8 Best Hydraulic Bench Presses Review for 2022

A hydraulic bench press is used to remove ball joints, bushings, gears, bearings, and any other kind of metal-based material. It is intended for pressing and forming applications.

This one is a useful machine as it gives the user the ability to make complex shapes, especially in manufacturing different appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and more. Furthermore, using a hydraulic press will take up less space compared to mechanical presses.

But if you want the best hydraulic bench press, then scroll down and select one among the eight excellent models that we have reviewed. To make it even easier for you, we also have included a buying guide at the end of this post.

8 Best Hydraulic Bench Presses

Without further ado, here are some of the hydraulic bench presses available in the market today. Take time to read their outstanding features and choose the model that will meet your future pressing needs.

1. Dragway Tools 12 Ton A-Frame Benchtop Hydraulic Shop Press

Dragway Tools 12 Ton A-Frame Benchtop Hydraulic Shop Press

When we talk about the best hydraulic bench press, the 12 ton A-frame benchtop hydraulic shop press from Dragway Tools will always be included in the list. It is a top-notch model because it has a lot of excellent features.

You can now install or remove gears, press bearings and bend metal without exerting much effort using this hydraulic shop press. It also performs better than other models that do not come with press plates.

A model with a 12-ton capacity may not be the strongest that you can find in the market, but it can deliver enough force to get your projects done. With such pressure, it can meet a lot of pressing requirements already. You can utilize this unit in your garage, machine shop, workshop, or anywhere it comes in handy.

The A-frame design gives this model an exceptional sturdiness. More so, it has a red coating, which renders aesthetically appealing finish. You can certainly step up your workspace with this one. But other than that, the manufacturer intentionally used such premiere coating to protect the metal construction against rust.

In addition to this, the rugged construction signifies that the unit will last in a busy workshop. This unit will last long while maintaining its excellent functionality and beauty for several years.

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  • Versatile machine
  • It is easy to use
  • Has a sturdy and durable construction
  • Can be assembled simply and easily
  • The red coating prevents it from getting rust


  • Quite expensive
  • Do not come with an assembly instruction

2. Black Bull PRESSA6T 6 Ton A-Frame Shop Press

Black Bull PRESSA6T 6 Ton A-Frame Shop Press

To keep the list rolling, here is the Black Bull A-Frame shop press. This will come in handy whenever you need to remove or install gears, pulley arbors, bushings, U-joints, ball joints, and press-out jobs.

This is highly rated due to its 12,000-pound capacity, two press plates, and for its spring-return press beam. Aside from that, it also has an adjustable table with two settings, which facilitates ease of operation. It will be convenient for you to execute varying sizes of workpieces with this hydraulic bench press.

Black Bull also boasts of its durable steel construction. Thus it can guarantee that it will last for several years despite its regular heavy utilization. Apart from that, it is also protected from corrosion through its coating for added durability.

Moreover, the powder coating of this machine gives it a great appearance that will make your workshop even more attractive. But more importantly, a lot of buyers love this model because it only takes up little space. Hence, we recommend this model to those who have limited spaces.

But some users encounter difficulties in assembling this. We suggest that you do it carefully because if not, it might end up wobbling while you operate. It also requires full assembly, but more buyers would prefer it if it allows part assembly.

Nonetheless, the unit can work well without any issues in the long run. Much more, steady support will be provided for your workpiece due to its dual press plate feature.


  • Compact size
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • It has an adjustable table with two settings
  • Looks great with its powder finish
  • Includes two press plates


  • Quite difficult to assemble
  • Do not allow part assembly

3. Big Red T51201 Torin Steel H-Frame Hydraulic Garage/Shop Floor Press

Big Red T51201 Torin Steel H-Frame Hydraulic Garage/Shop Floor Press

Big Red is among the few brands that offer quality and durable hydraulic shop floor press [ FYI, we have also reviewed floor drill presses]. Despite its reliability and high capacity of amounting to 12 tons, still, this unit is a budget-friendly model.

The H-frame of this hydraulic bench press is made of steel. That is why it can guarantee that it will last despite the challenging tasks. You can now perform heavy-duty tasks such as stamping, pressing, bending, and straightening effortlessly. The 12-ton capacity can provide sufficient force to handle such tasks.

