15 Best Planter Caddies in 2022 – For Home, Office and More!

Taking care of a houseplant or garden is tiresome work, especially as you strive to keep them healthy as each day goes by. Aside from the health benefit factors, it is also known to bring in the aesthetics of the area, which gives out the fresh and soothing aura that can help start your life with blissfulness.

Before planting, you should choose amongst the different best planter caddies there is. The compact and sleek growing pots provide support for your plants, as well as easy portability. This article handpicked the best planter caddies and offered the features you need to know before buying.

15 Best Planter Caddies Review

Before taking a trip to your favorite garden store, here are some of the most exquisite planter caddies worth trying—

1. Bosmere S14410 Down Under Plant Caddie, 14", Black

Bosmere S14410 Down Under Plant Caddie, 14", Black

Find it hard to move your plant outdoors? Here is the solution! With Bosmere plant caddie, you can move your plant wherever, and however you want it. The product comes with five nylon and steel wheel support, which comes in handy when nourishing your backyard garden.

No need to lift! You can ensure that your plant can get all-around sunlight since you can rotate it 360 degrees at ease. If you have large and heavy pots, you do not need to worry since it can hold up to 5001bs.

The high-quality UV resistant plastic frame contributes to its longevity and saves you energy in maintaining your plants.

Its portability can also coincide with stability! The locking canister mechanism of the product keeps it in place. This would give you a sense of assurance, especially when the plants are kept outside.

Are you worried about the aesthetics of your plant arrangement? It got you covered! The plant caddie has either the terra cotta or black variety, making it compliment your pots and its surrounding color scheme.

Aside from that, the hole in the middle of the product allows your pot to drain properly, which prevents any possible increase in acidity of soil or leeching.


  • Made of high-grade nylon and steel wheel for portability
  • Can rotate 360 degrees, getting all the sunlight it needs
  • Maximum of 500lbs in the weight limit
  • Locking canister provides stability
  • Hole in the middle allows the plant to drain properly


  • Can scratch wood floors but leaves no damage on tiled floors
  • Needs effort to move if around 400lbs

2. Rocky Mountain Goods Planter Caddy

Rocky Mountain Goods Planter Caddy

As a horticulturist, we strive to achieve the best state for our plants! Rocky Mountain planter caddy offers helping hand for any possible relocation to make it a hassle-free gesture, allowing light and smooth transportation.

The product offers strength, unlike any other! Its dimension is 9 ¾ inches inside diameter that can support your pots, with additional barrier wall rim to prevent any tilts.

The four built-in wheels can also handle heavy plant transport, allowing it to slide at ease. It sits directly under the plant without the usual extension design in casters, making it exceptionally unique.

The product has a UV resistant design! The white color scheme allows the plant to prevent heating up the platform, unlike the usual black design. Not only does it provide a professional look, but it also has benefits for your plant health.

Instead of the usual holes, the product provides a hollow look, collecting the water up to its rim. This prevents any leakage, especially for those that are located indoors. No need to worry about wet floors, you can drain it anytime!


  • Additional wall rim for a tip-proof design
  • Built-in wheels allow smooth relocation and are placed directly under the plant
  • The white color scheme offers a UV resistant design
  • The hollow look prevents any unwanted leakage and can be drained anytime
  • Ideal to be used both outdoors and indoors


  • Hard to drain since there are no holes
  • Not much color variety to choose from

3. CERBIOR Plant Caddy Heavy Duty Plant 

CERBIOR Plant Caddy Heavy Duty Plant

Do you have a uniquely shaped pot that often requires to be moved? Worry no more! The Cerbior Plant caddy is the solution to your problem, offering an aesthetic vibe that can complement your area's look without the need to adjust!

The product is made of a square-shaped pallet, which can fit anything within its dimension! It is built with a wood-plastic resin and is guaranteed to be durable and can last you a long time. Also, the multi-shaped pots can sit well on it, providing a partnered look for your home.

