10 Best Wood Screws – Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Are you a furniture finisher? Or a Carpenter? Or maybe someone interested in woodworking? Whatever the case may be, you must have heard about woodscrews or used them at least once so far.

Woodscrews are probably the most critical tool a woodworker needs while working on his/her projects. But we know it’s not as simple as it sounds, buying the best wood screws is a whole different story.

Well, we got you covered. Down below is a list of all the top-rated wood screws that money can buy, and we have also prepared a buying guide just so that you know what to look for while making your purchase.

Let’s dive in.

10 Best Wood Screws

To help you choose the perfect item, here’s a list of the ones currently prevalent in the market, along with the pros and cons of using them.

1. Kreg SML-C125-500

Kreg SML-C125-500

Kreg Tool Company manufactures this screw. They are renowned for their hardware tools. They make it from high-quality zinc, and thus, it prevents rusting and lasts a long time on the plank joints. Likewise, it prevents wood splitting by its sharp pointy self-tapping tips.  

This product is perfect for different indoor projects on a budget. Since they have coarse threading with an aggressive design, their hold on the wood fibers is firm. The coarse thread begins at the tip. This also means there’s no need for pilot holes, and a sizeable Maxi-Loc style head is there to allow maximum bearing space.

If you’ve experienced using screws that don’t fit well into the pocket holes, chances are, they had a conical shape. But you don’t need to worry about that when using this product. The flat bottom of these items gives a flawless fit to the wood pieces. These are, in fact, one of the best plywood screws out there.

Threading on the screws starts at the tip which makes the screw go in easily. The process is faster, as there is no need for predrilling. The #8 pocket hole also makes the work easier. This pack contains 500 screws, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

  • Adequate rust protection
  • Budget-friendly
  • Overdriving doesn’t occur when using these
  • Their larger steel shanks help form solid joints
  • The finishing is average at best

2. Reliable Hardware Company RH-5112BO-A

Reliable Hardware Company RH-5112BO-A

Apart from a gorgeous black finish, the screws of Reliable Hardware Company are sturdy enough for a variety of jobs. The sharp points of these screws provide a smooth finish to the wood products. Size of ½ inch also makes it suitable to use in drawers, cabinets, and small cupboards.

The wax coating, combined with the black oxide is responsible for the smooth finish. This combo also prevents significant corrosion and rust. But it doesn’t make the screws rustproof. If your project is meant to be exposed to moisture regularly, this might not be the best choice.  

Despite being short, these are great for holding a lot of weight. You can use them for both thin and thick planks. Similarly, waxing is a big help in the insertion. Clean Phillips heads of these allow you to drill quickly without the head-snapping. Threads spin from the top through the whole length and end at a sharp point.

If you’re looking to upgrade your door hinges or drawers, these are great as they give an aesthetic look once drilled in. The black, burr-free smooth heads look shiny and match with white furniture perfectly.

  • The price is affordable
  • The endpoint is very sharp
  • weight-holding capacity is functional compared to its size
  • Beautiful black finish due to oxide coat
  • Not very durable against rust

3. Rok Hardware

Rok Hardware

There are 100 screws per package, and this is a big win compared to the price point. They weigh about 4.8 ounces. The threading goes all around the body from the head to the pointy tip. It’s the perfect short screw for installation works.  

These screws with a zinc finish are a product of the Rok Hardware company. Their overall length is 14.21 mm, and they have a base length of ½ inch. These steel screws have a truss-style head. They are perfect for installing slides on drawers as their washer heads allow smooth gliding.

The price is lower than many other drawer slide screws. This product has the deep Phillips #2 drive that allows proper insertion with power drillers. They have sharp ends and are low-profile. These are suitable for making small bookcases or shelves earthquake-proof and can be used in kitchen cabinets too.

While these types of screws are good for woodwork, they’re also suitable to use on particleboard, MDF sort of materials, and even on plastic composites. They hold onto wood firmly. You don’t need to use batteries or power tools to fix them up, and they’ll work fine for small DIY projects.

  • Flat washer heads cause no obstruction
  • Fair price
  • Can hold up MDF material, plastic and particle board too
  • Short size but still strong
  • Screw head is weak

4. Hard-to-Find Fastener 014973291433

Hard-to-Find Fastener 014973291433

If you are looking for some black steel items with a black phosphate finish, this is your product. These fasteners by the brand Hard-to-Find Fastener is something to check out. They come in a pack of 100 and work like a charm on wood.

Moreover, they are sturdy and sharp enough for even the hardest of planks to be joined. Black screws naturally give a professional look to any workpiece. The bonus with these is that they are durable and have good weight holding capacity.

The head is flat and small. These are perfect for working on small items or little DIY projects. From a small electric cabinet to even on guitar amps, you can use this product efficiently. Although they do tend to give in if handled with extra pressure, the lightweight of 2.4 ounces is also an advantage.

Accordingly, the diameter is #6, along with a Phillips deep drive that’s cross-shaped. Thread coverage for these fasteners is full. The threaded style is the right hand, and the type is the UN.

However, the primary material is steel, but due to the black phosphate exterior, it gives a beautiful polished look along with more sturdiness.

