10 Best Professional Chainsaw Reviews & Guide 2022

Bet every year around Christmas you wish you had a tool to cut your tree. Maybe, you also desire to clean up those large tree trunks in your beautiful yard, but all you have is an ax. Admittedly, that won’t do?

Too much manual labor and time-consuming. As an adult, maybe you wish to Santa is a portable mechanical saw that can help cut, size, and dice some trees.

We are no Santa, but we are here to tell you that the best professional chainsaw can do all of that and much more affordably and safely. It is an absolute must for any woodworker or a homeowner with a yard.

Benefits of a Professional Chainsaw

A chainsaw can be useful for you in ways unimaginable. It can not only stop your wallet from leaking but also save time from slipping. A professional electric chainsaw is environmentally safe too as it uses electricity instead of gasoline or petrol. Hence, these machines create fewer fumes that harm the environment.

Consequently, it becomes safer for the person using it too — however, chainsaws which natural resources have the capability of providing more horsepower. Chainsaws, in general, are lightweight and portable. These machines can be battery generated, direct current or gas/petrol generated.

Whichever one you choose; they will be compact and reticent. The design of the machine works on chains, hence the name. They create a centrifugal force on the chain which runs the motor and creates the chainsaw motion.

These machines are also very safe and can be used by professionals as well as amateurs. However, caution must always be taken before setting the tool up and while reading the instructions.

10 Best Professional Chainsaw Reviews

As you have already read, chainsaws can be of different varieties. Knowing which one would suit your environment better is essential before you make any purchase. But no need to worry because we have gathered the best professional chainsaw on the market for your convenience.

1. Remington RM4618

Remington RM4618

Time is of the essence and any tool that can cut the work time in half is always a blessing. When it comes to woodworking, daytime is excellent for completing the job and jabbing with a saw is not efficient. Especially when there are tools like the Remington outlaw.

This machine has a smooth start engine that runs the motor almost immediately. Just pull to activate the spring-assisted starting mechanism. The 20-inch bar rimmed with sharp blades can cut through live or dry barks with ease. As it is gas driven, the motor can run for a longer time and also provides more torque for the chain.

Another benefit of the gas-driven motor is it can be used outdoors and can be refilled anywhere, provided that there is a cylinder nearby. The gas-run motors are also more powerful in terms of chopping wider trunks. The gas feature, paired with a high-power engine of 46 CC output, can pack a punch.

It also has an automatic oiler mechanism to keep the chains in peak condition. Thus, the maintenance of the machine becomes super easy. The tool-free access to filter the machine or to spark the plug makes it even easier to manage. It even has a hardcover case for easy transportation.

The machine weighs 16.6 pounds which can be carried with ease and can be handheld for long periods. Using the Outlaw is also fun as it is designed with 5-point anti-vibration system, cushion wrap handle, and side-access chain tensioner. All these grade A components work together to increase the durability of the product.

  • 46 CC output motor
  • 20-inch bar
  • Gas driven motor
  • Automatic oiler mechanism
  • Time effective
  • 5-point anti-vibration system
  • Two-cycle oil included with purchase
  • Durable
  • Torque may slow down at full throttle

2. Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna Chainsaw

Sometimes you need a tool that can be used professionally and also at the comfort of your home. Of course, such tools need to have the capacity to be dealt with in a home environment. Husqvarna’s professional chainsaw is the exact tool you have been looking for.

With 55.5 CC power, this bad boy can cut through any wood; your home project may need. It is also simple enough to use. Just pulling action is required, which will jump-start the motor. The machine requires no former set up, and all you have to do is fill it up with proper fuel. The automatic oiler system keeps that aspect in check too.

It ensures that the chain, motor, and other parts get a steady flow of oil to run smoothly. It is also an excellent tool for professionals as the 455-rancher chain generates enough strength for continuous use.

The 20-inch bar has uneven spikes around the border which drives in a circular motion with the help of the centrifugal force generated by the motor.

It is also professional in the sense that the x-torque system minimizes emission by reducing fuel consumption. But this doesn’t affect the overall output at all. The user saves up on fuel and can work for a more extended period.

Maintaining this machine is also easy, as the product itself does half of the job. The built-in air cleaning system keeps the bigger chunks of wood away from the filter and keeps the engine gunk free. The air filter also has a quick release which helps in easy cleaning. The chain adjustments are quick and straightforward with the Husqvarna.

