11 Best Nut Driver Sets Review in 2022 | Expert’s Choices Only!

Having drilling and pinning tools is cool and all, but you cannot always depend on these devices to finesse all your projects. Sometimes you have to turn back to the right old hand tools and put some elbow grease to make your work stand out.

One such hand tool that you need is a nut driver. However, the problem arises when you need nut drivers of multiple sizes. How do you know how many dimensions you have to buy, more importantly, where to buy from?

Well, the best nut driver sets are all you need in your tool kit when it comes to tightening nuts and bolts by hand. These sets are amazing because they have various sizes and different shapes that can come in handy.

11 Best Nut Driver Sets Review

You must be going crazy, seeing all the sets from multiple brands, and not knowing which one to choose. No worries, because you will get every information about some of the best collections from this review.

1. Klein Tools 647 Hollow Shaft Nut Driver Set

Klein Tools 647 Hollow Shaft Nut Driver Set

These products are there to help you screw and drive small items, right? Nevertheless, cheap quality products, sometimes high-quality drivers, also face an issue of getting twisted and displaced.

However, the driver from Klein Tools does not have this problem as they adapted to a particular technique. They included integral flanges in the portion where the hollow tube meets the handle.

As a result, it creates a firm grip and allows the tool to twist the bolt and resist the motion itself. Thus, you can achieve durability with this product. The hollow shaft is chrome plated that helps the surface resist dust and other foreign particles.

This chrome-plated surface is also rust-resistant, meaning the product will not get harmed when it comes in contact with moisture from your hand. Besides, the handles are cushioned and tight. It elevates from the shaft and has a great length.

To enable the users to hold the driver more securely, it allows them a full surface. Hence, they can usually thrust the bolt quickly in one try. These tools are also suitable for long bolt applications.

The brand has been in action for a long time, 160 years to be precise. So, they know what the consumers want, hence we have this multi-purpose 6-piece set, that will undoubtedly make your job easy.


  • Enables long bolt usage
  • Chrome-plated shaft
  • Can resist corrosion and rust
  • 6-piece user-friendly set
  • Twist-resistant system


  • Can be hard to identify

2. GEARWRENCH 16 Pc. Ratcheting Nutdriver Set

GEARWRENCH 16 Pc. Ratcheting Nutdriver Set

One cannot have just a nut driver and expect to perform all the work with that. You mainly need more than one of these products to adjust to different sizes. However, having several products can take up a lot of space.

So, we bring to you the GEARWRENCH set that has a unique shaft interchanging design. The idea is that you will have just one handle and shafts with heads of different sizes.

Whenever you need a bigger sized shaft or a smaller one, you can simply choose the appropriate driver and attach to the handle. It not only saves a lot of space but also provides an even hand-resting position.

However, having to change shafts can be tedious every time, but if you want to save space, this will be an excellent set. It has 16 pieces, all of different sizes and heads of smaller and larger diameter.

Even the handles have options, and you can mix and match the drivers with the handles to perform ratcheting, non-ratcheting, or reverse ratcheting. All the handles are ergo-economic and will provide a firm grip.

They also have a decent girth to them, allowing you to hold them comfortably. The shafts themselves are of high-quality and will not twist or break, even if you have to exert substantial force. As long as it connects with the nut, it should be able to function on it.


  • Color-coded 16-piece set
  • Three different ergonomic handles
  • Can attach and detach the shafts from the handle
  • Full grips for a comfortable hold
  • High-quality shafts


  • Interchanging might consume time

3. Klein Tools 631 NutDrivers, 7 Piece Nut Driver Set

Klein Tools 631 NutDrivers, 7 Piece Nut Driver Set

These nut-drivers may be small, but if they do not have the proper material, they can be quite heavy on your hand. So, the force needed to twist the screw will diminish while firmly holding the device.

Ultimately your productivity will take a nosedive in the long run. So, if you want to avoid such issues, you can get the 631-nut driver set from Klein Tools. All the drivers in this set have a hollow shaft, which dramatically reduces the weight of the product.

Moreover, the shaft is a steel component that is much lighter than iron drivers that we are used to. However, it does have a nicely built handle, which should add some weight, but even then, these products are 1.5 pounds at an average.

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Plus, the purpose of the bigger handle is to let you hold the product with more ease. It also makes a smooth transition into the shaft, which only indicates a secure connection between the two parts.

As a result, these tools become twist-proof, meaning you can connect it to a nut and rotate the driver, and it will not break in half. The reason why this feature is noteworthy is because several nut drivers have this problem.

