Reveiws of the 10 Best Wrench Sets in 2022 with Complete Guide

Wrenches are a long term investment. You need to be meticulous about what you get because your toolbox should not need more than one set of wrenches.

Numerous factors make the perfect set. This includes the set’s quality, functionality, and material.

As such, it is tough for a beginner to know what is essential and what is not.

To help you find the best wrench set for your toolbox, we have created this comprehensive buyer’s guide.

We will recommend some of the best sets out there and educate you on the details you need to know.

Why You Should Buy the Best Quality Wrench Set

Whether you are doing DIY work or professional work, you need wrenches that you can rely on. They will continuously be twisting and turning. Without proper materials, they will end up wearing out quickly.

Nobody wants a wrench that will become obsolete in a short period. So, you need to do thorough research on what kind of wrench you are getting.

You need to pay attention to the details of each set. It is essential to know what kind of work they specialize in and what type of material they are made with. Doing so will give you the most out of your investments and deliver efficient work results.

Top 10 Best Wrench Set Review

After rigorous research, we have picked out ten of the best sets to recommend. We have also provided a comprehensive review of each entry to make things easier.

1. Ratcheting Wrench Set Ratchet Wrenches

Ratcheting Wrench Set Ratchet Wrenches

Combination wrenches are an incredibly versatile option. You can find both a rounded and an open-ended wrench in this tool. As convenient as that is, this set from ToolGuards gives you even more.

A great set needs quality, versatility, and variety. Amazingly this first entry has it all. Let us start by discussing its incredible durability. Chrome vanadium steel is a very sturdy material. The material allows these wrenches to retain its extreme durability while also remaining slim.

One significant concern of thin wrenches is that they may lack strength. They may end up breaking when trying to tighten up nuts and bolts. However, the slim unit is desired because it can reach hard to reach areas. The chrome build enables it to retain both slimness and durability, extenuating its use.

You cannot have a set without variety. ToolGuards goes an extra step by giving you all the options you could need. It accomplishes this with its 22 piece set. This covers both the SAE measurements and Metric measurements, and this will allow you to work with every kind of nuts and bolts no matter where you get them from.

The range is also incredible. It can cover almost every size you can expect to run into. For the metric measurement system, it accounts for all sizes from the minuscule 6mm to the massive 18mm. For SAE, it goes from ¼ inches to ¾ inches.

ToolGuard is reputable for a reason. They have immense confidence in their products. This is why they allow a lifetime warranty in case the minuscule chance of a defect may affect you. You can easily trust their products with such a confident warranty.

Key Features

  • 11 pairs of SAE and Metric measurement Wrenches
  • Made with chrome vanadium steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a roll-bag
  • Ratcheting

  • Covers a wide variety of dimensions
  • Durable build ensures it will never break
  • It manages to be very slim
  • Convenient roll bag makes it easy to carry your tools
  • It does not ratchet as well as other models

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the bag have organized compartments?

Yes, each size is labeled with a yellow number.

  1. Where is it made?

These units are made in China.

2. GRIP 89358 MM/SAE Combination Wrench Set

GRIP 89358 MM/SAE Combination Wrench Set

In this day and age, every household should own wrenches. There are just so many ways you might need them. You do not have to be a professional to own these tools.

However, some people might ask what kind of wrenches they would need. They do not know what sizes they should get or what ended wrenches they might need. At the same time, they would not want to invest in something that costs too much. For them, the best option is something that is both cheap and versatile.

If you happen to be under these circumstances, then the best option lies in the GRIP 89358. They offer durable combination wrenches at a wide range of capacity for a ridiculously low price. Also, they consist of 12 pairs, each pair corresponding with the SAE and the metric standards of measurement.

Their double-ended nature also boosts versatility. One end is closed while the other is open; opening up to a wider variety of compatibility. Let us not forget how this unit manages to accommodate so many sizes at once. It can work with typical dimension fasteners.

For the metric side, the set contains a range from 7mm to a massive 22mm. On the other hand, it goes from ¼ inches to a full inch in SAE measurements. With a tool this diverse, you can hardly go wrong.

Besides spare household use, these units work amazingly as a replacement or emergency tool. It is something you take everywhere in case you might suddenly use them. They are also suitable in case your primary set breaks.

This brings us to its flaw. As durable, reliable, and cheap these sets are, it does not change the fact that they are not a professional wrench set.

As such, if you are looking for a set for your professional work, it might not be for you. However, if you are looking for a backup set, then there is no reason to gloss over this fantastic set.

