11 Best Non Contact Voltage Testers in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

A toolbox won't be complete if you don't have a voltage tester in it. Especially when you troubleshoot failed assets, this is the first tool that you should lay your hand.

Non-contact voltage testers are very simple in operation. It is even the simplest and the quickest way to check electrical currents in a gadget or device. This tool is handy, especially for electricians who need them every day due to their work line.

In this article, we will tackle 11 best non-contact voltage testers and assess them by their effectiveness and convenience.

We have a lot to talk about, so without further delays, let us dive straight into it!

11 Best Non-Contact Voltage Testers Review

We made a shortlist among the best non-contact voltage testers in the market. With this, you’ll be able to pick what’s the perfect one for you.

1. Klein Tools Voltage Tester

Klein Tools Voltage Tester

If you want dual-range non-contact voltage testers, Klein Tools has one made especially for you. This company is known for manufacturing premium-grade tools for over 160 years now. These tools have a professional quality that will surely provide you precision, durability, and high performance.

This tool is the best non-contact DC voltage tester that detects and indicates low voltages from 12 to 48 volts DC. It also detects standard voltages from 48 to 1000 volts AC, which allows the user for broad application. 

Klein Tools’ detector for standard voltage can be used in cables, cords, switches, circuit breakers, and wires. And for low voltage, it is for security, communications, and entertainment.

As an addition, there is a bright green LED light with high intensity for the aid of illumination in dark areas. The best feature of this model is the CAT IV 1000 Volt rating that gives the user broad operation compatibility and extreme safety.

Finally, it is very durable and lightweight in design. Its construction is made from a polycarbonate plastic resin that comes with a pocket clip to avoid sudden loss. This tool is beneficial and provides its owner with a high percentage of satisfaction. It is undoubtedly a worthy option for purchase.

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  • Comes with a dual-range testing
  • Tool beeps and gives out bright light
  • Very durable and lightweight by design
  • It is versatile in detecting voltages
  • CAT IV 1000V specification has improved safety for operators


  • The tool does not provide consistent values when the testing voltage of circuits in outlets

2. Neoteck Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Neoteck Non-Contact Voltage Tester

This next option also has an extensive testing range within 12-1000 Volts AC. Neoteck made the best rated non-contact voltage tester that can check all of your electrical appliances at home. You and your family will surely be of great convenience when you have this kind of tool.

Because it can check the voltages without directly touching a wire, it is very efficient and safe. You won't have to worry about the risk of possible electric shocks. If this tool has detected voltage, there is an LED that will light up for better indication.

Its bright light can illuminate your working area. As a form of versatility, you can use this non-contact voltage tester in circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, outlets, wires, and switches. As a plus point, it is CE, CAT III600V, and RoHS certified; thus, it is incredibly safe to use.

Therefore, this tool is a professional tester that is the best suitable for DIYers, homeowners, and hobbyists. Because it primarily used for safety, you can check your electrical items before used to avoid unfortunate events.

 This tool is undoubtedly deserving of a long-time investment. Get yourself one and provide 100% safety at work or even on your family.


  • This pen is portable and lightweight
  • The flashlight offers you wide illumination
  • Certified CE, CAT III600V, and RoHS professional
  • It has a broad testing range for efficiency
  • It is best suited for hobbyists and homeowners


  • This tool does not support the dual-range voltage function

3. Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester TACKLIFE

Non-Contact AC Voltage Tester TACKLIFE

As an addition to this list, this non-contact voltage from TACKLIFE is also an excellent pick. It has an insulation operation that provides users a safety testing experience. This fantastic device will emit an alarm for automatic detection in the live wire or null wire within the range of testing.

The tool is flexible due to its feature of adjustable sensitivity. It also has a dual testing range of 12-1000V AC or 48-1000V AC with automatic recognition of voltage intensity. So when you are using your device, the sensor probe will identify voltage and display it directly to the screen itself.

When this non-contact voltage tester is in use, the screen will either light up in green or red to distinguish null or live wire. If the battery voltage of this tool comes low or less than 2.5 volts, the flashlight will light up to tell you to replace the battery.

In a 3-minute duration without signal detection or operation, this non-contact voltage detector will automatically shut down. The reason is for the tool to save battery and extend its life. This portable tool for you comes with a pencil hook for the ease of taking it out.

For better assurance, TACKLIFE has already complied with CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, and CE. So, as the purchaser, you can tell that this is well proven to be of high security.