But each of the seven pieces of this set is extremely sturdy and should give you a neat twist. The hollow shaft also enables you to work with long bolts as it can fit comfortably.


  • Lightweight
  • Hollow shaft allows lengthy bolt application
  • Cushion grip
  • 7-piece set
  • Sturdy product


  • Applying more massive torque might be difficult

4. TACKLIFE Nut Driver Bit Sets, 20PCS Kit for Quicker Change Chuck, Electric Hand Drill

TACKLIFE Nut Driver Bit Sets, 20PCS Kit for Quicker Change Chuck, Electric Hand Drill

If you have a hand driver and are looking for ways to make more use of that device, then we have a fantastic set that might come in handy.  The nut driver set from TACKLIFE has pieces that can fit with an electrical device.

So, even though they are not the traditional hand tool, they can still be an excellent addition if you already had a hand driller. And the best part is these pieces fit on most models, so you will not have to look for specific drillers that might be expensive.

Since these pieces are machine friendly, they are quite small, and you can carry a handful at a time. Also during working time, you can attach this tool to your magnetic wristband. Thus, you get a wide range of 20 parts in this set, and even then, it will not occupy enough space for you to feel cluttered.

However, their smallness does not depict their strength, as they are incredibly durable. The brand went the extra mile to gather some of the best materials, such as chrome vanadium steel.

This material has undergone heat-treatment and extreme torque treatment to ensure that it can withstand the power of an electrical machine.

An additional sand-blasting method also makes the product corrosion resistant. Thus, after all that, the bits achieve their dark smoldering look. They have the specifications engraved for easy identification.


  • A versatile 20-piece set
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality Chrome vanadium steel
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Has quick-change Chuck system


  • Needs an electrical device

5. Klein Tools 647M Nut Driver Set, 7-Piece Kit with Hex Nut Drivers

Klein Tools 647M Nut Driver Set, 7-Piece Kit with Hex Nut Drivers

Another recommendation from Klein Tools would be the 647M set. Although we have mentioned two other sets from the brand, we felt that this set also deserves the spotlight for several reasons.

The first reason is that these small tools are suitable for electrical panels and HVAC/R boards because of their size. This set has seven pieces, and you get shafts with narrower and wider openings.

Each of these drivers also has heads of different sizes so it can attach to the bolt. Plus, the shafts are hollow like the previous models. Thus, if you have some unnecessarily long bolts, you can use these tools.

The hollow neck can easily take the bolt, and you can twist it out. Another reason why these tools are great is their twist-resistance. An internal flange technique makes sure that the handle and the head have secure connections.

When you twist the handle with all your might, the shaft also rotates, but in conjunction with the handle. Thus, it does not break or get separated from the handle.

Plus, the head and the shaft are durable, thanks to the chrome surface. It also makes sure that rust cannot accumulate on the shaft and the hollow inside. The handle on these drivers is also well-built and will allow a comfortable hold.


  • Suitable for working on small electrical boards
  • Has a unique internal flanges system
  • Corrosion resisting chrome-plated body
  • A 7-piece set
  • Easy to use


  • Might not be suitable for more massive bolts

6. DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set with Nut Drivers

 DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set with Nut Drivers

Whenever Dewalt manufactures something, they make sure to create quality and tick every user's check-box. That also holds for this screwdriver set, where they included every possible combination of nuts and screwdrivers. [Check out the best ratchet screwdrivers here]

This set has 71 unique pieces with tons of size variations and chuck, bolt heads. So, you not only get a different head but also get them in multiple sizes! This flexibility allows you to work on any project, be it big or small. That's why many auto mechanics keep this tool in workshop to replace serpentine belts or screw out any nuts during repair time.

Plus, you have to remember that these tools are from a reputed brand, so they certainly will be of excellent quality. The shafts are lightweight yet durable that lets you twist and turn however you wish.

Besides that, the material is also long-lasting as it is rustproof and will not budge easily. You can detach the entire handle and attach all the other shafts, but the continuous process will not chip the edge or make it lose.

The one-handle design saves more space and helps you keep an organized workspace. It also becomes hard to track the tools as they can get lost easily. 

szYou even get a sturdy case where you can store all the items. The box has slots to insert all the pieces so that you can organize them neatly.


