Best Roller stands in 2022 That Are Easy on the Wallet

The DIY tutorials make building cabinets or tables look so easy! But once you start working on it, you’ll realize that you need more hands! Carpentry is not something anyone can do all by himself. For starters, you need someone to hold down the tall tale of the timber before you can saw it down.

But hey, if you’re all alone, why not let a tool do that for you? To be precise, you’ll need a roller stand. This article contains a lineup of some of the best roller stands to save you the trouble of looking for them. 

A roller stand will level the tail end of the lumbar and stabilize it as you saw it down. If you’re looking for one, this list will give you all you need to know to choose the stand that suits you best.

11 Best Roller Stands Reviews

Guys, I can’t stress this enough! A good roller stand’s always a worthy investment. You can always trust this guy to be your perfect companion when you carve your dreams on wood. So, jump right in.

1. ToughBuilt - 3-IN-1 Roller Stand/Support Stand

ToughBuilt - 3-IN-1 Roller Stand

When you have a large plank, even clamping it to a bench vice isn’t enough. You have to make absolutely sure that the plank doesn’t move an inch when you saw it. This guy can reach a height from 27.3 to 43.9” so that it can precisely match the height of your table. So, it can hold up the tail end, stabilizing the plank.

Now, the tail end will hold most of the weight. Is the frame capable to take all the weight crashing down on it?  Well, ToughBuilt - 3-IN-1 has heavy-duty steel parts that say it can! The 2” box tube frame further strengthens it.

Also, having to pull the plank again and again can be such a drag. The tough guy has ball rollers on the support, which lets you glide the wood to the receiving end. You don’t have to play tug of war with the stand again!

By the way, have you looked at its feet? Its custom made. The rubber on the feet can grip on the floor, so the plank will remain stable all the time! ToughBuilt - 3-IN-1 Roller Stand can fold flat, so you can fit anywhere, even under your bed! — no extra space required. It’s a champion stand that’ll fit right in your budget!


  • Smooth movement on the sliding plate
  • Doesn’t take extra space when folded
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Great height adjustment range


  • Screws are of poor quality

2. WORKPRO Folding Roller Stand Height Adjustable, W137006A: Home Improvement

WORKPRO Folding Roller Stand Height Adjustable

The next one on our list is a bit on the pricier side, but it sure as hell makes up with extraordinary features. Say hello to the pro!

You buy a roller stand to level the plank, but what happens when your floor itself is uneven? It undoes everything the stand’s supposed to do. The woodwork gets sloppy. But the eccentric foot that comes with this can adjust to the uneven surfaces leading to stable handling of the plank and a smooth finish.

However, this adjustment doesn’t affect the strength in any way. In fact, this one can hold up to 250 pounds of weight! Yet it’s so strong you can even sit on it! (Unless you’re morbidly obese, in that case, you should spend more time on carpentry instead of sitting on it.)

The frame itself isn’t heavy, though. W137006A is light, so it’s easy to carry and displace. The frame can fold flat, so you can place it anywhere in your garage or basement — leave the extra space for important stuff like a foosball table or a barbeque oven!

Level the tail end of the plank with its easily adjustable head plate. The sliding plate can rise to a height from 27-in to 43-in.  It contains edge guides that keep the workpiece in place. A marvelous feature that’ll save your thumb when you’re working with heavy hardware tools!

So, get ready to splash the cash; you won’t regret it.


  • Edge guides keeping the piece in place
  • Eccentric foot for better leveling
  • Strong structure and sturdy construction
  • Lightweight, easy to carry around


  • Can put a dent in your wallet

3. ToughBuilt - Roller Stand/Support Stand

ToughBuilt - Roller Stand

Next up on our list, we have a strong, sturdy, and affordable roller stand. It’s an absolute steal! It possesses attributes that make it one of the best rollers stands for woodworking.

When you’re working with a heavy piece of wood, the tail end will carry most of the weight. The first ToughBuilt roller stand had ball rollers to remove the friction and slide the workpiece smoothly.

