15 Best LED Strip Lights in 2022 [Tested and Reviewed]

LED strips are flexible circuit boards that come with an array of light-emitting diodes and adhesive at the back part.

Whether you just want to spice up your room a little bit with this colorful LEDs or design a stage, this product is a perfect idea. You see, these lights can make the ambiance party-like or maybe a formal one.

Well, the vibrant colors of these strips can change the mood of a venue. Unlike the standard kind of light, these are way lot cooler and safer. With many colors available, you can have your favorite colors aligned with each other during decoration time.

If you want help in making a decision, we made this article ease your burden of finding the best-LED strip lights. We will offer you guides and reviews so, you better continue reading up until the end.

Without further delays, let’s go right into it!

15 Best LED Strip Lights Reviews

We made a narrowed-down for you so you’ll be able to weigh each of them. Continue reading and choose the best one for you!

1. MINGER LED Strip Lights

MINGER LED Strip Lights

If you are looking for vivid and brighter strip lights, this self-developed product from Minger is the right option for you. Well, this manufacturing company does not only focuses on colorful output but also your safety. Though it is suited for indoors, these are waterproof.

For the features, these lights have 20 primary colors with 6 DIY colors. All of the strips are premium-grade because they are made of resilient materials. Wear and tear are not welcome; thus, you are sure of long-lasting characteristics. Common factors of damages have no room for this product.

I can say that these are made of superior materials due to the double layer of copper on the PCB board. Because of this, it is much safer to touch, and this layer also allows a uniform color mix. More so, this flexible strip light will enable you to bend it depending on your preference.

For the essential feature, it is controllable by a remote that decreases the risks of overcharging. Therefore, this strip light is extremely safe and very convenient to use.

Given all these qualities at hand, you can never go wrong when you choose this product.


  • Gives you a vivid and bright lights
  • Safe to use even by children
  • Very flexible allowing you to install it anywhere
  • Offers you better lighting experience
  • Can be controlled by a remote unit


  • Might be easily damaged by weather elements

2. Govee Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights Works with Alexa

Govee Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip Lights Works with Alexa

Govee is here to answer your needs if you want strip lights with more advanced features. This LED strip works with a voice command using Alexa and Google Assitant via Wi-Fi. You can use simple command instructions like on and off and even make them brighter.

For sure, using this can take you to the next level of experience. Through Wi-Fi, you can efficiently operate it without hassle. This feature goes a very long way to enhancing the functionality and convenience of the users.

By that being said, this system gives you a perfect ambiance light depending on your preference. It can allow the rays to scatter and evenly fill your entire room. With this, there’s no risk of making your eyes sore. You can also DIY your favorite colors by mixing the primary colors.

Much more, it is certain to offer you maximum satisfaction. This product is an all-in-one package with an adapter, remote controller, and 16.4 feet light strip. It also has 3M adhesive and five clips intended for fixing.

With all of these features, investing in these strip lights is definitely worth it.


  • Can be operated via remote controller
  • You can make DIY colors
  • Guarantees you 100% satisfaction
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • All-in-one kit


  • Prone to signal interference



Next on the list is an affordable light strip given by Pangton Villa. This product provides you colorful mood lightings with SMD 5050 LEDs, thick PCB, and remote controller for 16 colors and 4 DIYs.

It is undoubtedly convenient because of the easy-to-control slight that can regulate the brightness of the lights. This product also has a double-sided tape to prevent the strips from falling with new buckles for tighter fixings. In this manner, you can stick these lights anywhere in your house without difficulty.

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Unfortunately, these light strips are not waterproof and only applicable to use indoors. It is essential for you to know this fact to avoid possible harm in the future. We do not want any person to get harmed due to lack of information.

For the specs, the control voltage is 12 volts and emits deficient heat. Due to this matter, you won’t have to worry about your bill for it will only use a small amount of electricity. Having this product will surely give colors to your entire home.

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  • Light strip emits deficient heat
  • Very safe and touchable among children
  • Does not give you eye strain
  • Consumes minimal amount of electricity
  • Can be operated easily by the user


  • Has a shorter lifespan compared to other light strips

4. LED Strip Lights, L8star Color Changing Rope

LED Strip Lights, L8star Color Changing Rope

If you are a music lover and a techy kind of person, this next LED strip light from L8star is the one for you. It is made of 150 5050 SMD LEDs and 16.4 feet long strip. This product also comes with a dimmer and a controller for easy access.