  • A super versatile set
  • Handle with a comfortable vinyl cover
  • Long-lasting shaft material
  • Detachable shafts
  • Comes with an easy-storing toolbox


  • The set can be costly

7. TEKTON 2938 Quick-Change Power Nut Driver Bit Set with Detents

TEKTON 2938 Quick-Change Power Nut Driver Bit Set with Detents

Another set that works amazingly with power drills or machine guns is from TEKTON. If you think you are not entirely happy with how the drilling machine is handling the nuts and bolts, you might want to get a hold of this set.

It has 14 pieces in total, all of which are very different from one another size wise and they have quite some impact. If you thought 14 pieces might not be enough, we would tell you that it is more than enough.

They have a hollow interior where you can insert the nut that you want to tighten or pull out, and the power driller will do the rest. Since these tools are quite shallow, short bolts and nuts will be more appropriate for these drivers.

However, the size also means that these products are easy to store and effortless. The brand even provides a silicon mold with individual slots. So, you can save the small pieces and toss the whole mold in your tool-kit.

The silicon provides a sticky grip while still ensuring that the surface is not scratched. However, these products are quite robust, and a small mold could not harm it anyway.

A chrome-plated vanadium material helps the shafts to keep up with the high-power drillers. So, they do not lose their shape or get broken even when you exert massive force.


  • Machine-compatible drivers
  • Requires no manual effort
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Comes with a storage clip
  • Has 14 versatile pieces


  • Have to press hard to connect it to the driller

8. Neiko 10250A Magnetic Hex Nut Driver Master Kit

Neiko 10250A Magnetic Hex Nut Driver Master Kit

You will notice that most nut drivers clutch the corners of the bits and bolt to drag them out or tighten them. While it does not seem like a big deal, over time, the nuts' edges might get distorted.

It is not good news for nuts as it compromises their shape. However, these Neiko drivers do not cause this problem. The brand gives the products a unique lobular design and rounds the surface.

Hence, it grabs the bolt by its flat side very firmly. The hollow shaft also helps in keeping a firm grip as the sides can be slippery. However, the combination of the unique design and hollow shaft ensures that the nuts remain safe.

You need to connect these bits with a device, but they have magnetic surfaces. So, it becomes effortless to install these drivers or exchange them when required. They are compatible with impact wrenches and other drilling tools.

Moreover, they are incredibly durable, thanks to their industry-grade built. You will get 12 pieces in this set, all of which have hex sockets to allow quick-change.

So, you will not have to fidget around trying to fit these into the machine. You also get a sturdy blue storage compartment, which can save even more of your time.


  • Chrome vanadium material prevents corrosion
  • 12 hex socket pieces
  • Easy storage compartment
  • Unique lobular design
  • Compatible with many drillers


  • Needs a separate power tool

9. ARES 70028 - SAE Impact Magnetic Nut Driver Set

ARES 70028 - SAE Impact Magnetic Nut Driver Set

If you do not construct anything, but fix certain things here and there in the house, then there is no point in buying a whole nut driving set. It will just sit on the storage shelf and collect dust.

However, since you already have some very essential power tools, you might also get a small yet useful nut driving set. Hence, we recommend the ARES set, which is compatible with machines.

So, you do not have to put any effort, simply connect the bits and start driving. They are magnetic drivers, so attaching them to a power drill does not take much time. Moreover, the hex chuck makes it even more straight forward.

The hexagonal design also helps the tool to grab the object correctly. Hence it will not slip and slide or cause the power tool to use more of the output because of its fault. Another reason why these works best with its machine counterpart is the quality.

They comprise solid industry-grade chrome vanadium, which is rock-hard and will hold the shape no matter what. Usually, you cannot exert much force on a manual nut driver even though there are fulcrums.

But a machine certainly puts a lot of force, and these babies can take it. You will receive five pieces in this set, all of which are extremely necessary and perfect for small needs like yours.


  • Excellent set for personal use
  • Provides strong grip
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Can adjust to power tools
  • Durable drivers


  • Does not have much variety

10. Irwin Tools 1948712 Performance Series Metric Nutdriver

Irwin Tools 1948712 Performance Series Metric Nutdriver

If you already had a well-rounded set of nut drivers but found out that you suddenly need a 5MM driver, then swing by at Irwin Tools. This brand offers the most high-quality nut drivers at a price that you cannot resist.

You can even buy individual pieces and create your own, utterly customizable set. However, that might be time-consuming, so it is wiser to buy a set and fill it up with stray pieces from this brand.

The tools even come color-coded according to their specifications. Hence you can quickly sort and organize them in any tool kit. The next time you are in a hurry to tighten the nut, you will know which color to get.