Its easy usage accompanies its modern and stylish design! There is no need for heavy lift, as it has built-in wheels that can move your plant wherever you need to, even at 360 degrees. It provides an easy slide making the change in position easier.

Once you place it, you can lock its place! With lockable caster wheel, you can ensure that the planter would not move for the time being. No extraneous variable can move it from its designated location. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as it can fit both settings quite well!


  • Built-in wheels are easy to manipulate
  • The square-shaped pallet can complement even multi-shaped pots
  • Made of wood plastic resin that is durable
  • The modern look can fit both on indoors and outdoors
  • Lockable caster wheel ensures that it's fixed after placement


  • Preferable on small to medium weight capacity
  • Leaves spaces that are visible under the pot

4. Devault 722802 16in Plant Dolly, 16", Black  

Devault 722802 16in Plant Dolly, 16", Black

Being a plant enthusiast may demand lots of heavy lifting and strength work. On areas that experience limited sunlight or heat insolation, the Devault plant dolly is a 2 in 1 deal. It makes moving more accessible, as well as traps heat for the plant!

The black color scheme allows the product to trap heat as much as it can. It is a benefit to areas where solar energy is scarce. Moreover, it is considered durable with its polyethylene base and weather-resistant coat, which will not deteriorate despite any harsh conditions.

The product has five steel swivel casters and rubber wheels for added mobility! It supports the moving mechanism easier and glides at ease. The unit can also accommodate up to 300lb, which is an adequate capacity directed to a plant dolly [also check our guide on the best dollies to carry heavy equipment].

The large hole in its center promotes easy drainage of water! No accumulation of water beneath its base means that no insects will pose harm to the area. Most importantly, it does not scratch your floors! This allows you to have a sleek and modern plant dolly accompanied by a nice-looking room.


  • Black color traps heat, ideal for scarce solar energy areas
  • Polyethylene base makes it durable and weather-resistant
  • Five steel swivel casters and rubber wheels make moving easier and safer
  • Can accommodate up to 300lb
  • Has a hole in the center for drainage and does not scratch floors


  • Can desiccate plant if used on hot weather locations
  • No available caster wheel lock mechanism

5. Amagabeli 12" Metal Plant Caddy

Amagabeli 12" Metal Plant Caddy

Are you looking for the one that can blend well with your designated décor? Then, this product is for you! The modern and spiral look fits anywhere and can be partnered by any pots that you have in your home.

The Amagabeli plant caddy has a powdered coated iron which prevents rusts and is guaranteed to last a long time. Accompanied by its stability, it is also welded in each ring and is supported at four points, which can hold even massive plants.

It does its ideal job keeping your damp pots from touching the floor, hence contributing to its safety!

2 Person Dining Tables for Small Space

With the spacing in each ring, it can drain effectively! Also, the unit can be moved easily on your floors without scratching. The wheel axis is welded in the frame, making the product sturdy enough to move without breaking. The tool does not pose harm in your pots, so do not be scared for it to be tipped over!

Also, the planter caddy can support up to the ideal weight of 300 pounds. For dimension, it is 10 inches in diameter, perfect for those with plant saucers or even for a balcony flowerpot!


  • Modern spiral look
  • Durable and thick coated iron prevents rusts
  • The pots can be drained with the spacing between each ring
  • Welded wheel axis contributes to its strength while moving
  • Can support up to 300 pounds which is ideal for most plants


  • One lock mechanism may not be enough
  • Flat bottom can tip if shifted fast and suddenly

7. JzNova Plant Pallet Caddy

JzNova Plant Pallet Caddy

For a plant caddy to be efficient, it should accompany you in taking care of the vegetation effectively, such as moving them to abundant sunlight areas or simply carry it. With JzNova plant caddy, it does the job perfectly!

The product has a 1-inch depth to prevent any unwanted flooding! It stores your water and can be drained anytime, saving your floors. Also, the planter caddy can support 110lbs, ideal for small to medium-sized plants.