  • 5 CC-power
  • Air cleaning system
  • Easy mounting for chain adjustments
  • Quick start mechanism
  • Versatile
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • The directions need to be carefully followed before starting



Having an environment-friendly option for many tools is hard to come by. Hence, you miss the chance to go green even if the users want to. However, with chainsaws, you have that option. All you need to do is find a suitable machine.

The Dewalt is an excellent contender for electric chainsaws. It runs on lithium-ion batteries that need a direct electrical power connection for charging. The voltage need for the motor is flexible as it can work on 20, 60 or 120 volts at max.

However, the best output can be gained from 54 or 108 voltage. This flexibility allows the user the use the device indoors and outdoors.

Another great feature that makes this outdoor machine-friendly is the cordless system. The machine is reasonably lightweight even with the battery installed and can be easily used cordless.

As it has no restrained, the user can take it anywhere. The machine can cut through 70 times if it is fully charged once. This test has been done on pine wood. It is also applicable to other types of woods.

The bar on this machine is a low kickback, 16-inch Oregon bar. This specific type of bar helps in outdoor construction as well. This machine promises no pull hassle and starts instantly at the pull of a trigger. It also has safety features such as chain break which protects from machine kickback and substantially reduces vibration.

Also, the chain break also helps in keeping the commotion down by generating less noise. Hence, it can be used indoors without disturbing the whole family. Maintaining the Dewalt is also easy as it has auto oiling and toll-free tension features. Overall, this product is one of the best professional cordless chainsaws in the market.

  • Noiseless device
  • Battery run
  • Flexible voltage options
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Cordless machine
  • Low kickback bar
  • Chain break protection
  • The case needs to be purchased separately

4. Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

You would buy a chainsaw as an investment for your woodwork job and hope that it will make things easier. However, a crappy chainsaw can prove to be more work with its blunt blades and frequent fuel run-outs. Keeping all those problems in mind, Oregon made their chainsaw which will please you.

A unique feature that this model holds is its self-sharpening blade system. This mechanism works by minimizing the downtime, which allows the blade to sharpen itself while they saw the running in 3 seconds or less. The guide bar is-18-inches on this machine which also helps in a self-sharpening the blade.

The design on this machine is also unique as it has an oddly larger handlebar. The handle has some cautionary messages, but functionality helps the user hold the saw more securely.

Also, the whole body of the saw is made of durable material which can absorb intense shockwaves generated from cutting dense wood. This helps in balancing the tool, particularly when you place woods on a roller stand for cutting. And you will also getting a cleaner finish.

Oregon is an electric chainsaw and mainly works by a power generated motor. However, it has a cord and needs a direct connection with the power outlet.

Although the cord limits the movement with this model, the electric model still manages great output. Moreover, it produces fewer toxic fumes and is perfect for the home environment.

The machine weighs only 15.8 pounds and is super easy to assemble. All you have to do is adjust the tensioner along with the guide and set the saw with the chain. The electric chainsaw is also able to produce less noise as it has zero emission and no gas-oil mixing.

  • Electric chainsaw
  • Lightweight and ergo-economic design
  • No gas-oil mixing required
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • 18-inch guide bar
  • Easy start
  • Low vibration
  • The cord limits movement radius

5. Makita XCU02Z 18V X2 (36V)

Makita XCU02Z 18V X2 (36V)

Every homeowner needs to do some maintenance around their home to keep it neat and tidy. And yes, just the interior decorations won’t do. You need to think about the random trees that might be growing in your yard. Or you need to chop some wood for some home task. In such cases, you will need a small but handy chainsaw.

The good news is that the market is the perfect chainsaw for DIY enthusiasts as it only weighs 8.8 pounds and is compact. It can store any and everywhere, provided that it is kept in its case. The compactness makes it ideal for keeping in the home garage without wasting much space on one tool.

Another reason the market is so great for personal use is that it is electric driven. This means the user will not have to take the unnecessary hassle of buying and storing the fuel for the chainsaw.  All they have to do is charge the lithium-ion battery with which the machine runs its motor.

The battery is 18 volts and needs to be fully charged before use. Once fully charged, it can be used for a long time as it has 50% more run time. It also charges three times faster thanks to the rapid optimum charger.

Although it is suitable for home projects, it can still deliver 1650 FPM cutting speed which naturally increases work efficiency. On top of that, the whole process will be noise-free. What more can you want?