The problem with ball rollers is, when the workpiece is irregular in shape, the whole weight comes down on some balls more than the others. This sometimes deforms the balls, and they can function no more.

TB-S200 has strong galvanized steel rollers that carry the weight collectively and thus can resist deformation. The support stands are made from heavy-duty steel and can back up the sliding plate perfectly that’s battling the crushing weight.

The box tube frame holds the body parts together and fortifies the joint, making them stronger. This flimsy-looking frame can lift up to 265 pounds without a scratch! While it’s doing it, the custom feet prevent lateral movement and make the frame stable.

The headpiece can rise up to 42.91 inches and can level the workpiece as you saw it down to size. The quick adjustment makes it really convenient to work with. And yes, like TB-3-IN-1, this one can also fold flat and can be stored anywhere. It’s a tool you must try for some quality carpeting.


  • Foldable frame and low space requirement
  • Strong against heavy loads
  • Galvanized steel rollers
  • Quick adjustment to the given height range


  • Needs some effort to assemble

4. Vestil STAND-H-HP 14” Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand, 27” - 42” Height, 1760 lbs Capacity

Vestil STAND-H-HP 14" Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand

This is built like a tank and can lift a bewildering weight of 1760 pounds! If you think you’ve seen strength, you haven’t seen anything like this one. You can curve wood, metal, or even a medium-sized stone slab with it! The rugged designs well equipped to handle pretty much anything.

If you look at the base, you’ll instantly realize why it’s up for any challenge. The base’s constructed with strong cast steel, and the tripods provide extra stability so it doesn’t topple sideways. That gives it enormous stability when it’s carrying something heavy like a stone slab.

Even if you’re dealing with long workpieces, the ingenious design will work as an extra hand. The flat chrome plated single rollers are well equipped to handle any pressure at any time. This one’s made for heavy machinery and rough usage!

Like the roller stands that came before, this one also comes with quick height adjustment. The head plate can quickly match any level between 19.25 and 42 inches. Since Vestil STAND-H-HP can handle such a high load, it has tremendous strength in the neck.

You see, the neck of the stand is equipped with a friction lock screw that completely immobilizes the neck as it drops down after the weight’s applied. The gas-charged cylinders also help. I think it can even survive a building crash if the locks are in function!

 It’s baffling how such a lightweight structure can stand so much torture. The feed stand weighs only 33 pounds so you can carry and place it anywhere!


  • Enormous load capacity
  • Wide height adjustment range
  • Steel base offers better stability
  • Easy to displace and carry around


  • Some extra effort required for assembly

5. HTC HSS-15 Super Duty Adjustable 22-Inch to 32-Inch Tall Pedestal Roller Stand

HTC HSS-15 Super Duty Adjustable 22-Inch to 32-Inch Tall Pedestal Roller Stand

If you ever used an electric balance, have you noticed how there’re screws at the bottom of the feet to level the device? HTC applies the same mechanism. It uses leveling screws to make the slide plate vertical on an uneven plane.

But that’s not the g thing about this stand’s how strong its body structure is. Made with heavy-duty galvanized steel, HTC HSS-15 can withstand a whopping 500-pound load! It’s perfect for hacksaws, bandsaws, or any other appliances.

The height adjustments make it perfect for different hardware. It can rise from 22 inches to 32 inches.

And while the weights come crashing down on the neck, the wedge lock on the box tube stops it on its track, so the enormous load doesn’t smash the lowest setting. The lock will tighten around the neck, hindering its movement and ensure that the steel doesn’t slip.

After placing the heavy wood plank, stability becomes an issue. The saw’s a piece of merciless equipment, and when it sinks its teeth on the wood, if it moves, that can lead to some serious accidents. Fortunately, HTC HSS-15 has non-skid rubber feet that grips on the floor, restraining the plank completely.

Dragging such a heavy workpiece to the feeding end also becomes a problem. The galvanized steel roller with dual bearing takes care of that like a champ. And the roller endures the load and makes dragging the workpiece a walk in the park!