Do not worry about unexpected breakage since it is a strengthening resin tray that is tough and durable, which can deal with impacts and does not rust.

It moves trouble-free! The wheels can support 360 degrees rotation or moving through hard ground and does not produce any scratches. Moreover, they have two lock mechanisms, which is convenient in stabilizing your pots when transporting them to the designated area.

Supports any pot shape that can fit within its dimension! With an internal diameter of 10.6 inches and a depth of 1 inch, it can deal with standard or even complicated containers within its measurement. The design is round-shaped and simple to complement the aesthetic effectively.


  • 1-inch depth prevents flooding and can be drained anytime
  • Supports 110lbs ideal for small to medium-sized plants
  • Made of strengthening resin tray that deals with impact and does not rust
  • Has two lock mechanism in its wheel for stabilization
  • Can fit any plant shapes that can meet its dimension


  • Wheels are not ideal for use on rough or soft floors
  • Needs to be maintained to prevent reaching the 1-inch limit

7. Murilan Rolling Plant Pallet Caddy

Murilan Rolling Plant Pallet Caddy

Do you prefer a camouflage look in your garden? Or perhaps the one that would surely complement its overall nature? The Murilan plant caddy can blend well with its surroundings due to its color scheme and will be an add-on look to your plant assemblage!

A perfect fit for small or medium pots! It has an internal diameter of 10.6 inches and can handle weight up to 110lbs. The depth of the pallet is measured at 1 inch to prevent water from seeping through the floor, hence not damaging it.

It does not leave scratches! The wheels have a smooth surface, preventing any unwanted friction that can produce marks on your floor. It also glides smoothly to relocate wherever you want, without the need to exert strength.

Stabilization of the caddy poses no issues! It has two locking casters, which prevents the wheels from unnecessary movement. The product also comes with a nozzle-like addition, which can keep 250ml of water, keeping your plants hydrated. It is simple and lightweight, which contributes to its portability!


  • Ideal for small to medium pots that can fit its dimension and size
  • 1-inch depth as a barrier to prevent water from seeping through
  • Does not leave marks on your floor
  • Two locking casters for easy stabilization
  • Comes with a nozzle-like addition that can hold 250ml water


  • Can overheat if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods
  • It needs to be drained hence requires maintenance

8. DECOLUXES Lockable Patio Outdoor Roller Flower Pot 12 Inch Heavy Duty Square (2 Pack) Plant Caddy Wooden Stand Wheels

DECOLUXES Lockable Patio Outdoor Roller Flower Pot

You would not want mushrooms unexpectedly growing in your home! Thankfully, Decoluxes plant caddy can solve your problem. It elevates your plant in its location, making it an ideal place to strive.

The 12-inch dimension fits most pots! Its burned wood design fits in your garden aesthetic, which emphasizes the vibrancy in nature. Also, the interlocking slats drain your pots and gives an add-on strength to hold your plant in place.

The square shape plant caddy can fit on tight or corner areas without the need to exert effort.

It is equipped with four lockable wheels to hold the plant firmly! Since they are often used to relocate the plant, once the destination is reached, you can stabilize it quickly.

The caddy can hold up to 150lbs! Most small and medium pots can be used with it, allowing you to take care of your plant and floor simultaneously. Its multi-purpose function can also be used as a moving mechanism to other furniture, making it versatile. The product fits all your garden, patio, and backyard needs! [ FYI, to choose the best mole trap for your garden, this post might help you].


  • The burned wood design adds to the aesthetic of nature
  • Interlocking slats drains water from your pot and adds strength
  • Square shaped to fit all tight and corner areas
  • Four lockable wheels to stabilize from strong winds or extraneous force
  • Holds up to 150lbs, ideal for small and medium pots


  • Quite hard to assemble
  • Can take up more space and is large for indoor usage

9. Magicfly Movable Plant Caddy

Magicfly Movable Plant Caddy

Do you need more airflow in your plants? Look no more! The Magicfly plant caddy suits your style as it has an intricate hollow design that provides space and can support your plant wherever it goes.