Key Features

  • Reliable heat-treated alloy steel
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Provides additional strength
  • Accounts for SAE and Metric measurement

  • Its low cost makes it a superb backup set
  • Wide variety of sizes boosts its versatility
  • Is quite durable for the price
  • The case enables it to maintain a compact storage
  • Not viable for professional use

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do these units ratchet?

No, they were not made to ratchet.

  1. Should I get these for everyday use?

If you intend to use a set every day, it is wiser to choose a higher-end model.

3. Master Combination Wrench Set

Master Combination Wrench Set

The words ‘best value’ written on the title is not just for the show. There is an excellent reason why everyone should not undermine the importance of this Efficere set. This primarily comes from just how magnificent each tool is. Starting from the smallest to the largest, you can use them on whatever you intend to fasten.

So, the first thing you will notice is its incredible chrome finish. Seriously, take a look at it. It is hard not to get enchanted. However, the finish is not just for show. It ensures that each piece lasts as long as possible. The finish also lends to its rust-resistant feature; increasing its time value even more as a result.

You can rest assured that they will not become obsolete anytime soon. If you are a beginner in tool work, you might wonder why the ends of these tools are slightly angled. To be specific, these Efficere tools are angled at 15 degrees.

This small adjustment to its design makes it unfathomably efficient within tightly spaced environments. They even have a raised panel. This increases the leverage and grip to generate added torque for perfect fastening.

Do not worry about its size coverage. With 12 tools for the Metric and SAE standard each, you will be hard-pressed to find a bolt it cannot fasten. The metric side covers 8mm to 24mm. Its SAE portion varies from ¼ inches to a full inch. With proportions like this, you will have a field day working with this.

After all the features we have discussed, we cannot blame you if you think these are quite costly. Surprisingly, they are not. They feel like a steal. With units these reliable and cost-effective, you can quickly get multiple packs for use in different places, like your car, boat, garage, or whatnot.

We can say with confidence that these units will have your back wherever you go.

Key Features

  • Wide SAE and Metric size coverage
  • Chrome plated for increased longevity
  • Raised panel for increased torque
  • Combination tool with both open and closed ends
  • Comes with a heavy-duty bag

  • Long-lasting despite the affordable price
  • 24 wrenches with a wide range of sizes
  • Increased torque ensures better fastening
  • Usable even in tight spaces
  • Is not suited for heavy professional use

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it have the 1-inch wrench?

Yes, it comes with a 1-inch piece.

  1. Do I have to replace the case?

The case is comprised of high-quality, reliable material. You do not need to replace them any time soon.

4. Sunex 9930 SAE Stubby Combination Wrench Set

Sunex 9930 SAE Stubby Combination Wrench Set

Since we have discussed so many long and narrow tools, we cannot blame you if you get the impression that those are the ideal shapes. In truth, wrenches need to come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is no single perfect shape. Each shape is best suited for different types of tasks.

Likewise, extended models will not always be the best for every activity. So, for instance, if you plan on working on your car, long units could get in your way rather than help. That is where stubby wrenches come. And regarding stubby wrenches, few brands can be as good as Sunex.

When working on your car, you want something reliable and capable. As such, Sunex guarantees the kind of durability and reliability you need. Their confidence is so substantial that they offer a lifetime warranty with their units. You can comfortably place your trust in these models.

Just from a glance, you can tell that they are expertly made. Aside from its material, its design is something to boast about as well. The stubby shape is not an aesthetic choice. It enhances how compact it is. They were designed to fit into environments like a car’s engine.

Here, a significant degree of control is required. Shortening the length does an excellent job in giving you more room to work within tight spaces, and it also enhances how much power you have over each stroke.

The box-end is also angled slightly, which increases the torque of each turn. This lets you fasten effectively and quickly. Each turn feels like an extension of your arm; giving you the ability to make the most precise turns.

Moreover, the box end is chamfered to make things even more comfortable. It feels like the tool guides you naturally towards each bolt to quickly get into position for the best and fastest results.

Key Features

  • Stubby design
  • Combination wrench with box ended and open-ended sides
  • Box-end is angled at 15 degrees
  • High-quality drop forged alloy steel
  • Compactly designed

  • The small compact design makes it suitable for work in tight spaces
  • Angled box end increases torque
  • Easy to position with
  • Very lightweight
  • Only accommodates the SAE standard

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these ratcheting models?

No, they are not ratcheting.

