11 Best Portable Air Tanks in 2022 for Extra Mobility

Imagine you're on a long journey with your family, and your car gets broken in the middle of the highway because of a deflated tire. Unless your car is equipped with important tools for such emergencies, you'll have a hard time getting the car back into running position.

Having your car equipped with one of the best portable air tanks is the best way to ensure a pleasant journey. Because you never know when your tire may deceive you.

Apart from using for car tires, portable air tanks can also be used to fill up tires on trailers, bicycles, etc. It is also a really handy tool to keep in a private garage or a workshop.

11 Best Portable Air Tanks Reviews

To find out the top air tanks, we delved deeply into the market and keenly examined important features to ensure you can buy the best one. Let's go through the list to find the one which suits you the most.

1. Pro-Force FT5 5-Gallon Portable Air Tank

Pro-Force FT5 5-Gallon Portable Air Tank

Starting our top reviews with a 5 gallon-sized portable air tank from ProForce. Its FT5 model comes fully assembled and ready to be used. When you have such a great air tank, there is guaranteed support in case of any emergency.

This is an ideal tank you can always count on to refill your tires. Although highly portable, the tank can accommodate 5 gallons of air inside, which is pretty great for such a small tank.

With a maximum pressure of 135 PSI, it has enough power for most applications, including airbrushing. The tank is made out of premium quality brass manifold material for providing great durability. It also helps in withstanding extreme pressure.

Since it is a portable tank, it requires a sufficiently durable handle to translocate from one place to another. The good news is that it really features a solid welded handle to be carried around easily.

Besides, there is also a pressure gauge, which is quite accurate. This ensures that you always fill the tire up to its right capacity.

The Pro-Force FT5 features a pressure relief valve, an easy fill valve, and a 3-feet ¼ inch sturdy air hose. It also has an air chuck to secure your tire. This chuck comes as a part of the hose, and so you can separate it.

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  • Excellent brass manifold construction
  • Features an air pressure gauge
  • Easy to carry due to welded handle
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use


  • The air chuck cannot be removed

2. Longacre 52-50316 5 Gallon Deluxe Lightweight Air Tank

Longacre 52-50316 5 Gallon Deluxe Lightweight Air Tank

You can add another model to this list of best portable compressed air tank, which comes from Longacre. Much like the earlier model, it can store about 5 gallons of air. With this much air, you can inflate a full tire.

Made from high-quality metal, the air tank is also very much attractive for its shiny look. It comes with a universal air quick-change coupler. It helps transfer the air quickly by connecting the tank to the vehicle's tank.

Moreover, the tank also delivers an impressive pressure supply, which fills a tire in almost no time. In the same way, the tank can also be filled in just 15 seconds with the inlet valve. So you see, filling the tank or the tire is much more efficient with Longacre as it will save much of your precious time.

They also have rubber feet keeping the whole thing stable. Its premium-grade air hose will not leak that easily. So, when you only need to refill your tire occasionally, you won’t find the tank empty due to leakage.

Having an ergonomic handle is also another important aspect of a portable air tank, and Longacre’s handle is just that. It will minimize the fatigue of carrying a heavy load from your hands.

Besides, the pressure gauge is also big enough to read easily from a distance.

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  • Sports a shiny and beautiful look
  • Comes with a handy gauge holder
  • Doesn’t leak even if kept for a long time
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable hold
  • Rubber feet design for stability


  • The on and off valve is of low quality

3. Performance Tool - 5 Gallon Air Tank (W10005)

Performance Tool - 5 Gallon Air Tank

In case you’re looking for a lightweight and easy to carry around air tank for your car or personal garage, then the Performance Tool W10005 model is the perfect choice for you.

Made by one of the best manufacturers in the industry, this air tank is extremely sturdy as well as durable. You can’t question the longevity of this item because of its high-grade construction material. It ensures that you use it for a long time without much maintenance issues.

The capacity of this premium-grade tank is 5 gallons. This size is perfect when it comes to the question of portability. However, sometimes 5 gallons might not be adequate for someone. In that case, there is also an 11-gallon version of this model available.

This item also is covered with strong and solid Hi-Viz color so that it becomes more visible in places where the lighting is poor or too much. As for carrying options, the tank also has an improved handle, making carrying it fairly easy.

Performance Tool W10005 tank is industrially graded with standard air tire chuck. Its heavy-duty MIG welded canister construction with 300 PSI air hose doesn’t leak like most hoses.

