11 Best Hardware Organizers with Buying Guide in 2022

Working on a DIY project or at your job site can be nerve-wrecking, especially if you have to constantly go crazy to find the right tools among hundreds of them in time. A simple solution can be to get a hardware organizer for all your tools.

Be it pliers, measuring tape, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches or even the smallest nails that you own, owning an organizer can make your life simpler. These storage items can help your room look tidier and make all the tools available to you.

For this, we have picked some of the best hardware organizers of all time to assist you with the cause and let you taste an orderly life!

11 Best Hardware Organizers Reviews

Before we start off, make sure to follow up on our reviews till the end and have a look at our buying guide to guarantee the best use of your money. Let’s get started!

1. Akro - Mils Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

Akro-Mils 10126 Hardware Organizer

The first one on our list is the plastic parts storage cabinet by Akro – Mils, which is a good one well known for its job. Designed with 6 large drawers and 20 small drawers, this has all the space in the world to store all your necessary hardware supplies from A to Z.

High-quality, robust, and high impact polystyrene plastic framing ensures long-lasting durability by preventing any sort of cracking or breaking. The plastic boxes have been made crystal clear to let the users check out the tools from outside and grab what they need without any further hassle.

In order to create extra space, the drawers of this Akro Mils storage system have been provided with 8 small dividers and 4 large ones to customize your storage space for arranging all the tools according to type and size.

More to this product is the way it can be either stacked up or even be mounted on your wall or any flat surface for a cleaner look. The back of the cabinet is equipped with keyhole slots through which the item can be hung up with no additional hassle.

It would be a big bummer to not check out this hardware cabinet because it’s a steal with the multiple features and price at which it has been offered!


  • Comes in two drawer sizes - small and large to give space to all your tools
  • Dividers will allow you to set up instruments according to size or style
  • Can easily mount on the wall or be stacked on the table for a quick work
  • Polystyrene framing prevents any breaking or cracking


  • Fewer dividers provided compared to the number of drawers

2. Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier Bin Rack Storage System

Seville Classics Hardware Organizer

Next to be added to our top picks for your storage needs is the tiered bin rack storage system by Seville Classics, which serves both the aesthetics and functionality! With a dimension of 14” D ´ 36” W ´ 56” H, this platinum grey bin rack is well known for its versatile features.

Coming in 7 tiers, this seville classics rack has as many as 22 grey colored bins in three different sizes to store all your essential tools. The 12 medium, 6 large, and 4 extra-large bins can be slide out with ease, which will instantly lock to ensure the safety of the users and prevent any unnecessary mess.

The 3 inches black wheels have 2 locking system so you can carry this bin based storage unit anywhere effortlessly and fix it in place.

For added comfort, the bins have been provided with labels to help you keep track of your hardware tools and bring them out accordingly. What’s more, are the bin dividers that come along with the rack, which can allow you to save space for all your nails and screws in different sizes and quantities. Even you can keep here different types of tools like a utility knife, spray bottles, etc.

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Hence, if you’re looking for a budgeted rack that will last years, this platinum epoxy coated rack is just the right one for you!


  • 7 tiered rack assembled with 22 easy lock bins for a user-friendly experience
  • Platinum epoxy coated rack to resist corrosion and ensure durability
  • 3” wheels with 2 lockings for added mobility and safety
  • Labels to find your tools in no time
  • Bin dividers to custom create your own storage space


  • Assembly can be tricky if you’re a beginner

3. Akro-Mils 10144 Hardware and Craft Cabinet

Akro-Mils 10144 D Hardware Organizer

Let us introduce another hardware storage cabinet by Akro Mils because they are known to be one of the best ones currently available in the market.

For those looking for a bigger and better storage version of our previous Akro Mils cabinet, this has to be just the right one for you! Assembled with a maximum number of drawers, not usually found in most similar items, this has 44 drawers to meet up all your storage requirements.

