14 Best Pallet Busters 2022 – Reviews with Buying Guide

Like most things in life – wood does not come cheap. Thus, woodworkers and carpenters love to repurpose wood with minimal damage. However, using pry bars to reclaim wood often leads to damage that renders the wood useless. This is where pallet busters come in.

Pallet busters are dual-pronged tools that are used to pry nails out of wood easily without causing much damage. It does seem like a fairly straightforward tool but the quality of output and damage minimization will depend heavily on your buster.

Thus, we bring you the 14 best pallet busters available on the market! With detailed reviews and a buying guide, we are offering you a one-stop solution for all your questions and queries regarding pallet busters!

14 Best Pallet Busters Reviews

Reviewed below are 14 amazing pallet busters that are bound to stun! Keeping quality, budget, and output in mind, we cannot recommend these products enough.

1. Pallet Buster | Deck Wrecker - Best Wrecking Bar for Breaking Pallets - Steel Head - 2 Secure Locking Pins - Red – Molomax

Molomax Pallet Buster

The first product on our list is a pallet buster head. You may insert any handle that fits your personal preference as long as it fits the 1.38-inch hole meant to house the handle. This leaves space for you to choose your comfort and leverage, making the job easier for each user to do.

Made of steel, the pallet buster head is impressively sturdy. It has all the power required to dismantle pallets or docks. A 4-inch spread between the forks makes this one of the few models on the market which fits the 4x4 boards.

Even though it may seem inconvenient to purchase a component that needs to be fitted to a handle separately, the assembly is very straightforward. The component comes equipped with two locking pins which are guaranteed to not fall out during use.

If you are looking for a tried and true product, you may not need to look any further. This is a dependable product with the ability to handle different types of wooden constructions and deliver amazing results.


  • 4-inch spread
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple locking pin
  • Does not damage wood
  • Easy to use


  • Forks may be too short for some
  • Chipping paint

2. Roughneck 64640 Demolition And Lifting Bar by R/NECK

Roughneck 64640

Our next product is optimized for larger projects. With a 94 cm or 37-inch handle, the tool requires a larger workspace to function and also requires more power to operate than an average pallet buster. However, the output of the product is very effective and saves a lot of time too.

It is a multipurpose tool that lifts and demolishes at the same time. You can use it to lift nails and reclaim wooden planks without any damage. Additionally, you may also use it to demolish other structures such as ceilings or walls.

Having this product in hand saves the hassle of carrying several tools for different purposes.

This pallet buster is best used with thick pallets as the pressure exerted can damage thin pieces. Apart from planks, you can use the tool as a lever to lift heavy items - the strong construction of the pallet buster will not deteriorate.

Resilient to wear and tear, this heavy-duty pallet buster is one of our favorites. The quality surpasses expectations while the multipurpose nature of the product makes it very cost-efficient. Altogether, you will have a powerhouse product in your hand!


  • Optimized for large objects
  • Demolish and lift simultaneously
  • Multipurpose
  • Prevents damage to wood
  • Quick results


  • Large in size
  • Needs a lot of power to operate

3. Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster with 43" Handle

Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster

With a 43 inch handle, this is somewhat the ultimate pallet buster! It is best suited for medium to bigger sized projects and tall handymen. However, despite the size, the pallet buster is impressively lightweight and does not require any extra power to operate – neither does it exert strain on the user.

Moreover, this pallet buster is perfectly suited to disassemble decks, fences, and other such wooden structures. You can dislodge the nails without causing damage to the planks. However, the pallet buster would not be well suited for other types of activities such as demolition.

The construction of this pallet buster was made to last. It is resistant to corrosion and everyday wear and tear. Not just that, the tool does not chip, dent, or become disfigured in any way due to pressure, making it long-lasting.

With top-notch features and quality, this makes for one of the best pallet busters. The price keeps it within everyone’s reach while being really user-friendly. Overall, it is a foolproof product that makes dislodging planks as easy as 1-2-3!


