Where Can I Rent a Chainsaw in the US?

Chainsaw rental services are quite helpful if you need to borrow a chainsaw for a short amount of time. If you don’t use a chainsaw regularly, then it is often cheaper to just simply rent or borrow an electric chainsaw from a rental shop.

However, you might be looking for a place to rent a chainsaw in the USA. Now, that is a huge place, and finding a good rental service might be somewhat difficult if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, this guide will help make the search easier.

Electric Chainsaw vs. Gas-Powered Chainsaw

If you’re renting a chainsaw, unless your job specifies the need, it is much better to look for and rent an electric chainsaw. Gas-powered chainsaws produce more power, but if you’re renting a chainsaw for a job, in most cases, the additional power isn’t required.

Electric chainsaws are much lighter than their gas counterparts, and this translates into less kickback force. The kickback force is the shock you feel when your chainsaw blade comes into contact with the wood or material you are cutting.

This makes it so that electric chainsaws are much easier to use, and this is a huge benefit for a person who is not experienced in using chainsaws. They are also generally safer to use, which is another added benefit.

In short, unless the task you are working on requires a high amount of power, you will benefit more from an electric chainsaw, although one should be mindful of the cord when using an electric chainsaw. Be careful not to trip on it.

Electric Chainsaw vs. Gas-Powered Chainsaw

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Renting Options

Once you have decided what type of chainsaw you want to rent, you will want to look for places that will offer you a selection. There are some options you can choose from with different levels of effectiveness and will depend on your location.

1. Borrow from a Friend

While this option is somewhat unprofessional, it is a viable option. Asking a friend to borrow his chainsaw for a day or two is a good option worth considering as it is free and quite easy to obtain, assuming you have someone who owns a chainsaw.

Despite how easy it might seem, there are some inherent flaws to this. The first one is obviously that it depends on having a friend who owns it and is willing to rent it to you.

And the second is that he might have a chainsaw that does not meet the specifications of your particular job. There is also no insurance or any way to cover damage costs. However, the ease of renting and it being free does make this a viable choice.



2. Local Hardware Stores

Some hardware stores might be willing to lend you a chainsaw for your task that also selling common tools, like – different types of nail pullers, hammers, hex key sets, etc. Most stores don’t offer this as a formal practice, and you might not have success with it, but it’s an option you can consider if you need to.

Do note that as the first option, there are no insurance claims here and so the damage won’t be covered. However, unlike the first option, you can have a much greater variety of chainsaws to choose from, and thus, it is worth going up to them and asking about it.

3. Local Renting Services

These are often your best and most professional choices when it comes to renting chainsaws. Renting services feature the best of the line and highly maintained equipment since they are used by many businesses.

As a result, not only will you find a good selection for your required task, you will also get top-of-the-line equipment that adheres to various safety regulations and protocols. In the rare cases of faulty equipment, your insurance will easily cover for you.

Rental services will often help you choose the particular tool you need and will also help you try them out to see if it works for you. The availability of local rental shops primarily depends on where you live.

Almost all states have a fair amount of them spread over a wide area, but some remote towns might not have them and will require you to travel far to rent them. Depending on your location, you might not have access to them and will need to look for an alternative.

If there are multiple rental services, it is worth asking customers of those services about their experience and getting a good idea of which service is better. They will also often have safety equipment such as chainsaw gloves and chainsaw chaps, which you’ll need when using a chainsaw.

Compared to the other two options above, this option is usually much more expensive. They can reach prices of 100 dollars a day or even more depending on which chainsaw you rented. However, the benefits they offer are very much worth it.

4. Renting via Online

Out of all the options, this is the most sure-fire way to obtain a chainsaw. Various online renting services offer a variety of chainsaws that will meet your needs while also being widely available.

There are many online renting services available, but the most recommended one for USA residents is United Rentals, which provides a huge selection of tools, including chainsaws for various needs. They also offer to ship to almost every state.

Equipment is categorized, and thus, it is easy to search through their lists for what you need. They are easy to use, often requiring you to fill out a form on their website with your information, such as how many days you will be renting it for and your location.

However, out of all the options, this is the most expensive option. This is primarily because of shipping costs. Despite that, this is also the most available option, which also offers high-quality chainsaws.



Hopefully, this article has given you a good idea about where you can hope to rent your chainsaw. Remember to get some professional advice if needed to make the best choice. Check this article to learn how to use a chainsaw!

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