11 Best Dry Wall Saw for Easy and Smooth Cut in 2022

If you have a renovation task to carry out, you require several devices to enable you to perform the project appropriately. Therefore, the best drywall saw is among the tools you will need for your creations to truly shine-through.

Notably, the tool is incredibly handy whenever you are creating compact openings or curving through cement board, wood, or drywall. The sharp nose is one of the essential features you can observe in a drywall saw. All traditional saws will have that.

It makes simple digging through the material wall and begins cutting. Since you don’t want to disappoint your client, you need to find the right tool for top-quality performance with fewer regrets.

Reviews of Top 11 Best Drywall Saw

In each review, I have considered various aspects, including the handle and blade length that are useful for woodworking operations. The following are the top 11 drywall hand saws available in the market for our esteemed readers.

1. WilFiks Razor Sharp 6.5’’Jab saw

WilFiks Razor Sharp 6.5’’Jab saw

Are you looking for the best drywall cutting tools to meet the needs of your client's drywall cutting projects? Razor-sharp from WilFiks will offer a decent cut according to your needs. It comes with a top-quality 6.5-ich razor for cutting through different materials, including drywall, plywood, plastic, wood, wallboard, and many other building materials.

You can enjoy a premium razor-sharp blade that requires less energy in cutting through the materials. For control and stability, the blade saw construction constitute high-strength steel.

The device comes with hardened and sharp blade teeth for better maintenance of the blade, thus making it an excellent choice for busy DIYers. For professionalism and favorite models, the hand saw use sharp teeth in making smooth cuttings.

Also, WilFiks Sharp drywall saw comes with a pointy nose making it simple to punch through the drywall and make holes before you start cutting. Besides, the non-slip ergonomic handle of the all steel hole cutter offers an excellent grasp that allows continuous usability with less fatigue.

Therefore, it is convenient to use the handle with a unique design that can provide a superior cutting angle to the service given by your client.


  • Carbon steel body as a blade
  • Long and sharp teeth for faster cutting
  • Anon-slip handle enables simple gripping
  • Service delivery usually is faster


  • Does not come with sleeves for storage

2. GreatNeck 4932 Drywall Saw

GreatNeck 4932 Drywall Saw

If you are looking for the perfect deal in the market, GreatNeck 4932 should be the best device you are after. Seemingly, the saw is available at the lowest cost but comes with the most outstanding features that draw the attention of many buyers.

For better performance, the GreatNeck 4932 comes with a super sharp tip that can enable you to plunge it into the drywall through your direction of choice. Indeed, you will love its double tooth design if you need to cut the material smoothly and faster.

It does not matter whether you are cutting through old or sturdy drywall. This hand saw is flexible to operate in any direction to increase the outcome. Notably, its industrial-grade six inch blade comes with super-strong teeth to improve the performance of heavy cutting objects without bending easily.

Accordingly, you can enjoy accurate results in all drywall cutting projects with the rugged blade and razor-sharp teeth construction of the saw. Unlike other saws which are more expensive, the teeth for this device maintains sharpness longevity and makes smooth cuttings according to the demands of clients.

Besides, the GreatNeck 4932 comes with an ergonomically modified handle for excellent non-slip provisions. This enhances the continuous use of the saw without your hand getting fatigued. Yes! It is the ideal option that many consider adding to their tool kit. Any other tool might not give you the precision work for extended use.


  • Easily affordable due to its low price
  • Double-edged design enhances easy and smooth cutting
  • Has a rugged and razor-sharp blade
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Handle at the end is slightly slanted, can cause little pain when cutting begins

3. Stanley 20-5566 Saw

Stanley 20-5566 Saw

If you want to complete your cutting activities within the shortest time possible, the 20-5566 FatMax Saw from Stanley is the best for you. It does not matter whether you are going to utilize the saw for cutting sheetrock, drywall, plastic, or dry wood; you will require minimum effort to complete the job excellently.

