Best Tile Leveling Systems in 2022 for a Professional Finish

Who doesn't want to have floors and walls that are pleasing to the eyes? Whether it be you yourself, your family, or your clients, everyone will surely appreciate a well-done tiling project! Well, as tempting as that may sound, it's not so easy! Not unless you have the right tools, that is.

So, this is where tile leveling systems come into play. These enable even laying of tiles, which result in beautifully tiled rooms. But which system should you get? Below we have provided reviews of 15 best tile leveling systems so that you can make that particular decision!

15 Best Tile Leveling Systems Review 

With the help of our in-depth reviews, you should be easily able to distinguish the product that fits your need.

1. Raimondi, Leveling System Starter Kit

Raimondi, Leveling System Starter Kit

It's not always easy to find a product that can be used both for professional and regular use, yet that is what Raimondi brings. This starter kit uses the Raimondi Leveling System (RLS), which has been created for fast and proper tile setting.

Beginners and more experienced people alike will find it easy to use this system. Provided in this kit are regular joint clips, wedges, and floor pliers. The joint clips are 100 in number and are 1/16" ones which can be used for tiles ranging from ⅛" to ½" thickness.

As for the wedges provided with this kit, they are reusable and are 100 in number as well. The RLS system requires you to use the clips and wedges provided to easily and efficiently level your tiles, with no lippage. The only issue with this unit might be that the grout lines may get a bit enlarged when the wedges are tightened.


  • For both amateurs and pros
  • Does not cause lippage
  • Easy and efficient leveling
  • RLS system is fast
  • Wedges can be reused


  • May enlarge grout lines

2. ⅛" Peygran Tile Leveling System Kit

⅛" Peygran Tile Leveling System Kit

Just like the previous product, Paygran's ⅛" tile leveling system kit is also friendly for both professional and home use. This unit is made in Spain and is of good quality, with Peygran's motto being 'Quality Requires Innovation'.

As a matter of fact, unlike a lot of other leveling products, the tabs do not break with this one while compressing them with wedges. So you can rest assured that this unit is not flimsy and weak! Provided in a durable bucket are 100 wedges, 100 clips, and a pair of pliers that are adjustable.

The clips permit spacings of 1/32", 1/16" and ⅛" grout lines, which are 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm, respectively. And the Peygran Leveling System enables you to get smooth leveled tiles with minimum effort, at a fast rate.

There is no lippage whatsoever with this product, and the tiles are perfectly flat if it's used correctly. Additionally, the wedges can be reused, so there's no waste. As a quality product, it does come at a high price, which is something to keep in mind.


  • Home and professional use
  • Flatness with minimal effort
  • Reusable wedges, no waste
  • Prevents any lippage
  • Durable bucket provided
  • Comes with pliers


  • On the expensive side

3. 1/32" T-Lock Complete Kit Anti Lippage Tile Leveling System

1/32" T-Lock Complete Kit Anti Lippage Tile Leveling System

This kit is manufactured by the brand Perfect Level Master. They provide an innovative system for tile leveling, which is quite different from the traditional way. As a result, leveling can be done faster and more simply with this unit. The kit comes in a hardy bucket and contains 300 clips and 100 wedges.

Pliers are not included and need to be bought separately. As the title suggests, the clips provided have 1/32" spacers included. Due to the fact that the tiles are each leveled by the surrounding tiles, there is no unevenness between them.

And this results in a flat and level floor, and since the tiles dry within an hour, you can enjoy the results quite soon. Additionally, this unit prevents lippage and warping of the tiles when the thinset cures. Overall, this product is great to use both for DIY and professional purposes, especially as it is easy to install.

However, it is a bit highly-priced, particularly since pliers need to be bought separately.


