Crown Mold with the Best Nail Gun for Crown Molding in 2022

So, you are pretty conscious about the interior, right? You must pay good attention to the small details and render the interior's uniqueness and elegance.

And if all of that is true, you are most likely not willing to skimp one bit in terms of selecting a nailer for molding.

Well, you are not the only one. When we handled interior tasks of our office space a while back, we even wanted to settle for the best nail gun for crown molding.

However, the overabundance of options made it pretty hard to choose one. That is why we decided to do loads of research on the available models.

But it might not be possible for you to spend that much time on research. Well, that is where we step in. So, stay worry-free and leave the rest to us!

Best Nail Gun for Crown Molding

From the research we did, we have managed to narrow down the overall options. And these are the models that we have selected from that narrowed down list:

1. WEN 61721

WEN 61721

WEN became pretty serious with this model when it comes to offering the best nail gun for crown molding. And they have bumped up the standards after releasing this product. To know how they did this, you must read through the review.

First things first, this tool has a variable PSI knob. That will let you operate the machine at PSI levels ranging from 60 to 115.

So, it will be possible to get proper control over the power level and drive the nail accurately. And it will be easy to get a flawless finish on the crown moldings.

Additionally, it utilizes ¼ inches NPT inlet. That air fitting will make sure that the hose is secure while the machine is operational.

And there is going to be a slim chance of the air getting leaked when operating the tool. It can also handle 18 gauge nails that are from 3/8 inches to 2 inches.

There is a depth adjustment wheel as well. That will enhance the overall precision of the firings even further. It even has a rotatable exhaust.

This exhaust will keep the working area clean and ensure that the finish on the surface is free of dust and other small particles.

Taking out the magazine will be an easy task as well, thanks to the quick releasing mechanism. Also, the mag has the ability to hold up to 106 nails, which means frequently reloading it will not be a necessity.


  • •Features an adjustable PSI knob
  • Uses ¼ inches NPT inlet
  • Can work with a wide range of nails
  • Has a depth adjustment mechanism
  • Sports a rotatable exhaust


  • It does not come with a case
  • The package does not include any hose

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The variable PSI knob is the star of the show. It will increase the overall accuracy and allow you to drive nails accurately.



There are plenty of brands offering the best nail guns for crown molding. However, if you want a good cordless model, you need to first look into what PORTE CABLE is offering here!

As the unit is cordless, working with compressors, hoses, and costly gases will not be necessary.

And as there are no cords and hose to worry about, you can stay highly mobile with this. It will be easier to move around and work on the places that are generally hard to reach.

The motor of the unit is highly capable as well. It holds the ability to drive 18 gauge nails with consistent power.

As it can offer consistent power, each of the nails should drive without any issues. You are going to end up with a flawless and flush finish in the end.

There are a couple of adjustment settings as well, including depth and power. And the good thing about the settings is that they are tool-free.

So, it will not be necessary to carry a tool with you all the time. Also, as it is light in weight and has a comfortable handle, you can work with it for an extended amount of time comfortably.

It even has a dual-LED on the front. Those will offer a good amount of light and will make you capable of working on low-lit workspaces.


  • Cordless and does not require any hose
  • Features a highly capable motor
  • Has different tool-free adjustable settings
  • Offers consistent firing power
  • Light in weight


  • It might ship with a non-functional battery
  • The battery life degrades reasonably quickly

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This cordless device has a lot of things going. The main points are that it is light in weight and has a highly capable motor.



While looking for the best nail guns for crown molding, we wanted to get something that is highly reliable. And DEWALT, being a go-to option for many, is offering a unit such as that, which is this one.

So, what makes it highly reliable? Well, the high-performing motor would be the direct answer to that! It is virtually maintenance-free.

That means there will be no need to go through the hassle of maintaining it from time to time. Also, it has a long life, and it should operate optimally throughout its entire lifespan.

Alongside that, the device offers a higher amount of control over the task of driving nails. There is a depth-of-drive adjustment mechanism.

This mechanism has detents that offer a higher amount of precision. Also, as it is tool-free, adjusting it will not be an issue.

Even the jam releasing mechanism is tool-free. In other words, you will not require any tools when any jams occur.

It even has a rear exhaust, which will adequately keep the contaminants and dust away from the working area. And the motor is capable of driving nails that are from 5/8 inches to 2 inches.

There is an adjustable belt hook. This hook will allow you to keep the tool on your body. Also, it integrates a rubber grip to offer a comfortable overall holding experience.


  • The motor is maintenance-free
  • Has depth adjustment mechanism with detents
  • Features a rear exhaust
  • Sports a belt hook
  • Integrates rubber grip


  • A bit prone to jams
  • The trigger is a bit stiff at the beginning

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It packs a highly reliable motor, and it is capable of offering a high amount of accuracy. So, we do not have any problems recommending this product.



