11 Best Fence Paints in 2022 | Reviews With Buying Guide

The first thing that you see when you enter one’s home is the fence. It serves not only for aesthetic purposes but also for protection. That’s why it’s always essential to keep it in good condition.

Also, it is the most exposed part of your home, so you need reliable protection from harsh elements that may damage the fence through time. In this article, we will uncover some of the best fence paints on sale. Let’s talk about their top-notch features and know why either of these products is a must-have.

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11 Best Fence Paints Review

Choosing the right one is no longer challenging with this review. We’ll be enumerating some of the best products in the market that are sure to provide you optimum features. Let’s delve on them further!

1. System Saver Deck Wood Paint and Sealer

System Saver Deck Wood Paint and Sealer

If you’re thinking of giving your deck a fresh new look, then use the best deck paint by System Saver. It is an excellent value for your money because it is both a paint and a sealer. For sure, this paint can give your deck a great color. At the same time, it can serve as protection to any weather.

Perhaps, the only downside of this product is that it is thin. Also, it acts more like a stain. You have to repeat the coating for 2 to 3 times to achieve the color you want.

But then, it is easy to apply, and since it is water-based, cleaning up the brush should be easy. More so, the odor is not too strong, so it will not make you super uncomfortable while painting.

A great thing about this paint is that it's quick to dry. That means that reapplying coats will be faster and more stress-free. This paint is of the best quality, thereby ensuring durability and longevity. Whether you use it on a vertical or horizontal surface, you are sure to get an equally fantastic result.

More perk about this paint is that it comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from. Plus, the opaque finish will give you a clean and flawless surface. With this, you can achieve that polish look and long-lasting quality that you've always wanted. So go and be creative using the prime deck paint in the market. BTW, we've reviewed some more deck paints here.


  • Easy to apply
  • Can be maintained with ease
  • Has a variety of colors to choose from
  • Long-lasting
  • Can withstand various weather conditions


  • Thin and acts more like a stain

2. Wood Defender – Transparent Fence Stain (5 gallons)

Wood Defender Transparent Fence Stain

If you want to have optimum quality when it comes to stain for your fence, then you can never go wrong with Wood Defender. This product offers automotive-grain pigments, allowing long-lasting and better performance.

Indeed, it’s the best transparent stain for fences, especially if they are made of cedar or redwood. For sure, this can bring out the natural warm color of these woods. Yes, the stain may look redder than expected, but it usually depends on the type of wood that you are using.

Also, this product is a bit pricey; although it will be worth it. Since this product is of great quality, longevity and durability are guaranteed. Thus, there is no need to stain your fence repeatedly.

Furthermore, because it is easy to apply, it works well using a yard sprayer or a stain pot sprayer. If you need to cover a large area, this paint comes in a 5-gallon bucket, surely perfect for high volume needs.

With this, you will get what you pay for and more. It can give your fence a professionally-finished look without overspending your budget.

Overall, this product is a great pick for you. Go on, try this, and wow your neighbors with your newly stained fence.


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Ensures a natural finish on cedar and redwood
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes in a 5-gallon bucket


  • A bit pricey

3. Wood Defender – Transparent Fence Stain (1 gallon)

Wood Defender Transparent Fence Stain

If you need to re-coat your old fence for a fresh new look or just need to stain a small fence to complete your garden ensemble, then you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. This product from Wood Defender is dubbed the best wood stain that comes in a 1-gallon package is perfect for your minor staining project.

With this, you’re guaranteed to give your fence a fresh look for an extended time. Given its warranty, it only shows that you can trust its quality. Aside from that, it is also easy to apply. You can either use a brush or stain sprayer for faster application. There’s no doubt that it gives a great value for your money and effort.

After 2 to 3 years, you might need to recoat the stain on your project. But with this, it will surely be easy. Since it does not have a sealant, there’s no need to strip off the old stain. Plus, you have a lot of colors to choose from. Certainly, you can find the right one for you.

Although this stain may be over your budget, an amazing outcome is ensured. No matter how small or big your project is, it is a prerequisite to rely on only the best. Given these features, you can never go wrong with this fence stain. It is 100 percent recommended for your mini fencing project.

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  • Can last for a long time
  • Comes in a 1-gallon bucket
  • Ease of sustainability
  • Has a variety of colors to choose from


  • A little expensive

4. Valspar 3125-10 Barn and Fence Latex Paint

Valspar 3125-10

This is the 3rd paint in our list yet the best barn paint that you could ever use. If you want that red barn look at home, then this is the product for you. Well, you can use it on many types of surfaces such as wood, steel, and concrete with equally smooth and even finish.

Since the paint is thin enough, it is sure to flow smoothly. Therefore, it is easy to apply whether you are using a brush or a sprayer. But you will need to repeat the coating for 2 to 3 times to achieve the color that you want.

