The Best Needle Nose Pliers 2022 | Reviewed by Professionals

If you are to repair something at home, you need to have robust and reliable tools. Especially pliers that serves a multipurpose role in your daily repairing life.

Needle nose pliers are commonly used by technicians to hold, twist, and cut wires of any size. They are made with induction-hardened cutting blades, which makes repair projects very convenient. This type of pliers comes from a family of long nose pliers and is built with durable materials.

Through this article, you will be able to identify the perfect one out of these best needle-nose pliers’ options.

So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

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11 Best Needle Nose Pliers Review

This selection of products is among the best in the market. Each of them comes with top-notch features that you will love, for sure. Now, let’s get into details to know more about them.

1. Klein Tools Needle Nose Pliers

Klein Tools Needle Nose Pliers

You might want a heavy-duty tool for your daily repairs. If you want an extremely durable pair of pliers that goes through dual-material molding, Klein Tools is offering you one. This tool has a sturdy design that can give you a powerful cutting experience.

The process of double molding allows the tool to become more comfortable and durable. A soft material is present on the outer surface for a firm grip while the hard black content is intended for toughness. Also, there is a contoured thumb area to give added comfortability.

As a plus, this device has an extended handle to offer the users added reach and leverage. The slim head design will surely take away your difficulty in case of working in tight areas. Its cutting knives are induction-heated to ensure you of a long-lasting work-life that’ll surely give you benefit.

Furthermore, its joint is hot-riveted to ensure a smooth motion and no chance of wobble in the handle. The quality of the construction is excellent because it gives a long-lasting cut on stiff wires. I can say that this tool is jam-packed with amazing features and truly deserves a chance for a purchase.


  • Has extended handles that provide better grip
  • The cutting knives are induction-hardened
  • Riveted joints of the tool move smoothly
  • It has a slim head for more extended reach and leverage
  • This tool has an excellent cutting power


  • It is not efficient enough for clamping smaller objects and parts

2. Channellock Long Nose Pliers

Channellock Long Nose Pliers

If you usually work in narrow areas, Channellock's 8-inch needle-nose pliers are the one you undoubtedly need. It features a crosshatched teeth pattern that offers its user a reliable grip on both directions. Due to its narrow profile, it will surely provide you an excellent precision.

Unlike other models, this tool does not have a side cutter. But on the brighter side, only Channellock's best-rated needle-nose pliers uses a knife and anvil style cutting edge. It is to ensure you a superior cutting edge life. Furthermore, its cutting edges are laser heat-treated for added durability.

This tool uses high-carbon steel to provide you with excellent performance on your allotted tasks and projects. More so, it has a fantastic electronic coating to protect the equipment from rust because this issue will lead your tool to corrode easily.

Finally, the handle, which is in color blue, feels incredibly comfortable in your hands and easy to look for when inside your bag. This equipment is one of a kind, so I surely advise you to get one to avoid future difficulties when working in confined areas.


  • The cutting blades are laser and heat-treated
  • Jaws have crosshatch pattern for tighter grips
  • Allows you to work in narrow and tight areas
  • The tool has a fine coating
  • Made with carbon-steel to provide you high performance


  • Pivot needs to be cleaned regularly as well the jaws to be oiled always
  • This tool does not have a side cutter

3. Neiko 11-inch Long Nose Pliers Kit

Neiko 11-inch Long Nose Pliers Kit

This next option is not like the previous ones because it is a set. It comes in a long nose set from Neiko of extra-long 11-inch pliers. These tools are most suited for industrial and home garage use. It is constructed with high carbon steel with hardened teeth to offer you a durable set that will give you no disappointment.

These curved tip pliers allow the user to have easy access to hard-to-reach cables and wires. Even if they are on different angels, it is undoubtedly not a problem. Amazingly, the set includes a straight, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees angle of pliers.

As an addition, the handle is textured with a non-slip characteristic by the use of soft-grip rubber. It will give you extreme comfort and convenience. So even if your tool becomes wet, you'd still make a secure hold. More so, this pair of needle nose pliers is insulated intended for cold weather use.

Furthermore, this beautiful set will surely give you a high percentage of satisfaction without a doubt. It is advantageous due to the variety of pliers available for you. If you want to invest in a tool, it is unquestionably a worthy place to put your money.


  • It is a set of 4 with two long nose pliers
  • Long with 11-inch length
  • The crosscut teeth provide Omni-directional grip to objects
  • Has a rubber for a soft-grip
  • Made with high carbon steel to ensure durability


  • It is pricier compared to other models of needle-nose pliers

4. TEKTON Mini Needle Nose Pliers

TEKTON Mini Needle Nose Pliers

Adding to this list is this extra-long and slender needle-nose pliers from TEKTON. Its nose is tapered to give you a super-fine tip that is ideal for small grips. For you to create an even contact across the jaw, this tool has crosscut teeth for a reliable grip on any direction in your preference.