If all that is not satisfying, you can also get a 50% longer motor life because of the brushless design and filter system. It carefully diverts water, dust, and small particles away from the motor. Thus, increasing its lifespan. The tool-less adjustments also make it easier for operation and maintenance.

  • More run-time
  • 8 pounds
  • More durable
  • Built-in safety system
  • Cordless
  • Noiseless motor
  • Great for home projects
  • Electric motor
  • Not suitable for professional use
  • Battery not included

6. Poulan Pro PR5020

Poulan Pro PR5020

Wood-working is kind of repetitive, and it can become monotonous at times. However, you can bring some action in the game by choosing a chainsaw that looks cool while providing the necessary service.

The first thing you will notice in a Poulan Pro is the gigantic name artwork on the bar. It makes the chainsaw unique in terms of looks. However, looks won’t saw through tree trunks, which is why this model is also equipped with highly influential blades.

Furthermore, the blades are unevenly placed at regular intervals. This allows deeper cut into more extensive logs. In simple terms, the blade is unlike any other saw.

To keep up with the ultra-modern blades, the engine also needs to be top-notch. The oxy power-driven engine on this model can deliver twice more output as it uses 20% less fuel. So, you substantially save up on the fuel and can get more work done.

Even though this machine is fuel-driven, it is still environment-friendly as it cuts down on emission by 70%. It also has a built-in system which helps in a smooth start as the pulling becomes effortless. You can reduce the manual labor force by 30%. On top of that, the carburetor has a purge bulb which supplies steady fuel for quicker startups.

It also protects the engine and reduces the chances of premature damage. For easy maintenance, the device also has air filters that keep the engine safe from dust and debris. It also has a combi tool installed into the rear handle for safer maintenance. It weighs about 17 pounds which can be easily carried around outdoors.

  • OxyPower driven motor
  • One of a kind blade
  • 70% less emission
  • Easy startup system
  • Reduce pull force by 30%
  • Steady supply fo fuel
  • Modern looks
  • 20% less fuel consumption
  • The bolts need to be tightened from time to time

7. Zombi ZCS5817

Zombi ZCS5817

An electric saw doesn’t need to be less power generating than a fuel saw. Although most models are designed that way to improve sustainability, the Zombie is designed to defy all odds. In the brand’s terms, this model is a wood cutting monster.

One look at the product will tell you why it named ‘Zombie.’ The blue neon lightning graphics brings out the brooding side of the machine. It is an electrical saw with 4 AH battery worth of output. With such power, you can easily cut through any wood.

The machine is also cordless, which means you have the freedom to take it where ever you want. No power outlet or fuel tank hassle. This can improve the efficiency of a professional worker.

Moreover, the engine is 58 volts so that it can be changed easily. Caution must be taken that the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, it will take time to start and eventually fry the motor.

The motor of the Zombie is brushless, which makes the saw more durable. Moreover, the 16-inch Oregon bar is a beast when it comes to chopping wider pieces of wood. The formidable length on the bar gives it the ability to cut deep. Hence, the user requires less time to finish the task. It also has a built-in chainsaw compartment.

It is extremely user-friendly. All you have to do is a charge, and you are ready to go. The quick-start system also makes it easier to use as it requires less pull action. It has a hand brake for in-between break needs and an indicator which will reveal the oil level in the reservoir. It is suitable for indoors as well as it produces no toxic fumes.

  • Cordless machine
  • Battery included
  • 58 volts
  • 16-inch Oregon bar
  • Chainsaw compartment
  • User-friendly
  • Oil level indicator
  • Hand brake system
  • More expensive than other electrical saws

8. Hitachi CS51EAP

Hitachi CS51EAP

Hitachi is a renowned brand worldwide for its innovative and original products. They have created several designs in different fields that have practically changed the industry. They also have a line of stunning chainsaws that are bound to get you excited.

This tool is designed for commercial purposes. It is built with the goal that it can finish the wood chopping in less time than most other saws. For this purpose, it has multiple systems that help in the quick start as well as running the chain and motor smoothly.

There are decompression valves on the machine that helps in the quick start. Plus, the addition of primer bulb and auto return choke helps the motor to warm up. It often happens that the motors do not get sufficient time to warm up, and gradually they lose the power output capacity. But with the Hitachi model, the problem is solved.

As this model is geared for professionals, the bar must be of optimum quality. This model has a 20-inch bar. The longer the shaft of the saw, the deeper it can cut in a shorter amount of time. So, the 20-inch works wonder in this case. It also has sharp blades to help the cause.