You might have to give extra effort to achieve the perfect look for your fence. But, you will not regret it because we assure you that it will not fade. The quality of this stain is durable. It can withstand any weather conditions, thereby keeping the bright color to last.

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Also, it has little to no odor so you can apply the paint without any major discomfort. An added bonus to this paint is that it is easy to clean up. All you need is a little water to clear splatters on unwanted places.

This paint is highly recommended. You can make that red barn that you always wanted or that professionally coated fence for your wonderful house. Obviously, if you want the best result, you should use only the best barn and fence paint just like this product from Valspar.


  • Can be used on various types of surfaces
  • Weather-proof
  • Little to no odor
  • Easy to clean-up


  • Thin paint (needs 2 or more coatings)

5. KILS Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

KILS Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

Are you currently planning to redesign and repaint your fences, front porch, or tool shed? You might want to use exemplary paint that would last through the years and be flexible as well.

This paint from KILS is specifically made for exterior siding, fence, and barn. It is equipped with top-notch features, making it the best option for you. Let’s find out more!

The brand is known to create premium paints and primers for over 40 years. There’s no doubt why both amateurs and professional love using this product. It guarantees you the perfect solution to whatever issue you might be facing at home regarding woodwork coloring.

Additionally, this all-purpose exterior paint can protect structures, especially against extreme weather elements that might cause any damage. For sure, you won’t experience any cracking and peeling for an extended period. With this, durability is guaranteed.

Since it is equipped with unique a water and oil-based formula, it can instantly stick to the wood you paint. Well, this product is not only suitable for the wood exterior but also masonry, mortar, concrete, or even in glossy layers.

Furthermore, when it comes to its efficiency, it leaves no room for doubt. It dries fast. Within 2 to 3 hours of coating, it is already safe to the touch.

However, you would need to give an extra 6 to 8 hours for it to dry if you want to add another layer of paint. Through this, you'll get a much bolder color.

A gallon of paint can cover roughly around 200 square feet of area on absorbent surfaces. More amazingly, you can fully apply it on a 500 square feet area for as long as it’s smooth and non-porous. Moreover, this paint is ideally used for vertical exterior surfaces applications.

But then, the only color you can choose from is red and white, since this product is inspired by traditional and timeless barns in rural areas. When coating, you should keep a wet edge. Also, brush in one direction for better results. Aside from brushing, it can be sprayed or applied with a roll-on.


  • 1 gallon can cover as much as 500 square feet
  • It has water/oil-based formula
  • Can be used in either wood or mortar surfaces
  • Quick-drying
  • Guarantees durability


  • Not ideal for gloss painting

6. Ready Seal 125 1-Gallon Can Stain and Sealer for Wood

Ready Seal 125 1-Gallon Can Stain and Sealer for Wood

This product from Ready Seal is definitely the right option if you want a darker color for your fences and porches. Not only that, but it is also easy to apply and it doesn’t require many pre-coating procedures. Certainly, this stain and sealer can help you create instant beauty to your homes in just a short period.

Unlike any other paints in the market, it requires no primer to see its real color. You’re right, this product can already produce a dark tone even on the first coating. And that could already save you a large amount of cash and labor as well.

With its advantages come a major drawback. Unfortunately, it cannot be applied on surfaces that are already painted beforehand because it prevents penetration.

Well, this paint is created to enhance the natural beauty of wood at your homes. Since it is oil-based and a combination of semi-transparent stain and sealer, it is perfect for any wood exterior surfaces at home.

Before applying, you need to make sure the wood’s surface is free of any dust, dirt, or grease, all of which can be removed through stripping. Also, make sure that the same surface is completely dry. Otherwise, you have to leave it for about 48 to 72 hours, depending on the weather outside.

Why so? This is for the purpose of better penetration and flawless results. What’s more amazing about Ready Seal 125 is that it doesn’t require any diluting or thinning process before the application, making this product handy.

During the painting process, it won’t need any wet-line application. The stain and sealer are already blended perfectly, so you don’t have to exert more effort in doing so. Also, it can be applied in any temperature range, giving you more flexibility.

Using a sprayer, roller, or brush is completely fine as long as it is convenient. This product may be dark on the first application, but you would need to give it 14 days more to reach its true color.

More so, it doesn’t contain any linseed oil, so it definitely won’t leave any stain on your hands. Not to mention, the product is also healthy for the environment since it is biodegradable when in contact with soil or water.


  • It is already dark even on first application
  • Doesn’t require any diluting or thinning
  • Can be applied in any temperature range
  • Safe for the environment
  • Enhances the natural beauty of wood in your homes


  • You would need to remove the previous coating on wood when applying this sealer

7. DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain

DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain

Are you tired of having your woodwork at home deteriorating faster than usual? This water-based and crystal clear wood stain from Defy might be the perfect product for you.