  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Non-skid feet for better grip
  • An adjustable wedge lock system
  • Precise leveling and stability


  • Expensive can break the budget

6. Vestil STAND-H 14” Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand, 23” - 38-1/2” height, 1760 lbs Capacity

Vestil STAND-H 14” Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand

In terms of load capacity, this one’s the hulk! Vestil STAND-H might be a little shorter than the previous one, but this ain’t no imp! It, too has the same enormous load capacity of 1760 pounds. Whether it’s pipe sizing or wood carving, nothing can overwhelm this monster! [Herein, check our article on the best wood carving tools too]. 

The cast steel base makes the stand stable and levels it accurately. And the material used can withstand the test of time. It can resist corrosion for many years and stand strong against any load. This tripod structure retains top-notch stability for many years.

This roller stand’s quite handy, considering that it can adjust its height anywhere between 23 to 38.5 inches! That’s good enough for any type of saw or hammer. And the slide plate’s also easy to adjust.

One of the many challenges of carrying such an extreme load is supporting the side plate so that it doesn’t crash on the lower level. Vestil STAND-H has an ace up in its sleeve. The friction lock screw stops the movement of the neck that comes down like a jackhammer when an excessively large load’s applied

Vestil STAND-H 14 is 3 pounds lighter than Vestil STAND-H-HP. Take a moment to let that sink in! It’s remarkable how such lightweight frames can lift so much, yet Vestil stands do it effortlessly. This one’s also easy to carry and move around. When you’re done working, you can slide it anywhere. It takes up a lot less space!

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  • Easy to place and move around
  • Can handle an enormous load
  • Easy height adjustment in a wide range
  • Top-notch materials of construction


  • Extra effort required for assembling

7. PROTOCOL Equipment 67109 3-in-1 Roller Stand

PROTOCOL Equipment 67109 3-in-1 Roller Stand

If you’re looking for a quality budget roller stand, then this one should top your list. You can get your money’s worth and more.

To start things off, PROTOCOL 3-in 1 has a 3 function roller head: a material stop, a single roller, and a multiball head. The material stops can grab on to the tail of a wooden plank, keeping it steady as you work on it. And the chrome-plated roller’s sturdy but it can slide the workpiece to the feeding end smoothly.

And then there’re the 8 ball rollers that can roll the workpiece in any direction. The balls can lift a weight of 150 pounds. It’s designed to work efficiently for pipes, metal and plastic, and of course, wood.

If you want to know the secret behind its strength, it lies in the materials of construction. Its whole body’s made from powder-coated metal that can prevent rust formation. PROTOCOL 3-in-1 can withstand any weather. And work fabulously in summer and snow. [To clean your metal body tools perfectly, read our article on the best sandblasters].

When you’re working with a heavy workpiece, the no-slip capped feet will get a good grip on the ground and keep the tail perfectly still. You can adjust the stand too, and work anywhere between 28 to 45 inches. It’s perfect for plywood, plastic, metal pipes, etc.

Moreover, the innovative design adds to its appeal. The frame can be folded flat and carried easily. It’s the lightest stand on my list, weighing only 10 pounds! PROTOCOL 3-in 1 is the perfect companion to have to turn your garage into a one-man workshop.


  • Easy height adjustment for different tools
  • Innovative design for convenience
  • Weighs less thus easy to handle
  • Multifunctional roller heads for different purposes


  • Can only lift 150 pounds
  • No locks for the scissor stand

8. Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand - Power Tool Stands 

Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand

If you’re thinking about how a camera stands like this help you saw stuff? Trust me, it’s so much more than what its appearance suggests!

Let’s start with the peculiar clamp, or should I say jaw. It can hold objects having a width of one and a quarter inches. Again, it can even hold on to the door while you work! The clamp can tilt up to 90 degrees so you can use it to support other projects like making a cabinet or a wall shelf!

That’s not all, the slide’s made from heavy-duty steel that has a smooth surface. We’ve seen stands use rollers for sliding, but that moves the slab arbitrarily when force’s applied. But the low-friction sliding plate guides the workpiece to the feeding end where it meets the hardware.

Furthermore, the ‘XP' in the name means exact positioning. The slider can adjust itself from 29 to 43 inches. Rockwell RK9034 takes precision very seriously. To make the level exact, it comes with a bubble indicator. That’s quite handy if you know how to use it.