Since it comes with a double-layered copper on the PCB board, the colors are evenly mixed. Additionally, it can be cut between every 3 LEDs. Not to mention, this is very flexible, ensuring ease of installation. This detail will surely give you much convenience when you opt to use it.

As for modernity, you can use your smartphone to control the lighting with an application. There are five light modes that you can choose, like Flashing, Breathing, and Cool. You can make the lights brighter and dimmer according to your preference.

This product is an all-in-one kit that comes with an AC adapter and remote control. L8star has manufactured a great product to be easily accessed and will give your home a nice ambiance. Users will inevitably have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


  • Can be cut in shorter strips
  • Has a great controller for the lightings
  • Applicable to any projects or place
  • Gives you excellent relaxation
  • Very flexible for easy installation


  • Requires frequent maintenance

5. DAYBETTER LED Strip Lights


Adding to this list is the DAYBETTER strip lights for a more elegant finish. It is 16.4 feet in length and has a 3M adhesive that sticks on walls very well. The chips are extraordinarily bright and high in quality that makes the LED very colorful.

Just like the previous option, these can be cut after every three LEDs with a cutting mark. It is very useful, especially if you don’t need a very long light strip. These strips are suitable anywhere around the house, in fact, it’s dubbed the best-LED strip lights for a room like yours.

This kit comes with an adapter and 44 keys remote controller. For sure, it can guarantee your satisfaction and convenience. This light strip is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, providing you optimum adaptability.

If you want a light strip that will give you beautiful lightings without compromising your budget, this product is the one for you. Without a doubt, it truly deserves to be a part of your narrowed-down list.


  • Can be operated by a remote controller
  • Guarantees the user a high satisfaction
  • Has eight-light patterns
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Can be cut after every three LEDs


  • Emits a higher level of heat
  • Light output is not that bright

6. Bathebright LED Strip Lights

Bathebright LED Strip Lights

Next in line is this strip light from Bathebright. This item is multipurpose and highly versatile to give you maximum convenience.  Well, this product is widely used for home decoration, parties, and holidays. It has 150 5050 SMD LEDs with 16.4 feet strip roll.

RGB LED strips of this kind are amazing, for they change color and speed automatically. It has 16 multi-colored options to offer you a variety of light. Not only that but also there is a DIY section to create customized mood ambiances.

Furthermore, it has dimmer and brightness control depending on what you want. Just like most of the high-quality lights, they have double layer copper on the PCB board to keep the color more evenly mixed.

As an addition, these strip lights do not emit any radiations. They don't flicker nor give out harmful pollutants that may be dangerous to people and the environment. This factor is excellent and needs to be taken into consideration because safety is always above all.


  • Made of safe materials
  • Has the ability to mix colors and has incredible effects
  • Can be controlled by a remote
  • Safeguarded by shocks
  • Features a memory function


  • Not waterproof
  • For indoor use only

7. PHOPOLLO LED Strip Lights


PHOPOLLO is a fast-growing brand that is an expert for manufacturing strip lights in the market. They strive to make the best products through integrated researches to offer their customer the best. By that account, before launching products of this kind, they tested it five times already to ensure your safety.

These strip lights have a multi-color design which has twenty color options. Much more, it comes with 8 lighting modes so that you can vary the ambiance depending on your preference.

A flexible circuit board where the components sit is bent easily for easy installation on curved areas. Also, they stick wherever you want using 3M double-sided tapes. More so, if there comes a time that you want a shorter strip, this long roll of lights can be cut according to your desired length.

These light strips consume only a small amount of electricity, which won't hurt your pocket. With these features, it’s definitely a good choice.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lights can be dimmed
  • Sticks well on walls
  • Uses only a small amount of electricity
  • Strip light is slim and compact.


  • Comes with fewer color combinations
  • More prolonged exposure to the brightness can cause eye strain.

7. Philips Hue White and Color Strip Light

Philips Hue White and Color Strip Light

If you want to have limitless possibilities for next-level experience, Philips is offering you this great option. You can pair your hue smart light bulbs to voice assistants and works well with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The smart lights need a Wi-Fi connection for it to function. As the user, you can control fifty hue lights on the hub without any extenders. Also, you can easily pair it with other devices that are compatible with yours.

