11 Best Hand File Sets for Quick Filing Anything in 2022

Are you an aspiring carpenter who’s troubled by uneven edges in your woodwork? Do your projects lack the perfection of a professional? A hand file set might be the answer to all your problems. Fortunately for you, we have reviewed below the 11 best hand file sets money can buy.

Why buy separate hand files from the market when you can get a set that contains all the useful tools? The hand file sets we have for you will give a wide range of applications to choose from. They will not only save you precious time but also make your job more enjoyable.

11 Best Hand File Sets Review

We know how hard it can be to find a reliable tool in today’s market. So, to make your job easier, we have handpicked the top hand file sets you can buy.

1. Four Uncles 20 Pcs Metal File Set

Four Uncles 20 Pcs Metal File Set

This file set consists of 14 file sets, four larger files, a 4-way wood rasp file, and a scratch brush. Each of these tools is perfect for different types of tasks that will make your project stand out. The 4-way wood rasp file has 4 different types of files and teeth. If you need to smooth the edges, you can use the flat file.

On the other hand, the fine teeth and semi-circular file can be used to smooth the outline openings and holes. The flat wood rasp is roughed with different kinds of materials – leather, wood, soft plastic, and soft metal. Also, the coarse tooth of the semi-circular file is suitable for shaping the interior contours of wood and metal.

Moreover, this metal file set is durable enough to serve you for several years to come. All the metal files in this set are made of highly durable T12 carbon materials. Their carbon content is a perfect 1.1% and is the optimum composition for tools of this kind.

No matter how long you use it, these metal files will give you the same level of boring and cutting performance as day one. It is useful for a wide range of applications for both DIY and professional purposes.

They have also designed a comfortable grip for those long hours of filing. Now you don’t have to worry about your hands aching due to hours of relentless work.


  • Various types of metal files
  • Comfortable grip
  • Made of T12 forged steel
  • Suitable for DIY and professionals
  • 4-way wood rasp


  • Relatively pricey

2. SE 6 Piece Flat Diamond Grit File Set 74330DF

SE 6 Piece Flat Diamond Grit File Set

This hand file set we have for you can be used to work on a variety of materials apart from wood and metal. These metal files consist of fine grits that can smooth almost any object within a short time. The different files in this set are highly abrasive and make smoothing rough edges much easier.

Not only that, but you can also use these tools to cut like knives! The coarseness of this metal file set will come in handy when you’re trying to clean those stubborn and rough edges. Apart from having strong teeth, these grit files can also get the job done faster than ever before.

Their intensely abrasive surface allows you to work with wood, tile, ceramics, carbide, and even steel surfaces with ease. Furthermore, their sheer accuracy will make your project look clean and admirable. This set also offers you a range of grits from coarse to super fine.

It will undoubtedly come in handy when you’re trying to shape and file different surfaces. They also have a high heat conductivity, which can help you shape the object more swiftly. You’ll achieve a great finish with this diamond grit file set, which will be unmatched by any other file set.

The metal files in this set come with a rubber dipped handle that is easy on your palms. You can work for hours on end and still feel no discomfort.


  • Work on different types of surfaces
  • Highly abrasive
  • Rubber dipped handle
  • Six types of grit
  • Accurate finish


  • Some files may be too rough

3. JOEBOE 17 Piece Premium Metal File Set

 JOEBOE  Premium Forged Carbon Metal File Set

As the first item on this list, we bring you this extremely versatile metal file set. The set consists of some perfectly forged steel files that can be used to file both metal and wood. It’s specifically designed for those woodworkers who want to add a pristine look to their projects.

This is a product entirely manufactured in the USA and consists of tools made of highly durable material. The metal file set includes a wide range of tools needed for different purposes. There are three triangular, one oval, three-round, six flat, two half-round, and one square file in this set.

Each of these files comes in different sizes, so you can only imagine the various applications of these tools. All this diversity will undoubtedly give you a boost of confidence when working on a tough project. A bonus brush is also included for further convenience.

You can use this additional tool to get rid of the minute particles that might settle on your project. This will allow you to see the smoothness and flaws of your project much more clearly. Therefore, there is no room for errors. These tools are made of solid steel and consist of clean, rugged teeth.