The bumper spikes along with the sprocket nose help in maintaining balance. Thus, the user achieves precise cuts whenever needed. The engine is 50.1 ccs commercial grade which is more than capable of the chip in long work hours. Besides, it only weighs approximately 17 pounds. So, it can be carried for long hours as well.

  • 20-inch bar
  • Bumper spiked and sprocket nose
  • Better control
  • Easy to maintain
  • Equipped with primer bulb and auto return choke
  • Takes less time to start
  • Fast and efficient
  • Not suitable for home projects

9. Chain Saw, Gas, 18 in. Bar, 40.2CC

Chain Saw, Gas, 18 in. Bar, 40.2CC

Several saws in the market will claim the versatility of use. However, chainsaws can be used both indoors and outdoors provided it has some critical features. The product by echo surely holds up-to the standards.

It is a compact yet powerful machine. It weighs just 10 pounds which means it can be stored in any basement with ease. It can also fit the garage space without creation much nuisance. Most importantly, the smaller size means it can also chop smaller logs without wasting much energy.

In addition to that, this product can also be used outdoors as it is fuel-driven. So, it generates 40.2 CC worth of output. So, you can easily saw through live trees with this model. The 18-inch bar is also useful in this regard.

It can hold up to 13.9 oz of fuel. So, the product can be used for a longer period, and the engine can also support the action. It also has an auto oil dispenser system, which makes sure that the bar and the chain work incoherence. The body is orange in color, which makes the tool easily visible in any worksite.

Besides a powerful engine and a strong bar, the machine also has features such as anti-vibration handle and air filters. The reduction in vibration helps in maintaining better control and the air filter protects the engine from wooden particles. It also has a two-stroke oil feature.

  • Compact body
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Easily visible
  • 2 CC power
  • Durable
  • 18-inch strong bar
  • Anti-vibration and air filter systems
  • Affordable
  • Will stop working if not maintained properly

10. Husqvarna T435

Husqvarna T435

This brand is known for its effort in minimizing the use of fuel and leaving a thinner carbon footprint. The T435 is also one of the chainsaws that abide by the same rule and would be a fantastic purchase for professional use.

The blade on this model is also bumper blade which effectively reduces the run time on chopping wood. It also causes less debris as the blade cleanly cuts the wood fragments.

T435 is a gas-driven engine, and with a generous supply of fuel, it can produce 35.2 CC worth of output. This is great for any outdoor work. It can last for a long time as it has a spacious fuel tank.

The x-torque helps in being as stringent as possible with the fuel. Thus, reducing emission. It also has quick-release air filters that make replacement and maintenance simple.

It has an adjustable oil pump that can be used to control the flow of oil depending on the weather condition. The chain tensioning helps in the quick start and better control of the machine.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Control-able oil flow system
  • Fuel driven engine
  • 2 CC output
  • Costs more than most fuel-driven chainsaws

Features to Consider Before Buying

Chainsaws might make your work much easier but choosing the wrong kind will only make things worse. Hence, it is always wise to know which aspects to look for before buying a portable mechanical saw.

Fuel or Electric

These types of chainsaws are predominantly either fuel-driven or electricity-driven. The best professional gas chainsaw will give the proper output needed by a professional. As gas or fuel saws have more torque generation power and more strength, they can last a long time.

However, if the professional user needs a lighter mechanical saw, then they should opt for electrical saws. They are more compact and easier to carry. Electrical saws are also useful for homeowners.


After deciding on the type of chainsaw, the users should consider how much power output or horsepower they will need. For professional use, higher CC engines should be a good pick. Any electrical saw is equipped adequately for home projects.

So, picking an electrical, mechanical saw will be a simple option if the user is confused about power output for home jobs.


Both types of chainsaws function in the same way. The power is generated by the motor, which creates a centrifugal force. This force helps the chain to rotate and the blades rotate with the chain, creating a strong movement that can breeze through sturdy tree trunks or logs.


The body of the saws must be made of durable material. Otherwise, the flimsy body will not be able to hold together against the strong centrifugal force. The material should also be rustproof.

Also, the user should also check for faulty switches. Cause, if the circuit board and switches are not correctly aligned than the motor will not start.

Starting Mechanism

While many chainsaws start by spring pulling mechanism, some also have a switch system. Depending on the user’s preference, they should pick one. Switch startups are quicker and require less manual labor.