Want to keep clients? Stanley 20-5566 hand saw can finish the task very fast since its tip is very sharp to penetrate through materials easily.  Accordingly, the ultra-sharp blade of the device is tough for smooth cutting through sturdy materials while providing you with maximum control ability.

For improved performance, the pad saw employs Sharp Tooth Technology that is useful for faster cutting through any material provided. Besides, it constitutes high-strength teeth for durability.

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Let us not forget about the bi-material handle of Stanley 20-5566 has an excellent design for its longevity operation. Most of the traditional tooth designs are like this. Accordingly, the thicker handle of this saw feels solid in your hand when performing any woodwork task.

 To make the hand feel more comfortable while cutting materials, the handle can provide you with a non-slip grip. Due to the wooden, rubber handle of Stanley 20-5566, drywall saw will never slip when getting into contact with moisture.

Besides the solid construction of this device, it comes with a manageable weight, enabling an extended period of usage. Its blade comes with the perfect size measuring at 6 inches that is more than capable for most cuttings.


  • Non-slip handle enhances comfortable gripping
  • Does not bend easily due to high strength teeth
  • Has a very thick blade
  • SharpTooth Technology is useful for faster cutting


  • Catches rust quickly when used in a corrosive environment for a long time

4. Dewalt DWHT20540 Drywall Saw

Dewalt DWHT20540 Drywall Saw

The DWHT20540 is a must have tool from Dewalt that will make your projects complete within the time limits. Accordingly, this tool is a perfect option when you are dealing with any woodwork since it delivers superior performance.

In construction, the saw constitutes sturdy metal for maximum chrome plating and strength that prevents it from stains and rust. Accordingly, it uses sharp and aggressive teeth in cutting through any piece of material.

The induction-hardened teeth also prevent the device from bending when used for large cutting projects. Additionally, the sharpness longevity of the teeth increases more time for cutting and minimizes the maintenance period.

The DWHT20540 drywall saw is highly versatile and can be useful for cutting different varieties of materials. It comes with a robust and high-quality metal-containing chrome plate used in reducing the dangers of blade stains and rust in wet areas.

Does it put your experience as a priority? Yes, it features an ergonomic design. You can enjoy using a handle made of plastic wrapped around with rubber in cutting materials. The handle cover also provide additional comfort and saw control to the user.

The 6-inch blade of the keyhole saw comes with an extra edge for assembly handling, which makes it safe to carry when not in use. The product’s handle is soft and has non-slip rubber designed to give maximum comfort for the entire operation.


  • Made of stainless steel for durability increase
  • Extra edge for easy carrying around
  • Sharp blade for easy cutting
  • Highly affordable


  • Limited to only one fixed blade

5. Klein Tools 31737 Saw

Klein Tools 31737 Saw

Klein 31737 is one of the best drywall saws with high chances to cut through the material very quickly since it lacks a storage case. It comes with a fixed blade making it foldable, risk-free, and easy to carry around.

The construction of 31737 drywall saw constitutes of rugged steel material. This prevents the saw from flexing while cutting, hence saving ample time while performing woodwork operations. Besides, the blade comes with the triple ground for faster cutting in both directions and ensuring convenience.

The lock-back system helps to bolt the blade open at 125 degrees and 180 degrees that suits the preferences of different users. Accordingly, the device contains a conveniently-sized handle with cushioned end for comfortable gripping.

For minimum operation fatigue and accurate cuts, the Klein drywall saw comes with a handle that is non-slip in nature and provides improved control ability. With this, you can enjoy better tethering using its lanyard hole. Speaking of holes this simple tool is excellent to cut holes for your DIY tasks.

The 31737 drywall saw has a versatile design that is useful for cutting various materials, including plywood, drywall, and plastic, or other materials for construction.


  • Folding handle enables easy carrying
  • High carbon steel blade enhances strength and durability
  • Triple ground teeth improve faster cutting
  • Cushioned handle for comfortable gripping
  • Compact design, utilizes less space


  • Expensive
  • Massive pressure can break the tip of the saw

6. Travol Folding Hand Saw

Travol Folding Hand Saw

Are you tired of purchasing products that break easily? Travol is the best drywall saw coming with sturdy and durable construction and foldable design, making it a great addition to your toolbox.