The pressure of this tank can reach up to 125 PSI, which is, although a bit lower than our previous two items, is still good enough to get the job done perfectly. The thread of the tool is also strong enough to not get loosened if you attach it to something which needs more pressure.

Besides, a good safety measure of this tank is that you can manually override the pressure with a bypass valve.


  • Covered with Hi-Viz color
  • Boasts a high-quality built-in gauge
  • The metal knob is quite solid
  • Industrial grade air hose and air chuck
  • Safety valve with manual override


  • Plastic knob could get broken

4. JEGS Performance Products 1002 Portable Aluminum Air Tank

JEGS Performance Products 1002 Portable Aluminum Air Tank

Another excellent and sophisticatedly designed air tank with a high-end build quality is the JEGS 1002. It is considered as among the top-rated portable air tanks available in the market with small capacity.

Although the brand comes with different capacities of the same tank, we’ll be discussing here the 3.5 gallons one. You’ll love this one as it is one of the smallest ones on our list.

The tank is vertical in size with a height of 24 inches and 7 and a half inches in diameter. It also comes with a 36-inch hose, an air chuck, and a gauge as well. Having a vertical size means it allows you to carry the item more conveniently than other tanks of similar weight. This also saves you much space in the garage.

JEGS 1002 has a maximum pressure of 125 PSI of outstanding quality. With this airflow pressure, you can be done with your air filling jobs within only a couple of minutes with efficiency.

Aluminum construction has made this vertical tank a lot lighter than its competitors. In fact, our research revealed that the tank is no less than 50% lighter in weight than most other tanks made of steel in the market. This makes carrying it much easier.

The long tank also comes with a suitable handle of high-quality welding and strong construction. Its pressure relief valve and gauge allow you to use it without much hassle.

All in all, this portable air tank won’t disappoint in terms of performance despite having a low capacity. If you can ensure a regular refilling, it can be used for a very long time indeed.

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  • Boasts half of the weight compared to other tanks
  • Vertical design for convenient portability
  • Takes up much less space in the garage
  • Offers a satisfactory airflow pressure


  • The regulator is of mediocre quality

5. California Air Tools AUX10 Portable Air Tank

California Air Tools AUX10 Portable Air Tank

One of the most renowned brands known for producing long-lasting quality equipment is California Air Tools. Their AUX10 Portable Air Tank is the one option you’d want for your car or garage.

The air tank is a premium grade steel made item with a large capacity of 10 gallons. This is the biggest item we’ve reviewed so far in this write-up.

California Air Tools tank offers you an exceptionally great performance with easy to use feature and quite great portability compared to the size. It is entirely rust free and designed to fulfill any need for extra air supply for multiple tires.

The body is coated with an attractive silver color, and it also has a nicely welded handle. Designed for versatility, the AUX10 has a pressure supply of 125 PSI, which is enough to get your tasks quickly done.

The item also features a gauge and a bleeder valve, which makes refilling the tank much easier. Its hose is also of high-quality and serves for years without any leakage.


  • Massive 10-gallon air tank
  • Features a quick-connect system
  • Absolutely rust-free steel material
  • Nicely welded carrying handle


  • 125 PSI pressure is not the best for a 10-gallon tank

6. Hyundai HHT5GAT Air Inflation Tank

Hyundai HHT5GAT Air Inflation Tank

This 5-gallon tank from Hyundai can refill your car tires to their perfectly full state. You can also use it to airbrush the car.

The HHT5GAT model is a lightweight tank with sturdy steel construction. Its high-quality steel body will last for many years to come serving you in the best way.

Even with such solid construction, the item weighs only 19.9-pounds. This makes it very easy to carry and transport.

Hyundai comes with attractive colors to improve the aesthetics of any garage or workshop. It has been professionally welded to prevent any leaks and to store the gas for a longer period.

HHT5GAT has 100 PSI pressure, which means the tank will take longer to fill the tires. But at the same time, it also ensures less wastage, which is a good sign as well. Its precise pressure will be easy to read with the pressure gauge as well.

Hyundai has made the standard air chunk with compatibility in mind. It can, therefore, connect with almost any tire without hassle. The handle has been covered with a rubber grip for carrying it without having to endure strain on your palm.