  • Small size is perfect for little projects
  • Doesn’t become stripped easily
  • Have extremely sharp points
  • The black color gives a professional look
  • The head is pretty small

5. WoodPro Fasteners AP9X212-1

WoodPro Fasteners AP9X212-1

The gold-colored fasteners from the WoodPro brand can help work with specific wood projects with ease. This item has a type-17 sharp point and is suitable for flooring or decking works. The sharpness lets the drilling work effortlessly. These have a T-25 Stardrive system that reduces the chances of stripping.

Besides, this product has unique nibs under its head that allow a smooth countersink in different materials. There is a Golden Electro-Polyseal coating over these types of fasteners. This gives them around 1,000 hours of salt-spray protection. So, they are much sturdier than regular items.

Along with the 1,000 Hour E-Coat, these fasteners have Square Torx head style. This makes them suitable to be used in Red Cedarwoods. You can drill them with any cord or cordless driller. The heads are reliable, and this makes them very durable. They can hold up a lot of weight.

As the thread size is #9-2.5, it is suitable for any woodwork. Similarly, since the thread goes a bit more than halfway up the body, it penetrates the wood after being spun a lot. This stops them before countersinking flush on the wooden boards. They are particularly great for decking installations.

  • Have an excellent coating that makes them very durable
  • Can hold more weight
  • Self-drilling
  • Easier to drive in
  • Comparatively expensive

6. GRK 772691120793

GRK 772691120793

Coming in the packages of 100, this item is one of the best for DIY projects that mainly involve cabinet construction. This is by GRK, which manufactures cabinet screws specifically. The diameter is 2.5 inches with a round head style and minimal counter sinking where this item is involved.

These come in golden color. As they are paintable, one can easily cover them up or leave them as they are. They go in effortlessly and don’t split narrow wood pieces either. Thus, the bit that comes with this pack of screws prevents stripping.

On the other hand, one can even use these for vinyl siding installation. They are partially threaded with pointy ends. The exterior has a brass finish, and this makes them have a good look when used on woods like maple. There’s no need to drill a pilot hole for using these.

At the same time, self-drilling, i.e., the self-tapping features, make them even easier to use. They have a Torx style drive system. These are great for drilling in cabinets on the walls. The item weight is 12.8 ounces, and the length is 2 and a half inches.

  • Excellent weight-holding capacity
  • Self-drilling
  • Cause no splitting
  • Can be used for interior or exterior projects
  • They are short and may come out of a magnetic bit extension

7. FastenMaster FMGD003-75

FastenMaster FMGD003-75

FastenMaster has come up with this 3-inch product in a pack of 75 for crafty people to do their work efficiently. This is a highly durable fastener due to its rustproof coating. These come in a tan color. You can use them with either a Phillips or square bit.

This item has a sharp piercing end for easy installation. They are reusable as well. There is a versatile Pozisquare drive that eliminates any cam out too. This has a good hold on the wood, and you can use it on cedar wood without staining.

As this item is more extended, there is no need to over tighten it when working on installation projects. You can tighten them once in a while when the wood expands. This feature makes them very useful for outdoor projects. They do require pilot holes in some cases since their length is more.

With full-length threading, these are useful items to secure deck boards, and they are not coated. One of the cons is that since they are meant for going through tongue and groove panels, they do not grab chunks of pine very well.

So, a beginner might find this difficult to work with. But as they come in many sizes, they can be accomplished with.

  • Easy to use with minimal effort
  • Great for outdoor projects
  • No cam-out easily
  • Comes with a bit
  • They strip easily

8. Xylan Coated Stainless Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw

Xylan Coated Stainless Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw

This product is made from high-quality stainless steel and has a ¾ inch style. The size is #6. It is highly durable and has various uses. You can use it on wood, composite items, or even in damp conditions.

A Phillips style drive allows this product to have a deep cut. So, there’s little to no risk of it getting stripped. They can be used on MDF and particle board too. The flat head allows a flush fit with the wood when used.

The point type for this item is Type A. With the coating of Black Xylan, this item is by far one of the best rust and corrosion-resistant products out there. Moreover, it has a great price point for 100 pieces per pack. Due to its durability, this is perfect for outdoor use and can also be used instead of standard drywall screws.

Since these are matte black, these work well in projects without the necessity of painting over them. They give a good finished look. The diameter of the head is 8 mm. You just need to use a proper Phillips head screwdriver so that the black finishing doesn’t get chipped.

  • Extremely corrosion-resistant and durable
  • It can be used on MDF, composite, particleboard, etc.
  • Matte black finishing
  • Allows a deep cut due to Phillips drive
  • Pricey per item

9. WoodPro Fasteners AP8X112-1

WoodPro Fasteners AP8X112-1

This item is by WoodPro Fasteners and comes in a package of 210. It also includes a T-20 Star bit. These items are suitable for both interior and exterior work. Since the color is gold, these look great on different DIY projects or on vintage woodwork.

When using this product on pine, there’s no need to drill pilot holes. But predrilling starter holes are needed for using them on the hardwood. They are rust-resistant. However, using them in fences can ensure durability as they can withstand exposure to moisture.