Additionally, the recessed coil spring gradually assists the opening of the pliers to lessen hand fatigue. Its handles are wide and flat for better comfortability towards its owner. There is a non-slip grip for less hassle and provides you incredible fingertip control over the tool.

This needle nose plier will undoubtedly give you a subtle grasp, twist, and pulls on small wires and parts. Also, the cushioned vinyl grips enhance your productivity while doing a task, due to convenience. Furthermore, its precision tips are accurate for bending small wires or items with low tensile strength.

Therefore, you'd want a tool of this kind if you want precision and accuracy. Your frustration over hand fatigue is erased on this tool, so go on and get yourself one. Investment over this tool is a money-wise decision.


  • It has a wide-profile handles
  • Comes with a recessed-coil spring that can open to 137 degrees angle
  • Supports a firm grip due to the diamond shape of the teeth
  • The tool has a non-slip grip for excellent fingertip control
  • It has a tapered nose with a super-fine tip


  • The tool might be a bit heavy compared to other models

5. KNIPEX Tools – Long Nose Pliers

KNIPEX Tools – Long Nose Pliers

Next on the list is a type of pliers with extra support to your hands when you do not have enough strength. It is easy to operate and the best quality needle-nose pliers by KNIPEX Tools. This model comes with a side cutter and is very tough.

When you hold wires, you should have a tool that'll stay firm and grip it without slipping issues. If you have this, you’d surely get your job done in a faster way. As a plus, this long nose from KNIPE Tools is the number one choice of tradesmen all around the world.

For an added feature, it has a hardened tooth that makes grabbing, turning, and joining wires an easy task. Unquestionably, it is fit to match your needs in a shop, at home, or in the field. These needle nose pliers have been tested quite a few times for durability and give you great functionality.

In any condition, this tool provides excellent service. It is always great to have equipment that will attend to your needs. These needle-nose pliers offer you a lot, which makes it an excellent tool for purchase. Hurry and get yours now!


  • The tool has a resilient precision tips
  • The tool’s frames are made of oil-hardened steel
  • The cutting edges are induction-hardened
  • It has a firm grip to the wire
  • Very durable and offers you high functionality


  • Due to curved handles, it may be uncomfortable for some users

7. Linemans Pliers, Needle Nose Side Cutters

Linemans Pliers, Needle Nose Side Cutters

Klein Tools is a manufacturing company that produces high-quality hand tools. This company has been tested to be setting the bar since 1857. It offers you a slim head design of needle nose pliers that is ideal for tight areas. The heavier design that it depicts is for you to have a high cutting power during tasks.

For the handles, it has plastic dipped ones to provide its user with added comfort and ease. Furthermore, its joint is hot-riveted that ensures smooth motion and steady work.

This tool is undoubtedly a helpful 8-inch needle nose pliers that come with a side cutter. It won’t require you to use much effort in stripping wires to bits.

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Also, the cutting edges of this fantastic tool can strip 12-gauge materials and even parallel cables. Due to its long jaws, you can be sure to have a firm grip. More so, the yellow handle of this model is eye-catching and makes it easy to find.

Soft-grip handles will genuinely make your cutting tasks easy and without hassle. So, in the end, this option is also a fantastic addition to your narrowed-down list at hand. And I hope you’d give this incredible tool a chance to be purchased.


  • Has extended plastic handles
  • It has a hot-riveted pivot that makes the tool perform smoothly
  • Cutter knives are induction-hardened
  • It is a pair of 8-inch needle-nose pliers suitable for tight areas
  • Comes with fantastic cutting edges


  • Not much comfortable to users that have small hands

7. WORKPRO 7-piece Pliers Set

WORKPRO 7-piece Pliers Set

Next up is this 7-piece WORKPRO needle nose pliers set, which is also super beneficial and efficient. It includes an 8-inch groove joint, eight and 6-inch slip joint, 7-inch linesman, 6 inches diagonal, and 6-inch and 4.5-inch pliers.

These stunning sets are made of forged polished steel, which is heat-treated for durability.

You'll be glad to cut wires and cables with ease due to the excellent performance of the needle-nose pliers. With its precision tip, you can make long-lasting twists and cuts of thinner wires. It surely is a perfect tool for everyday use, especially for home renovation and maintenance.