Containing 32 compact compartments for small pieces and 12 large ones, this will allow you to keep all of your hardware items, starting from little nuts and bolts to your large tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, nail pullers. The dividers included with the product ensure even more storage facilities for larger tools, so you never run out of space!

Framing done with polystyrene material guarantees a longer lifespan to the cabinet; hence you can stay worry-free for years at a stretch. Improved finger grip drawer pulls prevent the utility trays from any sudden jerking. So no more spilling of tools when in a hurry!

If your ultimate requirement with a hardware organizer is maximum space along with durability, you must add this to your list and give it a thought.


  • Maximum storage space ensured with 44 small and large-sized drawers
  • Polystyrene structure for a robust and long-lasting experience
  • Additional dividers to create more room for the tools
  • Finger grip on drawers ensures safety


  • Few dividers provided with the cabinet, which can be a con for some

4. GreenPro 3309 Wall Mount Hardware and Craft Storage Cabinet Drawer Organizer

Greenpro 3309 Hardware Organizer

Another one that caught our attention with its amazing features is the Greenpro 3309 storage cabinet organizer, that too available for under $30!

Constructed with a strong polystyrene frame and non-breakable semi-transparent drawers, this industrial grade storage box is made to be durable and last a long time. Within your hands reach, you can now store all your hardware tools and grab them without any hassle - thanks to the clear drawers!

To stand out in the crowd, this storage cabinet offers 39 drawers that include 9 large sizes and 30 medium-sized drawers, so that you never run out of space. Wood workers also easily can use this tool organizer to keep safe their dial calipers, files, and other tools.

Assembled with an easy finger-grip feature, the containers guarantee a quick opening and prevent falling off with the rear tabs included in them.

There is no need to worry about any accidents anymore. One more wonderful feature that comes with this storage organizer is the wall mounting trait. In case you have a fixed working space or garage, you can simply mount it up on the wall and work with no difficulty at all.

When needed, you can also stack it up on the table and work as you go. Be sure to check this super affordable organizer if you tend to stay on a budget yet want the best quality product with multiple features.


  • Made with durable polystyrene frame and unbreakable translucent drawers 
  • As many as 39 drawers to keep all your tools organized
  • Wall mounting feature for extra perks
  • Drawers with rear tabs to avoid mishaps


  • No dividers included with the drawers

5. Stanley 014725 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer

Stanley 014725 Hardware Organizer

Just in case you are looking for a handy organizer to carry with you at all places, this professional organizer by Stanley will not fail to amaze you.

Created with a high impact crystal clear lid, this product contains 25 compartments in a variety of 3 sizes to store in all your essential instruments in a secured way. With the unique lid design, all the slots can be easily fastened without any chances of mixing or falling of the tools.

In addition, the cup compartments can also be removed and positioned in a custom way to serve your requirements. To ensure extra safety, the heavy-duty latches affixed to the item will guarantee that the lid does not flip open and cause any problems.

For easy and effortless travel, this storage manager has just the ideal features. Along with a comfy grip handle, it also offers an extra-wide handle so you can carry them even with your gloves on. Life has definitely been made simpler with the help of Stanley organizers!

Therefore, don’t forget to add this to your wish list and go through the reviews if you intend to make a smart purchase with this wonderful product.


  • Durable lid with heavy-duty metal latches
  • 25 removable compartments coming in 3 different sizes for tool storage
  • Extra-wide ergonomic handle with an easy grip for a safe mobility
  • Handy in a reasonable price tag


  • The sticker on the lid is hard to remove, which can be a drawback for some

6. STANLEY FATMAX Tool Box Organizer, Deep Pro

Stanley Fatmax FMST14820 Hardware Organizer

One more product by Stanley that made it to our favorites list is the Stanley FATMAX toolbox organizer that serves everyone in an ideal way.