You can have one of a kind enjoyment with this LED light strip. You can sync these lights for gaming, streaming music, and movies via hue sync application. Philip's strip lights are extendable for up to thirty-three feet.

In the industry, only this smart light strip has the energy Star certification with its smart-like light bulbs to last a maximum of twenty-two years. The material Philips used is a synthetic polymer, which is undeniably long-lasting.

So, I can highly recommend this product if you desire to have the maximum features you can have with its higher cost.


  • Light rays can reach up to 33 feet
  • Can be remote controlled
  • Exceeds industry standard
  • Works with many compatible gadgets


  • Maybe a bit pricey

9. LED Strip Lights Sync to Music

LED Strip Lights Sync to Music

Another addition to the list is this indoor and outdoor LED light strip by Tasmor. This kit contains 16.4 feet strip, a remote controller, an adapter, and a user manual. Also, it supports RGBW lights for more variety of colors.

The remote is keyed with 40 buttons and offers you 16 pre-set colors. More so, its brightness can be adjusted, so you can make it dimmer or brighter. Amazingly, it has 12 light modes, 4 brightness selections, and 4 timing for patterns.

This LED strip light is fantastic and multipurpose as you can install it anywhere you want, suppose you wish to put it at the back of your television or put it as a decoration on the Christmas tree. It is ideal for parties, in the kitchen, bedroom décor, and romantic set up for dates.

For the best feature, you can have a music mode that detects all kinds of rhythm. Also, the spectrum of lights adjusts to the music automatically, and admittedly, it goes with the flow.

Finally, these LED strip lights are fantastically IP65 waterproof for better protection. You won’t only have a modernized product but also a durable one.


  • Extremely safe to use
  • It is touchable and emits low heat
  • Gives you extreme convenience
  • Uses a minimal amount of electricity
  • Allows you to customize


  • May take up too much space

10. LE 12V LED Strip Light.

LE 12V LED Strip Light

If you like to party and want to spice up the game by adding hue and color to the location, this strip light form LE is also a good option. What's best is that it has a longer lifespan than other models of up to 50,000 hours. By that, you don't have to worry about the sudden deterioration of the bulbs with minimal time in use.

These lights are safe, for it works on low heat with 12 volts as the working voltage. Due to the fact that it’s not hot when turned on, these lights are touchable with your bare hands.

As for convenience, they are so much easy to install due to the adhesive at the back of the strip. This tape is straightforward to use and safe. As an addition, it has excellent flexibility which can be folded and bent. Like the previous LED strip, you can cut it shorter according to your will.

This product will surely not disappoint you. It lets you enjoy attractive benefits without going over your budget.


  • Very safe to use
  • Can be linked to other strips
  • You can use the pieces into shorter ones
  • Flexible and bends perfectly on curved corners
  • Can be mounted on various locations


  • Prone to damage and quite fragile
  • An adapter is not included in the package

11. Nexillumi LED Strip Lights

Nexillumi LED Strip Lights

Some of the models on the list cannot be used outdoor, but this one is different. Nexillumi is giving you these fantastic strip lights as an option like no other. These lights are resistant to water and dust, giving you the maximum efficiency a light strip can offer.

The IP65 rating will support the fact that this product cannot be easily damaged by water. For operations, this appliance gives off a deficient heat making it safe to touch. It won't hurt your fingers due to the low temperature of the light bulb.

Furthermore, the strip sticks well with 3M adhesive at the back that becomes harder and harder as time passes. There is a fantastic sixteen million colors that create a different ambiance for the user. This item is the best-led strip light sync with music and rhythms that automatically change color for a great experience. 

Most importantly, you can control these strip lights on your mobile device. It is because of a HappyLighting application with help of Bluetooth. It is available on both apple and android devices.

You can even set a timer on your lights for alarm purposes. This strip light will offer you great features so your money won’t go to waste!


  • Very simple to set up and use
  • Comes with accessories
  • Waterproof and resists dust
  • Rechargeable via USB cable
  • Has high versatility


  • It is quite an expense
  • Consumes higher electricity compared to other models

12. LED Strip Lights BIHRTC RGB 600leds 

LED Strip Lights BIHRTC RGB 600leds

For the next one, these LED lights from BIHRTC well-deserved a spot. It can be controlled with a 44 keyed remote with 20 color options for selection, 8 light modes, and 6 DIY keys.