Having to deal with oil while trying to work with the nailer can be a tedious task. Well, if you get this one that BOSTITCH is offering, you will not have to worry about that one bit.

Unlike some of the other pneumatic nailers, this one has an oil-free operational mechanism. That means it will not require any lubrication.

And this will lower the chances of it leaving oil stains on the projects. Also, it can work with 18 gauge nails ranging from 5/8 inches to 2-1/8 inches.

The manufacturer also integrated Smart Point technology into this unit. It will ensure that the placement of the nails is just right.

In other words, it will make sure that the nails are getting inside the crown moldings accurately. Also, the depth control dial will enhance the precision even further.

It also has a tool-free jam releasing mechanism. For that reason, you will not have to go through any hassles in releasing jams, if any does occur while operating.

Also, there is a selectable firing system. It will let you switch from sequential firing to contact firing.

This tool also sports a rear air exhaust. That does a proper job of keeping the dust out of the workspace. There is a belt hook as well, which will let you keep the device on while working with the moldings.


  • Utilizes an oil-free operational mechanism
  • Works with loads of 18 gauge nails
  • Integrates Smart Point technology
  • It has a jam releasing mechanism that is tool-free
  • Features selectable firing modes


  • A bit prone to dry firing
  • The drive piston feels a bit flimsy

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This offering from BOSTITCH has an oil-free operational mode. Also, the trigger has two different firing modes, and it sports the Smart Point technology that will enhance the overall precision.



Getting a flawless finish is what you would generally expect after using the best nailer for crown molding, right? Well, not all of the units can offer that. That is why NEU MASTER brought out this unit into the market.

Are you wondering what makes it capable of offering a flawless finish? Well, the answer would be the non-marring rubber nose on the front.

That will make sure that the molding surface does not get scratches, nor are there any dents after you work on it with this.

Apart from being capable of offering a flawless finish, this one is highly versatile as well. It can work both like a stapler and a nailer.

And the good thing is that it is fully electric, which means there will be no need to worry about connecting a hose and compressor to it.

It even has an adjustable power dial. This dial will enable you to change the power according to the molding you are working with.

Also, it boasts an ergonomic handle. The handle has a soft rubber coating that will ensure that your hand does not face fatigue while operating it for an extended amount of time.

The package will also include 800 brad nails and 200 staples. With those, you can get right into working with the molding after unpacking the tool.


  • Features a non-marring tip on the nose
  • Reasonably versatile
  • It has an adjustable power dial
  • Includes 800 brad nails
  • Sports an ergonomic handle


  • Some of the units feel a bit underpowered
  • It does not fire with consistent power

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The fact that it has a non-marring tip on the nose makes it totally worth the purchase. Also, it has an ergonomic handle and includes 800 nails with the package.

6. NuMax SFN64

NuMax SFN64

Are you on the hunt for a 16 gauge nailer? Want something that is highly customizable? Well, you will not have to look any further because NuMax is offering the right tool for you!

As we mentioned, this works with 16 gauge nails. And the length it works with is 2-1/2 inches, which makes it ideal for most of the tasks related to molding.

Also, it is pretty light in weight. This lightweight nature will make it easier to control and carry around.

Talking of which, it has a relatively small form factor as well. That means you will be able to store it inside tight and small spaces easily.

The tool also has a highly ergonomic handle. It has a soft rubber coating that will ensure that you can hold it with maximum comfort while working with it.

The unit even has a non-marring tip on the front. This tip is going to ensure that it does not leave any dents, dings, or scratches on your workpiece.

Also, there is a quick jam releasing mechanism. Because of that, it will be easier to release the nails that get jammed on the nose.

Other than that, the tool is pretty durable. It has a body of high-quality materials. And it should be able to last for an extended amount of time without showing any structural issues.


  • Works with 16 gauge nails
  • Light in weightI
  • t has a compact form factor
  • Features a non-marring tip
  • Exceptionally durable


  • The trigger is a bit stiff
  • Tends to dry fire from time to time

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This product would be a great pick if you were looking for a 16 gauge nailer. Also, it is reasonably lightweight and compact in size, which will make handling it easier.

7. KIMO 20V


While reading through the reviews, you might want to get yourself the best cordless nailer for crown molding. Well, this one is an excellent pick in that regard. And to know why you have to continue reading.

Even though it utilizes a battery for the operation, it is not that heavy. In fact, it is lighter than most of the corded and pneumatic models.

The weight is under 6 pounds without the battery. And the compact nature of the tool will make the task of storing the device easy.