As many as 10 removable compartments comprising of 8 medium and 2 large slots will allow you to carry all your day to day hardware tools starting from large screws to even the smallest nails. To keep them in an intact position without further mixing up, this toolbox has a distinctively designed interlocking lid.

Speaking of lids, have we mentioned how sturdy and unbreakable these lids are? Made clear with an impact-resistant feature, it will lock all your littlest instruments in place without any worries whatsoever.

In order to ensure safe and smooth transportation, this hardware assortment kit has been constructed with a hard-wearing handle and locking latches. Without any concerns, you can now travel anywhere and everywhere securely with this wonderful toolbox.

To add to the feature list is the compartments are now removable and can be organized according to your wish, ensuring perfect management for storing hardware.

The water seal trait has enabled the users to carry them even in the harshest weather without having to worry about the tools getting rusted or damaged. And so, give this sturdy piece a try and trust us, you won’t regret it!


  • A total of 10 large and medium sizes slots to fill up your light and heavy tools
  • Secured lid with unique design, impact-resistant, and watertight seal
  • Durable handle and latches
  • Removable cups to be custom-organized by user


  • The handle isn’t as wide to be carried with gloved hands

7. Max Works 80694 Wall Mount Parts Rack / Storage

MaxWorks 80694 Hardware Organizer

A new wall-mountable rack is this incredible piece by Max Works, which is definitely one of its kind. If you wish to store all your small-sized daily tools without having to constantly struggle to keep them in place and fear of losing them, this is the perfect one for you!

This item contains 18 small bright red colored bins, which can hold up to 2 lbs of weight in each can be a great means to store all the nuts and bolts. As for the 12 blue bins, having a storage capacity of 3.5 lbs can be used to keep slightly heavier tools.

Perks of owning this will allow you to remove the bins from the frame and place them systematically at your work station without having to reach out to the storage rack every time you require an instrument.

To allow a stable hold, the frame has been constructed with sturdy and rugged material so you can hold in all your assortments without any added hassle. To firmly hang your tools near to your workplace, the black peg panel board can be mounted to the wall effortlessly. 

For that reason, to put up a vibrant look in your garage while also keeping your instruments managed, this affordable yet top-notch rack should be given a thought.


  • 30 bins rack organized with 18 small red and 12 medium blue bins
  • Bins can be removed and placed on work station providing work flexibility
  • Rugged frame can be mounted on the wall for added ease
  • Reasonably priced


  • Mounting hardware isn’t included, which can be easily bought from a store

8. Akro - Mils 19320 Steel Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

Akro-Mils 19320 Hardware Organizer

Yet another chic and elegant storage cabinet by Akro – Mils is the model 19320, which will enhance the outlook of your workplace along with providing multiple fully functional features.

Constructed in the USA, this grey colored steel storage tool will permit you to hold in your hardware nails, bolts and screws by properly placing them in each of the 20 drawers offered in a single handy size.

Drawers made with strong high impact polystyrene guarantees durability, so one storage holder will last you for years at a stretch!

Additional dividers can help you to manage and store different sized tools in a single compartment. Besides, the molded-in label holder with a transparent window will ensure you can easily identify your contents in each drawer with full visibility.

Exclusively made rear stop tab on each and every drawer prevents any sort of spilling or accidents during your work hours. As a result, you can work for long hours by keeping the drawers open and take whatever is needed for the job to be done.

Serving its consumers for over 60 years, Akro Mils ensures quality with a reasonable price tag and amazing customer service. That's why, to enjoy a hassle-free work experience, these storage space cabinets are a must for everyone out there.


  • 20 drawers with 2 dividers and one label with each drawer for smooth use
  • Drawers have built-in rear stop tabs to avoid any mess or mishaps
  • High impact polystyrene drawers and steel framing for a rugged construction
  • Detachable drawers which are also corrosion, rust, and dent-proof


  • Some users wished to have more dividers provided with the drawers

9. Work Van Equipment Mobile Hardware Case Tackle Box

WorkVanEquipment Hardware Organizer

An exclusive style in hardware tool storages is presented by Work Van Equipment with a tough casing and nylon straps to ease out your life. Equipped with 6 medium-sized compartments and 9 smaller sized slots, this tool storage item has a pick and pull removable compartment feature for easy and quick access to your tools like fishing tackle.

