Best Spokeshaves Reviews in 2022 for the Smoothest Edges

If you have been woodworking for some time now or at least know the basic gist of it, then you most probably know about spokeshaves. It is for shaving your wood and giving it a smooth finish and curves.

These spokeshaves have come a long way. They are jam-packed with features now, and the products are far better than ever. There are countless spokeshaves in the market, but what are the best spokeshaves?

In this review of the 11 spokeshaves, you will get to see the best ones available in the market. Get ready to be free of any confusion for your next purchase, and let us guide you through the whole process.

11 Best Spokeshaves Review

There are countless spokeshaves available in the market, and each of them offers something different. These are some of the best spokeshaves in the market near you.

1. WoodRiver Adjustable Spoke Shave

WoodRiver Adjustable Spoke Shave

Getting a product from a well-known company can always put your mind at ease. You can be sure of the quality since they never make excuses for their products. Hence, the quality of these best rated spokeshaves is always guaranteed.

Such a company is WoodCraft. If you have been woodworking for some time now, then you have most probably heard about them. They have been dominating the market for a long time now, and it is for good reasons.

These guys make excellent quality products. WoodRiver spokeshave is one of them. What makes this product great, though? Well, first of all, the adjustability is top-notch, which is great for versatile usage.

The adjustable sole is great for any rough surface. It makes the work process much more convenient. This feature is excellent, especially when you have a lot of work to do.  The product can create different cuts from different sorts of depths.

This spokeshave has threaded rods to hold the blade in place, and even then, you can remove it when you want to hone your blade. The curved body makes the product easy to maintain and work.

You can easily adjust the product whenever you want to make perfect shaves. The results are amazing, and you can put your trust in this blade, just like thousands of other people with no worries.


  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • There is an adjustable sole
  • You'll get great shaves
  • Blades are durable
  • You get a well-packed box


  • Blades come a bit blunt
  • Requires strict maintenance

2. Robert Larson 580-1000 Kunz 151 Flat Spokeshave

Robert Larson 580-1000 Kunz 151 Flat Spokeshave

Every product has one feature that is better than other ones. They try to market the whole thing based on that single feature. Now, that one feature could be a hit or miss for you. You might want something that has all the elements equally good.

An overall great product that is perfect for if you don't work that much! It excels in every category, so when you do plan on working, you will love this product. Woodworking, as a hobby, will be an ideal example.

The Robert Larson 580-1000 will be the best spokeshave for you if you fall into the category. This product is great for straight and curved areas. It can get your job done with no problem at all.

You also need a product that can last you a long time. Well, this product fits that bill too. It has a very durable build quality that can handle any weather conditions and rough usage.

It gives the ability to control the thickness of your shaves. This feature is very versatile. You can now easily smooth wood according to your will. The spokeshave has an ergonomic design that is great to hold.

Now, you can spend long hours without getting fatigued. This product is great for the general audience who wants to get the job done without any hitch.


  • Great overall product
  • Perfect for DIY and hobby
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable design
  • Blades are high-quality


  • Can cause smudges
  • Not suitable for hardwood

3. Anndason 2 Pcs Adjustable SpokeShave 

Anndason 2 Pcs Adjustable SpokeShave

Everyone has to start somewhere. When learning something, it is always wise to take any sort of help you can get. You want the work to be easy for you. This feeling is very reasonable and happens to everyone.

You can't just start something and be good at it overnight, especially when it comes to woodworking. Your tools must be easy to handle, but most spokeshaves that are in the market are for professionals.

Well, worry not because the Anndason 2 Pcs Adjustable Spokeshave is perfect for beginners. The product offers grip like no other in the market. While shaving your wood, a slippy spokeshave can be dangerous.

You can easily mess your work up or, worse, cut yourself in the process. It is vital to have something very easy to hold. Other than having a great design, the product comes in a pair. This pairing may be a marketing strategy but a good one indeed.

The 9-inch steel blades are the perfect size for giving shapes. This product has a very high-quality build quality, which makes it very sturdy. Another great feature is that the product comes with an anti-rust coating.

So, if you are planning to start woodworking, then this will be the perfect solution for you. It can handle more than you are planning to throw at it. 

And at the beginning of your woodworking career, you will also need different types of sanders for your workshop. To find a good quality dual action sander, you may love to read this post. Or for detail sander, this article will be helpful for you!