On the other hand, spring startups are more dependable and have less scope of faults or error. Spring startups also generate more power.

Safety Features

The machine essentially tears down large pieces of wood in half. It is bound to create some debris along its path. However, if the small particles and dust enter the machine, it can eat up the motor’s life span.

Thus, the saw will stop working. That is why users should look for air filters that can re-direct the dust and debris away from the motor.

Another feature to look for is the shock-resistant feature. The powerful motor on a small body can easily create a lot of vibration and cause the user to either lose their grip or lose balance and cut off track.

To avoid all that, the best all-around professional chainsaw has an anti-vibration system installed. It effectively reduces shocks and also decreases run time.

Length of the Bar

The size of the bar decides how deep and fast the chain can cut through the wood. The width and length directly contribute to saving time and energy. The longer the length of the bar, the deeper it can cut in less amount of time. Shorter bars are suitable for chopping slimmer wood width.

Ease of Use

The assembly, instruction, and maintenance will decide how easy it is to use a chainsaw.  Some saws require barely any assembly and can be used straight out of the box. In most cases, electrical chainsaws do not require any assembly. However, they need to be fully charged before use.

Gas or oil machines have some assembly, especially when it comes to refilling. However, automatic oiling systems make sure that a steady flow of fuel nourishes necessary parts. Some machines also produce minimum noise pollution, which is also admirable for home projects.

Chainsaw Maintenance and Safety Tips

If you’re an amateur, then the first and foremost thing you need to do is read the instruction manual properly. You should do this regardless of how many articles you have read or YouTube videos you have seen.

The instruction guide will also tell you about safety gadgets. Eyewear and gloves are a must while using a chainsaw. The goggles should adequately cover your eyes and have enough space to minimize fogging. If you have breathing problems, you should also consider using goggles. We recommend getting a pair of chainsaw chaps and a work shop apron too.

Moreover, the user must always check for faulty connections and joints before starting the machine. If the chainsaw is fuel-driven, make sure that the body has no oil drips. Because the chain motion sometimes produces sparks and these sparks can easily ignite a fire from the oil drips.

In cases of an emergency always keep a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit nearby. These machines can easily have kickbacks if they are not appropriately held, which can cause severe injuries. So, the user must learn how to use the machine without a power connection.

The workplace should always be kept as clean as possible. Excess debris and dust can damage the product, and even the air filter will fail to prevent the dust from entering the machine. To keep your workplace neat and clean and free from dust, a cyclone dust collector can be a great choice for you. Also, you may try a dust extractor.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

Most of the top-rated brands have already made our review list. However, we thought of discussing the brands itself briefly, as it will draw an even clearer picture of the products.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

This brand is like a powerhouse when it comes to building different gadgets for different professionals. They also have their very own line for chainsaws which specialize in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. So, with Husqvarna, you can purchase some of the best mechanical saws at a reasonable price.

Makita Chainsaws

We have reviewed some of the Makita models previously, and it is quite evident that this brand manufactures some of the best professional electric chainsaws in the market. If you are looking for compact and electric saws, then you must check out the alluring range of Makita’s.

STIHL Chainsaws

This is another renowned name when it comes to manufacturing chainsaws. They deal with the most innovative machines and with the process of making the products eco-friendlier.

Remington Chainsaws

Remington knows everything there is to know about portable mechanical chainsaws. They have been in the business for almost 100 years now, and they practically revolutionized the industry. So, if you need the brand you can trust, then Remington is your best bet.

WORX Chainsaws

A brand that can produce affordable products but still can be used for home projects is the perfect combination for any DIY enthusiast. WORX is such a brand, and they have a fantastic range of models for the users to pick and choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of chainsaw is better for home projects?

Noiseless chainsaws are more suitable for home projects.

2. Does electric saw have less power?

Depending on the engine and overall design, the electrical chainsaws have less power output.

3. Are gas saws harmful to the environment?

Gas chainsaws have some fuel emission. But newer models have less fuel consumption features and fewer emission features.

4. Does the length of the bar have any co-relation with the output?

Yes, a longer length of the bar will allow deeper cuts.

5. Can the spiked bumpers be replaced?

Spiked bumpers are sharper and give better output. However, some brands have the option of spike replacement.

Final Words

Why waste time and energy with middle age products such as an ax when a chainsaw can be an excellent investment. The best professional chainsaw can not only save time but also give you a precise output every time. So, why not take the chance of killing two birds with one stone?

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