  • Fast and simple to use
  • Flat tiles achieved
  • No warping or lippage
  • For both DIY and pro use
  • Hardy bucket provided
  • Easy to install


  • Pliers not provided
  • Price is high

4. YIYATOO 100 Pcs Tile Leveler Spacers And 500 Pcs 2mm Tile Spacer, Tile Leveling System

YIYATOO 100 Pcs Tile Leveler Spacers And 500 Pcs 2mm Tile Spacer, Tile Leveling System

YIYATOO provides a leveling system for both walls and floors with this unit, which is a great advantage. This kit contains 100 leveler spacers, 500 tile spacers of 2mm, and 2 wrenches. The spacers can provide gaps of 2mm and greater in between the tiles, and are compatible with 3mm to 17mm thick tiles.

And the special wrenches provided can be used to remove the leveling systems with ease, though they may not come out once or twice. If the needle, which is T-shaped, is properly moved back and forth, then this issue can be better avoided.

Unlike the traditional leveling system, this one allows ease and less strain on the muscles, resulting in less tiredness for the user. Contributing to this factor is the fact that there is a reduced need to grind and polish during installation. This also helps save time, along with energy.

Add to that the flat and level finish without any lippage, and you've got a win! As an added bonus, wedges can be reused, so it both saves money and leads to less wastage. Coming at a reasonable price truly makes this unit belong in the best leveling system for the tile category.


  • For both walls and floors
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Less strain on muscles
  • Doesn't cause lippage
  • Wedges can be reused
  • Price is reasonable


  • Clips get stuck in grout lines

5. Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System 1 By 16Th", 1.5mm 

Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System 1 By 16Th", 1.5mm

The Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System is different from the above-mentioned products. This is due to the fact that it can be used without any pliers or other tools! A leveling system that can be totally used by hand is both simpler and takes less effort to use.

So how does it work, you ask? Well, this product contains 1/16" bases, which are to be used with caps for leveling the tiles. The caps need to be bought separately and are manufactured by Spin Doctor as well.

This system enables even laying of tiles, both on the floor and on walls, and is easy to use for professionals as well as amateurs. As there are no extra tools needed for installation, it is quite hassle-free to use! Additionally, the screws can be very effortlessly and single-handedly spun down using the caps.

And this is especially true for tiles, which are larger in format. The process requires reduced installation time and leads to less fatigue for the user. One box of this product contains 250 pieces of leveling system, and at a reasonable price.


  • No pliers/tools needed
  • Single-handed installation
  • Fast process and less fatigue
  • Great for large format tiles
  • Price is reasonable


  • Caps not provided

6. FROSCH Tile Leveling System- 1/16" (1.5mm) Clips

FROSCH Tile Leveling System- 1/16" (1.5mm) Clips

FROSCH provides a very inexpensive leveling system with this product, with 2000 clips per pack. It can often be difficult for home-owners to find decent tile leveling systems on a budget. This is even more tragic when you have spent a good amount on your tiles, or if you have marble walls or floors.

It's also quite tough to find easy to use systems for newbies as well as pros, ones that will result in even tiles. Well, FROSCH promises all of this with this product and more. A spacing of 1/16" and compatibility with ⅛" to ½" thick tiles is what this product provides, with no lippage.

As the price is low, you would expect poor quality, but FROSCH will surprise you with their high-quality plastic clips for sure! Not only that, but they also break off pretty clean once you're done with them. No wedges are provided in this pack.


  • Price in quite low
  • Good quality plastic clips
  • For both home and pro use
  • Does not cause lippage
  • Clips break off clean


  • No wedges provided

7. Spin Doctor Lippage Control System

Spin Doctor Lippage Control System

This unit from Spin Doctor contains base plates as well as caps required for tile leveling. 250 black base plates are provided which are of ⅛". As for the caps, 100 of them are provided with this starter kit, and they can be used and reused for a multitude of purposes.

These caps are very easy to take off most of the time, though it may be a bit troublesome once in a while. As this is a lippage control system, you can bet that it will be totally prevented with this product, both on floors and walls.