For enhanced durability, they also apply a protective coating on each of the files. All the tools have a grip handle for added comfort. They can also be stored securely in a provided tool bag.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Wide range of metal files
  • Made of solid steel
  • Protective coating
  • Bonus brush tool


  • The brush is cheaply made

4. Kalim Hand File Set 16 Pcs

Kalim Hand File Set 16 Pcs

This hand file set includes a wide range of options for different kinds of projects. Within this set, you’ll find six needle files and three metal files. They also provide you with five sheets of sandpaper that can be used for grating. Sandpapers are not always included in hand file sets.

This will help you achieve a whole other level of finishing, especially on wooden surfaces. You will also get an additional brush used for removing debris while filing. Hence, the waste won’t be able to deter the accuracy of your work. A convenient storage case is also provided to keep hand files safe.

You can carry them in the case easily, and never have to lose them again. The tools fit snugly inside the storage case and are held in place with secure straps. All the 16 pieces of this hand file set will give you an upper hand when making a wooden surface smooth and shiny.

It’s hard ever to damage these tools as they are made of high carbon steel. This level of durability makes it suitable for industrial usage. The hand files are also made with cool teeth, which protects it from hard impacts.

To top it off, all of the hand files in the set come with a non-slip grip. This will allow you to maintain a firm grip while filing, and prevent them from escaping your grasp.


  • Six needles files and three metal files
  • Convenient storage case
  • Brush for removing debris
  • Made of high carbon steel
  • Non-slip grip


  • Carbon steel tends to dull quickly

5. Amartisan 20 Pcs Premium File Set

Amartisan 20 Pcs Premium File Set

Another amazing hand file set to look forward is this premium model that comes with 20 equally essential tools. Each of the tools in the set is entirely made of T20 alloy steel, which makes it a faithful ally that will serve for a lifetime. Not only are they made of durable material, but they also have a special coating.

This coating protects the tools from long term damage, regardless of the rate of use. They milled tempered for utmost durability and enhanced filing performance. This is a reliable set of equipment for both carpenters and DIY fans. The set contains four large files, including flat, triangle, half-round, and round files.

They have also included 16 needle files, which bring a whole new level of precision to your work. All these different tools make this set suitable for working with diverse materials – ceramic, wood, plastic, mirror, tiles, and metal. Its versatility will help you learn faster if you are a beginner at carpentry.

What makes it even better is that all these tools come in a compact storage case that can be carried around with ease. Now you will always have premium hand files at your disposal to use when you see fit. Besides that, the manufacturers have also ensured that the files feel comfortable in your hand.

The handle and the blade are fully connected for ease of use. A rubbery handle also makes sure you can maintain a stable grip.


  • Made of T20 alloy steel
  • Durable coating
  • Wide range of applications
  • Portable storage case
  • Rubbery handle


  • The case could be better

6. Mulwark 9 Pcs Premium Grade Carpenter File Set

Mulwark Premium Grade Carpenter File Set

This set of hand files is one of the most reliable ones on the market as they’re made of hardened and tempered carbon steel that has a hardness of 62 HRC. Most hand file sets on the market barely offer this kind of endurance at this price.

As if that wasn’t enough, even the handles are made of sturdy ABS and soft rubber. These ergonomic handles are resistant to impact and also comfortable to use. They also have a concave and contoured design that makes it more enticing to look at.

Due to its resistance to impact, you can use it for as long as you want without decreasing its efficiency. It doesn’t put any strain on your hands either. This file set includes tools of different sizes. Hence, you can carry out a wide variety of tasks easily.

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Anything from sharpening to shaping and deburring is a breeze with this set at your disposal. From shaping watches, jewelry, and clocks to deburring wood and metal, you can work on anything you like. This premium grade file set is a perfect ally for both professionals and DIY fanatics.

The file set is especially good at woodworking and metalworking projects that need attention to detail. Each of the nine pieces will help you shape your project to your liking. The files have precision-milled double-cut teeth that can remove fine materials from the work surface.


  • Made of tempered carbon steel
  • Handles made of ABS and soft rubber
  • Different applications
  • Double cut teeth
  • Easy to use


  • Storage case seems cheap

7. Preciva 16 Pcs Hand File Set

Preciva 16 Pcs Hand File Set

Unlike most hand file sets on the market, this model has twelve pieces of needle files that are suitable for shaping and cutting wood. There various numbers of applications for this exclusive file set. It includes four pieces of flat, triangular, half-round, and round files in large sizes.

Not only are they useful for polishing wood, but they also come in handy when working with mirrors, glass, and metal surfaces. The amount of accuracy and smoothness you achieve with this file set will leave you in awe. Moreover, the tools included are made of T12 drop forged alloy steel.