Furthermore, WORKPRO's needle-nose pliers offer you a comfortable handgrip. It has a double-dipped coating, which will give you a secured and non-slip grip of the tool. This set is an excellent addition to your existing toolbox.

Finally, each of the pliers is covered in grease to prevent rust. It is undoubtedly a versatile package of pliers that'll conveniently attend your needs. They are built-to-last, and its features can attest that it is the right quality cutting tools. Hurry and give yourself a beautiful set of amazing tools!


  • The tool has a durable body construction
  • It holds and bends wires excellently
  • It is made with brushed steel with high quality
  • The cutting wires and cables are very easy
  • It is covered with grease to avoid rust


  • Tensile strength of the nose is low
  • Not suitable for thicker wires and hardened metals

8. Precision Long Nose Needle Nose Pliers

Precision Long Nose Needle Nose Pliers

Also, a great addition to this list is the precision long nose pliers from NIDAYE. This needle nose plier is made with forged and hardened carbon steel intended for durability. The handle is constructed with a non-slip plastic-dipped grip to provide proper handling and control for the tool.

More so, this product is a long and tapered nose plier with a fine tip to reach narrow areas. Its sharp blades can cut copper, soft steel, and aluminum wire easily. These needle nose pliers are self-opening and a leaf spring-loaded in design that makes your working experience far from fatigue.

Furthermore, they provide you with good leverage of proper control over the tool. Artisans and hobbyists mostly use needle nose pliers of this kind in their corresponding jobs. This tool will surely take away their burden if their work involves small gripping parts of objects or toys.

NIDAYES' precision pliers are a great help and an excellent tool addition in your toolbox. Due to its convenience, you will certainly get optimum satisfaction during your tasks and projects. So if you want a tool worthy of your saved-up money, do not hesitate and get these needle-nose pliers!


  • It has a spring-loaded design
  • Lightweight
  • Made with a hardened-steel alloy
  • Has a sharp blade that can snip copper, soft-steel, and aluminum wire
  • Ensures right-hand control


  • The cutter blades are not too sharp unlike other models

9. Stanley 5-inch Needle Nose Pliers

Stanley 5-inch Needle Nose Pliers

In case you require needle-nose pliers to work on hard-to-reach areas, Stanley has made you a good one. This pair of needle-nose pliers have a long and tempered jaw to enable the user to use it even in tight and narrow areas.

It is a very excellent tool that will erase your burden during work and tasks.

Additionally, the body construction is made from forged chrome-nickel steel and incorporated with a rust-resistant finish. More so, its handles are double dipped in a coating that will offer the high user comfort.

This 5-inch tool is perfect when you do jewelry-making and minimal gripping parts of objects. In your projects, their long jaws will control the bending of wires easily. You do not need to exert much pressure in squeezing these needle-nose pliers because it is spring-loaded for a smooth action.

For its aesthetics, it gives you a sleek combination of black and yellow for a more elegant look. The handles are non-slip ones that serve a high satisfaction to the user, which will yield an increase in functionality. 

Stanley's needle-nose pliers are perfect if you want to have an attractive and very efficient pair. Your money won't be compromised, and you can have great features that this model can offer you.


  • The tool is rust-resistant
  • Handles have a non-slip grip
  • It has an aesthetic design of bi-colored handle covers
  • The body is made of forged steel for durability
  • The machine is ideal for tight and narrow areas


  • This tool might have difficulty in picking and pulling small-sized wires

10. Dykes Needle Nose Pliers Extra Long 

Dykes Needle Nose Pliers Extra Long

These next pliers from Dykes are also worthy of your consideration. It is a 6-inch needle nose pliers with long tempered jaws that are ideal for bending wires. Also, it does excellent work in confined areas, just like the previous options mentioned above.

Due to the tapered nose, it depicts a fine tip that is very efficient in grabbing small parts and objects during work hours. More so, this is a friendly tool to have in your electronics repair and computer maintenance. It is undoubtedly a great buddy for hobbyists, electricians, artisans, network engineers, and craftsmen.

This tool is made with carbon steel to offer you durability. Unlike other models, it has a plastic-dipped handle to give you a high comfort rate. So, you can do fine electrical work like GFCI outlet wiring with this tool very easily. 

Dykes’ needle nose pliers are very easy to use due to its leaf spring-loaded design. You won't have to worry about acquiring hand fatigue after using it for a long duration.

Out of all these features, the best one is that its jaws will give you stable and tight grips. It is essential because that is the primary purpose of these pliers. So if you want a great tool, opt for these fancy and red-handled needle-nose pliers!