This is a versatile keyhole saw handling several surfaces, including cutting trees, bone, plants, drywall, wood, and sheetrock. Therefore, it is ideal for hiking, pruning fishing, camping, gardening, DIY projects, and hunting.

The 7 inches saw with 1.5mm thickness will offer you the best results. Its razor teeth will require less effort while cutting and won't become dull quickly. Moreover, the folding hand saw won't get blunt quickly; this makes it the best drywall saw to buy since it will serve you for a long duration.

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As for durability, Travol is simply the best handsaw to buy. The manufacturers use a sturdy construction, free from rust, making it a perfect choice for those working in corrosive environments.

To ensure comfortable and easy transportation, the saw comes with a compact foldable design that folds down to 8.5’ long and 2' wide helping it take less space in the toolbox. This makes it a perfect companion for any professional.

To make your sawing comfortable, the Travol hand saw comes with a pivot style grip that gives you a soft feel. With a congenial grip, you can work for a long duration without fatigue. Additionally, the drywall saw contains convenient hanging holes that ensure secure storage.


  • A sharp blade ensures faster cutting
  • Folds for reduced usage of storage
  • The folding design makes carrying comfortable
  • Reliable locking mechanism
  • The rubber handles ensures excellent traction for smoother cuts


  • Not sturdy enough for dealing with hard materials

7. Goldblatt Jab Saw

Goldblatt Jab Saw

Are you looking for the perfect jab saws for starting cuts without cracks? Then Goldblatt Jab Saw is the best drywall hand saw to buy. Additionally, it comes with ergonomic design and a sharpened tip which thrust in any material, giving you an easy task while sawing.

First off, Goldblatt is a two-sided blade coming with inverted teeth on both sides, which increases the pulling force. This time around, the teeth have three cutting areas that ensure fast and efficient cutting of surfaces, leaving a smooth finish.

It doesn't matter the type of wood you are dealing with. The model has full application, including VPC, drywall, plywood, thin paneling, cement board, and wallboard, leaving the job done. Cutting thin dry wall panels is better with this pro jab saw blade than any other utility knives.

As far as the design is concerned, you can always count on this model. This device is an ergonomic prototype with a slip-resistant and smooth grip handle to ensure continuous use while minimizing your exhaustion. It has a full handle that provides your safety making it the best handsaw to buy.

Besides, the device’s handle has hanging holes making it take less space in the toolbox. Among the hand tools in this list we feel it is the easiest for cutting holes.

To make sure you work quickly and effortlessly, the saw comes with precision cross ground teeth for precise cutting, which cut effortlessly in both push strokes and pull strokes. This is an added advantage for you.

Moreover, the model comes with deep gorges between the saw teeth that keep off foreign material. This acts as not only an added advantage but also protects the machine from breaking down.

For durability, the brand manufacturers use high carbon material, ensuring sturdiness for long term use. To make sure you get long-lasting services from the saw, the unit has black Teflon, which keeps rust and stains away. This makes it one of the best drywall saws.


  • High-quality carbon acts as a guarantee for extended durability
  • The triple condition teeth ensure faster cutting
  • Comes with hanging holes for secure storage
  • The Teflon coating protects the saw from rusting
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle ensures a better grip


  • The blade dulls quickly

8. Dewalt DW HT20123 2 In 1 Folding Jab Saw

Dewalt DW HT20123 2 In 1 Folding Jab Saw

Dewalt Company has a reputation to produce durable, best performing, and high-quality products. Therefore, this drywall saw can’t be an exception. From day one, you can make endless sawing jobs using this model that comes with tipple ground teeth for faster output.

HT 201232 is among the best drywall saws that come with a course surface for ensuring easy smoothening of cuts giving you excellent results.