Like much other WoodPro hardware, this also has a PPG Golden 1000 Hour E-Coat. There’s a minimum chance of the coating being chipped or getting rubbed off. They drive in well. The head is comparatively small, and this requires some control while driving it in.

The Square Torx style head is excellent for installation, but if you’re looking to work with angles, this might be an issue. The Torx head doesn’t allow for angles and is better suited for straight use. Aside from this, they allow good countersink and prevent splitting.

  • Package contains more items
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoors
  • Rust-resistant coat
  • Gold color finishing
  • Not good for angular use

10. Deck Screws, Select Length in Listing

Deck Screws, Select Length in Listing

Stainless steel products like these are better than galvanized ones. These are by Fastenere and come in many sizes. They screw in clockwise and have standard threading, and it is right-handed.

Since they are stainless steel, they work fine with almost all types of wood, including lumber, redwood, and compost decking material. There is no need for predrilling pilot holes. You should keep in mind that when working with layers and underlayment, it’s better to use screws of bigger size than these.

This item has a Robertson style head, which is small, and heads of these can be easily damaged. In that sense, they need to be handled carefully.

Again, they do seem softer than typical stainless steel items, but their weight holding capacity is good enough for fences, chairs, and decking, etc.

Likewise, these have coarse threading that has a diameter larger than the shank diameter. They grip onto the material better as there is a deeper valley than the shank of the screw. When using softer or cheaper materials, these are ideal for joining pieces together. 

  • Works great with softer wood and MDF
  • Their deep threads drive in easily
  • Rust-resistant, as they are stainless steel
  • Cutting point tip is very sharp
  • Heads get damaged easily

How to Select Right Wood Screws?

When in the hardware store, you need to watch out for three main things for screw selection. These are –

  1. Size
  2. Length
  3. Gauge

Of course, factors like shear and lateral force, material, and weight holding capacity matter too. But the three mentioned ones are the most important. You can find charts in stores or online to help you match the size needed for your furniture, cabinet or to set up security equipment like gate latches onto the door.

For screws, size matters. From the head size to the direction of threading, it all matters a lot. You don’t want to end up with a pointy head sticking out through the other side of the wood, right?

If the screw isn’t of the correct length, it will be either too short or too long to use. Additionally, without the right thickness, the screws will easily let the wood joints fall apart. In the case of thin screws, they might even pull out of the wood.

Pilot Holes

Pilot holes should be drilled in with a bit for hardwoods. But you need to remember that pilot holes can reduce the grip of the screw if fibers are cut away from the wood piece. It is because of the wood fibers where the screws stay attached to the parts strongly.

Steel vs. Utility

There are two types of wood screws: Stainless Steel and Utility Screws. Thick screws with a larger gauge number are the stainless steel ones. These are good for working on indoor furniture or projects that require precision. Even in the working time, you can use a magnetic wristband to keep stainless steel screws safely. On the other hand, utility screws are usually under the range of #8 or #10 gauges.

Head Styles

Wood screws come with various head styles such as round, oval, or flat. In the market, you’ll find a variety of styles labeled as Robertson, Torx, Bistro, Phillips, etc.  Getting the right shape for your wood type is essential to make the screw work well.

If you are looking for some low-profile screws, the flat-headed ones are for you. These are great for woodwork, where the pieces are covered up with fillers or plugs.

Likewise, roundheads are great for giving the finished product a vintage look. These come out of the polished wood piece and work as good holders.

However, for the best of both worlds, it’s an excellent choice to use oval headed ones. You can cover them up, or let them be, and it’ll look good when painted or sprayed over.

Grain Orientation

Wondering what Grain Orientation is? This means you need to consider the number of boards the screw will combine and the layers or weight they need to hold.

When a screw is meant to hold two boards together, you should not use it for joining four or five planks. You must use the screws according to their grain orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between Phillips and Pozidrive?

Both of these are crossheads, but there is a minute difference. The Pozidrive heads have star-like extensions around the cross, but Phillips does not. A Phillips screwdriver can be used for a Pozidrive head as well.

2. Which head style is best for hiding?

Countersunk heads are the best for concealing and hiding because unlike round heads that protrude, these lay flat with the wood piece. Getting a paintable screw can allow you to hide the countersunk head even more.

3. What to do if the gauge number of the screw is unknown?

If you don’t know the gauge, just the diameter of the head can be measured in sixteenths of an inch. From that, you take away one and double the number. The result is the gauge number of the screw.

4. What’s the difference between a screw and a bolt?

Simply put, screws are to pull two pieces together. Bolts need a nut to secure it in place and can’t work on its own.

5. Are wood screws better than drywall screws?

Many people use drywall screws for wood projects. These have thinner shanks, and this makes them brittle. Heads of drywall screws are bugle shaped, which are nothing like a countersunk head. Wood screws are better for woodwork because they have tapered heads. They allow a better grip and have thick shanks.

Final Words

We’ve narrowed down this list to the best wood screws so that you can pick out the suitable one for your project and get the best outcome. Do read our article on top ratchet screwdrivers.

And if you want to keep your screws safe in the workshop, check our post on the best hardware organizers.

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