This is a highly durable set of hand files that always get the job done with some time to spare. To ensure more sturdiness, these tools have been milled tempered and coated for protection. Once you buy this product, you won’t need to replace them for a significant amount of time.

They have also introduced an ergonomic handle that will put less strain on your hands. Filing wooden objects will be much easier due to this feature. You can work different projects consecutively without getting exhausted. It also helps you maintain a steady grip on the hand files without leaving a mark on your palms.

A portable storage case is also included for the DIY fans out there. It keeps the hand files safe and sound to be carried anywhere you go.


  • 12 pieces of needle files
  • Made of T12 drop forged alloy steel
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Portable carrying case


  • Fairly expensive

8. Neiko 00109A Heavy Duty File And Rasp Set

Neiko 00109A Heavy Duty File And Rasp Set

This particular set of hand files offers different levels of file coarseness. Apart from the seven hand files, it also includes three rasps for the detailed shaping of wood. However, you can also use these tools to shape other materials such as plastic and metal. It’s a versatile toolset.

The unique level of diversity of this thing makes it one of the best hand file sets on the market. There are total 12 different pieces, which offers a wide range of applications to choose from. Each has a different level of roughness that allows you to work on several projects simultaneously.

It’s a professional woodworker’s dream come true!

What sets it apart from other hand file sets is its removable handles. Each set comes with two easily removable handles that can be swapped when necessary. The handles are ergonomically designed to put less strain on your hands. Therefore, you can work for longer durations before tiredness sets in.

Whether you’re working with the files or the rasps, you’ll never lose their grip because of the non-slip design. You’ll have full control of the tool you’re using. The operation is effortless and enjoyable. This is an affordable choice for those of you who are just getting into carpentry.

The coarse hand files can also be useful for grating the surface with uneven edges. It’s surprising how little time it takes to complete any task with this hand file set.


  • 7 files and 3 rasps
  • Removable handles
  • Maintain a steady grip
  • Made of heat-treated steel
  • Versatile


  • Handles can be a hassle

9. Premium Grade 6 Piece Carbon Steel Needle File Set

Premium Grade Carbon Steel Needle File Set

You can’t discuss about needle file sets and not mention this premium-grade model. This is a multipurpose set that is a perfect choice whether you’re a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast. However, it’s a beautiful startup tool kit that will help amateurs learn faster.

These hand files have a modest design, but they have more uses than you might expect. If carpentry is your hobby, then applying a smooth finish is a priority. With this affordable set of needle files, you can shape and file more than one type of material. It also proves easy to remove debris off your project with these tools.

Don’t be fooled by its price as these hand files can endure anything you put them through. These milled blades are made of hardened and tempered high carbon steel. It enables them to swiftly cut through wood and shape it as you desire. The sharp blades were built for relentless hours of woodworking [BTW, for comfortable woodworking, don't forget to read this post about work aprons]. 

Each hand file in this set has a PVC handle that surely makes the job easier. What I liked about this handle is that they don’t slip even when you’re working with wet hands. It allows you full control of the tool and helps you add more details to your project.

This versatile set comes with different file types like flat, triangular, flat taper, round, half-round, and square.


  • Different file types
  • Affordable file set
  • Made of tempered high carbon steel
  • PVC handle
  • Easy to use


  • The file spins inside the handle

10. DS-Space Carbon Steel File Set

DS-Space Carbon Steel File Set

Each of the files in this set is made of high carbon steel and is sure to serve you for a very long time. Its excellent durability and efficient filing performance will undoubtedly amaze you. This steel file set contains all the tools you need for pristine craftsmanship in the long run.

The files in this set have enough strength for completing multiple projects at a time. This is also a multipurpose set that can help you shape different types of materials effortlessly. If carpentry enables you to pass your leisure time, you will love this particular model.

Each type of file has an antique look like no other. They are equipped with a wooden handle that makes it easy to maintain a stable grip. Apart from a comfortable grip, you will also experience better control. This will make your tasks seem more like a past time than a chore.

It’s such a versatile file set that you can even shape metals like tin and aluminum. Wood and plastic are also some of the materials you can work with. It doesn’t have a lack of file shapes either. Flat file, round file, half-round, and triangle files are only some of the tools you can work with.

They are also exceptionally well at sharpening and deburring jewelry, watches, and clocks. The unique handles also make it resistant to impact and only assure its reliability even more.