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Overall, it is very convenient to use for all, especially due to the single-handed system of use for screwing on the free-spin design. This also means that installation is fast and requires less effort. It should be noted that there is a bit of a learning curve involved for newbies to be able to use this system efficiently.

As this unit has been particularly made with large format tiles in mind, it works pretty well with them. However, a rubber mallet needs to be used for these larger tiles. It needs to be bought separately.


  • Caps can be reused
  • Multi-purpose caps
  • Use on floors and walls
  • Great lippage control
  • Single-handed installation


  • Rubber mallet needed
  • Learning curve for newbies

8. T-Lock PERFECT LEVEL MASTER Pliers Tool Gun For Tile Leveling System

T-Lock PERFECT LEVEL MASTER Pliers Tool Gun For Tile Leveling System

This is a product particularly designed for use with the T-Lock tile leveling system.

Made of polyamide, these pliers can take quite the beating without getting damaged.

Not only are they long-lasting, but they are also very lightweight as well, which makes it convenient and easy to use.

Even though the spacers can be adjusted by using your hands, this product transforms that process into a single-handed one. This saves you time and requires less effort as well. Wedges can also be leveled and locked in using this tool.

It is true, however, that you can find cheaper alternatives to these relatively pricey pliers quite easily, even though these work great.

Yet to be fair, they have a good quality feel to them and are durable as well, things their cheaper alternatives may lack.

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  • Can take a beating
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Saves time and effort
  • Single-handed operation
  • Feels of high quality


  • Price is a bit much

9. Xntun Tile Leveling System Professional Ceramic Tile And Stone Installation

Xntun Tile Leveling System Professional Ceramic Tile And Stone Installation

Xntun provides a leveling system containing 3 different products - spacer clips, wedges, and pliers. There are 300 spacer clips provided here and 100 wedges, which are reusable. This saves money as you don't have to buy new wedges every time. These wedges allow a gap of ⅛" or greater than 3mm in between the tiles.

Tiles with thicknesses ranging from ⅛" to ½" are compatible with leveling with this unit. The 9" × 5" special pliers provided with this product make any added tools unnecessary for use during leveling tiles. Even though they work, the pliers aren't really of the best quality, and you might need a bit of patience while using them.

As this product uses a T-lock system, lippage is totally prevented. Installation is also made easy, and it is not time-consuming at all. Both walls and floors can be tiled with this unit, by pros and home users alike.


  • Economically reusable wedges
  • Special pliers provided
  • No added tools needed
  • Lippage totally prevented
  • Pro and home use
  • For both floors and walls


  • Pliers not of the best quality

10. Hengmo ⅛" (3mm) Tile Leveling System Super Kit

Hengmo ⅛" (3mm) Tile Leveling System Super Kit

This product comes with a tool case, inside of which is an array of different components. Tile spacer clips, wedges, and pliers are all provided, making it a complete unit, not needing any added tools for use.

The 300 clips suitable for tiles of ⅛" to ½" thickness make it easy to space the tiles quickly. 100 pieces of wedges enabling 1/16" and more grout joints allow for an economic system for leveling tiles.

As for the pliers, they are made of steel and are adjustable for leveling tiles anywhere. The installation is easy and quick with this unit as the tiles are not lifted but rather pushed into place.

Even leveling is done by each tile being set into place by the surrounding tiles.

There is no lippage from this method of leveling at all. As this product can be used for just about any tiled surface and by people of all levels of experience, it's truly worth mentioning. The only issue with this unit might be that the spacer clips might not always be easy to break off.

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  • No need for added tools
  • Comes with a case
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Everyone can use it
  • Prevention of lippage
  • Easy and efficient to use


  • Clips may remain in grouts

11. Premium Tile Leveling System By RMS

Premium Tile Leveling System By RMS

This unit is from RMS and has been particularly made for the larger and more heavyweight tiles.

RMS is a company that promises great quality products at an affordable price. It can be quite troublesome to find products for the ever-growing tile sizes, especially for both home and professional use.