Moreover, the three legs cover a wide space so it can achieve greater stability. But don’t worry, the stand can fold flat. Rockwell RK9034 has a measly weight of 13.5 pounds. Nevertheless, it’s rock solid and has a load capacity of 220 pounds! The non-mar feet won’t put even a dent on your floor.

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  • Convenient to move and carry around
  • While material stopper (the jaw)
  • Bubble indicator for leveling accuracy
  • Non-marred feet prevent floor damage


  • Sometimes it comes with faulty height marker

9. Shop Fox W1732 Adjustable Roller Stand

Shop Fox W1732 Adjustable Roller Stand

If you have more cash to flow, why not get a roller table instead of a stand? The exciting features will make this a worthwhile investment.

We’ve all seen that factories use conveyor belts to transfer the goods. It’s efficient and takes a lot less time. Another grand feature for conveyor belts is that they can carry a lot of weight since multiple components are working together, and the load’s distributed equally.

The same concept is in play here. When you join multiple stands, all equipped with single rollers, then none will have to carry the weight all alone. Shop Fox W1732 can accommodate 9 rollers, so it works like a table. And that’s why you get the maximum load capacity of 300 pounds!

It’s such a versatile accessory to have in your workshop. The stands have adjustable legs that can reach heights from 19.5 to 54 inches. And since there’re multiple stands, you have the independence to shape it anyway convenient. You can tilt or elevate it depending on the use!

Its rollers are 19 and a half inches longer, so it’s wide enough to house workpieces of irregular shapes. The multiple rollers enhance the rolling capacity. Since there’s no friction, weight becomes less of an issue. The casters are made from polyurethane which’s one of the strongest construction materials you can find.


  • Multiple adjustable stands adding strength
  • Easy height adjustment for all the stands
  • Versatile can be used for different purposes
  • Huge load capacity


  • Pricey

10. BORA Portamate PM-5093 Tri Function Pedestal Roller 11.25" Polished Steel Roller, Ball Bearing Multi-Directional Rollers

BORA Portamate PM-5093 Tri Function Pedestal Roller

Next up we have a rock-solid stand to make carpentry a piece of the pie. Hailing from heavy-duty steel parts, this strongman has a load capacity of 300 lbs. This one's made for heavyweight operations like drilling, sawing, or hammering.

Like others on the list, this one can easily adjust heights anywhere from 27 to 43 inches! Portamate PM-5093 is made from heavy-duty steel with a powder coating. This makes it resistant to corrosion and allows it to handle heavy loads. So you can bet that this won’t succumb to pressure!

Portamate PM-5093 is a versatile tool to masterfully perform three functions. The multidirectional rollers can lift heavy loads of the tail and turn it in any direction. They’re especially effective against flat boards that require more area of contact.

The stationary support holds the tail so you can work on the timber without trouble. And then there’s the roller board, which effortlessly guides the heavy load to the receiving end.

Portamate PM-5093 can deal with any type of load with the utmost stability. The non-slip feet are there to hold on to the base so that the weight can be kept perfectly still at all times.

As the weight’s applied, the wedge lock supports the head so that the weight doesn’t damage the body. Portamate PM-5093 is perfect for long heavy workpieces and can work well with any type of saw. And of course, you can fold and keep it anywhere.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Heavy-duty material providing strength
  • Can be folded flat
  • 3-in-1 multifunctional support


  • Height adjustment needs work

11. Adjustable V-Shaped Pipe Roller Super Duty Stand HTC HSV-18 with Two 6” V-Shaped Rollers - Power Tool Stands

Adjustable V-Shaped Pipe Roller Super Duty Stand HTC HSV-18 with Two 6” V-Shaped Rollers

With all the generic roller stands in the market, HTC thought differently and came up with a stand to deal with cylindrical or irregular shaped timber, which is basically the starting point for carpeting.

The problem with irregularly shaped workpieces is, you’ll never get an equal distribution of weight with a flat roller plate. If you choose ball rollers, the balls will sooner or later show deformation and will lose its function.