  • Disassembled multiple structures
  • Handles hard-to-reach areas
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting build
  • Does not require excessive power to operate


  • Suitable for wood disassembly only
  • Requires large workspace

4. Duckbill Deck Wrecker

Duckbill Deck Wrecker

For those of you who like purchasing swanky tools, we’ve got just the product for you. The specifications and features of this particular pallet buster set it apart from most of the products on this list at the cost of a heavier price tag. However, we promise you that every single penny will be well worth it!

The patented design of the tool allows you to dislodge planks and board in seconds without causing any damage to the wood that crowbars or nail pullers are likely to cause. It features a steelhead that provides ample power to lift the planks and free them in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the pallet buster boasts a fiberglass handle. This strong handle is very lightweight, requiring minimal power from the user to get the job done. It also features a non-slip padded grip which prevents slippage and possible injuries during work, making it a redeeming quality of this product.

This product is far from your typical pallet buster. It is a uniquely designed, heavy-duty tool that can help you reclaim wood without any damage or hassle. With this product, you can enjoy woodworking without any elbow grease.


  • Steelhead
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Non-slip grip
  • Rotating head
  • Great at lifting loads


  • Relatively expensive
  • Takes time to achieve desired results

5. Pallet Buster Deck Wrecker Tool - for Pallet Projects and Deck Disassembly with 3-Piece Pole and Bonus Heavy Duty Leather Work Gloves

Pallet Buster Deck Wrecker Tool

Protective gear is an important part of DIY, for both power and non-power tools. A set of good gloves can protect you against some nasty accidents and injuries while working – and if it comes included with your purchase of tools, it’s a cherry on top.

The next product we recommend comes as a set of one pallet buster and a pair of heavy-duty double layer leather gloves. It protects from blisters, splinters, cuts, and other injuries. This tool works effectively for deck board removal and wooden plank demolition.

Featuring an extra-long pole, the tool provides ample leverage for any sort of demolition work to be done efficiently. Once assembled, the tool measures 46-inch from one end to another. Additionally, the forks are 7 ½-inch long and 6-inch wide. The results from this tool are leaps and bounds better than those from hammers and crowbars.

Both the quality of the set and included protective gear makes this a great pallet buster for beginners. It does not require excess effort to operate and tackles thin wood and medium-duty work wonderfully. This set is surely one to keep in your considerations!


  • Gloves included
  • Guarantee to not disfigure
  • Wrecking bar included
  • Rubber grip
  • Fast results


  • Requires power
  • Not suitable for hardwood

6. Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster/Pallet Breaker - Premium Steel with Handle, 41-inch: Home Improvement

Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster

Long service life is one of the main features to look for in tools – and our sixth product takes care of just that. With incredibly strong steel construction, the durability of the buster is off the charts. All the parts are made of durable steel too, making it a great investment in the long run.

Moreover, the pallet buster features a tough head which works as a demolition tool for all sorts of materials such as walls and ceilings (BTW, for tile removal tasks, check these demolition hammers reviews). The lightweight handle makes it easy to maneuver as the fork slips under the planks to help you dislodge them without any damage or splitting.

In addition to being easy to handle, the tool is very responsive and gets the job done efficiently. You can get the job done several times faster than with crowbars or hammers, making reclaiming wood easier than ever.

Despite being on the larger side, the pallet buster does not demand excess power or strength from the user. It is suitable for users of all expertise levels to demolish material and dislodge pallets efficiently.


  • Strong steel construction
  • Does not split wood
  • Multipurpose
  • Heavy duty
  • Lightweight


  • Large in size
  • Poor welding

7. Angel Guard Deck Demon, Heavy-Duty Steel Pallet Breaker and Deck, Roof, Strapping Remover, Wrecking Demolition Tool

Angel Guard Deck Demon

Seasoned users of tools often look for good upgrades. However, upgrades do not necessarily have to come with a heavier price tag, as shown by this product. This pallet buster is better suited for experienced handymen due to its design and can reap great benefits within a short time.

The tool comes with a dual claw head, which means the forks are further divided into two prongs. This design makes it easier to get planks dislodged from one another. Additionally, the prongs make it easier to lift the toughest of nails without damaging the wood itself.

Best Nail Pullers

As for construction, the tool is made with commercial grade steel which makes it impressively long-lasting. The material allows the pallet buster to lift planks easily by dividing the weight equally throughout the handle, boosting the user’s comfort.