Before applying the paint, the steel is chemical-washed first. This is done to ensure that it can deal with challenging projects. Then, a high-quality coating is used to provide this model with excellent protection against corrosion.

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It will be easier for you to maintain its perfect condition because it also can resist dirt, grease, and oil. Because of this, the service life of the machine will further be extended.

After pressing it down, it will bounce back safely and slowly. That is due to its precision springs feature. Additionally, the manufacturer polished and treated its piston-ram for it to be resistant to skiving.

Furthermore, the unit also boasts of its stamping plates that is an arbor press type. That particular component is designed with a 180-degree guide and V-blocks. This unit is indeed, reliable. You can perform varying tasks, may it be in your garage, machine shop, or workshop.


  • Has two steel plates
  • It is a versatile machine
  • Sold at a reasonable price
  • Includes a hardware kit
  • Comes with precision springs


  • Its return springs aren’t strong enough
  • The steel frame is relatively thin

4. Titan 12 Ton Hydraulic Shop Floor Press

Titan 12 Ton Hydraulic Shop Floor Press

This is one of the finest models available in the market today. Titan hydraulic shop floor press is built for heavy-duty applications such as bending, stamping, and straightening.

Since this is suitable for a diverse kind of metal-related tasks, it is ideal for both small and large shops. It can effortlessly provide immense pressure for your arbor and press-out jobs. After setting it over your bench, you can readily install and remove joints, bearings, bushings, gears, and pulleys.

Other than that, you can also utilize the Big Red for armature and electric motor repairs; or in removing and installing pressure-fitted parts. The work that you can do with a hydraulic machine is also increased with its press plates feature.

This can surely withstand heavy-duty projects because its H-frame is made of high quality and sturdy steel. For added durability, it is further coated with a powder finish. This will make your shop or garage way more attractive.

More importantly, it protects the unit from rust, and at the same time, it makes the maintenance easier for you. That is possible so because the high-quality finish has the capability of resisting dirt, grease, and oil.

If you are after a versatile hydraulic bench press, you should go for this one. It features adjustable crossbeams, which make the work more convenient. The pumping system of this model has a long ergonomic handle, which facilitates ease of use. Besides, the slide over table feature can fit on any side.

With its 24,000-pound capacity, it can handle a lot of metalwork. Other features, such as the bolster platform, which is customizable, make this unit even more worth buying. Lastly, you can easily install this because it comes with pre-drilled holes. It can be readily mounted in your garage, shop, or wherever.


  • Affordable quality
  • The arbor plates are heavy-duty
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes
  • Suited for large to small shops
  • Ensures versatility


  • Poor packaging
  • Some parts are not durable enough

5. Jegs 81635 Hydraulic Shop Floor Press

Jegs 81635 Hydraulic Shop Floor Press

If you are after a compact size hydraulic bench press which you intend to use for small to medium projects, then this model is absolutely the perfect one for you. More so, it will only take up a little space in your workplace.

Despite its small size, it can exert a pressure of up to 12,000 pounds. That is pretty much enough force for a variety of metalworking projects. For instance, it will come in handy in removing u-joints, pulleys, ball joints, and other tasks. Jegs utilizes steel in constructing this model for superior durability and strength.

To protect it from catching rust, they furnished it with a rugged coating. The premiere yellow coating makes it more visually appealing. It will undoubtedly add up to the beauty of your workshop, or anywhere it may come in handy.

Unlike other models, this one has a lighter weight of amounting to 46 pounds only. With that being said, it will allow you to transport it from one side to the other. So if you have some metalworking projects at home, you can utilize the hydraulic bench press that you have in your workshop [don't forget to read these reviews on metal lathes for fine metalworking].

Most of the buyers liked the fact that the unit comes with two press plates. This is also convenient to use as it has a long ergonomic handle with a rubberized grasp. It provides comfortable gripping while you are executing your pressing projects.