Also known as a mobile toolbox, this product can be carried everywhere due to its handy dimensions. What’s more special about this is the reversible carrying case trait that allows you to pick and choose your instruments from the outside without needing to open the carrying case. Life made simple!

Patented EZ clip on each compartment just adds to the unique features. It’s now possible to attach these slots to your work belt without any extra hassle and work as you go, thanks to the integrated belt clip. Talk about being portable and travel friendly!

Assembled with heavy-duty material, the lids of this compact storage system are made with clear plastic to instantly find your tools and grab it for an efficient job done.

No doubt, this mobile hardware organizer can make your life trouble-free without putting too much pressure on your budget because it’s super affordable too. Remember to click and check this out!


  • As many as 15 slots to store all hardware items necessary for the perfect job
  • Removable compartments with 4 dividers to maximize storage space
  • Reversible carrying case and EZ clip that allows you to grab and go
  • Incredible nylon straps to ensure a smooth travel
  • Boasts a compact design
  • Transparent top lid for a clear vision of stored tools


  • Boxes are a little tough to open, although this means no spilling of tools

10. Stack-On CB-12 Clear View 12-Bin Organizer

Stack-On CB-12 Clear View 12-Bin Hardware Organizer

LeeBoom came up with a handy yet good looking hardware organizer that is sure to impress you and bring an organized look to your garage!

Created with 12 bin storages, this hardware container is the best means to store all your little supplies required for daily use. The lightweight yet super-durable co-polymer in gray will last a long time to ensure that the money you spent is worth it.

Clear lids will allow you to look into the instruments from outside, so you can easily grab them without having to waste time to open every box to find the right tool. Added lid locks work in both open and closed positions that will make sure you have easy access to the hardware tools with no spilling or accidents.

You can keep the unit however you please - in an upright position as well as lay on its back or even hang them up on your garage wall—working with this storage rack guarantees to make your job easier.

Due to the great customer service, you can now sit back and relax without worrying about getting new storage items every now and then. They got you covered! Without any further a due, go and check out this stack on storage, which is available at a very reasonable price tag with versatile features to get you working with ease.


  • 12 storage bins in a decent sizing will allow storing all your supplies
  • Co-polymer structure with clear lids guarantees extreme durability
  • Lid locks securely, preventing spilling and mishaps on your work station
  • Wall mounting feature will make your garage save more space
  • Incredibly budget-friendly with amazing customer service


  • Some have complaints regarding the lid locks being hard to open

11. HDX 320028 34-Compartment Double Sided Organizer

HDX 320028 Hardware Organizer

HDX has introduced a unique yet useful organizer to store in all the daily tools for those who like to be on the go. Standing out in the spotlight, this hardware organizer is made to have compartments on both sides.

As many as 17 whole slots will enable the users to keep all their valuable instruments in place without the fear of losing them. Removable dividers offered with the box will let you customize your storage experience, which can be easily slid on and off from the compartments. Saving space is now possible, thanks to HDX!

Carrying your hardware organizer around the job can be hard and risky, especially if the lids aren’t sealed well. But with this item, the latch lock system will keep the lids locked down to hold all the tools in place. Goodbye to messy accidents!

Structured with impact-resistant polymer, this product is made to be extremely rugged and withstand light impacts and drops without causing any such damage to the box. Fear of cracking or shattering is out of the picture with this amazing item.

Easy to carry handle add on to the multiple features put forward by this storage organizer. With so many perks, this is a must-have in your wish list of you intend to keep your tools with you wherever you go.