One of the unique things about this device is that it has different firing modes. You can adjust the trigger to switch between single firing mode or rapid firing mode.

And with the rapid firing mode, finishing off the molding tasks will take a considerably short amount of time.

The unit is highly versatile as well. It holds the ability to work both as a nailer and a stapler.

And it can work with 18 gauge brand nails that range from ¾ inches to 2 inches and 18 gauge staples that are from ¾ inches to 1-5/8 inches. So, you will not have to purchase another tool to carry out stapling tasks.

It even boasts a highly capable motor. The motor can offer a consistent firing power. And this ability will ensure that all of the nails are driven properly. The tool also has a manual depth adjusting mechanism.


  • Weights under 6 pounds without the battery
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • It packs a capable motor
  • Manual depth-adjustable mechanism


  • It leaves a slight indent on the surfaces
  • The depth control is pretty limited

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It is a cordless device that is exceptionally versatile. Also, it is light in weight and relatively compact in shape. So, storing and handling it will be easy as well.



You might not always work with regular nails. Sometimes, you might feel the requirement to work with adhesive collated ones. And for such cases, this one from CRAFTSMAN is the perfect pick.

First of all, this cordless nailer can work with 18 adhesive collated nails. And as it is cordless, you will not be limited by any hose, cords, or compressors. Carrying it around and working on the places that are generally hard to reach will be pretty easy.

The tool also packs a reasonably powerful motor. It can offer consistent firing power in most climate conditions.

Also,  there is a tool-free depth adjustment knob, which will increase the overall accuracy of the fires. The nails you will drive will be pretty precise after adjusting that knob properly.

This tool is pretty lightweight as well. The center of gravity is at the right place and getting the right balance while holding it will not be a difficult task.

And the lightweight nature will make it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. Also, the handle has an over-molded contour to enhance comfort.

Additionally, there is a jam releasing mechanism. It is tool-free and easy to work with. Even the stall settings are tool-free.


  • Capable of driving adhesive collated nails
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Boasts a powerful motor
  • It has a contoured handle
  • Sports an easy to work with jam releasing mechanism


  • The jams occur quite frequently
  • Some units might have non-functional LED lights

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This tool holds the ability to fire adhesive collated nails. And most importantly, it is cordless, lightweight, and has a quick jam releasing system.



We have already reviewed a well-performing device from DEWALT. And this cordless option that they are offering is not one bit behind in terms of providing high performance.

Unlike most of the other units, this one has a brushless motor. The brushless nature of the motor will increase the overall efficiency and allow it to run for an extended amount of time without overheating.

Also, it is pretty durable and will not show any problems for a long time.

Another thing that makes it high-performing is the lockout mechanism. It will lower the chances of dry firing occurring by locking out the trigger when the nail inside the magazine is low. So, there will be a slim possibility of the tip leaving marks on the crown molding.

It even boasts a jam releasing mechanism that is tool-free. With that, it will be possible to quickly and easily release jams. Also, it has a tool-free depth adjustment mechanism. That will allow you to achieve the maximum amount of accuracy while driving nails.

The unit also has an adjustable belt hook. It even has an adjustable trigger. You can select between two different firing modes by adjusting that.


  • Utilizes a brushless motor
  • Features a low nail lockout system
  • The jam releasing mechanism is tool-free
  • Sports tool-free depth-adjustable system
  • It has two firing modes


  • It might ship with an underpowered battery
  • Not that light in weight

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This cordless nailer from DEWALT packs a brushless motor that will offer good overall performance. Also, it has a unique lockout system, which will lower the chances of dry firing from occurring.



We are going to finish off our review section with this nailer that is by NEU MASTER. If you were on the lookout for a versatile unit that is easy to use, you need to consider this one.

To begin with, it is reasonably versatile. It is capable of working with bout nails and staples.

So, you can use this to finish off crown molding tasks and the other stapling tasks without requiring any extra tools. Also, it boasts a good quality motor that can offer praiseworthy overall performance.

Talking of which, the motor is reasonably efficient as well. For the higher amount of efficiency, it can drive 30 nails in one minute.

And as it is light in weight, it will be easier to carry it around and work in those places that are generally hard to work with.

This device is pretty easy to use as well. As it is cordless, it will not require any cords, compressor, or hose.

And thanks to the over-molded grip, you can comfortably hold it and work for a long amount of time. Also, the handle has a reasonably ergonomic shape. This shape will combat grip fatigue.

It even has an adjustable power knob. Using that, you can lower and increase the firing power. Also, it has a quick jam releasing mechanism.