  • Suited for those who have limited spaces
  • Attractive yellow coating
  • Lightweight machine
  • Designed with a long ergonomic handle
  • Allows up to 4.25 bench mount option


  • Cannot handle heavy-duty application
  • Small tonnage capacity

6. Dragway Tools 6-Ton Hydraulic Shop Floor Press

Dragway Tools 6-Ton Hydraulic Shop Floor Press

Another great option is the 6-ton hydraulic shop floor press constructed by Dragway Tools to cater to diverse pressing requirements in your garage, workshop, or anywhere else.

It can remove and install bushing as well as gears, pulleys, U-joints, ball joints, and bearings. The unit is strong enough to get such metal works done easily. It also comes with its press plates at the time of purchase.

This is also highly rated by some users due to its open-sided design. Thus, you can work on longer pieces smoothly. Plus, it allows you to lower and raise it easily because it features bolted cross-beams that are adjustable. So you can surely get the accurate distance that you need to work on any particular task.

Dragway Tools use a tube-steel in constructing this model. Such material gives it exceptional durability and sturdiness. This is ideal for bushings and bearings because it has a 10 x 1-inch plate bar. Apart from that, it also comes with its press plates.

Given its high quality and performance that can deal with a busy workshop, it can still be acquired at a reasonable price. Nonetheless, its capacity may not be enough for heavy-duty commercial applications. Thus, this model may not be suitable for those who need a bench press intended for heavy industrial applications.

More so, some users think that it could’ve been better if the press springs are of more quality. Another drawback that they have noticed with this product is its paint, which flakes off easily.


  • Open-sided construction enhances convenience
  • Composed of sturdy tube steel
  • Easy to raise and lower
  • Includes two press plates
  • Has adjustable cross beams


  • Paint flakes off easily
  • Not recommended for heavy industrial use

7. Dake B-10 Model Manual Utility Hydraulic Bench Floor Press

Dake B-10 Model Manual Utility Hydraulic Bench Floor Press

Here is another product that will cater to your different pressing requirements. The Dake B-10 model manual utility hydraulic bench press is constructed out of high-quality materials and is designed with a lot of outstanding features.

Its one-speed hand pump can generate a force of up to 10 tons whenever it presses the ram. Given that force, you are required less effort in accomplishing different projects in your garage. This model exhibits versatility. It allows you to get any pressing tasks done quickly.

You can adjust the height of the H-frame accordingly, depending on the size of the metal material that you will be working with. But not only that, the work head is also customizable to allow off-center force exertion. Furthermore, the pump, along with the hydraulic cylinder, permits you to place it on either side.

In turn, you can accomplish your projects while keeping yourself in a comfortable position. Aside from that, the hydraulic bench press also comes with a flat ram nose, two table plates, and a step-reduced ram nose. You can achieve precise pressing because the two plates will support the workpiece.

After purchasing this, you have a lot of time to assemble the press. But then, it will not take much of your time because it is relatively easy and quick to assemble. It already comes with four pre-drilled holes, which make the mounting even easier and faster.


  • Ease of assemble
  • Compact size
  • The height of the frame is adjustable
  • Allows off-center pressing
  • Offered at a reasonable price


  • Some parts do not last long

8. Dake 972200 B-10 Bench 10-Ton Manual H-Frame Press

Dake 972200 B-10 Bench 10-Ton Manual H-Frame Press

The final product that we will review is also manufactured by Dake. This is a purchase that you will never regret, and that’s for sure! Although it is quite expensive compared to other products in this review, it is an excellent investment because of its superb functionalities.

You can get your work done quickly because the hand pump is engineered for a faster and more efficient lowering of the ram. With its 10-ton capacity, one can tell that it is designed to exhibit great versatility.

The H-frame can handle anything, whether you intend to utilize this for heavy or light applications. Much more, you can adjust the height of the table to match diverse works. Depending on the size of the workpiece, you can adjust the opening of the frame to be wider or narrower.

With all its features, you are allowed to use both bulky and small workpieces. Plus, you can do all of that while enjoying the convenience that it provides.

Another feature that this model boasts of is its pressing cylinder, which allows you to shift it from the center towards the left or to the right. In addition to this, you can easily monitor its pressure through its gauge that is situated on top of the unit. It can read the pressure both in psi and in tons.


