11 of the Best Mole Traps in 2022 that Works Every Time

If you have a mini garden and you want to work on plants, there is nothing that would make you happier than seeing them healthy. For sure, it’s frustrating if pests invade your beloved plants, especially if you invested so much time and patience growing them.

Well, moles are very destructive, mainly that they dwell tunnels that damage the roots of plants. This scenario happens when they dig a lot to search for worms and insects.

In this part of the article, we will give you a shortlist of the best mole traps in the market. By that, you'll be able to pick what you think is the perfect rodent-catcher for your lawn or garden.

Let us dive straight into it!

11 Best Mole Traps Review

This narrowed-down list of mole traps is among the top picks today. Just continue reading and find the perfect trap for you.

1. Wire Tek EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap (Pack of 2)

Wire Tek EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap

If you want a highly efficient trap, Wiretek has manufactured one for you. It is made in the USA and has proven its effectiveness in the market. The product includes two traps that are safely used for mole control. More so, it has been duly approved by appropriate committees.

Furthermore, the mole trap is equipped with the best quality materials that solidify its capability and capacity. Given how well the product is made, you’re sure of its longevity. Thus, offering you more benefits compared to its cost.

Much more, it is designed to be user-friendly as it can be set up just in a little amount of time without exerting too much effort. Unlike other brands, this trap comes in handy as it’s the only of this kind that can be set into the tunnel without further digging.

Interestingly, this product can be put up safely by locating the mole tunnel. You just have to insert the closed jaws into the center, and the trap is ready to operate. When the base touches the ground, you can now set the trigger mechanism. As convenient as that, the trap is excellent, reducing the stress of setup to the user.

It is fantastic how this works without exposing danger to the operator. The device does not use poisons or any harmful chemicals as bait. As a customer myself, I recommend this because it has excellent efficiency, thus, providing a great advantage.


  • Device is user-friendly
  • No poisoning concern
  • Highly efficient and reliable
  • Has easy setup
  • Digging is no longer needed


  • Meticulous cleaning is needed

2. Tomcat Mole Trap - Kill Moles to Protect Your Lawn

Tomcat Mole Trap

If you wish to have a better eliminator than traditional kinds of mole trap, Tomcat has this device made for you. It effectively kills moles without harsh mechanisms. For sure, this can be down without drawing blood.

Well, the quality of its materials is professional-grade and premium-grade; thus, it guarantees you that it can yield excellent rodent entrapments. As an addition, this trap is easy to setup.

You just have to locate the tunnel's location and insert the trap. Then, set the trap correctly and activate the trigger. In that way, you will just have to wait for the moles to go near it, and there you go!

Thanks to this specially designed eliminator, you are sure to get maximum convenience. There’s no doubt why this option from Tomcat is one of the best-selling models today.

Since it is hands-free, it can effectively kill rodents without difficulty and hassle. Given its reliability and durability, it’s undoubtedly deserving to be part of your shortlist.

Most importantly, this mole eliminator is affordable in the price, unlike other models. So, it is excellent that you will only exert minimal effort for catching pests, yet you can have the maximum features that it possesses.


  • Can trap on any size of moles
  • Has an easy setup for optimum convenience
  • Made from premium-quality materials
  • Won't easily corrode
  • Durable and very reliable device
  • Affordable but not the cheapest that you can get


  • Not the most effective trap

3. Aspectek Mole and Gopher Trap Easy Set Scissor Trap

Aspectek Mole and Gopher Trap

We used a lot of time trying to make our plants stay as healthy as they can (to ensure healthy growth of your plants, you may read this post on the best rooting hormones). It is so heartbreaking to see them die due to pests likes moles. This option from Aspectek will kill rodents without making your hands dirty.

Its scissor design makes it potent and sensitive. Since tunnel-digger pests can easily trigger the device, you don’t need to set up bait to get a catch. Also, there’s no need for you to put any kind of chemicals therein, which means that it’s poison-free.

This quick-action eliminator will surely give you optimal convenience. Since it is activated underground, there won't be risks of hurting your pets that run around your lawn.

Much more, it is constructed using galvanized steel; hence, it is a sturdy one. Also, you’re guaranteed that this unit can last even with frequent use. Given its durability, there’s no way you’ll be buying again and again. Also, it’s rust-resistant so you can expect a minimal change in appearance for a few years of use.