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  • Rubberized handle for better grip
  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • Steel made construction for durability
  • Sports a premium color and finish


  • The maximum air pressure is only 100 PSI

7. JEGS 81001 Horizontal Portable Aluminum Air Tank

JEGS 81001 Horizontal Portable Aluminum Air Tank

A good pick among the best rated portable air tanks would be the JEGS 81001. It is constructed from premium-grade aluminum resulting in extended durability.

The tank is also quite comfortable to carry as the welded handle is designed for that. Also, there is little chance of the handle coming loose, no matter how roughly you use it.

JEGS 81001 also comes with a 36-inch hose that has been designed for durability. It will not leak even after years of use. You can even take it off and install another hose instead with the help of a shutoff valve to blow out the furnace or operate bathroom fans.

This portable air tank has a 125 PSI pressure, which can set things on track without wasting much time. So if you're a busy DIY enthusiast, this pressure is perfect for you.

Additionally, the tank is also nicely finished to withstand corrosion and harsh outdoor elements providing it an appealing look.

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  • 50% lighter than other steel made tanks of the same size
  • Sports a tough and durable construction
  • Ergonomic handle is solidly welded
  • 36-inch hose is designed for durability


  • The stand quality could be improved

8. Pro-LifT W-1010A Grey Air Tank

Pro-LifT W-1010A Grey Air Tank

For a top-class high-quality air tank with the promise of reliable service, the Pro-LifT W-1010A is a great choice. The tank features 10 gallon capacity with beautiful construction of unparalleled durability.

This tank is stronger and more durable than most contemporary air tanks. Its enamel finish cover makes the item resistant to rust or corrosion for a very long time.

An interesting aspect of the tank is that it is lighter in weight than most steel tanks of this size. With only 25 pounds of weight, you can very easily move it from place to place.

You can use this solid tank both vertically and horizontally according to your own needs. The solidly welded stand is very well made, making the item much stable. Besides, the handle is also placed at the top, making it easy to carry.

There are a pressure bypass valve and a 4 ft. rubber hose with this tank. This makes the pumping quicker. W-1010A delivers 125 PSI maximum pressure, which is although not enough for a 10 gallon air tank, but it will suffice for any non-professional use.

However, the tank’s 10-gallon capacity means it can inflate more than two tires without the need to get refilled. Additionally, its pressure gauge is also accurate and easy to read.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Lighter than most tanks
  • Durable stand and handle
  • Can fill more than two tires


  • Air chuck is of mediocre quality

9. Pro-LifT W-1005 Grey Air Tank

Pro-LifT W-1005 Grey Air Tank

As for the second Pro-LifT item, the W-1005 model has a strikingly grey color with a strong and solid body made up of steel. Its durable construction with rustproof lining is exactly like the previous model, which keeps rust and corrosion away.

This model is almost similar to the W-1010A model, except the size is a bit smaller with a 5-gallon capacity. So, W-1005 is a better option in terms of portability. But for filling the tires, it can inflate only one.

As for the air pressure, it is also the same as the previous one with 125 PSI, which means you can count on it to accomplish your work in no time.

The pro-LifT tank also features a solid, well-built, and welded stand to keep the tank stable enough.


  • Very much lightweight for easy portability
  • Solid and durable steel construction
  • Rustproof and corrosion-resistant lining
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically


  • The drain valve is absent

10. LARIN AT-11 Portable Air Tank

LARIN AT-11 Portable Air Tank

This is one of the largest capacity tanks we’ve reviewed in this article. With a huge capacity of 11 gallons, Larin AT guarantees to meet all of your heavy needs for compressed air for home, garage, workshop, etc.

Although the main purpose of this huge portable tank seems to be cleaning things and appliances, you can also use it to inflate multiple car tires at once. Besides, you can safely keep it in your homes as there is no chance of any leakage.

This air tank arrives with a 44-inch hose, which is the longest one we've seen so far. A long hose means a high level of convenience too. It also produces a pressure of 125, which is the most common standard for a portable air tank.

Featuring a beautiful and shiny body, the LARIN AT tank has a beautiful shape and design, which is also rust-resistant. Its marvelous construction made of high-quality materials follows ANSI standards. This means you can consider it as the best portable compressed air tank on our list.


  • Meets the prevailing ANSI standards
  • Sports a huge 11-gallon capacity
  • Longest 44-inch hose
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant body


  • Chuck quality is lower than expected

11. Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank

Kobalt Multi-Purpose Air Tank

For the last entry in our list, we bring you something unique in its design as well as use. With a design of its own kind that permits multiple applications, the Kobalt Air Tank also has a heavy-duty built quality.