The strip lights can be cut with every three LEDs if you wish to shorten it. These lights are also mounted on a flexible PCB board to enable the user to bend it according to the desired location. The area may be a bent curve or corners of the wall.

Adhesive tape will give you an easy installation that won't stress you out. You just have to peel it off and directly stick it wherever your preference is. It is super easy and won’t give you much of a difficulty.

The working voltage is 12 volts and is coupled with short circuit protection to decrease risks of fire. However, these LED strip lights are not waterproof and are designed to be only installed indoors.  


  • Powered by 12 volts dc
  • Sticks well on walls and surfaces
  • Ablevto be connected to other items
  • Flexible and can be bent on curved locations
  • Can be cut into shorter dimensions


  • Uses a higher amount of electricity
  • Not suitable for cramped spaces

13. LED Strip Lights 32.8 ft, ESEYE IP65 Waterproof Flexible RGB Tape Lights

LED Strip Lights 32.8 ft, ESEYE IP65 Waterproof Flexible RGB Tape Lights

If you want an item that lows in price but will give you satisfaction, these LED strips from ESEYE is the best. This enterprise is high-tech and provides you energy-saving LED strip lights with eye-protection. The smart-lighting is best suited for home and commercial applications.

The length of this product is 32.8 feet with bright and vivid colors. Also, this item is waterproof that passed forth a lot of safety tests from UL, FCC, and ROHS. Furthermore, there is leakage and short circuit protection. Due to this, you are not only ensured for a great experience but also a safer usage. 

You can accent these lights to signage, industrial, commercial, display case lighting, and customized lightings. These LED strip lights are dimmable and have a working power of twelve volts.

Like other models, these strips are flexible that follow any shape that you desire. Additionally, you can mount it easily and emits low heat. You can even link these lights and can be cut. You should consider this great option so, hurry and get yourself one.


  • Has a long-lasting reliability
  • Flexible and can be bent
  • It is upgradable for advancement
  • Consumes low power
  • Can be mounted with ease


  • Has limited connectivity
  • May be too large for home decorations.

14. TV-LED-Backlight, Maylit Pre-Cut 6.56ft LED Strip Lights.

TV-LED-Backlight, Maylit Pre-Cut 6.56ft LED Strip Lights

If you are a type of person with sensitive eyes and cannot stand too much brightness, this item is the one you should choose. You can adjust the light output to go dimmer or brighter with Maylit’s LED strip lights. By this, it can decrease the risks of eye strains and will offer you a safer experience.

This light strip can be used anywhere around the house. You can decorate the interior of your room, as well as your appliances. In fact, this product is dubbed the best LED strip lights for tv, making it versatile enough for various applications.

Amazingly, it has sixteen colors and four modes. This feature will give you convenience because it can be customized. For the high-tech feature, it can be powered by USB with just a plug-and-play mechanism. It only emits deficient heat and very much suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

The strips stick well due to the double-sided tape attached at the back. Now, you can install it without hassle to anywhere you want. This item is excellent that will surely offer you a high satisfaction level.


  • Can be folded for ease of transportations
  • Controlled via remote
  • Gives elegance to your indoors
  • Easy installations
  • Very safe and touchable


  • Light output is low
  • Quite a delicate product

15. RaThun LED Strip Lights

RaThun LED Strip Lights

And for the last product on this shortlist, we give you RaThun’s LED lights. These lights are pretty much suited for full and spacious facilities. This item is the right choice if you want to decorate country homes, hotels, and shopping malls.

These taped lights have different modes and colors to let you experience the best. It has sixteen multi-colored options and DIY selections. These LED strip lights can be operated by a remote controller to avoid the risks of overcharging.

Similar to most options, as mentioned earlier, they can also be cut by every three LEDs. 3M tape is also present for a stronger cling into walls and surfaces. Most importantly, its power supply is made of expensive materials and tested many times to ensure the use of proper protection.

This kit gives you ten meters of continuous strip light, a power supply, an RGB control box, and a remote unit. Therefore, it is a complete set that deserves a purchase.