First off, it is friendly to the environment, so using it won’t cause you any worry. With this, you can prevent any degeneration caused by weather elements. At the same time, it can keep the natural color of your wood, giving you the innate sense.

Since it is composed of 100 percent acrylic, this product is fast-drying. So, it is fortified with zinc nanoparticle particle technology which emits tiny zinc particles throughout the layer.

What’s impressive about this is that it can protect the surface against UV rays, thereby preventing any damage or color loss. Actually, it acts as a sunscreen for your home project.

Furthermore, this product guarantees durability and longevity. It is also made with the highest quality resin that creates better resistance to fading and darkening. With these features, it’s ideal for staining wood decks, fences, patio furniture, and other outdoor structures you have at home.

For a more quality output, you could practice three easy steps to ensure long-lasting results. First, you would need a Defy wood cleaner or stain stripper. Second, brighten the wood surface using a wood brightener, and lastly, use Defy extreme wood stain.

When applying, you can either use a brush or spray. Also, this can be applied using an airless sprayer. If the surface begins to look dull, you could just spray it with soap and water and then apply a single coat of stain. You read it right, no more stripping or sanding will be needed.


  • Environment friendly
  • Equipped with zinc nano-particle technology
  • Water-based and 100 percent acrylic
  • Maintenance doesn’t need any stripping or sanding
  • Can prevent wood degeneration


  • You might need to purchase more manufacturer products to ensure a quality result

8. Ready Seal 510 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood

Ready Seal 510 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood

If you need a large amount of wood stain and sealer for your newly constructed fence, patio, or other outdoor furniture, this could be the best option we have for you!

Ready Seal 510 exterior stain and sealer can totally enhance the natural texture and beauty of your wood, allowing the features to remain still visible to the public eye. This stain is oil-based, which only indicates that it is more durable.

Perhaps, its major drawback is that it takes a much longer time to dry. But on a positive note, this product is a stain and a sealer at the same time. So definitely, it is suitable for any of your wood-based projects.

Additionally, this product is composed of a unique formula that penetrates perfectly into the wood. With this, it can protect and preserve the surface from different damaging elements, usually caused by molds and UV rays.

During application, you won’t need a primer since Ready Seal is already dark upon the first application. But you would need to give it 14 more days for it to improve its color. This could be applied using a sprayer, brush, or roller. Also, it doesn’t need back brushing or wet-line.

Always bear in mind not to apply this product in fences or woodworks already painted or stained beforehand. Sealed surfaces prevent this paint from penetrating. Yet, this can be used even in the different temperature ranges, giving you the flexibility you need in paint and sealer.


  • Enhances the natural texture and beauty of the wood
  • Penetrates perfectly to the surface
  • Prevents harmful elements from degenerating the wood
  • No primer needed in coating
  • Can be applied in a different temperature range


  • Not for small applications

9. Black Beauty Fence Post 

 Black Beauty Fence Post

Choosing the right stain for your fence is tough, especially if you are on a budget. But with this product from Black Beauty, you can achieve an excellent cover for an affordable price.

Since it is an asphalt-based paint, applying it is maybe a bit hard. You will need to wear proper protection when using this product because it can be messy. But don’t worry, though, it can be easily cleaned with water.

That alongside, you can use either a brush or a paint sprayer. Both tools work just fine, for as long as you take some precautions. The tar from the paint is difficult to remove, so make sure that it doesn't contact your skin.

However, this paint is best in covering fences that use rough cut lumber. It starts in a dark brown tone but will give you a beautiful black color as it dries. Just let the paint penetrate the wood, and you will achieve your desired outcome.

Another great feature of this stain is that it dries fast, so when it rains, the water will roll-off. With this paint, you are sure to get the cover that you want and more.

Given these features at hand, this product will definitely give great value to your money.


  • Very affordable
  • Covers best on rough surfaces
  • Lovely black color finish
  • Fast drying


  • Messy to apply

10. Olympic Deck, Fence And Siding Stain And Sealant

Olympic Deck, Fence And Siding Stain And Sealant

If you are looking for a paint that can make you work fast without sacrificing top-notch features, you need the Olympic stain and sealant. You can finish your paint job quickly at the same time, get the fantastic finish you always wanted.

When it comes to quality, this stain is sure to stand any weather conditions. Rainwater and snow won’t be a problem because this product can provide surface optimum protection.

Similarly, it can fortify the wood from harmful sunlight and dry summer. This stain can certainly keep the luxurious color of your fence over time. Since it is thin, it can flow smoothly throughout, thereby easing the application.