It is made from eco-friendly material suitable for your nature-loving self! Its 4mm steel prevents any rust accumulation and is weatherproof and durable. Moreover, the design is weldless, with different patterns that can fit multi-sized pots, with the largest being 14.96 in diameter.

The plant caddy comes with four lock wheels! No need to reposition or rotate your greenery when locking, since you can keep it in place by flipping it in any direction. The smooth-surfaced wheel also prevents any scratch. Moreover, the product comes pre-installed with all its parts attached.

It can hold up to 120lbs, which is an ideal weight limit! With this, you can move most of your plant at ease. The unit is guaranteed to not breakdown while using. It ensures that your plants are safe from harm! [FYI, we also have reviewed rooting hormones to ensure your plants growth].


  • The 4mm steel prevents rust and is weatherproof and durable
  • Fits multi-sized pots with a maximum dimension of 14.96 diameter
  • Four lock wheels allow you to stabilize it at any direction
  • Smooth surface wheels prevent scratching or damaging your floors
  • Can hold up to 120lbs, which is a standard weight limit for most plants


  • Needs to be handled with care
  • Maintenance in wheels specifically needs oiling or adjusting occasionally

10. Amkoskr 2 Pack 12" Black Plant Caddy

Amkoskr 2 Pack 12" Black Plant Caddy

If you are looking for a simple and sleek design, then Amkoskr plant caddy is the one for you! It can fit both indoors and outdoors, making your moving mechanism easier than you can ever imagine.

The product has a mute design on its wheels! With a smooth build that is scratch resistant, your floors are safe from harm. Moreover, the embedded one lock mechanism on wheels contributes to the unit’s stability, preventing it from knocking over or be dragged by any unwanted force.

No rust accumulation! It is made of resin that is eco-friendly, saving not only your plant but also others. The thickened PP and its resin finish make it durable. Its lightweight design also makes it easy to push through and hold a load weight of up to 78lbs!

The caddy can fit pots with 9.6 to 10.6 diameter ideal on most plants! It has a 1-inch depth to prevent flooding on your floors and allows you to drain it whenever it is feasible.

Moreover, space also allows air to flow underneath. This enables you to have a healthy plant that can bring in the aesthetics of your house!


  • Mute and smooth wheel design that is scratch-resistant
  • One lock mechanism to stabilize
  • Resin and thickened PP prevents rust and promotes durability
  • Can accommodate up to 78lbs
  • 1-inch depth to avoid flooding and can be drained anytime


  • Can collapse if exceeded the weight limit
  • May overheat if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods

11. LITADA Wood Plant Caddy

LITADA Wood Plant Caddy

Want to make your gardening life better? Here is the solution! With Litada plant caddy, you can move your vegetation outdoors for sunlight, and indoors on a stormy day more easily!

It is made of 100% acacia wood! Its high-quality material promotes the sturdiness and durability, even on massive plants. Moreover, it brings out the color of your nature-inspired area and improves the patio's pleasing vibrance, backyard, or house. 

The 12 inches diameter is also a perfect size for most plants. It can fit small to large saplings or be used in a multi-purpose way for your specific furniture.

It has four lockable caster wheels for stability! With this, you can fix its position in any direction and move smoothly towards any location. The product can hold up to 150 lbs. With four supporting points, you can make the unit ideal for small, medium, and even large plants.

It is scratch-resistant, which saves your floors! No need to worry about marks or dents. This container can slide easily on concrete, wood floors, or even carpets. No more struggling to move your pots around the house and outside!