Moreover, a cushioned handle also ensures that the user does not suffer strain or blisters while using the tool. Overall, it delivers all that one may desire from a great pallet buster – and then some more.


  • Cushioned grip
  • Faster results
  • Requires less power
  • Does not damage boards
  • Dual claw head


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Not multipurpose

8. Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with Handle, 41", blue: Industrial & Scientific

Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster

We always strive to ensure that our recommendations cater to both beginners and seasoned customers. So it only made sense to include this amazing beginner and budget-friendly pallet buster that delivers results just like its more expensive counterparts.

This deluxe pallet buster is a very basic model with straightforward features and design. However, it gives very clean results. It also features an articulating head that does not damage planks or wood while lifting and dislodging so you don't need to trade results for the affordable price or convenience of use.

Furthermore, the buster can also be used to remove dock boards, which makes it multipurpose. Admittedly, this model is not designed for heavy-duty projects. However, it does pack a punch in terms of power and last a very long time. The service life is elongated by the great materials used to make it.

With a 41-inch handle, the pallet buster tips the scale at 12 pounds. Overall it makes for a great starter pallet buster but is also a great option for experienced users looking for simple new toys.

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  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to engage
  • Strong and durable
  • Does not split wood
  • Quick results


  • Not heavyweight
  • No additions specs

9. Yaheetech Steel Pallet Buster Tool Pallet Pry Bar Gear Pry Bar Rack

Yaheetech Steel Pallet Buster

Our next product is perfect for the average DIY lover. This pallet buster is perfectly suited for heavy-duty work but stops before professional application. For the price, it is a complete package for those looking to get projects done with minimum effort. Additionally, it is a great tool for furniture projects

This model is built with a premium iron frame which leaves no questions to be asked about its durability and longevity. It is a no-nonsense frame that is spray-coated to fight corrosion as well as wear and tear if used in harsh conditions. The pallet buster is set to last a long, long time.

At 44-inches, the handle provides great leverage which helps pull planks and boards up easily. Coupled with an articulating head, the tool slips under planks and lifts without causing any damage or splitting, keeping the board suitable for reuse.

For versatility, you can surely depend on this tool. It works in demolishing pallet structures, deck boards, and wood slides. You do not have to worry about damaging the product under any condition, be it robust or everyday use. It has earned a place in our top picks for good reason!


  • Premium iron frame
  • Heavy duty
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose
  • Articulating head


  • Requires some power
  • Not suitable for professional use

10. CTS WELDING Heavy Duty Pallet Buster: Industrial & Scientific

CTS WELDING Heavy Duty Pallet Buster

The next product on our list is not a typical pallet buster. It is a pallet buster head which does not come with a handle of its own. Even though that sounds like a disadvantage, it leaves space for you to use any handle that fits your comfort and leverage requirements – as long as it is 1 to 1 ¼ inch in diameter.

With a very reasonable price tag, the product leaves enough of a budget available to buy multiple pallet buster handles. The customization ability makes this product a win! Made of high-quality steel, the durable tool component features a screw that allows you to tighten the handle as required.

This pallet buster gets the job done very fast. It takes about an hour to break to eight to ten wood pallets, which is an impressive rate of work. You can attach any handle that you believe will help boost your productivity

Suitable for deck boards, dock, and pallets, this multitasking product leaves room for several options. It is easy to carry around from one site to another, making it a great choice for career handymen.


  • Steel construction
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to install the handle
  • Helps reclaim pallet wood
  • Fast results


  • Handle not included
  • Needs extra investment for complete tool

11. Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Buster 41", Red: Home Improvement

ikris Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Buster 41

When we say heavy-duty, best believe we do not mean it lightly. It is completely compatible with professional or industrial usage, owing to its tough build and off the record endurance. It is more robust a pallet buster than what an average DIY-er requires, making it perfect for career handymen.

Using the pivoting head, you can slide the tool under planks and boards in any wooden decks or pallet construction to easily slide it off any fasteners. In a matter of minutes, the planks will be free of each other and all fasteners with no damage at all.

Made with industrial-grade steel, the pallet buster is more than equipped to take a beating. It is suitable for use in rigorous working conditions for heavy-duty projects. Enamel paint coating keeps the surface of the tool-free from corrosion and other types of damage, maximizing durability.