With this fantastic device, moles and gophers won’t be able to destroy your beloved plants. So, do not hesitate and try to make up your mind if you want to include this in your narrowed-down list.


  • Construction is weatherproof and rust-resistant
  • Very effective and reliable
  • Extremely safe for it is buried
  • Comes with understandable instructions
  • Durable and sturdy device


  • Requires extra hand for next setup after a catch

4. Around The Home Metal Easy Mole Trap

Around The Home Metal Easy Mole Trap

For years of proven high performance, a natural trap mole from Around the Home has proved its effectivity. It ensures safe operation, giving you optimum convenience. This trap has excellent design and concept to eliminate pests that harm your garden because they scrape the plants' roots. 

It depicts electroplated steel for construction that makes it sturdy. Like other models, this trap is weatherproof and rust-resistive. Also, the spring is made of stainless steel to guarantee a strong reaction for the pest entrapment. These features are essential for durability and longevity.

Some users may have difficulty in setting up this device. But, if you'd just read and understand the user's manual well, you won't have this much difficulty. Instructions included therein are very simple and easy to understand. 

Unlike other models of these eliminators, Around the Home’s mole trap is quite expensive. You will have to spend a few more bucks to acquire this one. The quality itself will surely give you the best results with a high percentage of satisfaction.


  • Well-constructed mole trap
  • The instructions are easy to understand
  • Product is sturdy and solid
  • Made from quality materials
  • Weatherproof and rust-free


  • More expensive than other models

5. The Original Blackhole Gopher and Rodent Trap

The Original Blackhole Gopher and Rodent Trap

This next model is your ultimate solution for backyard pests that runs free, killing your precious plants. Various' blackhole traps will keep your lawn in the best condition and catch unwanted guests like moles and gophers. The shape of this trap is a perfect fit for the tunnels dug by these moles.

By that account, you can have a better catch for it is placed directly on their way. Gopher is a very active type of rodent. If you already set up the trap for an hour and there's no catch, try to move it on another location. This trap is spring-loaded, sensitive to small movements; therefore, it catches pests very fast.

Unlike other eliminators that are made of steel, this one is constructed with a sturdy plastic which is also reusable. Much more, it is weather-resistant, withstanding different kinds of conditions. 

You do not have to use any poison or gas to attract rodents. This mole trap is non-toxic and easy to clean unit. Not only gophers, but also rats, moles, voles, and shrews cannot run away from this superb eliminator.

Amazingly, it is commercial-grade and will serve your gardens and lawns for more years to come. I recommend that you should give this option a chance — for this is a worthy investment [ BTW, also check these hose guide reviews to protect garden plants from deteriorating].


  • Catches different kinds of rodents
  • Plastic construction is strong
  • Do not have the risk of having rust
  • Very reliable device
  • Easy to clean after every use


  • Maybe a bit small for some moles

6. Centurion Tunnel Mole Trap Multi-Color

Centurion Tunnel Mole Trap Multi-Color

As a great addition to your fantastic choices, Centurion is offering you an excellent tunnel mole trap. Centurion is a hardware and a supplier of many products, including tools, torches, and gardening equipment. This trap is a traditional type of eliminator and useful pest control device against rodents.

No matter the size or the species of rodents that inhabit under your lawn, this high-quality device will solve your problem. It is made of sturdy metal construction that possesses protection against rust and elements of nature. This mole trap is reusable, so just have to clean it thoroughly after every entrapment.

Just like most models of eliminators, this has an easy setup to the tunnel made by the moles. Thus, you can expect a straightforward device that will surely take away your worries about complicated trap installation.

This option is ideal for homeowners who love to do gardening in their backyard, especially those who genuinely love to grow flowers or root crops. Its price is equivalent to the satisfaction that it can give (do check our article on the best leaf grabbers to clean your garden debris easily).


  • Effortless to use
  • Materials are solid and top-graded
  • Unit is reusable after every use
  • Has a high quality that equals justifies price
  • Reliable and convenient snare


  • Design is a bit complicated for first-time buyers

7. Cinch Mole Trap with Tunnel Marking Flag

Cinch Mole Trap with Tunnel Marking Flag

If you are looking for an all-purpose rodent trap, Cinch is offering you a good one. This mole trap has a smart cinch technology that is very versatile in catching moles, gophers, and any kind of rodents around your lawn. These pests will be very destructive over time and can cause your plants to wither and die.