  • Can be mounted easily
  • Great decoration for the holidays
  • Gives a nice ambiance in the location
  • It can also be used on vehicles
  • Very safe to use


  • Needs a lot of care and maintenance

How to Choose the Best One?

Given the many options in the market, there’s a need for you to be cautious in choosing the right product. Not all brands can guarantee you optimum functionality, that’s why you need to consider the following factors before opting for it.


LED strips are much brighter than regular lights. As technology advances, so are the modifications for these devices. This variable depends on the buyer. Some people prefer dull ones, and some want a very bright light strip.

We should be able to know this detail using lumens, as stated by the manufacturer. Somehow you should be careful if the company did not indicate any. As the purchaser, you won't have the idea until you have them.

LED Strip Lights

You might as well consider this variable if you want to decorate each corner of your house. They may go super bright or super dark. Also, different projects require a certain amount of brightness. As a piece of advice, running your LEDs below their top power and intensity increases their working duration.

Color Temperature

The color temperature is measured in Kelvin. Because of this variable, you will be able to know the temperature rating directly. We can also know how warm or how cold the light bulbs can be. Blueish hues are for the cooler temperatures, and the yellowish light is for the warmer ones.

When having decorations even just in your room, the warmer they may get, the hotter heat they will also emit. Though, those colors that you want to have are primarily dependent on you.


As buyers, we'd want to have the best-LED strip lights available in the market. For to do so, we must know if the strip that we are eyeing is high in quality or not. The durable as the light can be, the longer it lasts.

Furthermore, longer lights mean that you used your money wisely. You do not want to buy a new roll of strip lights as frequently as you can. Otherwise, you will just waste your money on low-quality lights. Most importantly, when fast to deteriorate, more risk of fire can occur, which may lead you to danger.

LED Strip Lights

As an advice, though some types are expensive than others, you should put the quality first. Then if you already considered that factor, look if it’s into your budget. By that, you are ready to go!


The durability of the strip lights is essential too. Though high-quality materials depict this one, it is still an important variable to consider. On a strip's IP rating it indicates the resistance to elements.

As you look closely, the first digit indicates the protective capacity against dust. Six is the highest protection of the range. The second digit is the water-resistance, and the higher the number indicates higher protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can LED light strips catch fire?

As you can see, LED bulbs (can check our post on LED replacement bulbs for RV reviews) only emit a minimal amount of heat, so they are much safer than standard house bulbs. They come in smaller sizes, and you can even touch it.

Though if there is an unfortunate time like a short circuit or sudden electrical spikes, they may spark and sustain a fire. It means that you also need to be careful in situations like this,

2. How long is the lifespan of LED strip light?

In general, most of them last for about 30000 to 50000 hours. If you want an exact answer, well, these tiny lights vary from one another. You should always check the label before you purchase to get yourself the best one.

3. Do LED strip lights use much electricity?

The answer is NO. These lights take too little of your electricity because they are designed to be that way. So whether you want to turn in on for the whole night, it surely won’t hurt your pocket. And if you use a lot of them as stage decorations, you do not have to worry about the electricity bill.

But if you want to make decorative lighting at home without electricity power, oil lamps can be a great option for you.

4. Do LED lights deteriorate?

In electronics, all gadgets are designed to fail. Like any other device, there is a certain lifespan that these will work. However, their pace of deterioration is much lower than those different kinds of lightings. The frequency of use is also a factor of it because each strip has a corresponding life. 

5. Can these strips be used in high-temperature areas?

No, you can’t. Although these lights are quite durable, due to the high heat, they may have a shortened lifespan. Therefore, if you install it on cooler places, you can have the maximum lifespan an LED strip can offer.

6. What are lumens?

This is the measurement of the brightness as the human eye can see. Lumen is a variable in choosing strip lights. By that, you can compare their intensity, and you can choose the right brightness that you desire.

What is the color temperature?

Color temperatures can also be called the color of the light. White lights are measured in Kelvin. The higher the temperature, the warmer the light bulb may become.

7. What is an LED?

LEDs are light-emitting diodes, which are a solid-state of a semiconductor device that converts electricity to light.

Final Words

If you want a decoration that will give you a colorful end-product, you need to get one of these best LED strip lights. This article surely gave you enough options for your purchase.

Good luck, and we hope that you get the best!

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