  1. Do the manufacturers provide a warranty?

Yes, these models have a lifetime warranty.

5. Crescent CCWS5

Crescent CCWS5

Now, some of us may only encounter a specific type of bolts. This is usually true for those who work professionally and tends to buy a certain standard of measurement. Dual standard support is not entirely necessary for these people.

It is better for them to place all of their focus on a specific measurement standard and get the most out of it. You can achieve this by purchasing a set with a wider range of measurement sizes.

Crescent comes out with a set perfectly tailored to this purpose. You have the option to buy under the SAE and Metric standard depending on what you need the most. This saves money and increases your ability to specialize in the kind of material you work with.

Speaking of material, let us talk about its incredible build quality. We already stated how incredible chrome vanadium alloy steel is. It does everything we have discussed and more. This also gives the product its fantastic finishing.

Rust and corrosion will not even become a concern. Its longevity only compliments how amazing the units are.

Sometimes, it is the little details that make the most difference. Have you ever found yourself working, and continually turning your wrench to the right side to see its size? You will not have to do that anymore. These tools have the details of its measurements plastered on both sides.

Your days of fumbling with each wrench will be over. We discussed how stubby tools are great for working in confined spaces. That was because you would not have access to the space you need to maneuver a long wrench.

So how about places that are hard to reach. In those cases, long-handled tools like these are the best. The box-end is also designed to produce the most torque at the lowest effort.

Key Features

  • Each tool has an open and box end
  • Long handle
  • Mirror finished
  • Box-end has off-corner loading design
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant

  • Off-corner loading makes fastening easier
  • Easy to use in hard to reach places
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Sizes shown on each side makes organization easier
  • Lacks ratcheting feature

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get them in the Metric Standard?

Yes, both standards are purchasable individually.

  1. Does it come in a pouch?

No, it comes in a plastic tray.

6. Sunex 9914, SAE Angled Head Wrench Set

Sunex 9914, SAE Angled Head Wrench Set

We have spent the past five entries talking about combination wrenches. It would be hard to blame us considering how incredibly convenient they are. However, that does not take away from the fact that there are a lot of other types of wrenches that deserve their time in the spotlight [FYI, we also have reviewed hex wrenches].

So, for this entry, we will be talking about an extremely powerful double-ended collection.

As we have mentioned before, it is hard to go wrong with Sunex. Their confidence in the power of their portfolios is apparent through their lifetime warranty offers. As such, this set also brings the almost never-ending warranty to your toolbox.

So, let us delve a bit more into its dual-headed nature. It would be a waste to make both ends identical. As such, with this product, you will notice that one end is angled at 15 degrees, while the other is angled at 60 degrees. These angled heads make them very easy to turn and be useful in tight spaces.

They can reach those areas easily and lets you move at a convenient angle to increase comfort and torque.

On the topic of comfort, we must mention how superb the material is. It manages to provide both strength and comfort with its incredible drop forged alloy steel build. It fits properly into your hand and lets you work easily.

You get 14 units for each purchase. They use the SAE standard. Their range is quite impressive going 3/8 inches to a massive 1-1/4 inch size. The sizes are mentioned on each side; making organizing and switching out tools mid-work easier and more efficient. It is hard to go wrong with a unit as convenient as this.

Key Features

  • Dual-ended design
  • One head has a 15-degree angle while the other has a 60-degree angle
  • 14 units per set
  • Comes with a heavy-duty bag
  • Uses the SAE standard for measurement

  • Different angled heads increase versatility
  • Has a wide range of sizes
  • Best suited for work in confined spaces
  • Is both strong and comfortable
  • Polish is low-tier

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these tools stubby?

They are not stubby.

  1. Are they too thick?

No, they are slim and durable.

7. Craftsman 20 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set

Craftsman 20 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set

We have not mentioned ratcheting units for quite a while. You should know that in a professional environment, ratcheting is one of the most important features these tools could have. So, we will be discussing a few candidates for the best ratcheting wrench set for the next few entries.

Firstly, we have this absolute masterclass of equipment from Craftsman. When they back a unit up by the Craftsman forever guarantee, you know it is something special. Just look at it. The beautiful steel looks almost as good as it feels. It uses high-tier alloyed steel to craft top-tier durability, comfort, and longevity.

You get a total of 20 tools. Ten of these follow the Metric system while the remaining 20 follow the SAE standard. The ten from the Metric side ranges from 6mm to 18mm. On the other hand, the ten from the SAE portion ranges from 1/4 inches to 3/4 inches.