The quick-acting trap of Cinch captures the neck of moles and snaps it close. It locks the rodent so that it won’t have any chance of running free again. Amazingly, it is crafted with galvanized iron steel that is a durable kind of metal. Due to this, the trap can be used in any type of yard and comes with a marking flag.

Much more, this mole trap is rust and weather resistant. It merely means that it can withstand elements of nature, even sitting there for a long time trying to catch pests. More so, it is trusted by many because it is a professional-grade kind of trap that gives you the best results. 

It comes with an easy to follow instructions that are very convenient to read. By that account, you won't have a hard time figuring out what the manual says. You can now set up your trap and keep bad moles away from your plants and root crops. Hence, this device is a great thing where you can invest your money.


  • User manual is easy to understand
  • Steel construction is durable
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Different sizes are available
  • Rust and weather-resistant


  • Good at catching but not killing moles

8. Outdoor Rodent Trap Secure Mice

Outdoor Rodent Trap Secure Mice

Also, a great addition to the list is this rodent tray by the Outdoor Company. It will not just trap moles but will surely kill them. The material made for construction is galvanized steel, which is a sturdy one. This device is a premium-grade unit that will last for a long time.

Additionally, it is easy to use and highly effective for its job. This device is a versatile option that works on moles, mice, and rats. Because of the compact design, you can carry it around your garden with ease. It is small in size, which means that you can use it even in tight spaces.

Furthermore, this is a weatherproof and rust-resistant mole trap that is great because its setup is intended for outdoors. Unlike other models on the list, this bait maximizes the chance of getting a catch. It is a reliable one which will give you quite a several numbers of trapped pests.

Outdoor’s rodent trap is solidly built and very easy to clean. It has a powerful spring that will last even after long time of use. Because of this, you have an effective trap that is undeniably worthy of your purchase. Hurry and get yourself a device like no other!


  • Durable spring
  • A very easy to clean mole trap
  • Unit comes with a compact design
  • Made with a sturdy galvanized steel
  • Device is weatherproof and rust-resistant


  • Rodents can drag the trap

9. Topcat Vole and Mole trap

Topcat Vole and Mole trap

Do not settle for less, and make sure you have the best trap in your neighborhood.

The next option for you is the Vole and Mole trap by Topcat. Unlike most of the bait devices, this one is made of stainless steel. Also, it is an environmentally friendly trap that does not gives off chemicals. So, this model is very safe, even for the users. 

Much more, it is commercial-grade and trusted by most buyers. Elements of nature won’t slow down its job for it is weatherproof and has resistance in rust. This factor is essential because, at all times, this is used for outdoors. 

A unit like this is very effective against Voles and Moles and is one of the versatile options in the market today. For sure, it can catch rodents on either of the directions of the tunnel. We also like the fact that it's straightforward to remove the catch from the device.


  • Traps both side of the tunnel
  • Durable and heavy-duty trap
  • Safe for the environment
  • Very ideal for voles and moles
  • Durable device


  • You need to have bait, unlike other mole trap models which do not need one

10. Catchmaster Savage Easy Set Mole Trap - Heavy Duty Quick Kill Metal Trap

Catchmaster Savage Easy Set Mole Trap

We do not want rodents to damage our lawn or garden. This next device on the list is an updated mole trap that will catch different sizes of these pests. It is indeed convenient because this option is user-friendly.

Well, this model does not use chemicals or poisons to kill moles, so it is not harmful to the environment. It also does not require you to put bait, unlike the previous choices in this list. This bait is savage and can be set again easily after every catch.

Furthermore, it kills rodents without any traces of damage in your lawn. Since it is weatherproof, you’re sure that it can withstand any time and conditions of the year. Also, it’s constructed solidly to last a lifetime and won’t have risks of rust build-up.

If you aim to have more catch, you can set up at least three of these traps in your medium-sized garden. This way, you can be sure to increase the chances of killing pests that also destroy your crops. FYI, using a mosquito fogger is also a good solution for eliminating pests from your garden.