  • Works as a nailer and stapler
  • The motor is relatively efficient
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • It has an over-molded grip
  • Sports an adjustable power knob


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty nailing tasks
  • Does not have a proper depth control knob

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This cordless unit is highly versatile. It also packs an efficient motor that will let you quickly finish the crown molding tasks.

What Size Nail Gun for Crown Molding?

The size of the nail gun will depend on the nature of the crown molding tasks. Usually, for heavy-duty jobs, we would recommend the 16 gauge nailer. And it would be best if you used 2 inches long nails for this.

On the other hand, if the crown molding task is relatively light-duty, you should be all good with an 18 gauge nailer.

In this case, we would recommend the 2 inches nails again. Those will be able to offer a good holding power and keep the molding in place.

On that note, you should have a clear idea about the gauge. It is not like any regular scale. This scale goes backward. Are you wondering what we are actually talking about?

Well, we are referring to the thickness here. Usually, the higher the number, the higher the thickness should be, right?

Nail Gun for Crown Molding

The case is a little different for the gauge. A 12 gauge nail is relatively thicker than a 14 gauge nail.

Also, a 16 gauge is thicker than an 18 gauge. This trend will remain the same as you move higher in the number. And it will go in reverse if you drop down from one number to another.

A 16 gauge nailer, speaking of gauge and thickness, will be able to shoot only 16 gauge nails. It will not be able to handle anything larger or smaller than that.

The most that some of the devices can do is shoot nails and staples of the same size. But in general, they will not be able to shoot nails of a different gauge.

Do You Need the Best Nailer for Crown Molding?

Ever since the market has brought out nailers, they have seen a lot of improvements. And it has come to one stage where it is possible to do different tasks with one of these.

Now, when it comes to working with crown molding, it is possible to use manual tools instead of using a nailer.

However, with those manual tools, your efficiency will be reasonably low. Also, it will be pretty hard to get a good finish on the molding.

There might be dents, dings, and scratches on it. And most of these nailers will have a non-marring tip on the nose. It will ensure that the tool does not leave any blemishes on the workpiece.

Nail Gun for Crown Molding

Besides just leaving a flawless finish, nailers can make sure that the nails are driven adequately into the molding.

Most of them will have some sort of adjustable mechanism to control the power and the depth. By adjusting these nailers accordingly, you can precisely place all of the nails into the moldings.

On that note, because of the amount of precision you will get, there will be no need to take any nails out of the molding as you are less likely to place them in the wrong place.

So, the chances of you ending up with perfect-looking molding will be exceptionally high.

In a nutshell, even though it is possible to use other tools for crown molding, nailers' advantages make them essential for the task.

You will hardly find anyone using other tools for crown molding. And we would highly recommend not to use anything other than a nailer for driving the nails for crown molding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of nail gun do you use for crown molding?

When it comes to types, there are generally three different kinds. One is electronic, which is usually corded. In other words, a cord would be connected on end.

Secondly, there are cordless ones. These will basically utilize a battery instead of a power cord. And they are generally light in weight and easy to carry and move.

The last type of nailers is the pneumatic ones. These will utilize a compressor and a hose. There will not be any electricity running through them.

Instead, the firing power will be gained from the air pressure. And you can use any of these for crown molding. Just remember to choose a 16 gauge or 18 gauge nailer.

2. Can I use a brad nailer for crown molding?

Usually, crown moldings are done using a finishing nailer. They tend to offer the best overall result. However, it will be possible to use a brad nailer for this type of molding task.

But you need to adjust it accordingly to get a good result. Adjust the power and depth according to the molding you are working with.

3. Can I use 18 gauge nails for crown molding?

The 18 gauge nails are thinner than the 16 gauge nails. For that reason, the holding power is a bit less in comparison.

However, it is possible to use them for crown molding. But only for the lightweight tasks. For heavy-duty jobs, we would highly recommend using a 16 gauge nail. Those are thick and have higher holding power.

4. Should I get a 16 or 18 gauge nailer for crown molding?

That will depend on the task that you have at hand. When compared, the 16 gauge nails are thicker than the 18 gauge nails.

For that reason, they have higher holding power. So, for heavy-duty molding, opt for the 16 gauge nailers. However, if you are planning to carry out lightweight molding, you can use an 18 gauge nailer.

5. Does crown molding add value?

It will depend on how much time and effort you have invested in the project. With proper installation and good overall results, you can increase the home's value by a significant margin.

However, if the molding does not look right, it can lower the overall value of your home. So, use proper tools and invest a good amount of effort in the molding project.

Final Words

Hopefully, the narrowed-down list that we have huddled made it easier for you to choose the best nail gun for crown molding.

And we assure you that no matter which one you pick from that list, you are going to end up with something that is highly reliable and offers good overall performance

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