But it’s no problem for the 'V' shaped 6” rollers! They’re made from galvanized steel and can roll the heavy timber to the feed table effortlessly. They can handle 500 pounds of weight with ease! The height of the 'V' rollers can be adjusted from 26.5 to 43 inches!

The challenges to stay stable while lifting up the weight. Furthermore, the non-skid leveling feet work like magic in this regard. The feet provide extra stability and strength. Fancy doing some carpentry outside on a hot summer day? The leveling screws can adjust to any uneven surfaces giving an accurate level.

Moreover, the non-skid feet will bite on the ground and stay stationary as long as you work, so the stand will not tumble on the ground as you place the log. HTC’s signature wedge lock will stop the downward press of the neck on the body. This one’s a champion for pipes, logs, and timber!


  • Strong ‘V’ shaped rollers
  • Can carry a great load
  • Easy height adjustment forb
  • Non-skid feet gives excellent grip


  • Expensive can break the budget.

What to Look for Before Buying?

A lot of us only think about purchasing a roller stand for DIY projects. If you don’t have prior experiences with this equipment, it’ll be increasingly hard to find a roller stand you can get your money’s worth out of.

There’re some things you must consider before buying a roller stands.

Height Adjustment

A lot of hardware goes into carpentry. Different types of saw, chisel, hammer, etc. Each tool has specific handling technics and requires different height requirements. When they’re not met, accidents can occur. Therefore, be sure to check the height adjustment range of the stand.

Load Capacity

This specifically depends on what you’re going to work on. The stands on the market can lift over 200 pounds, which qualifies for carpentry. However, if you need to handle something heavier, some stands can handle over 1000 pounds. It’s better to know the limit of the stand before buying one.

Custom feet

This is crucial because the strength lies on the base. Stands that can handle greater loads usually have non-skid feet to prevent the lateral movement of the stand. Even the tiniest deflection can mean trouble. If the custom feet have mechanisms to level accurately on uneven surfaces, that’s a bonus!


You’ll not be using the stand all the time, only on weekends, maybe. Therefore, you need stands that don’t catch rust and resists heat and cold. Science came up with materials that make them resistant to rusting, strong but light. Powder-coated cast steel should prevent rust formation effectively.


The design of the stands holds significance. The stands must have height adjustment otherwise it won’t be much use. Moreover, the scissor stand design comes with foldability which means you can fold it flat and carry it anywhere. The roller design also decides how much weight can it endure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions regarding roller stands? Check our list of FAQs to see if we have the answer.

  • Which material is the best for the construction of roller stands?

The roller stands on the market are mostly made from stainless steel. It’s the design that gives them strength. If you're looking for longevity, a roller stand made from stainless steel with powder coating should fit your needs perfectly.

  • Should the roller stands have bearings?

Roller stands don’t have moving parts that rotate continuously like a cycle wheel. A bearing will only add to the weight. A good quality shaft with stainless steel balls does the jobs perfectly. 

  • My stand’s too tall for my table — what should I do?

Before buying, you should take the measurements of the table accurately. The stands on the market can adjust to multiple heights, but can’t sink lower than the lowest limit. If it’s still too tall, you can cut off the bottom a bit. The best option returning the stand and getting a new one.

  • How to stop the screws and bolts from rusting?

You corrosion-resistant materials to prevent rust formation. Powder coating also stands strong against rust. But if your bolts and screws are still rusting, then you can paint. But the best you can do to protect it is keeping it away from moisture.

  • Single roller or multiple ball rollers?

Both rollers have the function of sliding the workpiece in the feeding section. But single rollers will only move the lumber in a single direction. Ball rollers will give you the freedom to move it sideways as well. However, single rollers will offer greater resilience.

Final Words

Thanks for sticking around till the end. Roller stands are an absolute necessity if you’re working alone. This is a piece of lifesaving equipment. You can’t afford to compromise on the key features.

That’s why I have made this list of the best roller stands you can get in the hardware stores. Before clicking the ‘order’ button, make sure you do your research. Happy carpeting!

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