10 Best Fencing Pliers Review with Buying Guide [2022]

In the world of handy tools and equipment, pliers play a crucial role. These products are especially important when it comes to metal wires and smaller metal strings. Otherwise, you will find yourself hacking at these wires for ages trying to form a shape.

It can even be harmful to your hands, and you can easily poke yourself. However, since these products are seemingly so simple, the market loves to manufacture them in plenty. As a result, you do not always get the best inch fencing pliers when you need them.

But why worry when you found this article? Because we will dive deep into the world of pliers and introduce you to some of the best fencing pliers available.

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10 Best Fencing Pliers Reviews

As promised, below you will find some of the best and most useful pliers that you can purchase and store in your toolbox.



A big problem often occurring in pliers is their flimsy built. Even if the individual parts such as the handle or the head are strong, often they are incompatible. As a result, when you try to work with them, they break apart easily.

However, you will never face such issues with the IRWIN VISE machinated pliers. The machinated gripping jaws on the irwin vise grip pliers tool offer the perfect space for the two handles to meet. So, there will not be any overlapping or gaping, and you can twist or bend the wire with ease.

Another problem people face with pliers is when they accidentally cut the object. If you are not careful, then you can cut the wire, which might cause the whole fencing project to fall. However, the maximum gripping power allows you to exert adequate pressure for your fencing jobs.

Thus, you can control the tool better. However, that does not mean that the metal (Nickel chromium steel) is not strong enough. The durable nickel chromium steel offers top of the class durability and will ensure high strength.

A DIY enthusiast can use this budget fencing plier for metal posts, old fencing, wooden posts, etc. Not many cheap fencing pliers can handle metal and wood posts.

Wood posts can have big old staples that can not be handled with only one tool. And this is the only tool that can handle wooden post even after being among the budget fencing pliers. Other tools might be good with wire fence repairs but only a great fencing plier can handle everything.

Sometimes while applying force, you might experience a pinch that can tear the skin. But you will also face zero pinchings while closing the pliers, thanks to its excellent shape. The rubberized long lasting pair of handles also provide more grip.

Overall the tool is weightless, and you can work with it for hours without facing any wrist pains like it is with most of the vise grip fencing pliers.


  • Machinated design
  • Non slip grips provide comfort
  • The machined jaws do not overlap or have gaps
  • Nickel and chromium jaw for maximum strength


  • Not suitable for gaucho barbed wire

2. Channellock Fence Building Tool Plier

Channellock Fence Tool Plier

The best part about some tools is their versatility. Especially if these tools are small and still manages to do multiple jobs along with fencing jobs, then hallelujah! A plier can be such a tool if you know which one to buy.

For example, Channellock plier is an extremely versatile product for its many functions. It looks very simple, but small additions such as a two-way design make this product a staple puller, a staple starter, and a hammer! The staple grips along with the wire grip make this a good pair for pulling nails.

With some know-how you can also use fencing pliers as wire stretcher and shear type wire cutters. Additionally, the wire splicing crimpers are better than most other wire splicers. So, you are getting two wire cutters and many other tools in this wire cutter.

So, if you are wondering why there is a flat side on the head, now you know that it’s an hammer head for hammering. Hammering nails with this hand tool won't be a cause of hand fatigue. The handles of this multi functional tool also have a convenient shape, which lets you hold both the handles at a time to hammer comfortably.

One can apply the same method while trying to start or pull a staple. You can already assume that the handles on this product are top-notch; otherwise, you would not get so much versatility. It is a non-conductive substance and connects seamlessly with the handle.

Are you worried that the hammer head might fall apart while pulling? Do not, because the attachment between the parts is entirely secure. It also means that you will get a fair bit of use from this product before you need a replacement.

If you work in a welding shop where sparks and flames are going off everywhere, you might want to keep this plier as well. It is excellent in resisting heat and will not burn your hand over time.


  • Versatile
  • Features 2 cutters with precise cutting edges
  • Heat-resistant
  • Secure attachment
  • Comfortable handle


  • Not corrosion resistant

3. DEWALT DWHT70273 Fencing Pliers

DEWALT DWHT70273 Fencing Pliers

Time and time again, Dewalt has expanded its tools range to possibly every product, but they have also managed to keep the quality intact. It is also the same in the case of this DWHT70273 model fencing tool.