Heavy tiles mean a lot of effort has to be put in installing them, and the process often becomes messy and tiresome. This product makes the process easier and faster, hence making it less energy-consuming.

Additionally, it ends up giving your floors and walls an even and perfectly flat pro finish. Each pack contains 500 tile leveling clips of ⅛" and wedges which measure 3.5" × ⅞" × ⅝". These work best with tiles of up to ½" thickness.

No additional tools are necessary for laying the tiles, although a wedge wrench would definitely make it easier. As a side note, the break-off process is not always clean.


  • Great for large, heavy tiles
  • Gives a pro-finish
  • No added tools necessary
  • Can be used anywhere
  • For pro and home use
  • Installation is made easier


  • Better with a wrench
  • Doesn't always break clean

12. YEFU Tile Leveling System

YEFU Tile Leveling System

YEFU brings a tile leveling system that makes it much easier to lay tiles than the traditional way. Even though it can be a daunting task to evenly lay down tiles, especially over larger areas, this product makes that possible.

It contains 300 tile spacers made of PVC, which makes them very high quality. These are suitable for tiles from 0.1" to 0.47" thickness. Other than that, wedges are also provided, 120 pieces to be exact.

No added tools are needed to use this unit, especially as a pair of pliers are provided. These pliers are made of steel and can be adjusted to 6 positions for use with the wedges and clips.

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All this reduces the time needed for the leveling process. Normally, 4 clips are needed per tile, but if it is large, then 6 clips will be needed. Overall, this is a great product for novices as well as pros.

And it contains more clips and wedges than most units at this price range as well, so it provides great value for money. Something to keep in mind, though, would be that a rubber mallet might be needed to hammer out the clips.


  • A lot of clips and wedges
  • Bang for the bucks
  • No extra tools necessaryReduces time and effort
  • High-quality clips
  • Adjustable steel pliers


  • Better with a rubber mallet

13. ⅛" T-Lock Complete Kit Anti Lippage Tile Leveling System 

⅛" T-Lock Complete Kit Anti Lippage Tile Leveling System

This product is another one from the brand Perfect Level Master. They are a very popular company, and their tile leveling kits are used all over North America as well as Europe. This particular kit contains 300 spacer clips, ⅛" each for creating evenly spaced grout lines.

100 wedges are also provided with this kit, and when they are used with the clips, they provide T-lock. This T-lock system enables evenly leveled tiles without any warping or lippage.

It also reduces the installation time while making the clips very easy to remove when you're done with them. This makes it easy to use for beginners and professionals alike.

As the title suggests, this product is of good quality, and it is a complete kit that doesn't need any additional tools for use. One thing to be cautious about is that if the thinset reaches the edge of the tile, then clips might not break off. Additionally, buying a pair of pliers can make the process even easier.


  • Efficient T-lock system
  • No lippage or warping
  • Reduces installation time
  • For amateurs and pros
  • Kit is complete


  • Pliers would make it better
  • Thinset interferes with clips

14. Premium Tile Leveling System With Push Pliers

Premium Tile Leveling System With Push Pliers

This product is from the brand Tanek and is suitable for ceramic tiles which are large and have a thickness of ⅛" to ½".

Provided with 300 pieces of spacer clips and 100 pieces of wedges means you get good value for money. This is true, especially as a pair of push pliers are also provided, which is a truly great addition to any tile leveling system.

You can use this system to make a gap of 1/16" or more in between the tiles, though it may sometimes turn out to be nearer ⅛". The pliers make it easy to place the clips and wedges in place, which ensures that no unevenness remains after the tilesets. This makes the process convenient and efficient.

As the wedges can be reused, you are saving money along with effort and time with this system. Floors and walls can both be tiled with this product, and it shouldn't be a problem for novices or pros. As a matter of fact, workers who are new to tile leveling will find it a great investment.