This time too, the manufacturers did not fail. The high-quality steel material in this model ensures sturdiness and long term use. Moreover, it comes with rugged construction, offering resistance to rust, making it your perfect choice even in a moist environment.

Besides, unlike other hand saws, it has aggressive triple ground teeth that are 50 percent faster than any standard tooth. Moreover, they ensure faster cutting.

As for storage, the Dewalt is one of the best drywall saws in the market that ensures secure storage using its foldable design. The product folds to a small size fitting in the toolbox effectively. Additionally, the folding feature provides the safekeeping of the device when not in use.

It comes with a locking mechanism that secures the device. Accordingly, it locks the blade open in place for your easy access when needed. The bi-material handle will deliver extra comfort while minimizing your hand fatigue after many hours of continuous usage.


  • Stainless steel construction increases its durability
  • The ergonomic bi-material handle ensures long time use without exhaustion
  • Offers compact storage due to its foldable design
  • Has a foldable modification for safe usability
  • Locking system for accurate cutting


  • The blade feels loose when locked

9. Shark 10-2206 Rock Eater Drywall Saw

Shark 10-2206 Rock Eater Drywall Saw

Shark rock eater drywall saw is the best when it comes to durability, smooth cuts, and comfortable carrying. As you try working with this drywall saw, your clients will be very impressed with the output.

Moreover, it doesn't matter if the environment is adverse; the saw has a corrosion-resistant coat.

The manufacturers use high-quality carbon steel that is durable and will stay sharp for a long time, making it the most qualified material for such products. No matter how hard the wood you are dealing with, its blade doesn't bend. It is very easy blade for continuous use.

Let's not forget about the teeth of the saw. To ensure faster completion of your activities, they contain two cutting edges for pulling and pushing.

As for smooth and quicker cutting, you can stop beating about the bush and consider this unit. The device has diamond ground teeth which are more durable and sharp. Notably, they don't get blunt or bed after continuous use.

To make sure you can carry it conveniently, the hand saw comes with a comfortable handle with a wrist strap. Additionally, the handle’s design resembles the human palm providing a stable and no-slip grip.

It doesn't matter the wood you are dealing with as this saw gets your work done effectively and smoothly using its two cutting edges.


  • The carbon steel construction increases the lifespan of the saw
  • Deep cuts in both pull and push
  • Has an excellent rubber grip for convenient carrying
  • Doesn't bend on continuous use
  • Two-way cut increases working speed


  • The saw has a dull blade

10. Milwaukee 48-22-0304 6-inch drywall saw

Milwaukee 48-22-0304 6-inch drywall saw

Are you looking for an easily usable and durable saw for doing renovation job? Then you are in the right place. This is a top choice that you may consider.

48-22-304 is the best drywall hand saw that saves both your time and hassle. It comes with outstanding features, including sturdy construction, rasping holes, among others.

Manufacturers didn't fail to include a rugged built that doesn't flex while cutting. The hand saw is incredibly durable, reducing the need of replacement parts parts of other tools. It thus increases the model's lifespan. Additionally, its pointy end ensures effortless digging of the walls.

For proper control in slippery conditions, the unit comes with a rubber handle assists in maintaining overall control. To give smooth and comfortable working, this device contains rasping holes on the knife's sides that efficiently expand fast and easily after the cut.

Moreover, the saw has a rubber over-mold that helps reduce spillage while increasing comfort during work.

Let's not forget about the teeth, though. To ensure that you are carrying your routine jobs faster, the model has got dual teeth that cut in both push and pull.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Avery sharp blade helps in faster cutting
  • The rubber mold reduces spillage
  • Dual teeth operate in both pull and push
  • Has a folding blade for secure storage


  • Requires a lot of force to make a cut

11. Irwin 2014100 Pro Touch Drywall Saw

Irwin 2014100 Pro Touch Drywall Saw

Are you looking for a comfortable, efficient, and convenient cutting tool? Then look no further than Irwin tools. As you try out this best hand saw, you will be able to impress your customers and even attract more!