You can use it on various surfaces, may it be to a new or previously stained fence, and still achieve a similarly flawless finish. Plus, it dries up quickly so you can get a second coat immediately.

Being an easy clean-up is an added feature of this product, therefore maintaining it is simple. Without a doubt, that is an excellent price for your money and more.


  • Smooth application
  • Weather-proof
  • Quick-dry
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Contains harmful chemicals

11. Flood Series Fld 520-01

Flood Series Fld 520-01

A durable and high-quality stain is a must pick for a fence, especially for aged wood that is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Luckily, Flood Series brought us the best stain for matured woods.

Since this is an oil-based stain, it is a bit runny. Therefore, it can be easily applied using a brush, roller, or paint sprayer. Moreover, this stain doesn’t dry up fast so you can apply the second coat while it is still wet and get an astonishing finish.

Even if it is quite expensive, it will give great value for your money. For sure, it provides quality outcomes for your fence. At the same time, this can protect it from further damage caused by extreme weather conditions.

A great feature of this product is that the color becomes more attractive as it ages. Furthermore, even if it is oil-based, it is easy to clean up. You can get the job done with just soap and water.

Also, this stain is thick, thereby giving you good coverage. A gallon of this stain can go a long way. The Flood Series is 100 percent recommended, especially in making your old wooden fence look new again. There’s no doubt why it is included in our list of the best paint and sealer out there.


  • Works great with matured wood
  • Long-lasting
  • Endures harsh weather conditions
  • Easy clean-up
  • Simple application process


  • Expensive

Before You Buy, What to Look For

There are many things to consider in choosing the best paint for your fence. Let this checklist guide you for your fence painting project.


Make sure that the paint or stain has sufficient coverage. Although this is highly affected by the technique used in the application, choosing paint with great coverage ability is an advantage. It is certain to save you time and money.


The quality of the paint is measured through the length of time that it can retain its color. Good quality paint can last long despite the different weather conditions. Most paints in the market have UV protection. Others are capable of protecting the fence from mildew.



Another characteristic of quality paint is the ability to resist flaking and chalking(BTW, we also have reviewed chalkboard paints). It occurs after some time when the binder starts to degrade and the paint starts to flake. A flaking resistant paint can save you time from cleaning up when you need to re-coat your fence.


Sometimes blisters occur when applying paint on damp surfaces. So pick a paint that can keep moisture from getting through and affecting your paint. A water-resistant paint can keep moisture away from soaking the paint making sure that your fence is protected.


You also need to consider the drying time of the paint. It depends on the type of paint that you use. Water-based paint dries up fast and requires a short curing period. On the other hand, oil-based paint dries up more slowly than water-based paints. It also takes about 24 hours to cure.

Easy to Clean

And lastly, you must consider an easy clean-up paint. Water-based paint is usually simple to clean. You can just use soap and water for splatters and tools whereas, oil-based paints require turpentine to dissolve. However, today there are oil-based paints that can be cleaned with just soap and water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much paint do I need for my fence?

The paint or stain coverage is highly affected by many factors such as paint applicator, paint quality, surface absorption, and more. Using a brush or a roller can cover more area than a sprayer. It is advised that you check the manufacturers' labels to know the coverage of the paint or stain you are buying.

But there are paint calculator applications that can give an approximate amount of paint you will be needing.

Do I need to use primer for my newly installed fence?

Applying a primer or undercoat is recommended before painting for it to properly stick to the surface. Also, it increases the durability of the paint. At the same time, it adds protection to the materials being painted.

However, there are paints that do not require a primer before application. A number of paints in the market are “self-priming”.

How soon do we paint a newly installed paint?

The wait time in painting or staining your new fence depends on the materials being painted. Generally, if your fence is made of dry materials a month or two should be enough. For pressure treated materials, it may take 3-4 months. Check it first with a moisture meter to make sure that it is dry enough for painting.

Should I paint or stain my fence?

Both choices have pros and cons. Paint for instance gives you a wide array of colors and texture to choose from. Whereas color choice for stain is limited. Paint requires repainting after 2 to 3 years because it flakes or cracks. While stain fades but can keep the color for a long time.

Repainting needs a lot of effort in preparation. On the other hand, stains only require a power wash or simply soap and water before re-staining. 

What is the best season to paint?

The best season to paint your fence in summer. During this time the weather is warm enough to dry your paint or stain. Also, the rain has tapered off. Then again, with the advancement of technology, paints and stains may be applied at any season.

Most paints in the market are made to withstand any weather and temperature when applied. You just have to look for the paint that suits your current weather condition and temperature.

Final Words

With so many choices in the market, it can be daunting to find the right one. Hopefully, this article is a great help in finding the best fence paint for you. We’ve already introduced you to products equipped with top-notch features. Now, the discretion all lies to you!

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