  • Good for large tiles
  • Pliers are provided
  • Wedges are reusable
  • Easy to use for new workers
  • For use on floors and walls
  • Value for money


  • Grout lines may be near ⅛"

15. RTC Products Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System ⅛" Baseplates 250 Pc

RTC Products Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System ⅛" Baseplates 250 Pc

The Spin Doctor uses baseplates and caps to level tiles in a free spin process.

However, the baseplates and caps are sold separately, and this product contains 250 baseplates.

When placed underneath the tile, these plates will make sure your tiles lay flat and even. Coupled with the caps, you can have an easy time leveling your tiles.

This system involves spinning the caps using only one hand to set the tiles in place while the thinset dries. Not only does that mean that less muscle power is needed, but time is also saved.

As larger tiles are particularly hard to level, this product is designed to work around that problem and make the process easier.

Even though it is suitable for both beginners and pros, beginners might have to go through a learning curve. If you're not careful to place the baseplates above the mortar, it might become tough to break it off.


  • Compatible with large tiles
  • Reduces muscle power, time
  • Only one hand needed
  • Ensures evenness of tiles
  • For both pros and amateurs


  • Learning curve for newbies
  • Caps not provided

How to Choose the Best One 

Now that you've read through our best tile leveling systems reviews, there are a few factors you need to consider.

These are essential before you can make your purchase!

Product Quality

It certainly goes without saying that if you are going to make any purchase, you should go for one that is of good quality!

When it comes to tile leveling, if the quality of your clips or other products is not good, then they will break off at the wrong time.

Tile Leveling Systems

Alternately, they may not break off when you need them to!

Whatever system you choose, make sure that it's not going to fail you due to poor design or cheap materials used.

Value for Money

Buying a tile leveling system means investing your money for an important project. Your work will be seen by others, after all!

And if you're going to be using it at home, then you will constantly have to look at your own work, good or bad. So since you've decided to put your money in a product, you need to make sure it's worth it.

Since both pros and newbies can use a lot of the same units, you should ensure that you're not overpaying for your system.

This is especially true as a lot of great products nowadays are available at reasonable prices.

Components Included

A tile leveling system usually requires more than one tool to function. Typically, it is spacer clips, wedges, and pliers. Sometimes, like the Spin Doctor products, the system involves baseplates and caps.

Whatever the system may be, you need to be sure to get all the components necessary for tile leveling.

There are plenty of kits that are complete, so no extra purchase is needed. These are very convenient, of course, and you might want to check them out first.

However, if you're okay with making separate purchases, that's totally up to you.

Just make sure that you're not missing a tool when you've started the leveling process!

Effort Needed

Even though it may not seem like it at first, tile leveling requires a lot of time and effort.

If the system you're using is not efficient, then you will end up with muscle fatigue and depleted energy stores soon.

Tile Leveling Systems

So it's important to get a system that contains an easy and effortless process, preferably, which takes less time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best tile leveling systems:

1. Can I use a tile leveling system on a crooked floor?

Yes, you can, but the result won't be good.

If your floor is uneven, so will be the tiles, and you will see a lot of lippage.

2. What is lippage?

Lippage is the difference in the height of the adjoining tiles.

The edges of the tiles next to each other will have various elevations if lippage is present.

3. What are the grout lines?

The spaces in between each tile are called grout lines as they are filled with grout.

Grout is the mixture of water, cement, and sand used as mortar to hold the tiles in place.

4. What is thinset?

Thinset is the mortar that holds the tiles in place.

It is adhesive and made from cement, fine sand, and an agent that retains water.

5. How long does it take to tile a floor?

It depends on a lot of factors, such as the size of the floor, the size of the tiles, the system involved, and the experience level.


It's very important to know about the products available before making your purchase.

That is why we have provided a list of the best tile leveling systems available above for you to go through.

A little time put into research will surely result in a very aesthetic tile job, getting you compliments for a long time!

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