used this type of tool, then, no problem. You can get your desired outcome within your first try, cheers!

Having this product in your tool collection will simply be awesome. The material used in it is aluminum alloy 6061, which is very strong and possesses the capability to withstand external forces without getting damaged.

Along with that, the surfaced is completely anodized for efficient performance. Don’t worry; it won’t rust with time. If by accident, you scratch it, the product will remain immune the entire time.

It is quite light so, you won't be facing any problem when it comes to portability. During the time you purchase, you will get 1PCS main body Drill Guide (without drill). In addition, the package consists of 6PCS drill bushing of 5 different sizes.

When you are working on an expensive workpiece, it becomes your sole responsibility to be very careful, or else; it can get messed up. You would never want that, right?

 With the help of centerlines, you can easily make sure that all the alignments are accurate when drilling into different surfaces.     


  • User friendly
  • Portable
  • Always remains stable during drilling
  • Won’t corrode or get scratched
  • Can easily be used by an amateur or professional


  • Drill brushing size ranges are not that vast
  • When drilling, proper observation is mandatory  

7. Milescraft 1312 DrillBlock- Handheld Drill Guide

Milescraft 1312 DrillBlock- Handheld Drill Guide

Are you tired of carrying the whole box from one place to the other? It won’t ever happen if you purchase this product.

Having this beautiful looking unit is simply an excellent feeling for every project worker. The size is small, so you can easily put it in your pocket and be safe and sound. You don't have to face any awkwardness while carrying it, and on top of that, the design easily fits your hands.

You will get stunning results with this guide since it drills uniform holes on all surfaces. Overall, it comes with six holes with different drill bit sizes (1/8″, 3/16″, ¼″, 5/16″, 3/8″, and ½″. As you can see, the size ranges will come in handy in all your works.   

There are built-in vertical and horizontal centerlines to ensure precise alignment when drilling into different surfaces. The result will look very professional without a doubt.

Furthermore, the V-grooves allow you to drill on corners and even on cylindrical surfaces. This will give you peace of mind to know that you don’t have to think twice when you are going to target a surface.

To be a step ahead when it comes to safety, the product consists of non-slip TPE feet that hold the drill block in place. Your workpiece will be completely safe because of that secure grip, and you won’t be experiencing any slipping throughout the whole time.


  • Won’t damage the workpiece
  • Prevents slipping
  • Easily fits in the pocket
  • Ergonomic design
  • Uniform holes all the time


  • Range of drill bit sizes is small
  • Difficult to target the right spot when drilling

8. Wolfcraft 4525404 

Wolfcraft 4525404

Get the opportunity to convert your portable drill into a drill press (check out the best floor drill press for the money) with this product. You don’t have to waste any more time with the complicated setup, as this one is quick and easy. Whether your project is indoor or outdoor, you can take it anywhere and get your desired results.

It is lightweight and made of aluminum. This useful product allows you to use it in horizontal, vertical, or angle positions. If you have ¼″ or 3/8″ drill chucks, you are all set for your project.

When you are constantly drilling, the guide-bars return itself automatically with the help of springs. The built-in dual spring system controls the penetration and return-rate. Another great thing is its straight stop, and adjustable depth stop feature, which eases your drilling process.

Besides, the drill adapter slides itself up and down on guide bars to give you top-notch performance. Also, you can adjust the angle position up to 45 degrees kudos to the double guide bars.  

There is also a V-groove base that you can easily use on round and odd-shaped workpieces, but the diameter needs to be within 3″.    

Yes, you can use it in heavy-duty jobs without any hesitation. To get that additional control and accuracy, a removable handle is present for that. In the base, rubber pads are installed to hold the guide in your specified place.      

If you are interested in attaching a base or mounting it to a table, you can have your wish fulfilled. All the credit goes to the base’s four pre-drilled holes.


  • Works in horizontal, vertical and angular positions
  • Smooth drilling
  • Angle adjustment option
  • Suitable for heavy-duty jobs
  • Mounting to a table is possible


  • Average quality
  • Wobbles often

9. JIG IT Drill Guide - Forstner Bits

JIG IT Drill Guide - Forstner Bits

When you get a glimpse of this product, the first thing that will come in your mind is that it looks simple and easy to use. This statement is true, and lots of people have said the same thing.

If you are at the starting phase of being a professional, you should try this product. Your workpiece will not get messed up from start to end, and this might increase your confidence to a new level.

You don’t need to have a huge budget to purchase it, and you can even save some of the cash to buy some other tools. This unit is considered one of the best deals that anyone can avail of. There is a proper balance between the price and accuracy and as a result, it had taken its spot in our top picks.  

It is lightweight and effortless to carry. The total body is made of high-quality plastic, so there are no chances that it will break.

The base is designed strategically to prevent it from slipping at any time. Four rubber feet make sure you don’t experience any wobbling when drilling.

The precision is decent, and it is best that you maintain your observation onto the targeted spot. Don't worry; it is compatible with hand drills and drill press. Surprisingly, it works pretty well with most of the drills in the market, and that's why it can be a lucrative option for you.   