Beginners would be better off steering clear of this product as the mechanism and power take some getting used to. Additionally, it may be overkill for casual DIY projects. If you are looking for fast results, great durability, and an overall dependable tool, you need to look no further.


  • Pivoting head
  • Articulating head
  • Industrial grade steel build
  • Suitable for rigorous working conditions
  • Fast results


  • Some customers complain of defective components
  • Takes time to get accustomed to

12. Goplus 16 Ton Hydraulic Wire Crimper Battery Cable Lug Terminal Crimping Tool w/ 11 Dies

Goplus 16 Ton Hydraulic Wire Crimper Battery Cable Lug Terminal Crimping Tool

Wire crimpers may come very handy when dismantling decks and palettes, which is why we must recommend such a product. This product is a hydraulic wire crimper which comes with 11 sets of dies and can work with welding cables and such which are often used to fasten planks.

The hydraulic tool offers much more productivity than a mechanical wire crimper. It has lesser chances of causing injuries and puts less strain in the user’s hand, making it a more comfortable option for prolonged use. For further safety, the safety valve releases pressure to prevent it from maximizing and causing a hazard.

Additionally, the product comes in a durable box in which you can carry all the major and minor parts of the tool. This makes it a great choice for professionals who need to carry their tools from site to site.

Being a complete toolbox makes this product a great addition to the workshop. It helps make unfastening decks and planks much easier and less damaging. We highly recommend an additional tool as such to complete your DIY kit.

Side note: If you want to read on wire crimpers, let's check our article on the best hydraulic crimping tools.


  • Comes in a box
  • 11 dies
  • Strong build
  • Safety components
  • Long service life


  • Slightly heavy
  • Requires some level of expertise

13. Mayhew Select 41104 Deck Wrecker - Pry Bars

Mayhew Select 41104 Deck Wrecker

The next product on our list comes from a great manufacturer with immense experience in mechanical tools. Unsurprisingly, this pallet buster is one of a kind in terms of performance and quality is our list. The unique design of the tool helps remove boards without damaging the planks and boards.

Furthermore, the pallet buster has a curved rocker design which helps it slide under the board and lets the user maneuver it from different angles, resulting in a more precise removal. With double-pronged forks, the tool also removes fasteners such as nails or wires effortlessly and leaves the boards damage-free, ready for reuse.

A total length of 45.5 inches gives the tool great leverage to lift boards effortlessly. It provides a sturdy grip to prevent damaging the wood as well as the user’s hands. Maximum leverage makes this a beginner-friendly product too.

Moreover, the product comes available in a powder-coated finish which helps ward off corrosion and other damage caused by usage or climate. This pallet buster is ready to take on almost every task you can think of throwing at it without flinching. It is a great investment for DIY enthusiasts!


  • Powder-coated finish
  • Dual pronged
  • Curved rocker design
  • Long handle, maximum leverage
  • Strong build


  • Relatively expensive
  • Non-rotating head limits angles

14. Pallet Buster + Free 13-inch Nail-Removal Crowbar - All-in-One Set

Planteko Pallet Buster

We love complete toolsets just as much as the next DIY-er, which is why the last product on our list – far from being the least, is a set that comes with a pallet buster as well as a nail-pulling crowbar. Altogether, the 2 piece set can take care of all your pallet busting issues with great ease and effectiveness.

With a 41-inch handle, the palette buster is a heavy-duty tool that works wonderfully with deck boards. The great leverage on the handle helps prevent damage to the boards (BTW, check out these deck stripper reviews also).

Additionally, the nail-pulling crowbar which comes included helps lift nails and screws, no matter how rigid, to reveal reusable wood.

Furthermore, the spread between the forks of the pallet buster is wide enough to go into 4x4 boards. These set the pallet buster apart from several models on the market. It delivers really fast results and is very efficient, making it great for bigger projects.

This really is a heavyweight product, set to do all heavy-duty tasks. It does require substantial power to operate but the effort is made worthwhile by the great results. With the crowbar, you can achieve the goal of totally reusable boards.