  • The 10-ton capacity is suitable for diverse applications
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Has a top-mounted gauge
  • A multi-purpose addition to your workshop
  • The table is adjustable


  • Not recommended for those who have tight budgets

What to Look for Before Buying?

To ensure that you will acquire the best hydraulic bench press, you have to consider the following factors.


The tonnage is vital in a hydraulic bench press because it will affect the way you press and the final results. Hence, it is important to consider this factor when buying one, especially if you will use it for heavier applications.

Hydraulic Bench Presses

They are ranging from six up to twenty tons. But some come with a 50-ton capacity. Typically, those with lower tonnage capacity are to be used for simpler tasks only. But if you intend to use it for heavy-duty applications, then you should invest for higher tones.

You can also look for a unit with an adjustable tonnage capability because it allows you to customize it to suit various job requirements.

Press Selection

In whatever brand that you want to buy, it is essential to consider the press type. You can choose from the three options depending on your needs and preference. The four-column press can distribute the pressure evenly.

While the open-gap press allows you to access the machine from any side, then the other type, which is the straight-side press, facilitates more rigidity when loading off-center. This is ideal for more complex applications.


You shouldn’t overlook the size of a hydraulic bench press. It is important to consider the space that you have in your workplace as well as the vertical height of the machine.

Hydraulic Bench Presses

Of course, you wouldn’t want to purchase those with the larger size if you have limited space. Instead, you can go for a compact size that won’t eat much space.

Height Setting

It is also essential to acquire a hydraulic bench press model with an adjustable table. Depending on the size of your workplace, you can adjust its vertical height. A bench press with more height setting provides greater convenience on the part of the user.


It is recommended that you get a model that allows customization. This being the case, you will enjoy an easier time when selecting the right configuration for every task or project.

For example, you can purchase a hydraulic bench press that offers adjustable ram speed, tonnage, and operating pressure setting. Such kind of press will minimize operating times while maximizing your production at the same time.

Other Important Features

Certain additional features make the unit even more exceptional. For instance, you can opt for those that come with pre-drilled holes because it facilitates ease of mounting. Some units have an open-sided design, which enables you to work on a larger workpiece.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where can I use a hydraulic bench press?

You can use your hydraulic bench press in many ways. The most basic uses are for shaft bearings, pinion bearings, axle bearings, and wheel bearings. Other than that, you can also utilize it to make bushings, cylinder linings, and in pushing metal pieces together.

Likewise, it also comes in handy whenever you have to squeeze oil from cans and containers of metal materials.

2. How long will a hydraulic bench press last?

If you have carefully chosen your hydraulic bench press, then you will benefit most from its performance and durability. The models with good quality lasts for several years on average. A knock-off type can only handle a few regular pressing projects.

3. What is the best hydraulic bench press to go for?

Choosing the right hydraulic bench press is subjective. Meaning to say it will differ from one person to another. Ideally, you have to opt for the one that can tackle your projects well.

All of the models in this review can deal with a variety of applications. You have to be keen in choosing which one you will get for yourself. Remember, an excellent purchase considers some factors such as the tonnage, quality, design, versatility, and adjustability of the model.

4. Why do you need a hydraulic bench press?

Because they can make the work easier, by using minimal effort, you can get your projects done. The machine can multiply your exerted force to produce much greater power. Much more, it facilitates ease of use and can be utilized for diverse applications.

Aside from that, it is worth it to invest in this kind of equipment because they are relatively durable. For a sum of money, you can perform unlimited projects. Plus, it will undoubtedly last for a long time.

5. What are the components of a hydraulic bench press?

Generally, it includes a hand pump, movable work heads, flat ram noses, valves, table plates, reduced-step noses, and H-frame or A-frame table. The height of the table is usually adjustable.

Final Words

Each product in this review can satisfy your urgent requirements for any project. They have exclusive features, and most of them exhibit excellent versatility to handle distinctive applications. Take time in choosing which one can meet your pressing needs in your garage, workshop, or auto shop.

Hopefully, you will consider our suggestions. Because if you have the best hydraulic bench press, you can execute and accomplish your pressing projects quickly and easily.

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