Additionally, you need power when dealing with tough material. A lot of these tools break when they try to remove tight bolts. Rusted bolts can even cause them to slip, eliminating any progress you thought you had. Accordingly, you need a tool that can hold on tight without sustaining any damage.

This Craftsman set has the sheer power to take on rusty bolts with ease due to its incredible open head. It is reinforced to handle any stress and hold on tight.

The box end provides even more convenience. It comes with an outstanding ratcheting feature. With this on, you will not have to worry about taking out your tool for every turn. This system forces the bolt to move one way only.

It means you can keep your arm static as you turn your wrists to fasten without lifting it out over and over.

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Key Features

  • Reinforced open-end
  • Ratcheting box-end
  • Durable alloyed steel build
  • Built for lifetime use
  • Box-end has a 12 degrees offset

  • Ratcheting makes fastening incredibly fast and easy
  • Offset on the box-end gives your wrists space to breathe
  • Impressive longevity
  • Powerful open-end with a strong grip and durability
  • The range is a bit too small

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do they give anything to store the tools?

You get a plastic mold case.

  1. Where are these made?

They are made in China.

8. GEARWRENCH Wrench Set – 85988

GEARWRENCH Wrench Set – 85988

We have already discussed tools for hard to reach areas before. But this GearWrench product takes ratcheting to a completely new level with this outstanding unit.

Also, we cannot have the best class equipment without a proper toolbox. So, for your convenience, they got an excellent hard-shell box. It is perfectly designed to fit every piece based on their exact dimensions. It will be easier to organize your gear with this box than any of your other cases.

Honestly, the convenience is just excellent. However, it does come with the added weight.

On the technical side of things, this set is a beast. It is dual ended with both of its side being closed. One side has the ratcheting mechanism, while the other does not. While people would think that most of the emphasis is placed on its ratcheting side, that is not true.

The non-ratcheting side is what makes each piece so amazing. And the issue lies here, where the ratcheting side may face difficulties getting through in tight spaces. Let us not forget that this standard side comes chock-full of torque and unprecedented grip.

You can fasten or take out pretty much anything because of how heavily reinforced this side is. The long handle design both elevates its capabilities as a tool to work in hard-to-reach environments, as well as boosting its leverage capacity. It even keeps a straight profile to better suit narrow spaces.

Are you dealing with really long nuts? Anyone would be if they had to lift and re-grip every time. Ratcheting prevents that entirely. You can twist and turn with ease and comfort until your work is complete.

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Key Features

  • No offset angles on either end
  • Very long and narrow design
  • Closed double-ended unit
  • One end is capable of ratcheting
  • Efficient turning technology

  • Its slim and long build makes it perfect for work in tight places
  • The smart design maximizes grip and power in each turn
  • Highly efficient ratcheting provides more efficient results
  • Gets your work done faster
  • Keeping both ends closed might be inconvenient

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the lack of offset hinder my performance?

If you intend on narrow spaces, it will not.

  1. Are these longer than standard sets?

Yes, they are.

9. GearWrench 9312 Master Ratcheting Wrench Set

GearWrench 9312 Master Ratcheting Wrench Set

Just from a glance, you should be able to tell that this set means business. As opposed to the dual-ended model, GearWrench comes out yet again with a combination design with an open-ended head and a ratchet. Once we are over with this entry, you will know what makes GearWrench so amazing.

Like we stated before, this unit looks ready to handle whatever you throw at it. Fortunately, it lives up to its name in full. It was made from high-tier alloy steel. The material manages to keep the tool durable and capable. It can keep a solid grip on whatever you work with.

Aside from that, it is strong enough to take out the tightest bolts. It maintains a standard length for a narrow wrench; making it viable for tight spaces. Finally, its chrome finish lengthens its longevity dramatically. Say goodbye to corrosion and rust while you work with ease for years to come.

You know how difficult it gets when you have to constantly turn at 30 degrees to fasten anything with a standard tool. You don’t have to worry about that problem with this product, though, because you can move bolts at swing arcs as small as 5 degrees.

With fast 5 degree swings, you will fasten much faster than any standard tool. GearWrench has their 72 toothed box-end to thank for this feat.

If you are getting tools for professional work, this is a great option. They are capable of heavy-duty work due to their high-quality material and breathtaking productivity.

The grip on the box-end is also nothing to scoff at. It is easy to write off a ratchet’s capacity to hold onto something. However, the best ones offer nothing but convenience. This model, for example, has off-corner loading that tightly grasps the sides of the bolt, keeping the tool steady and gripped.