  • Nail removal crowbar included
  • Complete set
  • Cost-efficient
  • Heavy duty
  • Great leverage on pallet buster


  • Crowbar is less sturdy
  • Requires some power to use

What to Look For Before Buying

Now that we are through all the products and their reviews, let’s look at some features that set great pallet busters apart from average ones!

Length of Handle

One of the most obvious features to look into is the length of the handle or the total length (end to end) of the tool. These measures determine whether the tool will be comfortable for the user.

Taller, heavily built users may find comfort in using longer pallet busters but the scenario may be different for other users or even beginners.


However, attention must be paid to whether the length being chosen provides ample leverage. Without enough leverage, you may end up splitting more wood than you would like. In this case, you may need to forgo a comfortable length for more desirable results.

Type of Forks

The forks on a pallet buster can be of several types – one of the most available ones being dual-pronged forks. These forks help in removing screws, nails, or other types of fasteners that hold wood together in construction.

With such features, you can make the process of removing fasteners least damaging, leaving you with more reusable wood.

Articulating Head

Articulating Head

An articulating head ensures that the pressure applied to the tool is spread evenly on both sides of the head. Pallet busters that do not have this feature are more likely to cause damage to wood – however, this is not the sole determinant of the results you may achieve with each model. It is a bonus feature you may opt for!

Weight and Portability

In close relation to length, the weight of the tool must also be comfortable for the user. Such mechanical tools require a lot of maneuvering, making the mass an important deciding factor. The wrong weight can lead to strain on the user, making the best of pallet breakers feel terrible during use.

Additionally, if you are looking to carry your pallet buster from one site to another, ensure that you opt for a model that is relatively portable. This will greatly add to the value of any pallet buster for you!


Regardless of the product, you are purchasing, durability is always one of the deciding factors prior to purchase. You may look into the material used to make the tool – iron and solid steel being the top choices for durability.

Additionally, the paint can determine if your tool corrodes or chips. For long-lasting paint, powder coating is a great choice.

Weather Resistance 

All pallet busters are not meant to be used in rigorous weather and working conditions. Some may corrode or degrade if in contact with moisture. Thus, opt for strong finishing and coating to make sure your tool stays looking new all throughout its service life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got burning questions? Luckily, we’ve got the answers!

  • What other tools can be used to dismantle pallets?

Crowbars, hammers, saws, chainsaws, and screwdrivers are all tools that are used widely to dislodge wood in pallets. However, the results they deliver are not half as satisfactory as pallet busters. Additionally, they require extra time and effort making it severely ineffective.

  • Are nail-removing tools mandatory to have?

They do come handy, however, several pallet busters already come with dual-pronged forks that are meant to work as nail-removers. Some products also come as a set of nail-removers and pallet busters which can be useful if you do not want to make an extra investment.

  • Why is my pallet buster difficult to get good results from?

The problem may be very basic – such as an inefficient handle length which does not offer enough leverage. Additionally, you may be applying the wrong amount of pressure to get the work done. The head of the tool may also be distributing power terribly, making the results dodgy.

  • Do I need to use protective gear?

As with the use of any tool, mechanical or power, it is useful to use protective gear. Gloves are a necessity or you may suffer from blisters and strain-related injuries. Additionally, goggles may come handy to prevent splinters or loose fasteners from entering your eyes.

  • What can I do if my pallet busters are splitting wood?

Look into the length, head (articulating or rotating) of the tool, and the power being put into operating it. Besides the pallet buster itself, wood may split easily if it is already damaged or recycled from previous use.

  • Why does the wood on my pallet deteriorate?

Wood on outdoor pallets may degrade prematurely due to weather-related wear and tear. You can use varnish or sealants to ensure it does not happen. Additionally, you may use insect repellents to ward off termites.

  • Are pallet buster heads good for beginners?

Beginners would perhaps be better off buying complete tools rather than a component. A complete pallet buster will help them get them accustomed to different handle lengths and features which they can use to buy perfect pallet buster heads suited to their preferences in the future.

Final Words

Pallet busters can totally amplify your DIY game – or even the results you deliver professionally. We hope you will find your perfect match among the best pallet busters recommended by us and enjoy the speed and reliability of the tool!

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