The high quality plier of this Dewalt dwht70273 fencing tool looks unique, unlike any other plier in the market unless you are talking about other Dewalt fencing pliers. It has handles with a slight outward curve, which creates a nice place to hold. The head of this product also has a unique shape which a sharp knife-like shape on one side, and a flat linear look on the other.

So, the overall vibe of the product is unique, which is on trend with the brand. You can use the sharp side to cut and pull staples and wires, while the flat side can act as a hammer.

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However, that side has small edges, which might cause indentation. So, only using the hammer side of the edge shape does not bother you. When the two ends meet, you will notice two different shapes forming in the middle.

These shapes will help you to bend and form the fence with metal or barbed fencing wire or however you want.

Another cool feature is the rubber handle, which has small grooves on the inner side. Thus, you can hold the product tightly and pull as hard as you want without worrying about it slipping.


  • Unique shape with sharp edges
  • Multiple-use including pulling and cutting action
  • Groovy rubberized handles
  • Long lasting plier
  • Can easily bend wires


  • Might be a bit large for some users

4. TEKTON Fencing Pliers

TEKTON Fencing Pliers

Fencing does not just mean bending some wires and forming a criss-cross shape. If you look at a finely decorated fence, you will notice the complexity of it. Now the question is, how many tools would you need for finishing such a job?

Some people might say 7-8 tools, and we will say that you will need just one tool! If you are wondering which tool that might be, it is the TEKTON plier with the ability to do the seven tools job.

That only becomes possible because of its unique shape. While it still looks like a basic plier, it has several slots and holes for doing multiple works. For example, below the sharp edge is a small slit where you can place a small metal rod.

And when you press the plier, it will cut it smoothly. Similarly, other segments help you do the job of a nail puller, stapler puller, hammer, staple claw, crimper,  gripping jaw, etc. All you have to do is know how to use the tool.

Figuring out how it functions will not be hard as several sources on the internet will show you exactly how it works. Moreover, it is also an excellent tool for mending fences as well. It makes your fencing project faster no matter the fencing tasks you are doing.

The vibrant red handle is an excellent addition for such a tool as it helps it stand out. Since this product is relatively small, being able to notice it right away in a cluttered place should help you a lot.

However, tool belt and tool organizers will make the tool easier to use. This is true for most fencing pliers that are used for repairing wire fences.


  • 7-in-1 tool
  • Extremely sharp
  • Can mend fences
  • Bright handle
  • Extremely durable


  • Might be hard to understand

5. Crescent Heavy-Duty Solid Joint Fence Tool Pliers

Crescent Heavy-Duty Solid Joint Fence Tool Pliers

Fencing pliers always needs a good length to become functional, especially when you are working with multiple functionality fencing pliers. You need to be able to hold the tool strongly with a comfortable grip to maneuver and pull it however you want. As you are working with metal substances, the device also needs to be strong.

Thus, the Crescent plier has 10 inches to it, giving you plenty of space to hold it and move your hand around to get a good grip. So, it becomes extremely easy to pull and make shapes with a metal wire.

For some bonus points, the tool's handles also have a cushioned rubber that creates a cushioned grip. So, you will not be holding just a metal bar. The rubber also adds extra girth to the handles.

Besides the large handles, this model is generally a more heavy-duty plier with an alloy-steel head. The alloy must have some stainless-steel quality to prevent the product from rusting or getting damaged.

Thus, you can get a lot more use out of it than a regular plier. The heavy-duty material also makes the tool extremely sharp on the places it needs to be. So, one edge of the plier has a sharp tapered end, which can easily cut thick wires.

This tool is also versatile as it can do more than just bend wires. You can pull staples, crimp wires, and do much more thanks to the many slots on this small tool.


  • 10-inch handle
  • Heavy-duty product
  • Alloy-steel head
  • Versatile
  • Cushion grip handles


  • Might not fit in small tool kits

6. Fencing Plier 260mm

Fencing Plier 260mm

Often pliers that claim to be multi-purpose can easily scam you. They have the looks to be versatile, but in reality, it does more damage to the working-object. So, what to do if you need a versatile plier?