To make sure that you work comfortably and quickly, the hand saw comes with a rigid thick blade that ensures better cutting control. Moreover, the manufacturers use quality materials that don't rust or corrode even when used in moist environments. This allows it to serve you for a long duration.

As far as teeth are concerned, you can stop wasting your time around and consider the 2014100. It has tri ground teeth that ensure fast and smooth cutting. Additionally, they extremely sharp delivering high quality clean cuts over a variety of materials.

It would be best if you did not worry about sharpening the teeth. The hand saw comes with hardened premium ones that maintain their sharpness for a longer duration, even on continuous use. Accordingly, it has a sharp point tip that allows you to dig through the building materials easily.

The pro touch rubber grip gives you a firm hold while performing your operations. Additionally, it comes with a balanced hardwood handle that ensures a comfortable and stable fit in hand. This minimizes fatigue and ensures long term use.


  • The pro touch feature provides firm holding of the device during work.
  • Comes with balanced hardwood ensuring comfortable fitting in the hand
  • Very versatile
  • Sharpened premium teeth ensure faster cutting


  • The device is not foldable, making storing and transportation hectic.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing

Our review aims at choosing the best drywall saws that gets your work done correctly in minutes. There are various factors that customers need to look into before purchasing drywall hand saws.

Therefore, this part aims to explain considerations such as material, blade length, and tooth grid, among others, that help make the best choice of drywall hand saws.

The Material

The material used in making your drywood saws determines their durability. Before purchasing, consider a sturdy construction with anti-rust features for long term use.

Drywall Saws

Comfortable Handle

Before purchasing a hand saw in the market, prefer a sheltered grip that gives you an easy time. Cushioning on the handle surface keeps you comfortable while handling the saw. Additionally, it will provide you with the ability to work for a long duration without fatigue. Try to avoid a wooden handle.

Tooth Grind

Another factor to remember as you make your purchase is tooth grind. If you find a package that claims the teeth are either triple or double ground, it means that they have multiple cutting surfaces. The double one contains two, and the triple one has three.

Drywall Saws

A tool with more cutting surfaces provides easy cutting. The triple cut blade eradicates materials 50% faster than a single cut, making it a perfect choice.

Blade Length

Longer cutting blades make a faster cut than shorter ones as they keep away many materials in every stroke (you can also check our post on the best dado blades for your table saw). The longer stroke length also allows efficient cutting of all construction materials.

Additionally, a long blade minimizes your hand fatigue, helping you work for a long duration. Moreover, it gives you leverage when starting a fresh hole.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the perfect tool to cut drywall?

There are various equipment you can use in cutting drywall including utility knife, jab saw, drywall circle cutter and many more. However, a utility knife can be the simplest and most common way of cutting the drywall. It is easy to use, lightweight, and has a durable, ergonomic design.

2. What is the simplest way to cut drywall?

The simplest way to cut the drywall is turning the board over and laying it down. Then snap the board back on the cutline and use the saw of your choice in cutting through the drywall.

3. Can I use a Dremel for cutting drywall?

Yes, it is possible to cut the drywall with Dremel. It will give the correct cutting power used in cutting the drywall quickly. But it might be hard to use the drywall cutting bit.

4. Can I use a jigsaw to cut drywall?

Yes, it is possible to use drywall saws not only for cutting wood but also for light building materials.

5. Can drywall saw cut wood?

Yes. A drywall saw can cut wood. Its construction includes a soft-grip handle and a tempered-steel blade for comfort, strength and control when in use.

6. What is a pilot hole?

It is a start point hole which is used to make a bigger hole in the material. Most buyers use a extra tool to make these small holes. Making these cut outs is among the most notable features which other tools and other blades cant seem to do very well. Other than a professional drywaller most users need a jab so to do this.

Wrapping Up!

Choosing the best drywall saw in the market is now straightforward. This is because our review provides the best drywall saws and their comparisons that will not disappoint you. Therefore, you need to try on the provided hand saws for quality output.

Also, read our article on the best coping saws if you need one! 

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