Key Features

  • Chrome-polished model
  • 13 units per set
  • Productive ratcheting technology
  • Off-corner loading for added grip
  • Slim construction

  • Rust and corrosion resistance keeps it sturdy
  • Smooth ratcheting increases productivity
  • Slim build that is perfect for work in tight spaces
  • Requires less effort to operate
  • The box is difficult to maintain and carry

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is it made?

It is made in China.

  1. Is there a switch to reverse the ratcheting direction?

No. However, you can flip it over to achieve the same effect.

10. TEKTON Combination Wrench Set WRN03393

TEKTON Combination Wrench Set WRN03393

For our last entry, let us return to our roots and discuss a standard combination wrench set. Although it may be standard, it barely gives you any scope to criticize. It has a wide range of sizes, a nice pouch, good materials; there is nothing here that cannot be appreciated.

However, let us break down all the little details that make it so great, starting with its incredible box-end. It incorporates a handy 12 point opening system. The feature wraps around the flat ends of the bolt to secure the best results.

By grasping these sides, the tool can maintain a nearly unbreakable grip as you retain the complete freedom to make each turn.

The tool also keeps a 15 degrees offset to give your wrists some space to breathe while you make each turn. As a result, these design choices make this comfortable for your wrists and increases prolonged usage.

Now, we should move onto its excellent build quality. This model is made from premium vanadium steel with a pristine mirror chrome finish. As such, each piece is durable, slim, and strong. They are also unlikely to corrode or rust due to its finishing.

You get the option to choose from the Metric measurement to the SAE system. Each set contains only one or the other so you will have to buy both if you want to account for both systems. You get 15 wrenches from each set. For the metric standard, you get a range from 8mm to 22mm.

This product can easily become the sole set for your garage.

Key Features

  • Mirror chrome finish
  • Wide range from 8mm to 22mm pieces
  • Made with chrome vanadium steel
  • Box-end employs a 12 point opening system
  • Comes with a roll-up pouch

  • Box-end has a strong and reliable grip
  • The roll-up pouch is easy to carry and transport
  • Chrome finish prevents corrosion and rust
  • High-quality construction is hard to break
  • Expensive for a standard combination wrench

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get the same wrenches under SAE measurement?


  1. What material does the roll-up cover use?

High-quality heavy gauge canvas.


Features to Consider Before You Buy

It might be hard to choose with all these options in front of you, especially if you are not sure what makes the kind of wrench you want. That is why you have to learn about a few features before you choose what to buy.

 Type of Wrench

There are a lot of unique types. Each is designed to serve their unique purposes. As such, you need to know what type of wrench you need before you choose to buy one. However, discussing every type would take us all day. So, here are descriptions of the most relevant ones based on our top picks.

  • Open-End Wrench

You might already be familiar with this type. It is shaped like a crescent. There is a nut within the opening. It is created in such a way that it grips the nut. You then swing your arm to rotate the nut and fasten it upon whatever you are attaching it to.

This is the most common type. You can find them pretty much anywhere. They need at least one end to be open to qualify for this type. The size variety of this model is wide.

  • Box-End Wrench

This type has a closed-end. Unlike what their name implies, they are not exactly shaped like a box. They are closed in such a way that they perfectly fit the nut they are designed for. Without the opening, they have a firmer grip on the fastener and provide you with more control.

These wrenches might be barred from use due to environmental obstacles. As such, some of them are angled upwards to bypass the issue.

  • Combination Wrench

These are wrenches that have an open-end on one side, and a box-end on the other side; giving you the best of both worlds. Although we stated that the open-end types are the most common, it earned that title due to the combination type.

As they carry two types, it serves multiple functions alone. This gives it a perpetual advantage over the other types due to its convenience. Most other types are incorporated into the combination format to make the most out of each wrench.

For example, the closed end is sometimes a ratcheting wrench rather than a standard run of the mill close-end type.

  • Ratcheting Wrench

When fastening, you have to lift out your tool from the nut, reposition, and then make another arc to work. You must repeat this over and over again until the nut is either tightly in or out. This is naturally a very cumbersome task. For this reason, many professional technicians love to work with a beam torque wrench for comfortable and proper fastening work. But the ratcheting wrench uses a unique design feature to avoid this issue.

While using this type, when you rotate in one specific direction, the nut will fasten. However, if you rotate in the direction opposite to that, the tool will move, but the nut will not.