  • Made of 100% acacia wood which brings in the style and sturdiness
  • The 12-inch diameter is the perfect size for small to large pots
  • Four lockable caster wheels for stability and supporting points
  • It can hold up to 150 lbs. – ideal for most plant
  • Scratch-resistant and can slide on wood, concrete or even carpet


  • Massive exposure to moisture can lead it to be soft and deteriorate
  • Not eco-friendly in production due to the use of wood

12. Bosmere, Black S51510 Down Under Plant Saucer

Bosmere, Black S51510 Down Under Plant Saucer

Need to elevate your plant off the ground to prevent wet patches that can damage your floors? Or do you plan to use a saucer for the plant caddy to further its benefits? Here is what you are looking for! The Bosmere plant saucer makes way for a healthy herbage, making it strive every day!

The plant saucer promotes airflow beneath your pots, allowing a more breathable space for your plant to grow. The absence of water from your floors also increases its lifespan, preventing any warp that can lead it to rise and therefore be removed from the ground.

It can support up to 500lbs! The weight limit is ideal for small, medium, and large plants. For this reason, the product is guaranteed to last a long time, not damaged by most plants' weight. Also, it is rust-resistant and is made from plastic, providing durability for years to come.

For variety, the plant saucer has different sizes to choose from! You can pick what best suits your pot’s dimensions, assuring that it is not too small nor too big for your plant. A saucer that helps both your verdure and your floors!


  • Increases airflow under your pots, provides you breathable plant space
  • Prevents water on your floors
  • Improves the drainage for healthier plants
  • Can support up to 500lbs which is ideal for small, medium, and large plants
  • Rust-resistant with its plastic material and different sizes available


  • Wheels can only be used for support and not mobility
  • Generic and common, no additional design

13. Moutik Round Plant Caddy Metal

Moutik Round Plant Caddy Metal

Do you tend to move your plant collection often? If you prefer a modern look alongside of up-to-par function, Moutik plant caddy is the right product for you! It is sleek and professional-looking, which will fit your house ambience.

The product offers multi-purpose function! Whether you need to move your pots or heavy furniture, it does the job for you. The unit can carry up to 88lbs, which are ideal for small to medium plants and most storage.

Also, the 10.6 diameter is preferable for most pots, as it can fit perfectly without the tendency to tip over.

The caddy has four heavy-duty wheels with two lock mechanisms! It provides a simple slide from one area to another and prevents any scratch or damage on your floors. The mechanism also helps it to stay in place, preventing unwanted force moving it from its spot.

The product is durable and anti-rust! It is made of black iron with PVC powder-coated surface material that can handle environmental pressure and is waterproof in structure. The unit will not easily acquire dents and can hold your plant safely as you move it, making it perfect for both outdoor and indoor use!


  • Multi-purpose function
  • Can carry up to 88lbs and is 10.6 in diameter
  • Four wheels that smoothly glide and is anti-scratch
  • Two lock mechanism keeps the plant in place
  • Made of black iron with PVC coated surface, promotes durability


  • Hard to assemble on the first try due to the complicated wrench
  • Takes up unnecessary space depending on your pot dimension

14. Skelang 11.5" Plant Stand with Lock Wheel

Skelang 11.5" Plant Stand with Lock Wheel

The aesthetics of a product can contribute to your overall décor. With the intricate flower design that gives this planter caddy a unique and classic touch, the Skelang plant caddy is undoubtedly worth buying! This one is a perfect addition to your green thumb self, keeping your plant healthy along the way.

The durable cast iron construction contributes to its strength and durability making it rust-proof and corrosion-resistant allowing it to last long as your plant continues striving. Moreover, it allows a space for airflow to keep your plant in good shape all the time.

Three heavy-duty wheels support your plant and move it effectively! With it, accidental tip over will not be a problem. The caddy can slide easily and leaves no scratches for your floors while doing so.

Also, it has two lock mechanisms that stabilize the wheels in place, preventing them from moving due to wind or environmental pressure.

The unit can handle weight up to 350lbs with an 11.5-inch dimension! With this, the product is ideal for small to large plants. They are mainly used to elevate pots from your floor while having access to move it wherever!