The tank promises unstoppable service and enough space to hold as much as seven gallons of air. It also features a four-foot hose with premium and durable construction. Made with heavy-gauge steel, the item is lighter than most alternatives for easy transportation.

Speaking of moving, its conveniently placed handle has been welded perfectly for easy grabbing. Unlike the previous tanks, it has two solid stands that provide maximum stability.

The best thing about the Kobalt tank is that it delivers a maximum air pressure of 165 PSI, which takes the shortest time to inflate than any other units on our list. On top of that, its ¼-inches coupler present makes attaching any air hose very easy.

This is a perfectly constructed heavy-duty tank that has no chance of leakage. It also doesn’t have any usage of plastic valve control.


  • Sports two types of air connector
  • Impressive 165 PSI pressure
  • Durable steel construction
  • Two solid stands for additional stability


  • Shut off valve is absent

Features to Look for Before Buying

Although all portable air tanks offer you a general function, it is always better to be properly informed in order to make a good decision. The following are some of the important considerations which will prove to be useful for you in this regard.


The topmost important thing to consider is the size of the tank. Although all air tanks are portable enough, not all are of equal size to be simply carried around. Your car might not have enough space left for luggage after installing the tank.

Portable Air Tanks


Another thing to consider is the capacity of the tank you’re buying. The air capacity is measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute or gallons. Some are of 20 gallons that need to be carried by wheeling them. Others are merely 2 gallons. So, you must determine what capacity you’ll need.


An important safety concern is the quality and construction of the air tank. Both of them must be outstanding and durable to use the tank conveniently for a long time. Besides, if the tank cannot resist the air pressure, it will lead to leakage or unforeseen accident.


The pressure is expressed in PSI, and it indicates the power of the tank as to how fast it can inflate the tire. The higher the PSI, the faster the air comes out of the tank. The pressure of tanks can vary from model to model, and most portable air tanks have a pressure of 100 PSI.

However, higher PSI will mean the tank will get empty faster. This will cause you to refill the tank frequently, which will end up reducing your productivity. So, it is better to buy an air tank with low PSI.


You will need to do a compatibility check of the air tank with other attachments that are available to you. You might want to use the airbrush kit to give your car a fresh new look. It won't be very good if the kit isn't compatible with your air tank.

Portable Air Tanks

You can do a compatibility check by reading the product description, which will include the size of the ports on the tank.


Some air tanks produce a small amount of water at the bottom, which could breed mold and mildew inside. It becomes extremely difficult to drain that water if the tank doesn't come with a drainage port.

Customer Response

A good tip to remember while buying anything of value is to consider reviews from people who’ve bought and used the product themselves. They will be able to give you accurate information about a product since they have more experience with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to fill a portable air tank?

An air tank is filled with any type of compressed air. The way to fill an air tank is through air compressors. You can find air compressors available in truck stops or gas stations. [Here's an air compressor fittings review]

First, set your tank on the ground close to the compressor. With the help of a tire pressure gauge, you can check if any air remains in the tank. After that, do check the safety mark that’s written on the tank as to how much pressure it can hold.

Now, you need to attach the hose of the compressor to the tank and turn it on. The compressor will start filling your air tank. Don’t forget to check the pressure gauge frequently so that you can disconnect as soon as the tank is full.

2. How much air pressure can a tank hold?

In our write-up, most of the options hold between 100 to 200 PSI. This is common for almost all portable air tanks in the market. However, some people might need around 300 PSI for a different purpose. If you have a tank that has around 150 PSI, it should be enough.

3. Why do I need a portable air tank?

If you have a car or any other vehicle, there will be a time when your tire gets deflated. Sometimes while on a long drive, this might make the whole situation messy. With a portable air tank, you can easily fix this problem. Besides, it is also an indispensable item if you have a personal garage or a workshop.

4. Do I need to look for any other features in the tank?

Some tanks can be used both horizontally and vertically. Besides, having a pressure gauge to read helps out a lot while filling the tank or the tires. Additionally, if the tank is of low maintenance, it will be like icing on the cake.

5. What type of material are portable air tanks made of?

Almost all portable air tanks are made of either steel or aluminum. The material used greatly affects the durability and weight of the tank.

Final Words

Best portable air tanks have all the necessary features that we have included in this article’s buyers’ guide section. Our top picks feature the combination of all those considerations. Hope this has been helpful to you in choosing the best tank that suits your requirements.

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