  • Comes in a pair
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Body has an outstanding grippy design
  • You will get precise shaves
  • Anti-rust coating


  • Time-consuming to use
  • Paint can rub off on the wood

4. Kunz Round Bottom Spokeshave

Kunz Round Bottom Spokeshave

If you work with woods professionally, then you understand the importance of a spokeshave that makes very precise shaves all the time. This feature is not something most blades can do easily.

Out of so many spokeshaves available in the market, finding the best one that can easily do this is very difficult. Professional-grade hardware is a blessing and can make your life much more comfortable. Now, which spokeshave do you need to get for this convenience?

Well, fear not since the Kunz Round Bottom spokeshave is here to ease your problem. This product has a 2-inch sharp german blade that gives you exact cuts all the time. It creates incredibly light debris, and you get full control.

You have to push and pull on rough edges to make it smoother. The blades are very secured. It will not be moving around when you are working. This blade precise shavings a piece of cake.

A pair of brass adjustment screws are there for more versatile usability. The durability of this product is no joke, either. It can easily handle a lot of workloads and can withstand a lot of damage while rough-usage.

If you are planning to get this product for your hobby, then it is also a great choice. It makes the process much more relaxing, and you can make whatever you want.

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  • Makes the most precise cuts
  • Great for hobbies
  • Sole is very well-polished
  • Very smooth shaves
  • Durable product


  • Takes a lot of work to handle
  • Not perfect for thick shavings

5. Swpeet 2Pcs 10'' Adjustable Spokeshave

Swpeet 2Pcs 10'' Adjustable Spokeshave

Sometimes you don't want something top of the line. You just want something that can get the basic stuff done and will be easy on your wallet. The problem is that most basic products cut way too many corners.

At a point, the product becomes very annoying to use. You need something basic but good quality. These two words don't go together, but it is not impossible. The Swpeet adjustable spokeshave has done the deed.

They have a spokeshave that is not only affordable but also very good in quality. The product can get all of your simple tasks done without any sort of hiccups. This product has an entirely wear-resistant blade.

It has adjustable screws, which helps you get a versatile usage. You can make shaves of any size you want. The body is effortless to hold and use. This spokeshave does not easily slip out of hand either.

For the price, you are getting exceptional durability. The corrosion-resistant body ensures you a very long lifespan. You can just buy one and use it whenever you want without worrying about anything.

If you are in the market for something affordable yet great in everyday usage, then this product will simply be the best option. It offers the best bang-for-the-buck capabilities. The product outstands among other products in this category.


  • Affordable price range
  • You get replacement blades
  • Provides excellent toughness and sturdiness
  • Body has a streamlined design
  • Easy to use handle


  • Blades can become blunt after some time
  • You need a screwdriver for adjustability

6. Accessbuy 10" Adjustable Wood Craft Cutting Edge Spoke Shave

Accessbuy 10" Adjustable Wood Craft Cutting Edge Spoke Shave

Versatility is essential when you are working with wood. Some products are good with soft surfaces, and some are good with hard. You don't want to use the wrong spokeshave for either because it can mess up the whole thing.

There is nothing more frustrating than your whole work getting ruined after a few wrong shaves. You need something that is precise and can work with any given surfaces. The Accessbuy 10" adjustable spokeshave is the best for versatility.

This product works great on any given surface and gives you a sturdy experience. The blade is very sharp and is very easily adjustable for your convenience. Also, it can handle anything.

The body of the spokeshave is iron-cast, which means that the durability of this product is no joke at all. Though, just like any other metal product, make sure to clean it thoroughly after every usage.

Keep it away from any humid area and dry when it gets water on it to protect it from rusting, and you will be just fine. The blade takes some time to get used to, but when you run a few tests, it becomes convenient in any case.

Patience will get you a long way with this product. There is another desirable feature of this product, and that is its price. The affordability makes it a no-brainer choice.


  • Perfect for versatile usage
  • Body has fantastic durability
  • Can withstand heavy workloads
  • Great for curved work
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Cleaning is tough
  • Blades can get very hot

7. Pinnacle No151 1/2 Radius Spokeshave

Pinnacle No151 1/2 Radius Spokeshave

Nothing is better than a spokeshave that has a lot of versatility and excellent build quality. These two features can make a killer combo if done right. However, it is not very easy to find.