  • Simple design
  • Not heavy
  • Works with hand drills or drill press
  • Built-in rubber feet
  • Cheap


  • Results are not entirely accurate
  • Requires longer drill bits

10. kanzawa Drill Guide 13 mm Chuck Guide Rod 350 mm K – 801 – 2 1650ak

kanzawa Drill Guide 13 mm Chuck Guide

For the regular use of any tool, you will need the one that can withstand any external pressure. This durable product can be a great option if your requirement is like these.

Aluminum die casting is used in the whole body, so it is quite powerful. It can also resist heat, so you won't be facing any issue when you are working on the workpiece. This product comes with a chuck that works perfectly with ½″ drill bits.

You can use the electric drill to drill vertical accurately and 45 degree inclined holes with accuracy. Its V-shaped block is very useful and comes in handy when you have to bore holes in the center of a round bar or pipe. Just clamp it, and your job will get done successfully.   

It might look heavy from the outlook, but when you carry it, your perception will definitely change. The weight is quite light so that you can carry it to a different place without any hassle.

There is a stopper ring present in this product that you can use to adjust the hole’s depth without any error. Simply, direct the position of the ring and enjoy the outcome.

Though you can't adjust the angles in a large range, it is still a very good product that leaves minimum error when making perpendicular holes. Don't worry; you won't experience any instability since the manufacturers were very careful with the construction and made sure that no customers faced this issue.


  • Reliable
  • Can make accurate holes
  • Depth of the hole can be adjusted
  • Remains stable when drilling
  • Solid product


  • Significant range angle adjustments are not possible
  • Not suitable for professionals

11. 36/37 Precision Drill Guide

36/37 Precision Drill Guide

People who love to have versatility in making different angular holes will find this product very helpful. It is an excellent package that won’t break your expectation in any of your projects.

Overall, the product is lightweight and inexpensive, which makes it highly suitable for DIYers and professionals.     

The built-in protractor scale allows you to drill right or variable angled holes. This shows that you can efficiently work on your project without any stress regarding the drilling issues.

Not only that, you will get the opportunity to adjust the drill position in the left and right direction from 0 to 45 degrees in 5-degree increments. As you can see, this is a stunning feature that makes it unique to the others.    

Doweling, plug cutting, and edge sanding can be challenging for some products but not for this one. Moreover, the V grooves located on the base lets you position round stock, pipe, or tubing with perfection.

If you are interested in sand or polish something, a slide lock is installed to give you that chance. When it comes to the accuracy of drill depth, yes, you are also getting a built-in depth stop. Whether you prefer to have a thin or thick hole, you can turn your vision into reality.         

Maintaining the stability will be smooth as the anchoring pins holds the guide securely in flat surfaces, narrow edges, or even large tubing. Furthermore, the product is compatible with all 3/8″ and ½″ power drills.


  • Built-in protractor scale
  • Good range of angle adjustments
  • Doweling, plug cutting, and edge sanding is possible
  • Inexpensive
  • Works perfectly with 3/8″ and ½″ power drills


  • Body is not of entirely metal
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work

What to Look for Before You Buy?

There are some key factors that you should know before you make the purchase. Knowing about each of them can help you choose the right one for your project.  


Most of the manufacturer prefers to design a model that has a portability feature. The one that has holes for different drill bit sizes (drill bit for stainless steel, or drill bit for hardened steel bolt, etc.) and not dependant on your drill attachment is basically easier to move from one location to another.

Since they are not easy to fix in the targeted place; the outcome can be a little bit inaccurate. But still, you can take the product in any position without any difficulty.    


The accuracy varies among different guides. As mentioned above, portable products are not that accurate, like the larger ones. But you can get the desired result if you are careful throughout the whole time.

So, go for the one that has good accuracy features and keep in mind that full-featured products usually vary in case of accuracy.

Avoid buying the cheaper ones as those are made from inferior materials, which will create huge trouble when you are in the middle of your task.


Durability is a crucial aspect of any tool. The portable ones have a smaller number of parts, so; there is no possibility that it can break. But be careful about the plastic in the guide as it can melt during drilling.

Drilling increases the temperature of that particular area for some time, and if your one has the chance to melt, don’t hesitate to switch to the other product.  

One more thing, non-handheld models can break because there are a couple of parts that need moving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the features that a drill guide needs?

When purchasing, look for the one with good material construction, flexibility, and proper stability, a decent number of drill bits, drill size varieties, and ease of transportation.

  • What are its benefits?

Using it, you can position your drill and make holes without any error. There will be no shaking so that you can prevent created any uneven holes.

  • Can I include a unique depth and angle for the hole?

Yes, you can easily do it for each hole. You can even make all of them identical if you prefer.

  • Is it possible to mount the guide and get a satisfactory result?

Obviously, yes! Some products are portable, while some can be mounted. To be on the safer side, buy the mounted one that already comes with pre-drilled holes.

  • What is the purpose of a drill block?

It is a steel block that comes with single or multiple V-shaped grooves. The grooves hold the cylindrical pieces during drilling.  

Final Words

Now, you have all the information needed to buy one of these best drill guides. Your projects will never be boring anymore. Also, you can read our article on the best center punches. This small tool also helps you to make accurate holes with a drill.

Pick the one that fits with your requirement and then make your purchase.

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