Well, the plier by Draper is no joke, and it might have small claims, but they sure pay off. You can immediately tell from the shape of it that it will function. The sharp side is also slightly curved.

So, when you try pulling staples, it will grab on it instead of getting unhooked. Probably the best staple starter that can remove staples. The hammer side is also wide enough actually to make a difference and distribute pressure evenly. It does have small edges on the surface, so you have to be mindful of that.

And of course, it has more than one slot to execute any sort of plier work with perfection. Two slots are in the middle of the head, while there is another at the side, which can help in cutting wire.

It is a comfortable product in the sense that it will not cause any wrist pain. The soft-touch handles also provide extra grip and enable less straining. More grip also means better control over the product. 

This plier has a carbon-steel head with a smooth finishing. So, the chances of accidentally poking yourself are minimum. 


  • Can perform several tasks
  • The curved hook can easily pull staples
  • Wider hammer surface
  • Soft-touch handle grip
  • Carbon-steel body


  • The head might deform over time

7. Allied Tools 30576 Fence Pliers

Allied Tools 30576 Fence Pliers

You need to exert quite a bit of strength when you work with a plier, which can easily cause strains on your wrist. And if the product is heavy, then it is a guarantee that your hands will start aching.

Then again, you also need a significantly bigger sized plier to work comfortably. So, if you ever needed a big yet lightweight plier, The Allied Tools plier, should be your best pick. They are some of the best pliers for fencing, as they are large yet easy to hold.

It only weighs .01 ounces while having 10 inches to it. So, it does not compromise in any way. The extended length gives you wiggle-room, and when you have to pull hard, the plier will shift but will not fall from your hand.

Besides, the handles have extra gripping cushions, which ensure that you get adequate control over the product. It also helps with sweaty hands and slightly absorbs the moisture.

Moreover, an added layer over the handle means extra protection for the product. However, the product itself is quite strong because of the industry-grade metalhead.

It is also multi-purpose as it has different shapes on either side of the product. These are not just shapes, but slots for handling the wire in different ways.


  • Extra gripping cushion handles
  • Multi-purpose pliers can cut, bend, and crimp
  • Industry-grade metal head
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Might not be suitable for heavy-duty work

8. KING Fencing Pliers with Hammerhead

KING Fencing Pliers

Even though lots of pliers have a functional hammer, more than often, they are not of a suitable shape; as a result, you end up with wonky hammer jobs, and it might even destroy the object you had been working on.

So, if you wanted to achieve hammering precision but with a plier, the KING plier will be perfect. Unlike other pliers, this brand allocates quite some space for the hammer. As a result, it has a round shape.

Moreover, a bigger hammer means an even pressure spread over any surface, which will help the nail to sit straight instead of digging deeper on some spots while leaving others empty.

However, a bigger hammer does not mean that this plier loses its finesse. This makes up for the bigger hammer with a wider hook on the other side. It is quite rounded and slightly curved at the end, which should be able to latch on to the staple.

The rounded edge of the hammer staples will also protect your hand from accidents making it one of the best fencing tools. This 10.5-inch plier is robust thanks to its hardened steelhead. So, it will not budge no matter how much force you give while hammering or pulling.

It also has soft-touch gray handles, which should be perfect for a comfortable yet firm grip.


  • Considerably larger hammer side
  • Rounded staple-pulling head ensures the safety
  • Extremely durable hardened steel body
  • 10.5 inches long
  • Can perform heavy-duty tasks


  • Some users might find it a bit bulky

9. Bates- Pliers

Bates- Pliers

Often people who use pliers face a problem with oxidization or rusting. This rust destroys the plier and can also damage the surface of the object where the plier is working.

So, if you are a person looking out of such a problem and need pliers that do not form rust, then we suggest you go for the Bates pliers. They have steel and alloy bodies that bring strength and durability to the table. We also think there is an anti rust coating.

Thus, this stainless steel will help the product to maintain integrity for as long as possible. It will not oxidize even when it comes in contact with water or sweat from your hand.

Moreover, the portion where you will hold the tool also has excellent coverage. The plastic wrap around the handle makes the product non-conductive and also helps it to restrict heat-buildup.

As a result, you can hold the plier for longer while working. Moreover, the plier's shape also allows a comfortable hold, minimizing any chance of wrist pain.