You can already imagine just how much work you can do with it. The versatility is going to be great for any sort of work you could imagine, and the build quality is fantastic for any rough usage.

These are not just empty words, and a product like that exists. The Pinnacle No151 ½ Radius Spokeshave is the one that will make your dream come true. This spokeshave has a 304 stainless steel build, which is better and more durable than iron cast.

We all know that when it comes to rust issues, stainless steel is the best option. The premium quality and design is no joke at all. It will go perfectly with your tool collection.

Since the spokeshave is very light, it is effortless to handle and work with it. The blades had cryogenic treatment, and also they have a double tamper, which helps for more precise shaves.

The versatility makes it ready to work on any given surface with no problem at all, and the blades are very sharp and precise. This spokeshave is a fantastic product to get if you want something very high-quality.


  • Body is of stainless steel
  • Very lightweight
  • Blades offer precise shaves
  • You get good versatility
  • Package create an attractive outlook


  • Shavings may get clogged
  • Takes time to get used to it

8. Stanley 12-951 SpokeShave with Flat Base

Stanley 12-951 SpokeShave with Flat Base

Crafting something curved is always a tricky thing to do. Most spokeshaves have a hard time doing so. It is a tough job, and every woodworker can agree to it. You need something that is very capable.

If you manage to get a spokeshave that does not cut curved pieces well, then you can easily mess up your work. Think about round tables — crafting those round edges is a hassle because you don't always have the right tool for the job.

The Stanley 12-951 SpokeShave is an excellent choice for people who wants to get the most out of their wood. It has adjustable cutters that help you control the depth of your shaves. This adjustability comes very handily when you're curving round stuff.

Also, the tool comes with quickly replaceable cutters, too, if yours gets damaged by any chance. This spokeshave also provides an excellent grip.

It won't be slipping out of your hand while working and will get the job done very quickly. The iron-cast body makes it very durable too. This product is perfect for convex places.

If you are struggling with curved wood, then this is by far the best one you can get right now. It will give you very consistent results. You can now shave as much round wood as you want.


  • Can easily shave curved places
  • Great durable build quality
  • Will not slip out of hand
  • Provides replaceable blades
  • You get a vinyl pouch to store


  • Blades are a bit blunt
  • May rust after a long time

9. Pinnacle No 151 Spokeshave

Pinnacle No 151 Spokeshave

Comfort is essential when it comes to using tools. You don't want to use something that easily fatigues you in the long run, now would you? The product you are planning on using needs to be very convenient to use.

A premium quality product that has an excellent build quality and can handle any tight spaces with no problem is required. Of course, when it comes to the elephant in the room, the product also needs to be budget-friendly.

These are some strict demands, but the Pinnacle No 151 Spokeshave offers you precisely that. They have been tending to our cries for a long time, and this was no exception either.

When it comes to quality, the spokeshave gives you a ductile iron body that has a spherical graphite structure for durability. This product is entirely resistant to wear. The weight is a bit more than usual, but that helps with the grip.

This product has excellent blades too. The blades had cryogenic treatment for wear resistance, and it can cut through any convex or concave designs with ease. This product is excellent for the price.

You can achieve a lot with this spokeshave, and with the price tag, it becomes a complete steal. If you are looking for something that will give you the best bang-for-buck, then this is it.


  • Perfect for shaping
  • Blades stay sharp for a long time
  • Completely resistant to wear
  • Easily handles rough usage
  • You get smooth results


  • Shavings can cause a clog
  • Weight can be problematic for some

10. Meolin Wood Woodworking Adjustable Spokeshave

Meolin Wood Woodworking Adjustable Spokeshave

Rusting is a massive problem when you are using something metallic. The rust will eat up your tools in no time at all. You always have to make sure that your products are rust-free or not.

A heavy metal product being rust-free does not usually go together. You always have to clean your metal spokeshave to resist any future rusting. This issue can get annoying at times.

Well, the Meolin Wood Woodworking Adjustable Spokeshave helps a lot in this situation. This spokeshave is entirely rust-free and offers other great features too. The product is excellent for DIYs. You have to push and pull with your hands and can get desired shaves.