  • Unique and classic design
  • Cast iron construction gives it strength
  • Rust-proof
  • Three heavy-duty wheels and has an anti-scratch feature
  • Two lock mechanism to stabilize
  • Can handle weight up to 350lbs with 11.5-inch dimension


  • Wheels could break due to its plastic makeup if weight is exceeded
  • Needs maintenance to prolong usage

15. CHUNGUN EX-11" Plant Caddy

CHUNGUN EX-11" Plant Caddy

If you do not want your floors to be wet while also not wanting your plant to have too much water, this product is meant for your needs! The Chungun plant caddy has two holes that drain your pot while not directly wetting your floors.

This provides a drip tray underneath, giving you a way to save both your plant and your floor!

The resin used is pollution-free and is eco-friendly in production. Alongside its thickened PP, the product is durable and not susceptible to any environmental stress. This one is guaranteed to last a long time.

The rib construction design backs up its durability! It will not collapse as you move the plant. Moreover, the four wheels can slide easily while avoiding any scratch, making you work easier.

You can drain it at your own pace! Moving the pot is not needed to drain the water from your plant caddy since it is removable underneath. This provides you with easier maintenance while creating a healthy environment for your plant.


  • Two holes in plant cady that can drain your plant
  • Has a drip tray for stopping water from draining directly on floors
  • No rust accumulation due to resin and thickened PP
  • Pollution-free and eco-friendly in production
  • Rib construction design contributes to strength and durability


  • The drip tray can cause a flood in your floor if not drained
  • Lacks a decorative look

What Makes a Perfect Plant Caddy?

As a new season shifted, plant caddies are your helping friend in moving your plants indoors or outdoors, depending on where they can most likely strive in the coming days. Before you buy, here are the features that you should look out for—

Material Construction

There are different materials available, depending on what you need. Plastics are guaranteed to be rust free but can break if they’re too thin for your pot.

Planter Caddies

Steel and iron are sturdy, although their rust-free coating can wear off if not maintained. Also, wood ones contribute to strength, as long as it is not in long contacts with moisture, otherwise it can turn soft and deteriorate after years of use.

Weight Limit

There are specific weight limits that you should look out for depending on your plant. The 100lbs are ideal for small to medium plants, while the large ones depend on their overall weight, mostly 200 to 300lbs. It is better to know it before buying, to ensure that the product can handle your pots.


It can come with three to four wheels, depending on availability. You should find those that do not leave a mark on your floors and can glide easily with 360 degrees rotation.

Planter Caddies


There are different sizes to choose from, and you should find the one that can fit your pot. There are standard dimensions and those that leave extra leeway for adjustment.

Holes or Depth

The product can approach the drainage system in two ways: by having holes or having one to two inches of depth. The former is more ideal outdoors, as it can let the water seep through easily. And the latter is ideal indoors since you can drain it anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my plant caddy overheat?

Steel or black coated plant caddies can draw in heat, which absorbs the moisture in plants if directed to sunlight for a long time. It is best to move it away from the sun if this happens.

2. Can I get a replacement if wheels get broken?

Most likely, yes. Manufacturers tend to offer replacement parts to prolong your usage. It is best to contact customer service for more info.

3. Why does my plant caddy break?

There are a number of factors: you may be exceeding the weight limit or are not careful with the sliding of the plant.

4. How many wheel locks do I need?

One can be enough, but additional locks contribute to easy usage since you can lock it at any position.

5. Why is the plant caddy scratching my floors?

There are products which do not do this, but if it does, there may be problems with its wheels. It is either the rubber is not smooth, or the frame is too low on the ground.

Final Words

As you start your vegetation collection, choosing from the variety of best plant caddies depends on a lot of factors, which is why it is important for you to find the right one wisely.

And once you get the ideal one, all you need to do is put the pots on wheels, and you are ready to go!

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