  • Wooden handles
  • Made of high carbon steel
  • Can shape tin and aluminum
  • Impact-resistant
  • Highly durable


  • Some of the files are unsatisfactory

11. Nicholson 22040HNN 5 Piece Hand File Set

Nicholson 22040HNN 5 Piece Hand File Set

We are almost at the end of the review list, and we saved the best for last. This exclusive hand file set is perfect for various purposes. It’s a brilliant pick if your job involves filing concave surfaces. The files can also prove helpful for removing materials off metal.

This is an all-round file set that every carpenter needs to make their projects look more appealing. These hand files can also be used to sharpen certain metal objects. They are produced by a reliable manufacturer that is recommended by many. If you’re looking to get your money’s worth, then look no further.

You can surely rely on the product’s longevity as it is made of high carbon steel. If that isn’t enough, then its versatile applications are bound to change your mind. On the other hand, their handles are designed to offer comfort and an iron-clad grip. Even a little moisture can’t make the handles slip away from you.

These files also come in a compact pouch that easily fits in your pocket. So, you can now carry your tool anywhere and show your crafting skills at every opportunity. The files have front-facing cutting teeth that are sharp enough to swiftly cut through a wooden workpiece.

They also have three different coarseness grades, each with their purpose. All these features will help achieve the perfection you could once only dream of.


  • Can remove materials off a metal
  • Three coarseness grades
  • Files have a long lifespan
  • Comfortable and stable grip
  • Can sharpen metal objects


  • Not all the files are made in the USA

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Even though you might know about all the best hand file sets, there are still some factors you need to consider before you make a purchase. These factors will help define whether or not you’re making the right choice.

Tooth Patterns

There different types of tooth patterns among hand files, but hard steel teeth make sure you can do your job swiftly and accurately. The coarseness grade of a hand file will tell which task it’s suitable for.

You need to make sure you use the right level of coarseness for a particular project. Otherwise, you’ll end up putting a lot of unnecessary effort into a task that’s not worth it.

They will also eat up a lot of precious time you could spend on other projects. These are ideal for learning about handling products with various features.

No matter what tooth pattern you’re using, make sure it’s compatible with the material you’re working with. For example, you should only use a half-round hand file to smooth out a plastic surface that has composite materials.

Ease of Handling

Different file sets come with different types of handles. You should consider picking files that are comfortable in your hands. You may need to work on your projects for hours. Hence, it would be foolish to select a file that hurts your hands. Hand files can either have fixed or interchangeable handles.

Interchangeable handles are useful if you want to save space in your storage case. Also, you can attach it to your magnetic wristband. On the other hand, hand files with fixed handles tend to be more stable.

Purpose and Affordability

The type of hand file set you will depend on the kind of projects you wish to work on. If you’re just a DIY fan, a cheap file set will serve you well. However, there are more expensive options with lucrative features that are suitable for heavy-duty usage.

If you wish to work on different materials for more than one project, try buying a set that includes numerous types of hand files. The more versatile the set is, the more projects you can work on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the handle of a hand file removable?

Most hand files come with fixed handles. Some low-quality files have handles that might break if used repeatedly. This runs the risk of the handle removing automatically while you’re working. Such an incident can be hazardous. You can look for replacement handles on the market.

Some models also come with removal handles that can be swapped easily.

  • Can hand files sharpen lawnmower blades?

Not all hand files are capable of sharpening all kinds of metal. However, some of the hand file sets mentioned above include versatile files that can sharpen any type of metal. Such file sets might cost a bit more.

  • How do I use hand files?

Use your dominant hand to hold the hand file in a particular position. Place the palm of your opposing hand on the tip of the file against the surface. Apply pressure with your palm while you use your dominant hand to guide the hand file. Use your dominant hand to control the direction.

  • How are files classified?

Files are classified depending on their cross-sectional shapes. The type of cutting edge they produce and the level of coarseness they have also helped classify them. Rasp files usually have a high coarseness level and are suitable for use on wood and other soft materials.

  • How do you use a flat-file tool?

Flat file tools can be used to sharpen certain tools. They can also be used to apply a smooth finish to the woodwork or even for deburring. You can also put a bevel on the edge of a piece of metal by using a flat-file tool. They also come in handy when creating a convex surface or for rounding corners.

Final Verdict

If you have made it to the end of this article, you probably have all the information you need to buy the best hand file sets out there. Make sure you read all the defining factors before you set off to buy one.

Buy the one that suits your needs, and always remember to take the mandatory safety precautions.

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