  • Gives the owner reminder is the battery is low
  • Works with an alarm and LCD screen
  • Shuts down automatically if there is no detection of signal
  • The tool is flexible with an adjustable sensitivity
  • Very safe to use


  • If the battery is super low, flashlight on the tool won't work

4. Dual Voltage Tester, Meterk Electric Voltage Tester

Meterk Electric Voltage Tester

If you want a portable tool for detecting voltages, this is the one you should have. This pen-shaped tool from Meterk is very efficient. It is convenient and comes with a three-signal intensity indicator of low, moderate, and high. There is also a corresponding color of flashing green, stale green, and red.

Additionally, the tester detects AC voltages by having contact with the power socket or getting near the live wire. You just have to press the S button so that you will change ranges of 12-1000V or 48-1000V.

It has a great design of being lightweight and perfect use for the night or dark corners. Meterk’s voltage tester detects in auto mode when you turn it on, and also shuts down if there is no detection. 

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As an addition, the tool also emits buzzing sounds depending on different frequencies in alignment with the voltage during testing. You can also adjust the sensitivity that you prefer. A null line is an indication of a weak-induced signal.

Unlike other models of non-contact voltage testers, this one is straightforward to use and comes with fantastic LED flashlight buttons. This product deserves a chance, so do not hesitate and get yours now.


  • This tool is a dual voltage tester 12-1000V and 48-1000V
  • Has three-levels of signal intensity indicator
  • Can automatically detect signal and shut-off
  • Has a lightweight design
  • The tool comes with a buzzing sound


  • The plastic clip attached to the tester is not secure

5. Sperry Instruments Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Sperry Instruments Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Adding to this list is a unit that allows the owner to verify the AC voltage before troubleshooting without physical contact. Sperry Instruments’ tester is one of the most potent testers available in the market. It is a GFCI outlet tester that gives its owner comfort in testing and is compact in design.

Amazingly, it has a circuit alert technology and is a receptacle tester that you can troubleshoot and check different kinds of AC voltages. A device of this kind is audible and has 360 degrees visual indicators for a better experience.

Furthermore, this tool has neon lamps that will tell you seven common wiring conditions, and there is a legend for this on the top and the bottom of the tester. It also has a non-contact sensing circuit that detects 50-1000 Volts AC. As an addition, this device is impact resistant so that it’ll withstand various work-sites.

Most importantly, it is straightforward to read voltage values with its GFCI outlet. You won't have to worry about any hassle. I can say that this is very helpful, especially for first-time buyers. So if you want a tool that'll save the day, this is the best choice for you. Hurry and order one of these models now!


  • Has beeping alarms and display
  • The battery has a self-test function
  • Tool’s GFCI outlet has a soft over-molded grips
  • Has seven neon lights that serve as its voltage indicator
  • It has circuit alert technology


  • This non-contact voltage tester is not a dual-range sensor

6. Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Next on this list is this non-contact test pen from Lomvum, which has a probe-type induction. It will flash and beep when the tool happens to be close to any AC voltages. The sensor indicator can emit colors of yellow, green, and red lights for you to distinguish voltage.

As an addition, there is also a buzzer alarm that answers to different frequencies of low, medium, and high intensity. The visual and alarm feature will surely secure the user’s safety as manufactured by Lomvum.

In case of a low battery, there will be a prompt to notify the user using an LED. The reason is for you to be warned and replace the battery at once. Like other models, this is also lightweight and comes in a mini size that is compact and easy to carry.

Furthermore, the device is powered by 2 x 1.5 Volts AAA batteries. Luckily, these batteries are already included in the kit. As a plus point, it has an automatic power-off for the 5 minutes of no detection. You can save and extend the battery life of this very efficient device.

Therefore, this non-contact voltage tester is an excellent and handy tool for electricians or your daily use. It is durable in construction and is worthy of your purchase.

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  • The construction materials are impressive
  • It uses 2 x 1.5 Volts AAA batteries
  • It has a light indicator and buzzer alarms
  • There is a prompt for low battery
  • Has an auto-power off within 5 minutes of no detection


  • It takes a long time to shut off compared to other models

7. KAIWEETS Non-Contact Voltage Tester

KAIWEETS Non-Contact Voltage Tester

If you want an easy turn on for power, this device from KAIWEETS will only need 2 seconds to function. All you have to do is to press the red button, and there you go.

And if the device is already powered on, press and hold the green button for another two seconds to turn on the LED light.

Amazingly, there is a battery icon in the upper right corner to indicate if your battery is getting low. This device has adjustable sensitivity and is dual-range. There is a 12 to 48 Volts AC with no beep for low sensitivity mode and comes in green screen.

For 48-1000V AC, there is a high-frequency beep where the red tip lights us continuously with a red screen. In high sensitive mode, the 12-48V AC has low-frequency audio while the red tip lights up continuously.

As an added feature, you can press the S button for more than two seconds to turn it on or off.  When the time comes, and you need to change the batteries, just rotate the battery cover. From there, remove the old battery and insert the positive terminal of the new one up until the tip of the tester.