Because of this, you will not need to keep lifting and repositioning every time. It drastically increases the speed and effectiveness of your fastening.


With all of these options laid bare to you, it is natural to wonder on what basis you should compare each model. So, to get the best wrench set for the money, we listed a few factors you need to compare. A lot of these vary based on personal preference. So keep that in mind while you compare.

  • Size Range

Of course, there are various sizes available to you in the market. Not everybody needs the same range of sizes. For example, a professional needs a massive size range, while a DIY user will not need as much.

Accordingly, you must try to get the largest size you can find based on the budget you have or the need you possess. Compare with the other sets to justify the legitimacy of the price. Make sure you prioritize your individual needs as well.

  • Shapes Offered

Different shapes are used for different purposes. For example, short and stubby wrenches are best suited for work in confined spaces where you cannot move your arms much. On the other hand, long models are used to fasten hard-to-reach or narrow spaces.

Manufacturers differentiated these shapes to specialize in the tasks they were built to accomplish. So, compare the shapes offered by each set before you make the final decision.


Wrenches are not meant to rot in your toolbox or your garage. They are meant to be used; and not just in your workshop, but everywhere else. A proper set can be taken just about anywhere with little to no hindrance. As such, these tools cannot be needlessly weighty.

Heavy tools are harder to work with and maneuver. Your tools need to be compact and easy to carry. They cannot weigh you down or be a burden.

The best counter to this issue is to get a nice case. Cases are capable of offering a ton of comfort. You can carry your entire set at once without any difficulty. As such, the quality of the case is a vital factor. It needs to be easy to carry.

Also, the material needs to be excellent to protect your tools in case of a mishap. The interior must also have adequate compartments to organize your tools properly. You are most efficient when you are organized.


These tools are meant to be a long term investment. Nobody wants to have to replace their primary wrenches now and then. It escalates expenses needlessly. So every buyer needs to be careful about what they are buying.

This is where the warranty comes in. When a company offers something like a lifetime warranty, it is easier to trust them. They would not give away lifetime warranty for bad tools after all. This fact elevates warranty to a major point for consideration.

It even minimizes risks if you somehow get a defective unit. So make sure you check the kind of warranty they offer before you choose to buy.

Material and Finishing

Having a warranty is great. However, it is best if you never have to invoke them in the first place. This is why you should always keep a close eye on the kind of material they use. Make sure the material is both hard yet light. It needs to be able to handle strain and shock elegantly without lasting damage.

The finish is also important if you want your tools to last. For example, without the right finish, your wrench might start showing signs of rust and corrosion. If you are looking for long term usage, make sure they are resistant to such conditions.

Measurement Standard

The measurement standard of wrenches is divided into two different systems; the Metric system which measures based on millimeters and the SAE standard that measures in terms of inches.

Using the wrong standard for the wrong nuts will not end well. The incompatibility will hinder your efficiency, not to mention the potential damage to the equipment. As such, we recommend that you keep a set of both standards just in case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even after going through the buying guide, it is perfectly understandable to have some questions. We will try our best to answer those for you in this section.

1. Are the measurements of the wrenches that important?

Absolutely. If you end up using the wrong sized tool on a bolt, you will get minimal results. So, we advise that you pay attention to the measurements of your tools and materials.

2. Should I go for straight and narrow tools or angled heads?

It all depends on your preference. If you need to work in narrow spaces, straight and narrow tools would be better. Other than that, angled wrenches feel the best on the wrists.

3. What would the best finish be?

The answer to this question is highly subjective. However, we believe that chrome finishing produces the best results.

4. Do I need to get a case for my tools?

Yes, a set demands a case. They will help you keep your things organized.

5. Can I work on my car engine with my standard sized tools?

You can. However, we still recommend you switch out to stubby tools for car engines. They work best for environments like these.

6. What is the point of a double-ended wrench?

The thing about this type is that each end varies from each other; ultimately serving a purpose the other cannot.

7. How many pieces should I aim for?

This also depends on the kind of usage you are going for. However, if we were to provide an estimate for general use, it would be at least 12 different sizes.


No toolbox is complete without each user’s respective best wrench set to complement it. Now that you know everything you need to know about these tools, you can confidently get a set of your own.

We recommend you choose the Tektakon WRN03393 for its superb portability and the GearWrench 9312 for its lifetime warranty. Nevertheless, the final decision is up to you. So, go for what you believe would be the best one for you.

BTW, if you’re also looking for the best hex key sets in the market, you are most welcome to read this post.

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