  • Double-sided hardware organizer with 17 slots to fill in all tools
  • Removable dividers to custom design your storage space
  • Impact-resistant polymer assembly to prevent cracking or shattering
  • Extremely good latch lock system to hold all things in place
  • Handy handle to carry everywhere


  • Hard to remove product labels might be a drawback for some

What to Look for before You Buy 

Finding the right hardware storage organizer can be a hard job if you have had previous bad experiences with them breaking off easily or if you’re a beginner with such items.

To ease your mind on exactly what you need, here are some of the things you might want to consider when ordering a storage cabinet for your workplace or garage –

  • Number of Compartments

Starting off with the first and foremost requirement is the number of slots or drawers in the organizing cabinet.

For most people, around 15 to 20 compartments do the job, while some may require a maximum number of drawers available. Also, you may look for partitioned utility trays. All of this entirely depends upon personal preference, so make sure to tick the box of your drawer needs when looking for a new organizer.

  • Framing Material and Durability

Although, for the most part, these hardware cabinets are usually made of strong polystyrene plastic frames, these can actually serve a good service due to the high impact resistance quality.

To prevent any sort of damage, be certain that the material these cabinets are made from is robust enough to serve you long enough.

Besides, additional features such as improved finger grip or drawer stops will allow you to use them comfortably without additional worries of drawers falling off and breaking.

However, the cabinet structure manufactured with stainless steel or aluminum are much stronger than plastic ones. Moreover, they are resistant to any sort of cracks or bents, hence easier to use. You should avoid plastic hinges.

To ensure a long service life, look for water resistant seal as well.

  • Additional Dividers

Those of you who want to have the flexibility to custom create your own storage facilities should definitely look for additional dividers supplied with the drawers.

This will enable you to put the dividers inside large drawers for storing more than one kind of tools like - speed squares, pins, pliers etc. inside a single compartment, thus saving a lot of space! The flexible platforms will also come handy in this regard.

  • Wall Mounting Features

A few of the hardware storage racks or cabinets are made with this feature. Perks of having such a wall mounting feature will give your garage a polished and organized look. Besides, if your work station is a small space, mounting these cabinets will also create just enough room for keeping other necessities.

  • Easy to Carry Hardware Organizer

Even though most of us look for storage organizers to store all equipment in the garage or workplace, some require the need to carry their tools from one place to the other.

Buying an organizer that can be carried with you at all times makes the task of plumbers, woodsman, and other such professionals a thousand folds easier because they can grab their most important tools in the box and run off to work!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best hardware organizers:

1. How long will these hardware tools storage organizers last?

Well, to be honest, this entirely depends on personal usage and maintenance. Although some people tend to complain about the drawers breaking off or having cracks on them, all organizers are made from high-quality materials and should last you at least 5 years, if not more.

2. Do all storage cabinets and organizers come with dividers?

Most manufacturing companies tend to provide additional dividers with the item to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. However, the number of dividers included with each cabinet varies from one another, while some may come with none.

N.B.: Make sure to check the details section as to whether or not dividers are supplied with your desired storage rack.

3. Which is the best hardware organizer for carrying at all places?

Our top pick for this is the STANLEY FATMAX Tool Box Organizer, best known to be the perfect companion for your day to day commute. It comes with 10 distinct storage slots and has a tough lock latch to keep everything in place.

Besides, another one of our favorites is the HDX 320028 34-Compartment Double Sided Organizer that comes with a double-sided compartment with 17 slots for storing all your go-to tools.

4. Can all the organizer racks be mounted on the wall?

Sadly, no. Yet some storage racks come with this facility, which is mentioned on the feature list.

5. Are these hardware organizers washable?

To avoid dust accumulation, plastic drawers can be washed without any problem. Nevertheless, for steel racks, make sure to clean them with a soft cotton cloth to avoid rusting.

Final Words

Now that we are at the end of our reviews for the best hardware organizers, we would like you to go around and check out all our favorites to pick the best suitable one for you!

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