You will have reasonable control over what you are doing. The flat base of this product is excellent for curved places. You can shave long tables with ease too.

This spokeshave also has adjustable blades; this will help you control the depth of each shave. You are getting a lot of convenience out of this product. The versatility of this product is also outstanding.

It is safe to say that you are getting a perfect product if you are looking forward to using something that will last you a very long time. The durability is also very exceptional, and it can handle any rough usage. So, throw whatever you want at it.


  • Perfect for DIYs
  • Complete rust-free protection
  • Body is very durable
  • You can use it on different woods
  • Provides fantastic finishes


  • Blade needs constant sharpening
  • Not very lightweigh

11. Taytools 469553 2 Piece Set Flat and Round Bottom Spokeshave

Taytools 469553 2 Piece Set Flat and Round Bottom Spokeshave

If you are a professional woodworker, then you know that you need a spokeshave that can work on any given surface. Of course, having an excellent build quality and a good blade is necessary.

Professionals need different spokeshaves than your average use since you have to work on a diverse amount of wood, and you always need the best product available to tackle stuff like this.

Well, to solve this issue and give you the best of the best, the Taytools 469553 spokeshave is the perfect one for you. This spokeshave exists just to relieve you from this mess. The product is ideal for any hardworking woodworker [BTW, here are the best router lifts reviews for fine woodworking].

Two spokeshaves are in the package. One is perfect for concave shapes, and another is for more extensive surfaces. The two items give you diverse working capabilities. These two have a fantastic adjusting mechanism, which makes it very convenient to change around.

Now, let's talk about the blades and the body. The body has a robust ductile-iron build, which is great for long-term usage. This product also has excellent blades that can work on any wooden surfaces you want.

The spokeshave is also very easy to hold and press down. You can efficiently work for hours and get fatigued because of this product. It can make your life much more comfortable.


  • Perfect for professional usage
  • Easy to remove parts
  • No rust issues
  • Blades are not exposed to tear
  • Offers versatile usage


  • Blades do not come sharp
  • Product requires a lot of work

What to Look for Before Buying?

Before buying these best-rated spokeshaves, you have to keep some essential things in mind. These are important when it comes to buying spokeshaves and makes the process much easier.

Build Quality

As you can already guess, a spokeshave needs to have an excellent build quality. There are usually two types of spokeshaves available in the market. One is iron-cast, and another is steel. Iron-cast bodies are generally weighty.


But that heft is necessary for better grip and control. On the other hand, steel is much lighter, and it is perfect for more precision. Steel builds usually prevent any sort of wear or rust too.

So, if you are a heavy worker, then iron-builds would be perfect, but steel is more suitable for DIYs or hobby.

Ease of Use

You need something that will be very comfortable to handle for a long time. Look for a blade that has an ergonomic design and can fit in your palm well. You can quickly get very fatigued while using spokeshaves, so this is very important.

Try to get something light like stainless steel spokeshaves if you don't have too much work to do. A lot of times, these spokeshaves offer the same qualities as iron-cast ones. Always put your comfort first.


Other features come with spokeshaves too. These play a very crucial part in your whole working experience. Some features like adjustable blades and premium quality finishes add a lot to the experience.


Of course, you would want your spokeshave to have versatility. This versatile usability is mainly for workers who have to tackle a lot of work every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I get round or flat-bottomed spokeshave?

They both are perfect for different cases. Round-bottomed spokeshaves are great for tight and curved spaces, while flat-bottomed ones give you smoother finishes on a flat surface.

2. Is push stroke better than pull??

It all depends on you. You can get the job done with both. Pull stroke is excellent for downhill, and push is for uphill.

3. How do you clean a spokeshave?

You should always clean your spokeshaves with a dry cloth or a brush. Make sure it does not get wet.

4. What should I do to make my spokeshave last a long time?

To keep your tool from getting rust or wear, make sure not to overuse it. Always keep it clean after every usage and keep it away from any humid area or water.

5. How do I sharpen my blades?

Use a file to get the best results. Place your blade on top of it and move it back and forth while applying pressure till you get your desired outcome.


These were some of the best spokeshaves available in the market. They will guarantee you great shaves and convenience. You can easily use these products for a long time. Hopefully, your workload can reduce by anyone of them. You can now get back to work with no tension and let these spokeshaves do their trick.

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