Besides all these fantastic features, this product is also extremely versatile, and you can do 7 to 8 jobs of cutting, pulling, and mending wire fences all with this one 10-inch plier. It has multiple slots that meet at a point when you close the plier. So, by placing the wire on the right slot, you can get the desired effect.


  • Heavy-duty product
  • Has a nice length
  • Minimizes rust-formation
  • Plastic covering prevents heat-buildup
  • Has more grip


  • The cutter might be dull

10. NUZAMAS Fencing Pliers and Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter Set

NUZAMAS Fencing Pliers

Having a versatile product is fantastic, as it can perform multiple jobs. However, you have to admit that more tasks on one single item can put a lot of pressure. Thus, you might find the plier wearing down sooner than later.

So, what should you do if you wanted a versatile plier within budget, but also wanted it to last long? Go for a set, of course! The brand Nuzamas has a fantastic deal where you will get quality fencing pliers and wire cuttes.

Getting a wire cutter does not mean that you cannot use the plier for the same purpose. However, having the option means you can always use the cutter for its designated purpose and give some relief to the plier.

Besides, you are not spending a dime more for a fantastic cutter, what can be a better deal than that! There is also a hook at the bottom of the cutter so you can hang it. As for the plier, it is incredibly sturdy and robust.

There is also considerable space between the two handles, which will restrict unnecessary pinching. It also has dip-coating for providing better control.

The carbon steel substance provides superior strength to the product allowing you to work with thicker wires. It has a hammer and a staple puller side along with small slots for crimping and bending wires.

By the way, if you want to read about hydraulic crimping tools for cutting wires, bending and make connections between electric wires, this article might help you.


  • 10-inch plier and 8-inch cutter
  • Dip-coated handle
  • High-strength head
  • A convenient set
  • Affordable


  • The cutter might form rust

What to Look for Before Buying?

These pliers are small items, but they perform several intricate functions, which is why you also have to pay attention before buying fencing pliers.

Plier Head

The products on this list may not be the world's best fencing pliers for some, but to many people, they are as close to perfection because of the plier's head.; the plier's head is where all the magic happens. So, if it is not durable, then the product will ultimately lose all its credibility.

Usually, pliers have a metal surface, but it has to be stainless. Otherwise, things can quickly go south from oxidation and rust formation. You should also check if the metal is too malleable because then it will be prone to deformation.


Another essential feature of a plier is the handle. Some might say that the handle plays a more significant role because through this surface, a user controls the product. So, if the handle is flimsy, then the user will not utilize the plier head no matter how amazing it is.

Thus, you should always check whether the handles have adequate distance, so you can avoid getting pinched. If the handle's design has any miscalculation, it will overlap or have a gap; as a result, the wire will not get the desired shape.

Moreover, having some sort of gripping cushion over the handle is crucial. It ensures that the user can twist or pull the plier at will without worrying about dropping the product.


This factor is where things get interesting. For a higher price, you can get pliers that can do more than one job. It saves up on space and the need to buy more and more tools for conducting simple tasks.

Usually, a plier can easily do 2 or 4 tasks, but some pliers are capable of performing seven jobs as well! So, you can keep an eye out if you want seven tools in one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I not get pinched while using pliers?

Get pliers that have considerable space between the two handles.

What can I do to improve my grip over these tools?

One needs to exert much force on pliers to make things work. So, you can go for pliers that have a cushion or plastic coverings for added grip.

Can I use pliers for mending fences?

Yes, if your plier is versatile, then you can build and mend fences with a plier.

How do I cut wires using a plier?

There are several slots, but a dedicated slot at the edge of the plier should cut wire when you press the handles tightly.

Is hammering with a plier possible?

Yes, most pliers will have a flat side which you can dedicate to hammering. However, a plier hammer will not be like a traditional hammer as it has small edges on its surface.

How long are these hammers?

Usually, the best-rated fencing pliers are 10 inches long, but there are pliers smaller and longer than that length as well. 

Final Word

As you see, the best fencing pliers will help you do your job faster and more comfortably. Your fences can be as minimal or decorated, but your hands will always be stress-less. These pliers will also save up on the expense as they will last longer, and you will not have to pick a new one now and then!

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