Like other models, there’s an automatic power off after three minutes without operation. It is convenient and pocket-sized. This device is undoubtedly worth a try.


  • Has a dual-range voltage
  • The sensitivity is easy to adjust
  • With an LCD
  • It is straightforward also to change batteries
  • There is a battery icon to indicate the low power


  • It has difficulty in testing lower potential neutral lines of some outlets

8. Bside Non-Contact Voltage Detector Power Socket Outlet AC Voltage Tester 

Bside Non-Contact Voltage Detector Power Socket Outlet AC Voltage Tester

Unlike other models, this device offers its user both automatic and manual mode of selection depending on preference. In auto mode, it is straightforward to check and indicate AC voltages.

On the other hand, manual mode can be used in all instances. This non-contact voltage detector from Bside is undoubtedly one of a kind. 

It is nice because the sensitivity of this device is adjustable. Any value that you want is possible. In low sensitivity, intricate lines can be more accurately distinguished in specific situations.

As a plus, this device is easy to handle with an ergonomic plastic housing with LEDs that display three colors. For you to read voltages, there is a frequency and beeper sound that you should consider. It has eight LED indicators in which three of them are yellow, another three red, and two green ones.

In case of high voltage, all the eight LED bulbs light up to notify a warning. Similar to other models, this is lightweight and comes in handy. Also, it has a flashlight when you need to read voltages in a dark place. These non-contact voltage testers are versatile and will give you excellent efficiency.


  • Has eight indicators that display low, medium, and high voltages
  • The devices come with a bright LED flashlight
  • There is a breakpoint feature for any change in the strength of the voltage
  • Comes with an ergonomic plastic housing
  • Has eight light bulbs that serve as indicators


  • It will require your high-end batteries

9. Milwaukee 10-1000V Dual Range Voltage Detector

Milwaukee 10-1000V Dual Range Voltage Detector

The next non-contact voltage detector on this list offered to you by Milwaukee. This product is super easy to use and extremely handy. It comes with a small LED indicator and automatic off features. The design is lightweight, making it portable, unlike those bulky models that will leave you struggling.

In case the sensor detects low voltage values, it will beep and flash yellow-colored indicator lights. Because of the audio and the visual displays, this detector is a must-have for electricians and hobbyists. Surely, they will enjoy the experience of repairs due to the fantastic features it offers.

Since it is a dual-range voltage detector, it will be easy for the user to differentiate a live and null wire. As a user, there would be risks in your life if you cannot distinguish between the two. This fantastic item comes with a durable plastic house that acts as a proper insulator.

Besides, it has a compact design that detects voltages in a fast manner. It will surely make your installations and electrical repairs less of a hassle. This product is also a beautiful place where you can invest your money and be more convenient.


  • It has an automatic and manual modes
  • Comes with a low-power indicator for efficiency
  • Design of the device is straightforward to handle
  • The unit is a dual-range voltage detector
  • Product is lightweight and very handy for the users


  • The clip of the is non-contact voltage tester doesn't fit correctly

10. FLIR - Non-Contact Voltage Detector

FLIR - Non-Contact Voltage Detector

If you want a tough and CAT IV certified non-contact voltage detector, you to can turn to FLIR. It features a lot of alerts like tactile vibration, LED alarms, and a powerful LED flashlight. This product is engineered to be a reliable detector so that it can provide convenience to the user and a high percentage of satisfaction.

Because it offers you dual ranges, it will allow you to check voltages in the electrical systems of large industries. Besides, one of its amazing features is the LED light present at the tip of the probe. The work light measures 60 lumens for you to illuminate even darkest corners and the poor lit areas.

This model is designed with a double-mold, rubber-reinforced case, and a stable battery door. There is also a pocket clip to avoid the sudden loss of the device. You can be sure that it is still hanging in your pocket.

A low-profile probe makes the tip of this detector. Its enhanced sensitivity helps the user detect voltages with ease. Also, a low battery indicator is present for you to know the remaining life of your device. By all that, I recommend you to have one of these models. Do not hesitate; this is a worthy item to invest your money.


  • There is a bright LED light
  • The device is suitable for industrial and electrical applications
  • It features multi-sensory alerts
  • Product is CAT IV 1000V certified
  • Offers you dual-range voltage detection


  • Maybe a bit pricier than other models

11. Southwire Advanced AC Non-Contact Voltage Tester Pen

Southwire Advanced AC Non-Contact Voltage Tester Pen

For the last deserving spot, this option from Southware is fantastic. Among the products mentioned above, this model only claimed to be waterproof. It surely is a nice feature, so you do not have to worry about your device to break when water is splashed to it.