  • Comes with a spring-loaded leaf design
  • This tool has a durable construction
  • The handles are soft-textured
  • It has a tapered nose that offers an excellent tip
  • Gives its owner a table and tight grip


  • Even with long jaws, it does not close tightly to each other

11. SE Professional Quality 6-inch Mini Needle Nose Pliers

SE Professional Quality 6-inch Mini Needle Nose Pliers

And for the last well-deserved spot, SE Professional is giving you a professional quality needle nose pliers available in the market. It is a mini tool that is very exceptional in bending and shaping memory wires. The mechanism of this kind is suitable for artisans, electricians, and hobbyists.

For its construction, it is made of high carbon steel which is very durable by nature. This comes with a riveted joint for smooth movement of the tool. Additionally, it has a double leaf spring that aligns very well to provide high functionality.

Wrist fatigues are not welcome on this tool because it has a balanced weight. Amazingly, its hardness level is 55, which indicates how durable the forged carbon steel is.

Furthermore, the tool is perfect for all weather conditions, and even if it becomes wet, you can still hold it well. Its black handles provide its user with a comfortable grip like no other.

Unlike other molded handles of these pliers, these 6-inch pliers have a well-textured plastic that makes it a sturdy product. Admittedly, it is also a must-have for professionals and hobbyists out there. This tool is perfect for your money investment.


  • The tool has comfortable handles
  • It comes with a double leaf spring
  • The grips are non-slip and in a unique design
  • It is made of forged carbon steel
  • Has a riveted joint for smooth motion


  • The carbon steel resistance against corrosion is not excellent

What to Look For When Buying          

When choosing tools, there are specific considerations that you need to make. It is to ensure the users that he/she can get a money-worthy purchase.


In choosing a tool, you should know how to analyze and rank each model. It is for this reason that you should equalize the price and convenience. If you want to have a high percentage of satisfaction, you should pick a design with an ergonomic feature.

Needle Nose Pliers

This factor will give you weight balance and maximum comfort to the user. For instance, its jaws must grip small parts and elements of objects. The cutting knives of this tool must be made from induction-hardened cutting blades for a sharper finish.

If you'd only look at the features without considering the comfort that it will offer, you'd still be on the losing side. So it is essential to find the model with maximum capabilities and also maximum comfort.


Almost all the top of the line needle nose pliers are available in various sizes. The users can choose from the micro to standard ones between 5 to 8 inches. However, this decision will still depend on your choice of convenience and preference.

Most importantly, as the user, you need to know the right size depending on your needs. It is because each task that you do would require an appropriate proportion of tools that will serve maximum efficiency.

Side note: If you're an electrician, you may also interested to know about a hydraulic crimper. If so, you can read our article on hydraulic crimping tools.


Just like most of the tools at home, these needle nose pliers are made of steel. But, each type of steel will give you different kinds of sturdiness. For instance, forged steel can offer durability on the cutting knives and will surely stay sharp even for long-time use.

Needle Nose Pliers

In case you are low on budget, you can also do fine with a steel one coated with chromium to avoid rust. Due to the coating, you can use these pliers even in harsh conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I be ensured of consistent grasps of the needle-nose pliers?

You will usually see that the models of these pliers have an extra-long jaw and slim in profile. These couple of characteristics will offer the user exceptional grips. Also, its narrow jaws will fit into tight areas and provide you consistent hold.

2. Why is it essential to use a wide-profile handle of a plier?

Even if you use different sizes of these tools, the wide-profile handle will unquestionably make your handling easy and comfy. The kinds of pliers that have small hands may give you difficulty in handling large objects.

If you choose this wide-profile handle, your fingers will be able to rest nicely. However, firmer grips will be achieved with a non-slip vinyl handle.

3. What is the primary purpose of needle-nose pliers?

They are used to cut and hold small objects and are mostly used by technicians, electricians, jewelry designers, and network engineers.

4. How do I maintain these kinds of pliers?

After every use, you have to rinse it with salt water. If you have already finished the rinsing, dry the pliers using a towel. And if you have an anti-rust spray, it should avoid rust and corrosion to your tool.

5. What is the effect of the crosscut teeth on the jaws of the needle-nose pliers?

If you have a beautiful crosscut tooth, you will be able to pull and bend objects in an even manner. Besides picking, some wires may need to be twisted, and these teeth will not break the wire.

The other side of the jaw of the pliers can be used to make straight cuts. So if your project demands a smooth pattern in terms of cuts, these jaws will form even contact with the material.

Final Words

If you love to work manually, you’d be glad to have a pair of long nose pliers. By now, you have already read all features and options for the best needle-nose pliers in the market. We hope you choose a good one. Good luck!

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