Besides visual and economic benefits, these products can also withstand the test of time. It has an acetate handle system, which ensures that the shaft does not get twisted awkwardly, resulting in premature breakage.

The shaft is also hollow and durable, which can work on long bolts. Since they are empty, the longer bits have a space to fit.

Moreover, the comfortable handle lets you control the tool comfortably. It has a 3-zone grip, which creates a perfect space for you to grip the device tightly. So, with a minimum effort, you can work on the nuts however you want.


  • A versatile piece
  • 3-zone cushioned grip
  • Hexagonal shaft head
  • Hollow shaft supports long bolts
  • Color coding for easy recognition


  • Does not always come in a set

11. Klein Tools Nut Driver, 6-in-1 Multi NutDriver Set

Klein Tools Nut Driver, 6-in-1 Multi NutDriver Set

Throughout this review, we have seen the return of a brand again and again, and that is Klein Tools. This brand has won our trust and for good reasons. They have a wide range of nut drivers that every user will find useful.

But the Multi Nut Driver is something unique; this is not a simple driver with straightforward designs. It is even more sophisticated than sets where you can attach and detach the shafts from the handle.

This model can do six things with the help of one tool! It seems bizarre and frankly impossible, but if you think about it, nut drivers are mostly about the length of the shaft and head.

If you can design a tool where the head can increase or decrease in size, you can get a multi-tasking tool. Precisely that is what the brand was able to achieve with this model.

You can pull the shaft to change its height, width, and the size of the hex head, and perform regular duties of a nut driver. It saves you space, tons of organizing time, and lets you carry just one handy tool.

The handle is also quite broad, and you can get a firm grip and work with the smallest sized head just as efficiently. It also has a wrench assisting mode in getting rid of tight fasteners.

Suggested reading for you: Beam Torque Wrenches Reviews in 2021.


  • 6-in1 tool
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Full handle for a comfortable grip
  • Gets rid of stubborn fasteners
  • Easy to carry


  • It might be too big for some users

What to Look for Before Buying?

A nut driver is pretty simple when you hold it in your hand, but when you think of how they function, it can quickly get complicated. But we are here to simplify any confusion that you may have.

Number of Pieces

It essentially means how many pieces do you need in your set? Is your work extensive or simple DIY stuff? Depending on that, you should pick a set. Typically, a 7- or 14-piece set should be versatile; however, you can look for even more tools.

If that does not work, you can always go for detachable nut drivers that saves space. There are also machine compatible tools that will not have any handle.

Gripping Power

You need the tool to hold the small nut or bolt that you cannot grasp with your fingers and then twist it. However, both the bolt and the driver have metallic surfaces, so they need to fit like a glove to achieve the required gripping level. A polygon with more sides will help to increase the grip between the tool and the object.

Nut Driver Sets

Comfortable Handle

The handle also has to be top-notch, or the tool will slip right of your hand. It will also cause you to exert more pressure than needed, which can be harmful to your wrists. So, look for handles with cushions or rubber grips. Also, check how narrow the circumference of the handle is.

Stainless Shaft

A stainless surface is an easy indicator that your tool will be durable and robust. It naturally stops corrosion by preventing rust and decay. Thus, the device maintains its shape for long. Besides that, you should also check what material the drivers are and if they have magnetic qualities or not.

Secure Connection

The connection between the shaft and the handle is crucial for any nut driver. If that segment is weak, the tool will break within a few uses. So, check how secure the connection is before you pick a set.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many pieces do I need to have a versatile set?

A set with 7-14 pieces should be enough to perform most nut driving chores.

2. Can I replace the shafts if they get damaged?

If the set has a detachable-handle option, then you can. But if the set has separate shafts and handles connected, you will not be able to replace them.

3. Are these compatible with power machines?

Not all of these sets are compatible. However, some are which you have to connect to a power driller and cannot use manually.

4. How do I understand the sizes?

Usually, the tools will have engraved sizes numbers and units on the handle or shafts. Some products even have color-coding, so you can quickly identify the models and sizes.

5. Which set should I purchase if I have to work with long bolts?

If you want to easily twist the long bolts and ensure that they get proper gripping, you should get drivers with long hollow shafts. It will fit the bolts easily and help you in the twisting process.

Final Words

Any of these best nut drivers set will always come in handy during unconventional moments when you cannot use an electric hand driller or driver. Maybe you need a manual set as well, but whatever the case may be, these sets will get the job done excellently!

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