Furthermore, this voltage detector's dual sensitivity detector allows you to sense low voltage circuits as little as 12 Volts AC and as high as 1000 Volts AC. It is an extremely durable device that has a built-in work light in case you are in a poorly lit area.

When detecting voltages, the closer the detector is, the more the beeping and the flashing of lights. This detail is super helpful for the user to pinpoint live circuits quickly. And when the time comes that the battery runs low, this non-contact voltage tester will beep three times, and the green light will turn off.

Unlike other models of this device, its pocket clip is a sturdy plastic and is very easy to store. It has a good handle that makes the machine easy to handle. So if you are still searching, this last product is an excellent addition to your list.

Not only that, will you have very nice features, but also maximize your investment.


  • This device is IP67 waterproof
  • It has an LED flashlight
  • Has a dual-range voltage modes
  • It has audible and visual indicators
  • Comes with a bright flashlight
  • It has a sturdy plastic clip


  • Casing lacks ergonomic detail

Features To Look For Before Buying

Without a doubt, looking for the right model is a daunting task. But if you know the qualities of the best voltage tester there is, then choosing one is made easier. Just read on to know more!

Quality of the Build

The housing of these non-contact voltage detectors will indicate their resistance to impact. If you want to have the best, you should be keen in finding the most durable ones.

Some of these testers will give you an IP67 rating, which indicates a waterproof detail. In that case, you can be sure that the device that you are about to buy can withstand sudden splashes of water.

If you have a sturdy model, you can be sure that your device is cost-effective. Due to the excellent quality, it is confident that it will also be high in functionality.

Sensitivity Level

Models that have an adjustable sensitivity function will help the user to detect voltages in a faster way. These are often reliable because you can be sure to detect even the lowest voltage depending on your adjustment.

The self-testing ability of these devices will assure the user of the accuracy of the equipment. Usually, these non-contact voltage testers do not have a dual-range voltage mode. So if you plan to invest in one of these units, you should at least consider this factor. It is undoubtedly a good decision, money-wise.

Battery Life

Batteries primarily power these non-contact voltage testers. These handheld devices also come with multiple features like flashlight, torchlight, and alarms, which will reduce battery.

Battery Life

To have a longer battery life, manufacturers have created models that have an automatic shut off feature. In that way, you can extend the battery life without frequently changing the batteries.

However, high-quality AA batteries have a varied life span. It mainly depends on the user and the power consumption of the device.


As a buyer, you should consider the functionality and the convenience that the device can offer. But on top of that, you also need to find the price. Whether the model you are eyeing is affordable or not. Usually, these non-contact devices are priced depending on their specifications.

As a matter of fact, units that offer you dual-range voltage detection are quite high in cost compared to those who are not. However, if you only want to buy one for your home use, you do not need to buy a sophisticated model. A simple detector would be enough.

But if you are an electrician or a hobbyist, you need to put investment on this device. It is because the line of work of an electrician rotates around current and voltage. It is advisable to get the best one so that you won't make mistakes during practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I have to invest in a premium non-contact voltage detector?

The reason why you should invest in these premium tools is that they are long-lasting. Non-contact voltage detectors have sensors on their nose that indicate the level of voltage in a wire. You do not have to struggle or risk electrocution because you don't have to make contact.

It is better to invest your money in trusted tools like this that make your safety on top of the list. Also, this kind of premium tool will save you from buying a new one every time in case of failure.

  • Is there a troubleshooting function in a non-contact voltage tester?

It is only possible if the tool has a built-in self-test function. This way, the non-contact voltage tester can check their sensitivity levels. There is a button on the device that can confirm whether it is in good condition or not.

  • Can I test polarity using non-contact voltage detectors?

No. These devices can only check the strength of voltage on several condors, but it cannot identify polarity. You also have to use multi-function testers and millimetre tools for the wire’s resistance and current.

  • Are these tools easy to store and handle?

Due to the construction of these devices, their size and shape allow the user to hold them with more comfort. Some models with soft-rubber grips have a better comfortable design compared to others. 

And with the plastic clips that are present on the tool, you can hang these portable voltage testers. They are lightweight by nature and have a slim design, so it surely would fit right in your toolbox.

  • What is a dual-range voltage tester?

It is a type of detector that allows the user to measure the standard voltage and low voltage. When we say standard, it is likely to be found in outlets and home wiring. On the other hand, low voltages are found in irrigation systems, communication, and environmental control systems.

Final Words

These tools that we discussed are undoubtedly manufactured for safety purposes. We hope that we talked about each one transparently. It is for you to choose which of the 11 best non-contact voltage testers we mentioned is perfect. 

Good luck!

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