  • Black paint does not wear off easily
  • Blades are super sharp
  • Sturdy mole trap
  • Poison and chemical-free device
  • Can catch different sizes of rodents


  • Trigger is not very sensitive

11. Wire Tek EasySet Mole Trap

Wire Tek EasySet Mole Trap

For a safe and effective eliminator of moles, Wire Tek offers this fantastic device to you. It is manufactured in the US, so there’s no doubt as to durability. Also, setting it up is a breeze. You do not need to dig; instead, you just have to stomp your foot to bury it underground safely.

Much more, it comes with very sturdy construction, adding to its sturdiness. Also, this ensures a rust-free and weatherproof mole trap, all thanks to its premium coating.

With these features at hand, you can be sure of longevity. Since mole traps are intended for outdoor use, make sure to have one that can withstand various conditions, just like this product.

More amazingly, it is equipped with a spring mechanism for an effective entrapment of moles. Also, with its simple design, you can set it up easily.


  • Can be set up with your foot and no digging required
  • Very durable because it is made of galvanized metal
  • Has fast-spring action
  • Very reliable
  • Weatherproof and rust-free


  • Ineffective in packed soil
  • Device does not work on sandy grounds

What to Look for Before Buying?

With so many choices on sale, you just can’t depend on one that claims itself as the best. It should be equipped with the following features, so you can tell that it is, indeed, the right option. Just read on!

Quality of Construction

The quality will always matter in whatever device you want to purchase. For best-rated mole traps, you have to be keen on the quality of its construction, whether it may be made of galvanized iron or other durable metals.

You should look carefully if the corners are welded to assure the user of a long-lasting mole trap. This consideration is undoubtedly needed because you will lay your trap out in the sun or rain. It maybe sits there for the whole day and is vulnerable to every element of the environment.

In conclusion, this factor is needed when you choose the best trap that yields better results.


Mole traps are trigger-based devices. They won’t act if there isn’t any movement that will cause them to flinch. For you to be sure that you have a fast-acting one, try to read reviews of different people. By that action, you will know about the product's thoughts because they already tried it themselves.

You cannot just buy a trap and hope for the best without scrutinizing it a bit. This factor will surely be beneficial for you because you can catch garden pests with a fast trap. Your money won't be a waste if you know what these best mole traps to buy can offer you.


As a homeowner, you’d want a perfect trap for pests without costing you a fortune. For you to do so, you have to examine and rank every snare you include on your list. It is essential to be practical these days because you do not want your money to be wasted.

Having all that said, it is great to have a tunnel-digger trap that will offer you great results without compromising your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What time of the day are moles mostly active?

Researchers that studied the behavior of moles say that these mammals are active 4 hours a day. But we can’t tell whether it is only during day or night. However, when it is most quiet, they will have their chance to start digging. You would likely see them roaming around your lawn early in the morning or late at night.

How deep are the tunnels that moles dig?

How deep are the tunnels that moles dig

Sharp claws of the moles allow them to dig super deep. As experts say, moles won't uncover a tunnel less than 10 inches unless they search for a mate. Therefore, they can dig a meter in a few hours if they want to.

What food attracts moles?

Moles may destroy your root crops, but they only use them as hiding places or nesting grounds. These tunnel-diggers feed on worms, insects, and grubs buried underground. They are hungry animals, and earthworms are frequent prey.

Do moles go in groups?

Well, moles are independent creatures and will only come together when it is breeding season. This time is advantageous for you because you may have a higher chance of catching these pests. Try to transfer your trap on a fresh and active tunnel to get a higher probability of success.

How fast can moles dig?

Since they are tunnel-diggers by nature, they have very sharp claws. They can dig undeniably fast using only that. Based on research, these animals can dig for up to 15 feet per hour, considering they dig on soft grounds.

How many mole traps do I need?

If you have a small garden, two traps are enough. So, if you want to increase the possibility of a mole catch, three is also a good number.

Final Words

Many of us like to plant trees in tub inside the house and keep it on a planter caddy to move it easily. But if you want to make garden in outside of your home, mole trap is such a satisfactory gesture for you to get rid of moles and pests in your lawn.

As long as you use an eco-friendly device, you are on the right track. We hope that you pick one device on our list that you think is one of the best mole traps available today.

Good luck with your search!

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